Over 40 STEAM Resources… Creative Thinking, STEM, and PBL at FETC 2020

21st Century Educational Technology and Learning

Over 40 STEAM Resources… Creative Thinking, STEM, and PBL at FETC 2020. I am excited to see what message Pink has in a Keynote on Motivation and Leadership at FETC 2020. NPR Where Science Meets Art – Some exceptional Podcasts integrating Science and Art.

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A Pedagogical Framework for Managing Face-to-Face and Remote Learners at the Same Time

A Principal's Reflections

Until this point, most of my interactions with educators have been through virtual presentations, workshops, and coaching. Either group all the remote students together or use data to regularly group and regroup kids as they work to approach, meet, or exceed standards.

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Avoiding Synchronous Video Fatigue During Remote Learning

A Principal's Reflections

It is a real thing I assure you, and it applies to Microsoft Teams, Google Meet, or any other similar platform. I have experienced this firsthand over the past couple of weeks as I have worked with numerous districts on remote and hybrid pedagogy through all-day virtual workshops.

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Strategies to Foster Discourse and Collaboration in Remote Learning Environments

A Principal's Reflections

I recently facilitated two intensive virtual workshop days with educators from the Shaler Area School District in Pennsylvania. You can also use Google Meet to create breakout rooms in Google Classroom (learn more HERE ).

During commotion, finding a way forward with teacher PD

The Christensen Institute

Commotion is an apt word to describe 2020. The 2020?21 Admin in 2020: please be prepared to teach online, in person, both simultaneously, on a moving train, while juggling, in a burning building, under the sea, during a wrestling match with a T-Rex, as a hologram, and riding a unicorn.

5 Keys for Successful Remote Learning

A Principal's Reflections

Foundations workshops and deep dives that address the areas noted in the pedagogy section above represent a solid start. Digital leadership compels us to meet them where they are and engage in two-way communications using a hybrid approach. There is a lot to consider as schools either begin the school year or reassess where they currently are based upon the current COVID19 situation.

edWeb Releases 2020 Teacher Professional Learning Survey Results


edWeb.net has just released its 2020 Teacher Professional Learning Survey. For three years, edWeb has conducted an annual survey on professional learning and how edWeb meets educators’ needs. Download the complete 2020 Teacher Professional Learning Survey. The post edWeb Releases 2020 Teacher Professional Learning Survey Results appeared first on edWeb.

PBL… Blended and eLearning – Part 1: Important Questions for the New School Year

21st Century Educational Technology and Learning

It is back to school time 2020 for many of us in the United States and beyond. Booking Info – Are you looking for a practical and affordable professional development workshop for your school or conference? I have delivered hundreds of workshops and presentations.

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Teaching Online During COVID-19

Ask a Tech Teacher

They are invested in teaching their classes and suddenly it seems impossible to meet yearly goals, build lifelong learners. Have a frequent virtual meeting via Google Hangouts Meet, Zoom, or an option through your LMS. Include regular virtual class meetings so students see you and each other. Google Computer Science for High School –free workshops (with application) for K-12 teachers. Teaching during the COVID-19 pandemic is challenging.

Urban Adult Literacy Collaboration in Nashville: Building Networks for Frontline Talent Development

Digital Promise

In early 2020, Nashville boasted unprecedented job growth and low unemployment—good news for residents of Tennessee’s largest city. Committed to improving adult education and literacy rates within Nashville, the AECI has taken strides to identify opportunities, understand barriers, and make data-driven decisions to meet adult learner needs across their community.

Watch Out For These 3 Mistakes You’re Making During Distance Teaching


When students are engaged in active screen time, they are not simply watching videos and answering questions mindlessly; instead, they are using virtual conferencing tools like Zoom or Google Meet to collaborate on projects and presentations.

How do you teach antiracism to the youngest students?

The Hechinger Report

Additionally, throughout the year, students are exposed to a different concept every month through daily read alouds, project-based learning and classroom meetings. It’s one thing to bring a person in to do a talk or even send your faculty to do workshops,” Brown said. “It’s

Helping Students Make New Friends During COVID Is Possible. Two Programs Show How.


nXu is not only offering an online purpose bootcamp, but is also creating shorter experiences, such as introductory workshops, for hundreds of students around the country. In other words, a virtual approach can unlock new, meaningful connections with people students might otherwise not meet.

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Personalized Learning in Action

A Principal's Reflections

It has been exciting and challenging work as I have been mentoring principals, facilitating workshops, and providing teachers feedback where schools are all at different places as they work to create more personal experiences for learners.

How to use learning communities to improve student success


a program consisting of three related courses, as well as a discussion group that meets regularly to tie course learning to students’ non-academic lives).

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Why so few students transfer from community colleges to four-year universities

The Hechinger Report

The results were issued in a May 2020 report and media briefing. Moreno told me she’s considering lengthening her workshop with a fifth session. Students are often advised to start college at a public community college as a way to save thousands of dollars on a bachelor’s degree.

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Helping teachers and admins see the value of edtech


Administrators don’t have to carry out meetings face to face as web conferencing provides more flexibility, and so on. You can organize mini-workshops or webinars to present new devices. The fact that education needs to change isn’t something new. Thinkers, authors, teachers, and school leaders have been saying it for many years, citing areas such as curriculum, pedagogy, school restructuring, and of course, technology.

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7 Practices for Navigating Uncertainty and Using Mindfulness for Self-Care During COVID-19


The 8-week Mindful by Design Co-Lab for Innovation was a combination of live Zoom meetings and asynchronous sharing. 4 Create Space to Create : “This is part of my workshop, one of my places to get away from the world, I have all my Calligraphy Pens and Brushes, my Pyrography setup and an engraver where I can play.” – Rick. by Caitlin Krause. When 22 teachers joined an 8-week online mindfulness program this spring, incredible discoveries emerged in the face of crisis.

Tech ed Resources–Online Classes

Ask a Tech Teacher

Students join a Google Classroom-based class and meet weekly with instructor to discuss class activities and assignments. Students join a Google Classroom-based class and meet weekly with instructor to discuss class activities and assignments. Educators participate in this three-week hands-on quasi-writer’s workshop as they learn to use widely-available digital tools to help their students develop their inner writer.

Can Schools and Colleges Bring an In-Person Feel to Remote Campuses?


For instance, Frank Noschese, a physics teacher at John Jay High School in New York City, used the Congregate system at a workshop for physics teachers last month. The workshop was mainly conducted over Zoom, but during lunch breaks we had the option of going to Congregate to set up discussion tables and chat with others,” he said in an email interview. “We

Last Chance for this Online College-credit Classes–DigCit and Tech Tools for Writin

Ask a Tech Teacher

Starts Monday, May 11, 2020. Understand the secrets to picking good digital writing tools while working with classmates in a hands-on and non-threatening writer’s workshop format. Resources include a blend of videos, pedagogic articles, lesson plans, projects, and virtual face-to-face meetings to share suggestions with classmates in a collaborative environment. June 22, 2020. July 6, 2020. update. MTI 557: Building Digital Citizens. Last chance to sign up.

Teachers need lots of training to do online learning well. Coronavirus closures gave many just days.

The Hechinger Report

In this file photo from 2014, veteran teachers attend a Blended Learning Institute workshop in Manhattan. While the consortium offers week-long workshops, teachers need about three months of courses to really become effective online, said Mathes.

What Will K-12 Schools Look Like Post-Coronavirus?


He's getting it through Khan Academy, through some online work and through meeting with a tutor once a week. But the factory is closed down and we're going back to the medieval home workshops right now.

‘Everything they need’: A school transformed from one of New York City’s worst to one of its best; then coronavirus shut its doors

The Hechinger Report

” Walton Avenue is what’s known as a “community school,” where educators believe that meeting students’ basic needs is as much of a necessity as teaching them to read – that, in fact, the former is a prerequisite for the latter.

OPINION: What if students returned to the same teachers the next year?

The Hechinger Report

Some basic current practices include grade-level team members orienting teachers who are new to the grade-level; participation in workshops/webinars provided by the curriculum company; regular teacher-teacher observations, feedback sessions and mentoring. Meet Mark Rogers.

Tech Ed Resources–Certificate/College Credit Classes

Ask a Tech Teacher

Educators participate in this three-week hands-on quasi-writer’s workshop as they learn to use widely-available digital tools to help their students develop their inner writer. Resources include videos, pedagogic articles, lesson plans, projects, and virtual face-to-face meetings to share in a collaborative environment. Understand the secrets to picking good digital writing tools while working with classmates in a hands-on and non-threatening writer’s workshop format.

Why aren’t more school counselors trained in helping students apply to college?

The Hechinger Report

Felicida Barajas, a counselor at Jurupa Valley High School in Southern California, has made it her mission to meet with all 415 students on her caseload. She has made it her goal to meet with all 415 students in her caseload, starting with the seniors.

Let’s Teach in Pajamas Forever

The Jose Vilson

What’s more, all the people who were once writing blogs and garnering tens of thousands of dollars for workshops where they taught entire districts about keyboard shortcuts now look like the Profets of the new age. Contrary to my own public activism and advocacy, I propose that we move the nation’s largest public school system into a completely online endeavor forever and a day.

The Difference Between Personalized Learning And Individualized Learning

TeachThought - Learn better.

While both concepts support meeting students’ learning needs, they serve different purposes. Yet the differences in the practical usage of personalization and individualization can help improve instructional planning by teachers and be strategic in meeting the needs of all students. Differentiation is the lens for the tools and resources for meeting learner needs. See TeachThought Differentiation Workshops. Differentiation Meets Everyone’s Needs.

How to Integrate Online Professional Development Into Your School’s PD Culture


During implementation, it is important to engage with the PD team through a series of meetings and conversations. Google Classroom and Meet for Remote Learning.

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How one Minnesota university more than doubled its native student graduation rate

The Hechinger Report

A club they helped to start, Canoe Rising, meets regularly on the Mississippi River for canoe excursions, paddle-making workshops and lectures. Charles Golding, of Yuma, Arizona, is on pace to graduate from the University of Minnesota-Twin Cities in four years.

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One Teacher’s Year Inside the World’s Largest Library


This interview was conducted at the library back in February, before the COVID-19 outbreak restricted in-person meetings, and when it was still conceivable to think and talk about things other than the global pandemic.

Middle school is often difficult. Try experiencing it under quarantine.

The Hechinger Report

Before the shutdown, in English class, if he and classmates were writing a story he’d normally workshop his writing with others. I have kids where I’m like, ‘Okay, now log off, our meeting’s done. Leah Hampton, an eighth grader at Falling Creek Middle School in Virginia, likes to joke that without her friends, she’d sleep through school. Seeing them was “the best part of the day,” she said. They woke me up before my classes.”. This story also appeared in The Washington Post.

This Program Is Building a Pipeline of Special Education Teachers


She is prepared to meet the needs of her students and is determined to enroll in college next year to become a certified special education teacher. Eight preschoolers transitioned from play time to circle time.

Answering Questions About Teaching Science in a COVID World


The students don’t necessarily need to do the experiment, he emphasized, even if they’re meeting in person. He is a frequent workshop presenter at national and regional science education conferences. By Stacey Pusey. WATCH THE EDLEADER PANEL RECORDING.