Robotics and Computer Science for Elementary Level Learners

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I absolutely love all of the new robotics toys that have been coming out for elementary age learners. One of my gifted girls noted, “Where do all of these robots come from?” My robotics-type devices include: Sphero. Jimu Robot. Finch Robot.

Team Building with Elementary Students

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I meet with two groups of gifted elementary students, grades 2nd through 6th, for a full day each week. Robot Drawing. Yes, there are mounds of curricula students must master in a wide breadth of subjects, but education does not begin and end with a textbook or test.

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Computational Thinking and Math for Elementary Grades

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Computational Thinking and Math for Elementary Grades. He was named one of ten 2017 Computer Science Association Awards for Teaching Excellence. That’s what these robots are. The students will type in the stuff to get the robot to here or to there, and it doesn’t work.

CUE Presents the LeRoy’s Big Idea 2017 Finalists


It was a challenging process, but in the end our selection panel managed to choose five Big Ideas to be represented at the CUE 2017 National Conference. Amy Downs and Julie Cates – 6th grade, Annie R Mitchell Elementary- Central Valley CUE. CUE is you, the educators.

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Integrating the Arts into Every Subject

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Former secretary of education, William Bennett, says, “An elementary school that treats the arts as the province of a few gifted children, or views them only as recreation and entertainment, is a school that needs an infusion of soul. Wednesday, September 20, 2017.

Help Kids Learn to Code with Dash and Dot from Wonder Workshop

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We have 3d printing, robot making, and all kinds of building going on. These Wonder Workshop robots make it easy to learn to code in my STEM lab. In moments they were driving the robots, adding attachments and playing the xylophone. Summer camps and robotics experiences.

#CUE17- The Game


I’m excited to say that I will physically (rather than digitally) be in attendance at this year’s CUE 2017 National Conference and will be helping out wherever needed. Connected Educator CUE Conference badging CUE 2017 National Conference gamification

EXCLUSIVE: They’re here–robots are teaching your children

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Unbeknownst to parents, all first-grade classes in a suburban Los Angeles elementary school were successfully taught by teacher robots during the 2015-2016 school year.

TEACHER VOICE: Children displaced by Hurricane Harvey get a warm welcome from teachers, students — and a couple of robots in this Texas school library

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People walk to a Harris County Sheriff air boat while escaping a flooded neighborhood during the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey on August 29, 2017 in Houston, Texas. It isn’t only books that greet our students here, but also two friendly, coding-proficient robots named Dot and Dash.

The Impact of my LeRoy Finkel Fellowship — Featuring the Voice of Kim Calderon


Participating in the contest was one of the greatest experiences and really served as a catapult for me pursuing my mission of getting more STEM into elementary schools. Inspire CUE Conference Education Technology Robotics steampunk

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'Robots Are Coming For Your Children'

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This isn’t simply a matter of “ robots are coming for your jobs.” This narrative – robots are coming for your jobs (and your kids’ jobs) – involves tasking schools with retooling so they can better train students for “ the jobs of the future ,” although to a certain extent, workforce preparation has always been what (part of) the education system has been expected to do. Helicopter Robots. ” Robots Raising Children.

What to Buy for Your Maker Space #makered

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Ollie robots [link]. Ozobot robots [link]. The move to middle school comes after almost fifteen years in elementary education as a third grade teacher and as an elementary library media specialist. These students are programming Ollie robots.

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'Robots Are Coming For Your Jobs'

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” That’s because the stories told this year to keep us hustling and to keep up imagining a certain kind of future are almost all about robots. Over and over and over and over and over and over and over again we were told “robots are coming for your jobs.” We must encourage people to pursue “robot resistant” majors in college. Robots are much more ideal as workers, because of course they cannot unionize.

Alan November Shares A Mind Blowing New Idea in Assessment

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To celebrate the end of the first season of the Ten-minute Teacher podcast on June 16 th , we’re running a giveaway – the Dash and Dot Robot Wonder Pack from Wonder Workshop. I first saw this at Harvard, but since then I’ve seen it in elementary schools and middle and high school.

How AI is changing special education


This brings us to Artificial Intelligence (AI) and the novel ways in which responsive, social robots have started playing a role in teaching ASD children social skills. Pronounced “now”, Nao is a programmable, social robot and is the only autonomous robot on our list.

Cardboard Creations: A Maker Education Camp

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hours each morning during Summer, 2017. These technologies are lots of fun and I facilitate Robotics and Computer Science with my gifted students and at one of my summer camps. Given the elementary age level, I cut out the shields and sword handles for them.

What Is Your Why?: The Importance of Computer Science Education

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VPS students have access to diverse courses such as coding, Python, robotics, and electronic applications, to name a few. Elizabeth Forward, for example, implemented middle school-level robotics to engage students in maker learning and activate their imaginations before they begin advanced computer science coursework in high school.

Innovation Lounge at Dynamic Landscape 2017

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Add that to all who presented in regular workshop sessions and you will soon realize why the 2017 Dynamic Landscape conference was an amazing event focused on authentic student voice. I just realized that I haven't posted anything in this blog since April - can that be?

How to Teach STEM Every Day

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Elementary-age students think this is true, but something happens between 4th and 8th grade. Revel in that feeling of accomplishment that comes with doing the impossible–finding the answer to a calculus formula (or division problem) or programming a robot to walk across the room.

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CS for All: Teaching CS in Elementary Schools #SXSWedu #CSForAll


CS for All: Teaching CS in Elementary Schools SXSWedu 2017 Workshop As the Computer Science for All initiative jump starts around the world, more students in grades 6-12 have the opportunity to take computer science courses. Program Robot Mouse to navigate a map of your community.

App Smashing with Kindergarteners #ipadchat

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Want to hear another episode on elementary portfolios with SeeSaw? Listen to Suzy Lolley talk about elementary portfolios with SeeSaw. Episode 27 – Using SeeSaw for Elementary Portfolios. She loves STEAM, PBL, coding, robotics, green screen, app smashing and more.

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What it Takes to Integrate Robotics and Coding into the Classroom

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What it Takes to Integrate Robotics and Coding into the Classroom. It starts with a game of Robot Turtles, a board game by Thinkfun that’s being used at Hubbard Woods School in Winnetka, Ill., It helps explain the step-by-step nature of coding,” says Todd Burleson, resource center director for this Winnetka Public Schools District 36 elementary school. Schools Get Started in Robotics. District 36 started small with its robotics program. “We

All-Girls Team Wins International Robotics Competition


Wonder Workshop , maker of the award-winning robots now used in over 20,000 elementary and middle schools globally, today announced the winners of the 2017-2018 Wonder League Robotics Competition. The 2017-2018 competition began in September 2017 with three rounds of “missions.”

Google Classroom: Top New Features to Learn Over the Summer #gafe

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To celebrate the end of the first season of the Ten-minute Teacher podcast on June 16 th , we’re running a giveaway – the Dash and Dot Robot Wonder Pack from Wonder Workshop.

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STEAMpunk Playground Makes Technology Accessible


These kits range from user-friendly—such as Makey Makey and Littlebits—to the more advanced, such as Labdisc and robotics programming. Jesus Huerta is a sixth-grade teacher at Margaret Hedrick Elementary School in El Centro, California. Photo by Danny Silva –

KinderLab Robotics Announces New KIBO Guidebook to Enhance STEAM Education


(Waltham, MA) August 28, 2018 – KinderLab Robotics today expanded its KIBO™ curriculum suite by introducing KIBO Activity Center Guidebook : Activities and Setup Recommendations for a KIBO Activity Center. This KIBO Activity Center Guidebook helps teachers create a robotics center.

Students Step up to Lead Tech Implementation at Their Elementary School


Maggie is a fifth grader at Roosevelt Elementary School in Park Ridge, Illinois and in Fall 2017, she was trained to become a “TechXpert” at her school so she could coach fellow students daily during the tech lab at the LRC. In January 2016, the parent teacher organization at Roosevelt Elementary generously purchased a number of new tools for our school including Spheros, Dash and Dots, Cubelets, Snap Circuits, Osmos, Marble Mazes and a 3D printer.

10 ways to use QR Codes for Hour of Code

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There are endless examples, from games to robots to programming. If you’re still wondering, watch this glorious video made by a 7-year-old on QR Codes and how to make them and this one how QR codes are used in an elementary school.

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How This Educator Bridges Creativity And Teaching Through Project-Based Learning

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After selling a very successful business, I decided in 2009 to pursue my passion by earning another degree in Elementary Education, with an emphasis in English. I have a dual certification in elementary and middle school ages.

The Classroom or Library as a Maker Space

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They often contain the tools, machinery, and technologies associated with making – 3D printers, laser cutters, vinyl cutters, high tech robotics, vocational tech machinery.

TEACHER VOICE: How students in one Massachusetts town learned to love coding

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Thousands of students in Plymouth public elementary schools participate in Hour of Code, a lynchpin in our technology curriculum for the past three years. Related: COLUMN: Kids teaching robots: Is this the future of education? Boy using a tablet.

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This STEM-focused district hands out paychecks along with report cards

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A robot built by students to research endangered frogs in Lake Titicaca, in Peru, being tested in June, 2016, by Lindsey Hamblin (left), then a Skyline High School senior, and Callie Meyers, then a Skyline junior.

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My #ISTE17 Takeaways

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Big news from Wonder Workshop: Challenge Cards- Dash and Dot are some of our favorite robots to introduce robotics to preschool and elementary students. ISTE17 applied digital skills dash and dot digital skills google pd robotics social media

For This ‘Coal Country’ Librarian, Preparing Students for the Future Starts with STEM


I’ve come along way since then, moving from traditional library programming into the 21st century, with coding and robotics to match. Robots in the library. Students creating robot art Along with my new online curriculum, I also wanted to give the students real world opportunities to use their coding skills. I discovered a robot-building program for children which runs on Blockly, the same programming language students were already learning.

Salesforce Gifts $12.2M to Expand Computer Science in S.F., Oakland Public Schools


Kids played with Legos, pranced around with stuffed animals and Salesforce mascots, munched on treats, painted using Sphero robots, tinkered with portable gaming devices, made race cars and dueled with robots. million, which will go towards expanding computer science education in 68 elementary schools, middle schools and high schools in San Francisco, and 20 middle schools in Oakland. 2013 2014 2015 2016 2017 $2.7M $5M $6M $6M $7M.