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The Role of Place in Personalization

A Principal's Reflections

According to a study by Tanner and Lackney (2006), the design of physical spaces significantly influences student engagement and academic performance. 2013; Hattie, 2012; Tanner & Lackney, 2006). Flexible seating arrangements, breakout spaces, and interactive learning corners empower students to take control of their learning.

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Q&A: Using Student Data to Improve Equity and Learning Outcomes

EdTech Magazine

The district increased black student enrollment in AP classes by 600 percent back in 2006. While some K–12 districts in the nation are still experiencing low minority student enrollment in Advanced Placement classes, Westerville North High School is not among them.

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Using Blog Tools Since 2006

Learning With Lucie

I would have to say that my experience started in the late 90's when were first learned how to publish on the web using HTML and FTP, but in 2006 when I discovered blogging tool I quickly knew that a new digital portfolio platform had been born. In January 2006, I decided it was time to transition my portfolio/web site to a blog format.

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Empowerment Through Choice

A Principal's Reflections

The underlying idea in this approach is that choice gives employees a sense of personal control, which can enhance their intrinsic motivation towards their work, resulting in higher morale, creativity and innovation, better performance, more significant organizational commitment, and lower turnover (Chua and Iyengar, 2006). Chua, Roy Y.J.,

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Focus On Your Noble Calling, Teacher. You Matter!

The CoolCatTeacher

Published: February 27, 2006. Have thy tools ready: God will find thee work.” ” Charles Kingsley Keep the faith! St Mary's Church and churchyard, Warwick by Robin Stott is licensed under CC-BY-SA 2.0 Updated: August 30, 2023 The post Focus On Your Noble Calling, Teacher. You Matter!

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This YouTube Star Says AI Will Become a Creative ‘Collaborator’ With Students


She even hosted a travel show back in 2006 where she jetset around the world meeting friends she had made on MySpace, a precursor to Facebook. Southern has been a celebrity ever since she was back in high school: She was a contestant on American Idol when she was 17, in that popular reality show’s third season.

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What Are Hyflex Classes? The Evolution of Higher Education


In fact, hyflex classes were originally developed in 2006. He shared the concept in 2006 and laid out four principles for every hyflex class. The reason the conversation around hyflex is prevalent now is due to COVID-19, like so many other technological experiments taking form in 2022.

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