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PROOF POINTS: 861 colleges and 9,499 campuses have closed down since 2004

The Hechinger Report

is one of more than 800 colleges and 9,000 campuses that have closed since 2004. For-profit operators ran more than 80 percent of the 861 institutions that ceased operations between 2004 and 2021. Almost 9,500 campuses closed between 2004 and 2021. Becker College in Worcester, Mass., Credit: Jon Marcus.

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Student Voice as an Engagement Strategy

A Principal's Reflections

2004), students who are actively engaged in lessons demonstrate a deeper understanding of content and develop stronger critical thinking skills. This can be particularly difficult in today's world, where students are bombarded with distractions and have a multitude of competing priorities. According to a study by Fredricks et al.

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Boost Morale with These Simple Strategies

A Principal's Reflections

2004), "Making workplace fun more functional", Industrial and Commercial Training, Vol. Respondents reported that having a fun work environment will increase the levels of enthusiasm, satisfaction, creativity, communications among staff and enhanced feelings of group cohesiveness (Ford et al., & Ryan, R. 1994) Promoting Self?determined

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What Great Teachers and Great Salespeople Have in Common

EdNews Daily

The first (which was really the second chronologically) was re-reading the words of a professor quoted in What the Best College Teachers Do by Ken Bain (2004). Our interest in revisiting this topic was prompted by two events. Teaching is ‘above all,’ about commanding attention and holding it.

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Why most schools won’t ‘reinvent’ themselves after the pandemic

Dangerously Irrelevant

As I noted in a recent article that I submitted: “… reflection on organizational possibilities and institutional futures is common during the ‘reconstruction’ phase (Boin & Hart, 2003) of a crisis (see also Coombs, 2000; Heath, 2004; Boin, Hart, Stern, & Sundelius, 2005; Jaques, 2009; Smith & Riley, 2012). Millar & R.

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15+ Websites to Teach Financial Literacy

Ask a Tech Teacher

Financial Literacy Month is recognized annually in Canada in November, [1] and National Financial Literacy Month was recognized in the United States in April 2004, [2] in an effort to highlight the importance of financial literacy and teach citizens how to establish and maintain healthy financial habits.

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The Problem With Zeros

A Principal's Reflections

This not only reflects grading as punishment but also creates a hole that students cannot dig out of (Guskey, 2000; Reeves, 2004; Reeves, 2008; O'Conner and Wormeli, 2011). Below is what the committee came to a consensus on in regard to zeros: No zeros : Students are not to be assigned a grade of zero (0). O’Connor, K., & Reeves, D.

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