Dancing With The Robots


Meneghetti’s Lego Robots (photo by Danny Silva). He taught sixth grade science for most of his career, but four years ago, he decided he wanted to develop a new, exciting engineering and robotics course for students at Stanley Middle School. Mike wrote and presented a detailed proposal to the generous community organization, Lafayette Partners in Education (LPIE), asking if he could obtain 30 Lego Mindstorms robots and some laptops for programming these complex gadgets.

Use Coding to Create Diverse Projects, From Art to Robotics


Microsoft MakeCode Bring code to life with circuits, robots, Minecraft, and more Pros: Great connection between code and hardware, easily switch from block- to text-based commands. Gamification Lesson Plans edtech STEM Site of the Week Resources Robotics Makerspace News CodingPuzzle App Teaches Coding & Challenges Learners ] Cons: Must buy peripherals/hardware for most uses; core subject teachers may find it hard to integrate.


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Case Study - AgreeYa Ensured Fast Recruitment For Hassle-Free Election


Despite this, the adoption of Robotic Process […]. Read More… Intelligent Automation Microsoft Services Robotic Process AutomationWorldwide RPA software revenue in 2020 was $1.58 billion, an increase of 11.9% from 2019. The revenue is further projected to reach $1.89 billion in 2021, an increase of 19.5% from 2020. – Gartner The economic uncertainty of 2020 has led most organizations to reduce their spending significantly.

What Can Teachers Look Forward To This Year from Office 365?


This year at ISTE , I had the opportunity to sit down with Tricia Van Hollebeke, Justin Chando and Mike Tholfsen from the Microsoft Education team at the Microsoft Education booth. Microsoft Teams. Microsoft Forms integration. Microsoft Education at ISTE. Microsoft Innovative Educator. What is ahead for Microsoft Education in 2018-2019. Tricia hopes to continue being an advocate for educators at Microsoft to provide amazing tools for teachers!

The Big 3's War Over EDU: A Comparison of Apple, Google, and Microsoft


Many tasks will either require expensive software or need to be web-based Can be a tough road to connect and use Bluetooth devices such as coding robots The best avenue for creation is web-based 3rd parties for things like video and audio creation (such as WeVideo and Soundtrap) There is little native innovation as most tools are either purchased or direct copies of another company. Microsoft just isn't innovative natively. In my opinion, Microsoft Edu is the safe choice.

December 15 University of New Hampshire to Host the State Finals forState’s Second Annual Cyber Robotics Coding Competition


On December 15, the University of New Hampshire (UNH) will host the finals of the state’s Cyber Robotics Coding Competition (CRCC), being held by the New Hampshire Department of Education (NH DOE) and the Intelitek STEM and CTE Education Foundation ( ISCEF ). We are very excited by the commitment that the University of New Hampshire is making to the Cyber Robotics Coding Competition,” said Edelblut.

Upcoming Tech Trends in Southeast Asia- 2021


Automation and Robotics. One of the tech trends that have gained momentum in the region is automation and robotics. This may also make robot leasing a viable solution for medium and small enterprises. Tech AI cloud computing Robotics supply chainBookmark( 0 ).

Bing In The Classroom

The Web20Classroom

The folks over at Microsoft have launched their Bing In The Classroom Initiative with the hopes of helping students be better searchers of information and build a foundation of good digital literacy skills. K-8: Robotics -These lessons introduce students to the history of robotics but also the impacts robots have on our daily lives. Bing microsoft

'Robots Are Coming For Your Children'

Hack Education

This isn’t simply a matter of “ robots are coming for your jobs.” This narrative – robots are coming for your jobs (and your kids’ jobs) – involves tasking schools with retooling so they can better train students for “ the jobs of the future ,” although to a certain extent, workforce preparation has always been what (part of) the education system has been expected to do. Helicopter Robots. ” Robots Raising Children.

“The biggest challenge facing education is teaching for a future that is unknown.” – Ben Eilenberg, Australia

Daily Edventures

He also acquired some Lego RX robotics kits to engage several male students who didn’t want to be at school. “As However, this was offset by the excitement of the students, how quickly they understood the technology (in fact, they were able to teach me a thing or two), and with the robotics, how engaged the students became.”. Robotics has since become Eilenberg’s favorite classroom activity, in part because the students are in control. Benjamin Eilenberg.

Announcing the 2020 Cohort of HP Teaching Fellows

Digital Promise

HP Teaching Fellows are part of Reinvent the Classroom , a collaboration between Digital Promise, HP, Microsoft, and Intel. Kim Dawson, grades K-5 Technology and Robotics teacher at West Allegheny School District, Pennsylvania.

Pioneering Excellence for Better Computer Science Now

The CoolCatTeacher

From small programmable robots to programming languages at the upper level, Computer Science is an essential 21st Century skill and method of thinking and creating that is applicable to many fields besides Computer Science. He has been an active member of the Microsoft Innovative Expert Educator program since 2011.

Find a Way to Laugh: Funny Mishaps and Misunderstandings in My Classroom

The CoolCatTeacher

Here are a few you might find as amusing as I did: A Robotic Interruption. Then she put it on the Wonderbot (a little robot you can drive around). So, basically, you had a little blue robot with 3 wheels. IN the front, you had a tray with a phone and her face was on the robot talking to people. She came outside her room and the little blue robot turned to her and said, “hi, are you having a good day?”

Here’s how 5 more schools are innovating and educating

eSchool News

The course was designed to give students in grades 6, 7, and 8 an introduction to Microsoft Office products and file management. So, Wright sought funding to bring Lego NXT robots to our classroom. Every child, from every nationality, socio-economic background and every ability was working together to build robots and programming them to solve problems.

How Teachers Are Taking Lessons Learned From Virtual School Back to the Classroom


HP Spotlight Schools are part of the Reinvent the Classroom initiative , a collaboration between Digital Promise, HP, Microsoft and Intel, recognizing Powerful Learning with technology. Using Microsoft Teams, teachers at Lone Star found ways to help relationships thrive.

“We must treat every student as a person who has innate talent.” – Jacek Mielcarek, Poland

Daily Edventures

Microsoft Innovative Educator Expert (#MIEExpert) Jacek Mielcarek knows that changing long-held attitudes about teaching can be hard, but he believes treating students differently is imperative to education today. I also do additional classes in robotics and programming.”. Mielcarek is the administrator of the YouTube robotics channel, Robotyka SP Radowo Ma?e e , where he shares videos from classes in robotics and programming. Jacek Mielcarek.

How to Select a Complete Digital Education Solution Provider

ViewSonic Education

Over the past few years, there has been a huge influx of education technology resources available to schools – from tablets and robotics, to online platforms and digital whiteboards. Digital whiteboards like myViewBoard check this box while also supporting the most prolific platforms in education including Microsoft, Google, and Apple operating systems and education services.

How To 257

Celebrating a School-Wide Commitment to Powerful Learning

Digital Promise

In collaboration with HP and Microsoft’s Reinvent the Classroom Initiative, Digital Promise Global is launching two new programs that celebrate teachers and schools who demonstrate powerful teaching and learning with technology. Visitors can expect to see innovative technology use with HP and Microsoft tools.

Companies Invest in Preparing K–12 Students as Older Sectors Become Tech Integrated

EdTech Magazine

Microsoft Invests in American Agriculture. To help prepare young rural Americans for the new demands of a tech-integrated workforce , Microsoft has partnered with the National Future Farmers of America to invest in agricultural education, EdScoop reports. Affordability is the top priority for many schools,” wrote Yusuf Mehdi, Microsoft’s corporate vice president for Windows and devices, in a blog post.

School STEM Labs Inspire Students, Power Innovation

EdTech Magazine

Thomas School near Seattle hopes to encourage students to develop a passion for science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) by starting them young and engaging them with cool, new learning spaces featuring robots and 3D virtual reality computers. The school’s computer science curriculum, for example, starts in preschool with simple wooden robots, allowing students to learn the fundamentals of coding and become confident creating with technology at an early age.

STEM 105

“Kids learn when they are ready to learn.” – Subash Chandar K, New Zealand

Daily Edventures

Like all Microsoft Innovative Educator Experts, Subash Chandar K is comfortable taking risks in his classroom. From using augmented reality (AR) to building and deploying robots, this creative educator likes to push boundaries. Students navigate their robot from the year of their birth, to month of their birth, to the date of their birth and back. Beyond bringing robots into the classroom, Chandar K wants to see how students interact with AR. Subash Chandar K.

Participate in the Hour of Code with these Great Products


Younger students can engage with Robot Turtles ($24.99, ages 4+) and move their way up to the Clue Master Logical Deduction Game ($9.99, ages 8+) or Code Master Programming Logic Game ($19.99, ages 8+). Step it up a notch with the //CODE programming series: //CODE: On the Brink ($14.99, ages 8+) continues building sequencing skills; //CODE: Rover Control ($14.99, ages 8+) and //CODE: Robot Repair ($14.99, ages 8+) build logical reasoning skills.

What should we teach students about the future of technology?

eSchool News

In looking at the future and how we interact with programmable devices, students need to understand both the positives and negatives surrounding the use of robotics and artificial intelligence to simplify human tasks. The concepts surrounding robotics, artificial intelligence, and cyber security are not just for engineering students on the college level. In essence, we are creating robots that can adapt to change in their environment and settings.

Will AI really transform education?

The Hechinger Report

Margaret Price, a principal design strategist with Microsoft, mentioned a PowerPoint plug-in that provides subtitles in students’ native languages – useful for a teacher leading a class filled with young people from many different places. It enables children to use artificial intelligence to train and build robots. Druga talked about how kids first assumed the robots were super brainy.

“A happy and self-confident student learns more and better.” – Silvia Scuracchio, Brazil

Daily Edventures

After two years of work, the Microsoft Showcase School she created is a digital transformation success story, with all its professionals earning Microsoft Innovative Educator (MIE) status, and some becoming MIE Experts. Escola Bosque takes advantage of Microsoft tools like Minecraft: Education Edition to enable students to apply what they’ve learned and bring their projects to life. Connect with Silvia at her Microsoft Educator Community Profile or her blog.

A Primer on Maker Learning and How You Can Get Involved

Digital Promise

and Microsoft’s Reinvent the Classroom initiative, Digital Promise Global has developed the Learning Studios program, currently being piloted in 60 schools around the world. Teachers, school leaders, parents, and, most importantly, students have been rallying around hands-on, creative, and design-centered learning that we have come to call “maker learning.”.

Clippy and the History of the Future of Educational Chatbots

Hack Education

Earlier this year, Microsoft made headlines when it debuted Tay, a new chatbot modeled to speak like a teenage girl, which rather dramatically turned into “ a Hitler-loving sex robot within 24 hours ” of its release, as The Telegraph put it. Despite the public relations disaster – Microsoft promptly deleted the Tay bot – just a few days later Bloomberg Businessweek pronounced that “ The Future of Microsoft Is Chatbots.”

A Report on the BETT Show in London


They find dozens of free seminars and keynote talks, several hundred exhibitors, and many special events outside of the official program, including seminars run by Microsoft and Google and debates hosted by Smart. Robots. The sheer number of robots of various shapes and sizes was striking. I explore VR headsets, such as Microsoft’s Hololens, in an article about robots and artificial intelligence. WHAT’S THAT?

Why Your School Should Stick to Core Principles Instead of Market Trends

EdNews Daily

For example, say robots and drones will be the hot-ticket item of the year (according to a recent study – they will be ). Does it make sense for you to purchase robots and drones for your school when you already have interactive displays in your classrooms and laptops for each student? But if your district doesn’t have funds burning a hole in its pocket, maybe instead you can provide access to an app for teachers to connect with STEM and robotics initiatives in the classroom.

Puzzles, Play and Programming

My Paperless Classroom

If you have not yet heard of Robot Turtles, it is a board game built around the fundamentals of computer programming by Dan Shapiro, formerly of Google and Microsoft, launched on Kickstarter last year. How does Robot Turtles fit into the family of games at Thinkfun? Like a video game, Robot Turtles gets more complex to match the player''s developing skills. I asked Ritchie to think with me about what role Robot Turtles could play in a classroom.

How should we spend $4 billion on computer science education? Get experts involved

The Christensen Institute

Skype in the Classroom, for example, (owned by Microsoft) brings computer science experts into classrooms over Skype’s video technology, many of whom hail from Microsoft itself. Gady has brought in experts, primarily from Microsoft, over video to discuss their career paths, explain concepts of coding, and even help coach the school’s robotics team. Even with Microsoft and Amazon in our backyard, they don’t have time to come here,” Gady explained.

A new way of helping students pay for college: Give them corporate jobs

The Hechinger Report

A call center near the University of Utah where students can make money and get help with their tuition by working for Microsoft and Discover. SALT LAKE CITY — On the third floor of a downtown office building, Solomon Kalapala was chatting with a Microsoft customer on one computer screen while troubleshooting the customer’s misbehaving software on another. “I’m Related: How colleges can help their students out-compete robots. One landed a salaried job at Microsoft.

Need a New Job? Here’s What You Do

Ask a Tech Teacher

Also mention the add-ons you can use such as robotics, Arduino, or 3D printing. . This includes not just Google Apps and Microsoft Office but webtools for digital storytelling, coding, backchannel devices, digital notetaking, programming, Scratch, and others. This also includes stand-alone programs for specialized topics such as robotics, 3D printing, and drones. Definitely mention if you can teach robotics, drones, or programming languages.

K–12 Teachers Use Virtual and Augmented Reality Platforms to Teach Coding

EdTech Magazine

Tynker , another application, is an augmented reality platform that lets students build AR projects in the classroom and teachers build coding courses around students’ affinities for video games; take Microsoft Minecraft for Education , for example. . Intel’s Tech Learning Lab travels around the country to different schools, giving students a chance to explore their creativity through virtual and augmented reality platforms , such as programming, creating and testing virtual robots. .

Forgetting Our History: From the Reusability Paradox to the Remix Hypothesis

Iterating Toward Openness

Audrey’s constant refrain that “no one seems to remember our history” was made for her again this week when McGraw-Hill and Microsoft announced a new project based around – I kid you not – learning objects. They lack what Giant Robot Dinosaur calls a Minimum Viable Personality. Which brings me back to the announcement of the McGraw Hill – Microsoft partnership. Wow, there’s been some great writing lately.

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