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Smartphones in Education: Redirecting Distraction with Mobile Learning

ViewSonic Education

As mobile learning becomes more and more popular, so does the potential for distraction in the classroom. With so many captivating apps and games, it is easy to see how students would have a hard time putting their smartphones and other mobile devices away. Assess Learning and Stay Organized.

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On the Go: Mobile Learning Solutions for IT Teams

EdTech Magazine

Whether they’re learning in class or at home, students need access to devices. The Importance of Mobile Tech Tools in Today’s Classroom Environment Device portability reflects educators’ increasing awareness that conventional classroom learning isn’t everything. “…

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9 EdTech Ideas to Use Now

The CoolCatTeacher

Teachers are looking for easy and helpful resources, and right now with so much going on searching for the best solutions can be overwhelming, and Rachelle is a great resource to tap into for all things EdTech. I use a free program called Planboard for my lesson planning.

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Mobile Learning with Google (GTT032)

Ditch That Textbook

The mobile devices so many students are equipped with have plenty of processing power — and plenty of potential to amplify learning. Students carry these high-tech devices to school in their pockets all the time. Cell phones. It’s so easy to shut them off. Put them in a shoe holder.

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Students Want Access to More Online Classes and Mobile Learning

EdTech Magazine

By Meghan Bogardus Cortez A new study finds that students are using tech for self-directed learning outside of school.

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Duolingo IPO Shows Investors Think Edtech Is Still Growing.


billion—which is a good moment to reflect on how mobile learning has entered classrooms and how the company has expanded from just an app. And it turns out that online language learning is the fastest-growing market segment within the edtech industry. And Urdan says Duolingo brought a mobile-first approach to the sector.

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EdTech’s Top Blogs to Follow–Yep, We’re On It

Ask a Tech Teacher

EdTech Review’s EdTech Blogs You Must Follow is a comprehensive review of the top blogs that will keep you plugged into everything happening in the education technology world. Education Technology and Mobile Learning. Among their recommendations– Ask a Tech Teacher (that’s us).