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Anytime, Anywhere Learning #CE13

The Web20Classroom

Picture it. Your feet up. Computer/table/whatever Internet-connected device you have in front of you. Snacks handy. You are ready. The world (and learning) at your fingertips. October marks Connected Educator Month. The idea is to help more educators look beyond the walls of the classroom and look to the brilliance of others to learn from and learn with. Want to learn more? Read this.) In the spirit of CEM I wanted to highlight just a few of the free, learning opportunities happening.

Integration of Digital Badges to Acknowledge Professional Learning

A Principal's Reflections

The following is cross-posted at Laura Fleming''s blog titled Worlds of Learning. Laura is the new media specialist at NMHS and has been challenged to develop innovative ways to create structures to recognize informal learning of both teachers and students. As a 21st Century Library Media Specialist, part of what I strive to do is to serve as an instructional technology resource for both educators and learners. ?In

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Google Apps Experts: Ten time-saving features of Google Apps

Educational Technology Guy

[link]. This post originally appeared on Educational Technology Guy. Feel free to share summaries and links to these articles, but do not copy and repost entire article. Follow me on Twitter and Google

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Coding with the Littles, Where to Start on the Ipad K-4

My Paperless Classroom

Why Code with Kids Is it unfair of me to assume that coding is a language of power that my students need access to? If my students are going to be using apps, shouldn''t they know how apps work? Shouldn''t they be able to build an APP?

Why Smoking Costs Employers More Than They Realize

Your employees are smoking, and at a cost of $7,000 per year for each employee who smokes, that adds up - fast! This free report will show you how an effective cessation program pays for itself.

I am a Connected Educator

The Playground Advocate

I am a connected educator. I connect in person, through email, over the phone, through Skype, via social media, with collaborative web tools and through the social portions of the websites and blogs I read. This isn’t extra work. It’s part of the work I do.

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Preview App on the Mac

Kathy Schrock

I have only been a Mac user for about twelve years, so did not "grow up" with Apple computers as many of you did. I am still making discoveries about the operating system every day! I have been spending some time with Preview (I am using OS 10.8.5) and have learned many of the cool things it can do!

Adobe 84

Mobile Learning in Georgetown ISD


Over the past year, the school district I work for has made tremendous strides in the realm of mobile learning.

Junk isn't only for mail. 8 Types of posting #ConnectedEducators should avoid #CE13

The Innovative Educator

Editor''s note: U.S. Secretary of Education Arne Duncan has named October as Connected Educator Month. The U.S.

Game Show Sound Board


Often pretty simple stimuli can add quite a bit of engagement. Free Game Show Soundboard (found at this link or in App Store under iPhone apps) is just a screen of buttons that, when tapped, play sounds such as a bell ding, applause, audience laughter and cheers, etc.

5 Costly Inventory Management Mistakes Schools Should Avoid

If your school is like most, inventory and/or asset management plays a critical role in daily operations.

Reading, Robots, and Rockets with Raz Kids

My Paperless Classroom

When I started in my new position as K-5 tech specialist my teachers had many questions, but the first was "What about Raz kids ?" Student Desktop in raz Kids Raz Kids is a web-based reading support program that supports reading instruction at school as well as at home.

Celebrating International Dot Day


International Dot Day was September 16th. It is all about being creative and making your mark on the world. The day is based on the book by Peter H. Reynolds, The Dot. It is a wonderful story about a little girl who doesn''t think she can draw.

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Ideas for supporting #TeacherEffectiveness with #EdTech - Domain 4

The Innovative Educator

Technology provides teachers with a great way to provide evidence with artifacts of their effective practice. Across the country this has been a priority for schools that are incorporating a teacher evaluation based on the Danielson Framework for Teacher Evaluation. The model contains various components organized into the following four domains.

Build Language Skills Through Search


I am often asked for resources for clinicians working with older students. The relative scarcity of tech-based material for middle and high schoolers, particularly apps with relevant and age-appropriate content, has even been termed " the app gap."

6 eLearning Trends in Custom eLearning Solutions

Most digital learning trends focus too much on the "digital" and not enough on the "learning". It is not enough that content builders master available tools. We need a return to core learning fundamentals. Get Inno-Versity's eBook for 6 of the most important trends coming to digital learning.

Codes for Kids, Desktop Programming Grades 2-8 Tynker and Scratch

My Paperless Classroom

Despite the fact that we live in a world powered by code, many schools, mine included, are struggling to find the time and resources to teach computer programming. I remember learning to program on a TRS-80. I think this was in 5th or 6th grade. We had to draw a picture using basic.

An Educator's Challenge! iPads in an Elementary Classroom


Using technology everyday and teaching others about it is my passion. As a 21st century educator, it is quite a difficult task, rather a huge challenge to prepare students for college and work-place experiences that don''t even exist yet.

Collaboration and Management in Google Apps


Original Photo Credit: star5112 via Compfight cc Adapted by Tracy Watanabe Two heads are better than one. October is Connected Educator''s Month. Get connected, and move beyond connection to collaboration. Collaboration is key for this day and age in both face-to-face and virtual environments.

Interested in #BYOD? Become a #ConnectedEducator! #CE13

The Innovative Educator

This article originally appeared at Partners in Learning - 1:1 Hot Topics. So, you’re interested in supporting bring your own device (BYOD) where you work Congratulations! You are not alone, but you will need support. There is no better way to support your students for real-world learning than providing settings they encounter in the real world. One of the best ways to get started and keep going is by developing your professional learning network of others who are also involved in this work.


EdTech at School

This E-book is designed to support educators with case studies of education technology use at school.

Your personal brand

Learning with 'e's

The job market is increasingly competitive. Now more than ever, graduates need something more than a good degree to be hot candidates, to make employers sit up and take notice.

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More "Cafe" Meetings with Online Heroes This Week! Come Join the Nightly Fun

The Learning Revolution Has Begun

Starting again tonight, and every weeknight during Connected Educator Month, join me from 7:30 - 8:30pm US-Eastern Daylight Time for an hour of online relaxed and social time with some great special guests.

Self Selected Professional Development


Original Photo Credit: 96dpi via Compfight cc Adapted by: Tracy Watanabe cc Twitter Chats are fabulous self-selected professional development. A Twitter Chat Group is a group of people who come to Twitter to "discuss" a specific topic of interest.

Group Texting Programs: The Next Big Wave?

Education with Technology

Group texting programs fall into two categories. The first category consists of teacher- to-student text programs such as Reminder 101 , In these programs, the teacher sends out text reminders, announcements, notes, etc. to the whole class with just a click of button. These programs are teacher -centered since the teacher pushes out information but the students cannot respond. Some program may allow for the teacher to send out surveys or polls.

Custom eLearning: What to Consider as an L&D Manager

A custom eLearning project is an exciting opportunity, but any L&D Manager will also tell you it can be challenging. Inno-versity shares 5 points to consider before kicking off your project. These concepts are critical to addressing the most common pain points which, IF addressed, will ensure success.

Mobile learning and personal metrics

Learning with 'e's

Connected Librarians Day (Free) Events - Monday, October 14th

The Learning Revolution Has Begun

As a pre-conference event for the Library 2.013 annual conference starting October 18th, we''re hosting a short series of free online sessions this coming Monday.

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Here’s the roundup of what''s been popular on The Innovative Educator blog. Below you’ll see the top posts along with the number of page views. I hope there''s something that looks of interest to you. If it does, check it out. If you’re inspired use one of those icons below the post to share it with others and/or leave a comment. Entry Pageviews 3 people & 3 ideas for using Twitter to share, dis. Sep 8, 2013, 3167 From BadAss to Batty. Activist teachers lose focus.


Some guy named Rae...

MOOCs, MOOCs, MOOCs! said in the cadence of “Marcia, Marcia, Marcia“…) I am *so* tired of hearing about MOOCs these days. There are cMOOCs and xMOOCs and blended MOOCs, oh my. There are small MOOCs — called SPOCs, standing for Small Private Online Classes — which defy all logic because, umm… doesn’t the first letter in MOOC […]. Teaching & Learning academic tech innovation MOOCs


Teachers’ Guide to Plagiarism

This article provides teachers with a step-by-step guide on how to handle plagiarism in the classroom: it examines the definition of the term "plagiarism" and its types with examples, describes common reasons students plagiarize, and provides tips for teachers to detect and prevent plagiarism among students.