Research Seeks Scale For Measuring Student Engagement

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Research Seeks Scale For Measuring Student Engagement. Educators believe that student engagement in the classroom is crucial to learning and that it can increase achievement and enrollment in challenging courses while decreasing dropout rates.

Edgenuity Joins On to Help Dropout Prevention Efforts

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Edgenuity, a supplier of online and blended learning solutions, has announced a partnership with the National Dropout Prevention Network (NDPN) in the hopes of increasing high school graduation rates. K-12 Schools Edgenuity High School Dropouts National Dropout Prevention Network

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With no silver bullet, innovation abounds at this bilingual high school

The Hechinger Report

Besides offering all classes in both English and Spanish and embracing the language and culture of its a predominantly Latino student body, administrators prioritized a host of highly regarded improvement strategies in the school’s design. Related: “Deeper Learning” improves student outcomes.

AllHere Gets a ‘Nudge’ to Scale Low-Cost, Research-Backed Way to Improve Student Outcomes


As a teacher in Harlem, Peter Bergman, like some of his peers, wondered what he could do to help students show up to class or do their homework on time. Initially, to conduct his studies, he typed out text messages by hand: “Your child has missed class two times this week.”

Improving the quality of a higher educational institution

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The shifting student demographics. The student demographics have been vastly changed over the last few decades. It seems like the priorities and requirements of students and parents are not the same as it was a couple of years ago. Student management.

The Professional Development Problem

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We can be hopeful that the connection between teacher training and student learning seems to be realized and now what’s needed is to find the right formula for improving this crucial component of school culture.

Why educators are moving away from the Station Rotation model

The Christensen Institute

Many educators, particularly at the elementary school level, have rotated students among centers or stations for decades. A Station Rotation breaks up the class into smaller groups, which allows teachers to work with students in small-group settings on a daily basis.

What healthcare innovators can learn from academic coaches in higher ed

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Many are helping patients tackle the social and environmental barriers that prevent them from effectively engaging with traditional care processes. The 2016 Gallup Student Poll, which surveys public school students in grades five through 12, found that fewer than half of all students felt engaged with school. And it requires students’ collaboration in the form of inquisitive interaction, productive independent study and practice, and much more.

When math lessons at a goat farm beat sitting behind a desk

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Wess Wheeler (L), an independent learning opportunity student at Randolph Union High School, and Miles Hooper, manager and co-owner of Ayers Brook Goat Dairy farm, among the goats. Related: A statewide reform gains fans and concerns while letting students learn at their own pace.

Learning Technologies and Creativity in the Classroom


If newer technologies can foster creativity in students then educators must seriously think about how they can incorporate them into their classroom teaching strategies. When students don’t feel engaged, their education suffers. They leave students better prepared for the future.

5 Radical Schooling Ideas For An Uncertain Fall And Beyond


“Never in the modern history of our education system has the importance of family engagement been more apparent,” says Alejandro Gibes de Gac, the founder of Springboard Collaborative. “The first week that we did virtual education, we missed 350 students,” Mathews says.

Erasing the Look and Feel of Poverty

Digital Promise

The majority of K-12 students in the U.S. For these students, poverty brings a host of other disadvantages, most beyond the school district’s control: broken homes, transient living situations, and a lack of educational support at home. Supporting Students from Day One. "That’s

From Eighth to Ninth Grade: Programs That Support a Critical Transition


The move from middle to high school is proving to be a critical transition, one in which students must deal with great changes in academics, responsibility and social structure all at the same time. According to its website, “Of the students who have enrolled at HSRA, about 400 or 72.5

How Writing Down Specific Goals Can Empower Struggling Students


One researcher believes that writing down the answers can be decisive for students. ” Peterson wondered whether writing could be shown to affect student motivation. In it, students complete a set of writing exercises that combine expressive writing with goal-setting.

Erasing the Look and Feel of Poverty

Digital Promise

The majority of K-12 students in the U.S. For these students, poverty brings a host of other disadvantages, most beyond the school district’s control: broken homes, transient living situations, and a lack of educational support at home. Enrollment skyrocketed to nearly 300 students.

Oklahoma Joins Ranks of States and Agencies Cracking Down on Virtual Charter Schools


He also pointed out that ABLE is a nonprofit school attempting to serve homeless students, unlike many other virtual charter schools run by for-profit companies. The Watch reports that, of the 93 students enrolled at ABLE at the start of the 2015-2016 school year, just 12 remained until the end of the year, a steep dropout rate. The three organizations asserted that the 200 schools they studied placed a large burden on parents to monitor their children.