3 Ways Big Data Can Soften the Campus Dropout Crisis

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And like any major problem, this mass exodus of dropouts must be addressed sooner rather than later through innovative interventions. The “soft” predictors, those subtle hints that are precursors to student dropout. Guest Article Written By: Bob La Loggia.

How one district solved its special education dropout problem

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The district’s class of 2010 had a 73 percent graduation rate for students in special education and a 13 percent dropout rate — double the dropout rate for the student body overall. The high dropout rate for students with disabilities is a pressing national problem.

ReUp Education Raises $6 Million Series A to Help College Dropouts Return


Often, she says, a life event usually interrupts their studies—starting a family or a parent becomes ill, for example—and the CEO of ReUp Education says students shouldn’t suffer for it. “It Sarah Horn wants to correct a myth about students who stop college before graduating.

Teacher dropouts

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Editor''s note: This is a living post to which I will continue adding the stories of teacher dropouts as they are brought to my attention. The jobs these teacher dropouts are yearning for exists outside government schools.

High School Dropouts Cost Nation $35 Billion, Study Says

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Estimates suggest that 16% of tenth graders received a suspension in the period studied, with the estimated economic cost around $35.74 Students who are suspended are at a higher risk of dropping out, according to the study, which in turn increases the fiscal and social costs to the nation.

Fewer teenage mothers, but they still present a dropout puzzle

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Re-engaging unmotivated teens who don’t enjoy studying is a big part of the challenge. The post Fewer teenage mothers, but they still present a dropout puzzle appeared first on The Hechinger Report.

Edgenuity Joins On to Help Dropout Prevention Efforts

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Edgenuity, a supplier of online and blended learning solutions, has announced a partnership with the National Dropout Prevention Network (NDPN) in the hopes of increasing high school graduation rates. K-12 Schools Edgenuity High School Dropouts National Dropout Prevention Network

Earlier Interventions Can Reduce Long-Term Effects for Dropouts

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Lansford went on to say that access to treatment for drug or mental health issues may result in a decrease in the negative outcomes for dropouts. Author information Kristin Decarr | The post Earlier Interventions Can Reduce Long-Term Effects for Dropouts appeared first on Education News.

How a dropout factory raised its graduation rate from 53 percent to 75 percent in three years

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Related: How one district solved its special education dropout problem. Together they review a list of students for whom the data indicates a dropout risk. City Year member Shawn Wiyninger greets a student at Webster High School. Photo: Amadou Diallo for The Hechinger Report.

With the Help of Google and SF Muni, A Bus Sets Off to Serve City's High School Dropouts


Now, Good and his team are trying to solve a new problem: helping high school dropouts get their diplomas in the face of strict gang lines, rundown schools, and spotty internet. percent of which are high school dropouts. He says Five Keys has developed over 200 units to be delivered to students regardless of skill level, which are optimized for independent study and don’t rely on internet (though the bus will be kitted out with wi-fi and laptops).

A vocational school curriculum that includes genocide studies and British literature

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I came here for both — the training and the academics,” says Miller, who plans to study biology in college, of her decision to attend Essex Tech. “It’s The post A vocational school curriculum that includes genocide studies and British literature appeared first on The Hechinger Report.

Study 83

America's High School Graduates Look Like Other Countries' High School Dropouts

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A new study looks at everyday skills and finds that, when it come to math, the U.S. is below average. And in computer skills, we're dreadful

Universities try to catch up to their growing Latinx populations

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So in 2016 she headed back to the 42-acre campus near Gary’s dilapidated downtown to study for a degree in general studies. “I She blamed the high dropout rates on the fact that many students have to juggle school with full- and part-time jobs, leaving little time for academics.

Economic Impact of Suspending 10th Graders: $35 Billion, Study Says

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A one percentage point drop in the 16 percent in-school and out-of-school sophomore suspension rate could lead to a fiscal benefit of $691 million as estimated by the study, because of improvements in areas like earnings and taxes for affected students, and it could lead to a social benefit of $2.2 The data includes survey responses of about 16,000 public and private school students included in the study, who were later resurveyed to determine if they graduated from high school.

Study 55

This program is helping fast-diversifying suburban schools promote success for all students

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AVID now has a $75 million annual budget and many years’ worth of independent studies and thousands of individual examples suggesting that it works. An independent study conducted in Washington state showed similar results.

Closing Underperforming NYC Schools Worked, Study Shows

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The Wall Street Journal’s Leslie Brody says the study’s goal was to add data to the continuing and controversial issue of what to do about the lowest-performing schools in the city.

Study 68

School counselors keep kids on track. Why are they first to be cut?

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Aimed at curbing dropouts, improving graduation rates and sending more kids to college and other postsecondary programs, the corps is designed to offset a growing achievement gap in this relatively affluent but increasingly diverse state.

After all the fuss about getting in, how do poor students survive on elite campuses?

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Aya Waller-Bey , who attended Georgetown University and is now studying for a Ph.D. Higher Ed K-12 News Opinion Funding Graduation and dropouts Higher education access Higher education affordability Higher education completion poverty Race Segregation

Home visiting in high school: Trying an intervention for toddlers on teenagers

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The success of home visits has been well documented for infants and has been studied at the elementary and middle school level , but it’s an open question whether these visits make a difference for older students, according to some experts.

The big jobs of small-town principals

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Half of all new principals quit their jobs within three years, according to a 2014 study. Research suggests that professional support can also help keep people on the job: One study found that school leaders who did not receive professional development were 1.4

From foster care to college

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College students often decamp from their universities during the summer to intern, study abroad or just get a break from dining hall food. Later that day, she planned to study for her summer session classes, English and public speaking, and to meet with an advisor.

After a hate crime, a town welcomes immigrants into its schools

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High schoolers in a social studies class at Patchogue-Medford work on a lesson about the history of nationalism. K-12 News Civil rights Graduation and dropouts Immigrants and Refugees Immigration Crisis Politics Social emotional

How a struggling school for Native Americans doubled its graduation rate

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Fewer than a third of students scored above average on math and reading tests compared to peers nationwide, according to a study commissioned by the Bureau of Indian Education. K-12 News Charters Graduation and dropouts poverty Race Solutions

New programs find ways to foster student resilience

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And Freeland Fisher has now begun to study higher education, searching for the tech tools that expand the networks of older students. The Hechinger Report is collaborating with The New York Times to produce Bulletin Board, page 2 of the Times ’ s education supplement, Learning.

More high school grads than ever are going to college, but 1 in 5 will quit

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There’s a $32 million glass-fronted complex near completion that will house the nursing program and administrative offices, and a new $11 million recreation center that will also have a lab to study kinesiology, or human movement. Dropouts cost colleges a collective $16.5

Quantifying the risks of working while in college

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Students from higher-income family backgrounds are far more likely to work in a job related to their major or field of study than students from low-income families,” the report states. Higher Ed News Graduation and dropouts Higher education affordability Higher education completion

Going back to school after 50

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Some have bachelor’s degrees (that’s true for Porzilli, who studied design). Higher Ed News Adult learning Data and research Graduation and dropouts Higher education access Higher education affordability Higher education completion

Held back, but not helped

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One study by the Louisiana board of education showed that 40 percent of retained eighth graders did not even make it to a high-school campus after being held back. K-12 News Civil rights Graduation and dropouts Social emotional

Segregated schools are still the norm. Howard Fuller is fine with that

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A 2016 study of black-led, Afrocentric charter schools by Martell Teasley, dean of the College of Social Work at the University of Utah, found that two-thirds of the schools failed to meet statewide standards, while other research shows that children in racially isolated schools fare poorly.

After a tough but promising freshman year, Dartmouth student tackles change at elite campuses

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He studied harder than he thought possible and still got his first C. He’s now studying sociology along with markets, management and the economy , while working two part-time jobs on campus so he can send money home.

The community college “segregation machine”

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A statewide study by an independent nonprofit found that the most powerful predictor of success in college was grade-point average. On average, the study found nearly three-quarters of students with a 2.6

Is the new education reform hiding in plain sight?

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What does personalized learning mean to the perennial tug-of-war over content — in higher education’s “great books” debate over whether students should absorb the Western canon or study what they want, and, at the K-12 level, over the Common Core? Dan D.

Marching in Mardi Gras, a New Orleans school that once struggled shows off

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The building where they studied is gone, but I can still feel them with us.”. K-12 News Arts education Charters Graduation and dropouts SolutionsPamela Prout Foxworth-Carter, queen of the Mystic Krewe of Femme Fatale, and a Carver alumna. Advocate Staff photo by Chris Granger.

High schools fail to provide legally required education to students with disabilities

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Rather than being challenged, he was allowed to use a teacher-made study guide while taking exams at his California high school. He said he never had to study or actually learn anything to get an A. K-12 News Graduation and dropouts Special education

We won’t have any black Mark Zuckerbergs or Bill Gates till we do this

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So says a 2017 study published by the Institute of Policy Studies. Indeed, being a black college dropout negatively affects earnings by at least $10 per hour, according to research by the Economic Policy Institute.

Is a two-year college sometimes the best path to a four-year degree?

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Even if I’d had to pay tuition, attending a community college would have helped me to focus on and excel in my studies. I could have lived at home instead of on campus, saving money on tuition and housing, and spending more time studying and less time at work. Jocelyn Roman.

Seeking advantage, colleges are increasingly admitting students as sophomores

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