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How To Boost Student Engagement: Modern Tools for Math Teachers

Ask a Tech Teacher

Wondering how to get your students upbeat about learning math? Learners achieve higher achievement scores in math One 2016 randomized study by Roschelle et al found that students attained higher achievement scores when teachers combined one-on-one attention and web-based homework tools. But where to start?

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Solving the Student Engagement Crisis

EdNews Daily

By Carol De Furia Student engagement is a critical driver of academic success. If students are bored and disengaged in school, then studies show they won’t learn as effectively. Numerous studies confirm the link between engagement and success.


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New Research on Student Engagement Best Practices

The CoolCatTeacher

Engagement is such a challenge for schools—now more than ever. Lots of anecdotal evidence is floating around, but right now, we need answers for what produces strong student engagement. We can dig in and find that in some excellent research from the 2020 State of Engagement report. Administrative/District-Level.

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Create Google Slides comics to add some elements of fun to your lessons and enhance student engagement


Read on to learn more about some ways you can incorporate comics into your lessons to help boost student engagement and comprehension and how to create Google Slides comics. Ideas for incorporating student-created Google Slides comics in the classroom. in their comic strip. Sign up for a demo to learn why. Request a demo.

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4 blended learning strategies for better student engagement

eSchool News

A 2019 Gallup study that included 128 schools and more than 110,000 students found that student engagement and hope were significantly positively related to student academic achievement progress in math, reading, and all subjects combined. Blended Learning Increases Student Engagement.

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Engagement & Edtech in Social Studies

The CoolCatTeacher

Dustin Harnish inspires social studies teachers From the Cool Cat Teacher Blog by Vicki Davis Follow @coolcatteacher on Twitter You can blend old fashioned relationships with modern edtech if you know how. Dustin Harnish teaches seventh-grade social studies with Spheros, 3d printing, and engaging activities. We can reach kids!

EdTech 392
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Using Local History to Increase Student Engagement

Education Elements

Erin Conklin’s eyes light up when she talks about the primary and secondary source student book she created for Duval County Public School’s African American Studies elective.