National Library Week April 3-9

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National Library Week is April 3-9, 2022. It allows us to promote our local libraries and their workers. Find more about here at the American Library Association. Actively Learn –add PDFs of your choice to a library that can be annotated, read, and shared. Open Library.

Podcast PD Choice Board for Teachers Vol. 3 (FREE Download!)

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3 (FREE Download!) Download the PDF. With the ALL-ACCESS Pass, participants can access all of the Master Classes, Online Workshops, Podcast PD, and the Members-Only Library! (*excludes Google Certification Academies). Members-Only Library of ebooks and cheat sheets!

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Free download of “The Class That Can: Coronavirus”

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Thanks to a grant from Northwestern University and its Center for Food Allergy & Asthma Research, a free download of “The Class That Can: Coronavirus” will be available to teachers nationwide, along with a virtual resource to libraries and school systems by request.

Creating a Student Centered Library Where Kids Love to Learn

The CoolCatTeacher

Librarian Micki Uppena has a student centered library. In addition to a rich maker space, Micki takes us on a journey into a 21st century library where kids love to learn. Download this episode to listen offline by right-clicking here and choosing “Save As.” ” In today’s show, we’ll discuss: Typical conversations Micki has with her students in the library. The importance of relationships in the modern library.

Google Certified Educator Level 2 Challenge Tasks (FREE DOWNLOAD)

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The post Google Certified Educator Level 2 Challenge Tasks (FREE DOWNLOAD) appeared first on Shake Up Learning. The Level 2 Challenge Tasks is a PDF document that you can download below. So you can get an idea of what’s included in this download, below is a sample of one of the tasks included in the 2-page, challenge document. There are a total of 7 tasks in this download. This download is also available in the Members Only Library !

Internet Archive announces the Emergency Digital Library


million books in its lending library. The newly created National Emergency Library will serve readers around the country, who cannot physically access their local libraries, through the end of the academic year or until the end of the emergency. You’ll want to continue to use library services Libby, Sora and Hoopla for popular, recent titles. The National Emergency Library addresses a different need.

School Libraries Work! 2016


. Among the many exciting events at AASL National in Columbus was Scholastic’s release of the 2016 edition of School Libraries Work! . The downloadable document, builds on the 2008 edition, collecting and highlighting more than 30 separate national and state research studies pointing to the impact of school libraries and librarians on teaching and learning and proving that when school librarians are cut, student achievement suffers. Through School Libraries Work!,

More College Students Are Downloading Course Materials for Free—Or Skipping Them Entirely


Use of free course materials among college students is up, with 22 percent downloading at least one such resource during the spring 2019 semester, according to research published Wednesday by the National Association of College Stores. That's an all-time high, and a big increase since the fall of 2015, when only 3 percent of students reported downloading free course materials. The percent of students who reported downloading free materials has increased each semester since.

New from the Library of Congress: Newspaper Navigator


LC Labs’ newly launched Newspaper Navigator leverages machine learning and the substantial digitized resources of the Library’s Chronicling America website. The post New from the Library of Congress: Newspaper Navigator appeared first on NeverEndingSearch.

3 Ways to Rock Your Classroom Library!


Classroom Library Tools If you are a user, most likely you know about Book Wizard and what an amazing tool it is for finding and leveling books. After learning about and downloading the app, I was sitting with one of my students doing a reading conference. This was one of those moments in my room that would change the way I managed my library. Level Your Library in a Click I''ve used several sites to help level my classroom library in the past.

Play Library Santa: Sharing gifts of digital media


This year, I’ve found myself giving many of them a rather unintentional gift–an introduction to their public libraries’ digital media collections. While most of my friends and relatives have library cards, I am discovering, among the people I know who are not librarians, a surprising ignorance of the power of their cards to access digital media. I no longer subscribe to print magazines because of my public library’s access to RBDigital.

The New York Public Library Offers Over 187K Digital Items for Free Download

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January 9, 2015 The New York Public Library has enhanced access to its Digital Collections that are in public domain allowing users to enjoy and use the materials in an way they want. There more. Public domain Image resources

Boosting Engagement in Your Digital Library

Once your school district makes the commitment to have a digital library, the next step is for people to understand how they can stay engaged. In “ Secrets from the Front Lines: How Schools Can Boost Digital Engagement ,” Kelly Hladek, Library Media Specialist and Technology Liaison at Morton High School, School City of Hammond, IN, discussed best practices for engaging students, teachers and the community in the district’s eBook and audiobook collection.

Announcing Speakers Plus Bonus Downloads for "Libraries of the Future" Online Mini-Conference

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Register now for our free Library 2.016 online mini-conference, " Libraries of the Future " on October 6th, and we'll send you the information on how to either attend the live sessions or watch the recordings afterwards. PLUS we'll immediately send you our curated resource conference reading packet: 10 websites, 11 downloadable reports and tool-kits, 18 articles, and a YouTube video playlist --all focused on key ideas and trends for libraries of the future.

Library of virtual education resources now available free of charge

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The chapter is available to download at no cost at In addition, MeTEOR Education is making its MeTEOR Connect library of student and teacher resources available to educators free of charge.

The Most Epic Digital Library For Kids and Educators


In fact it is not just an app, but a whole platform, an extensive digital library of hand-picked, high quality books that will spark every kid’s interest in reading. You no longer have to purchase and download these books one by one. They are all in your personal library that you can take anywhere. Digital Library? Variety of formats and a growing library. And this library is growing every day.

Back to School Special & PPT Download

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interactive Wikis, Scoopit, Edmodo, Curation, and school blogs, can supercharge the library program & classroom throughout the school year. Back to School Night Special - TL Cafe Preso 2014 from gwyneth jones FREE Bonus Download! And as always at this time of the year I create a fresh new Back to School Night (or BTSN) Powerpoint for you to download & share with your teachers! You''re Invited!

A Library of Free Visual Illustrations to Use in Your Instruction

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Educators, teachers, and students can use it to access and download a wide variety of free moreUndraw is another excellent platform we are adding to our list of visual illustration resources.

Our Library is a Safe Space

The Daring Librarian

Our school library has always been a safe space for kiddos of all kinds. And our School Library has always enjoyed being a draw and a safe landing spot for kids who are quirky, nerdy, bookish, techie, queer, gay, trans, wordy, dramatic, creative, alternative, and cool. I was a habitué of and a help in my Middle School Library and always an Ally to my LGBTQ friends - even though we didn't have that acronym in the 80's! This is not something new.

Building Privacy Literacy at the Library

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Libraries are uniquely positioned to teach young patrons about privacy. Under the USA Patriot Act, the FBI demanded that libraries turn over information on patrons’ use. The American Library Association has fought such requests, calling privacy a fundamental human right. “A A library is an unbiased source of information,” said Erin Berman of the San Jose Public Library. Increasingly, the Library Freedom Project is receiving requests for teen-specific workshops.

Hitting the Library Circuit With Mobile Making

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The Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh offers everything you would expect at a library: books, computers, story time for the little ones. In 2010, the Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh (CLP) was one of several sites to receive funding from the Institute of Museum and Library Services (IMLS) and the John D. MacArthur Foundation to launch Learning Labs in Libraries and Museums , digital spaces where teens can experiment with new tools and build 21 st -century skills.

Library of Congress introduces three new apps (and a reminder of some older goodies)


Just a couple of weeks ago, the Library of Congress announced the launch of three new apps for Web and mobile, developed by educational organizations that were supported by an LOC grant for app development. Primary sources are uniquely powerful teaching tools, and the Library’s education staff learned a great deal by watching the selected organizations use historical artifacts to illuminate key aspects of national institutions and citizen engagement. Highly Recommended by School Library Connection

” was reviewed in the January/February 2018 issue of School Library Connection: In addition to free webinars, many communities provide access to downloadable resources and discussion forums. Kim Marie Brown, Library Media Specialist, North Reading (Massachusetts) High School. The post Highly Recommended by School Library Connection appeared first on edWeb.

IDEO shares Design Thinking for Libraries


Need a fresh approach for rethinking your library program? Developed by IDEO, and funded by the Global Libraries program at the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, Design Thinking for Libraries is the inspiration you’ve been waiting for to brainstorm possibilities, reflect on the future, and develop a user/student-centered plan. Want to engage your learning community in the rethinking/planning process? Look no further.

A true gift from SHEG: DIY digital literacy assessments and tools for historical thinking


SHEG currently offers three impressive curricula that may be put to immediate use in secondary classrooms and libraries. The free assessments include Google Docs assessments to copy and digital rubrics to download. Might we also study whether learners with solid K12 library inquiry experience perform better than the student in the general SHEG sample ? Using resources from the Library of Congress, these 80 units cover both U.S.

Google Forms: Best Practices in Archiving and Reusing your Quizes and Surveys


Additionally, at the bottom of this post is an opportunity to download three of our favorite Google Forms templates and join the TeacherCast Tech Coaches Insiders program. Download Your FREE Google Forms Template Today!

Pokemon Go QR Code Library Scavenger Hunt

The Daring Librarian

First, I took pictures of 10 different locations around our Library Media Center, then using a Photoshop template I super-imposed 10 Pokémon (some VERY RARE!) Objective: Capitalizing on the engagement of the PokemonGo App game, students will use digital devices and QR Codes to explore the Library Media Center and discover important sections, features, and resources and reveal hidden and very rare Pokémon. Resources: FREE #PokemonGO RARE Sign Download Here!

What Happened to Google's Effort to Scan Millions of University Library Books?


It was a crazy idea: Take the bulk of the world’s books, scan them, and create a monumental digital library for all to access. It got part of the way there, digitizing at least 25 million books from major university libraries. But the promised library of everything hasn’t come into being. As part of the deal, Google’s partner libraries made sure they got to keep digital copies of their scanned works for research and preservation use.

How to Build a Summer Reading List for Your Incoming Students


You never know what new favorites you might find for your classroom library. Additionally, connect them to resources like your local library that can help them find more engaging, level-appropriate books for their children. The Alligator in the Library.

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Resources for learning at home while we’re keeping each other safe


And, this may be the very right time to make sure we spread the word about both our own and our public library colleagues’ digital media collections. I no longer subscribe to print magazines because of my public library’s access to RBDigital.

‘National Emergency Library’ Lends A Hand — And Lots Of Books! — During Pandemic


Concerns over the coronavirus have shuttered public and school libraries around the world, depriving their regular patrons of free access to the Internet, shelter and, of course, books — just when many of them could use them the most. It’s difficult to replicate the manifold services offered by your local public library. million works in its lending library. “This was our dream for the original Internet coming to life: the Library at everyone’s fingertips.”

Free access to Mackin’s Distance learning solution

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Macking one of the world’s largest providers of print books, ebooks, audiobooks, and video is offering access to its ebook library and distance learning content for free. Free titles are only available to download through June 30, 2020.

There's an Echo in My Library!

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It took months of waiting but finally, just a few weeks ago it came and we now have a new information tool in the library! Since it's cloud based, Amazon has improved it and automatically downloaded upgrades to the device since we set it up. Will this tool (I am assiduously avoiding using the word toy) be an asset to our library or a distraction? We also have a new Courtesy Mobile Device Charging Station in the MHMS Daring School Library Media Center! Hello Alexa!


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Track it Forward is also the first volunteer time tracking app to be listed in the Clever Library. For more information on incorporating Track it Forward into your district or school, please visit the Track it Forward website or search ‘Track it Forward’ in the Clever Library.

5 Fun Reasons to Have a School Library Photo Booth

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So, here's my list of 5 ways your school library (or classroom) can benefit from a photo booth. This fun, easy, & cheap DIY Photo Booth has added a lot of fun to our school library and our end of the year celebration, our June Jamboree. Destination The cool thing about a photo booth it creates yet ANOTHER reason for kids to flock to the Library Media Center. This is a good thing for a school library! Download and print these 2 PDFs.

Blended Learning with Google Toolkit for Teachers – SULS0101

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In this episode, I share The Blended Learning with Google Toolkit, a free download to help teachers create dynamic, blended learning experiences for students with Google tools. Get access to this FREE PDF download that aligns technology integration strategies with Google tools!

Colleges, Libraries and Presses Team Up to Publish Open Scholarship (And Rethink Model)


But these days the question is how publishers can afford to produce them at all, especially as the main customers for those books—academic libraries—face ever-shrinking budgets, and the open-access movement has pumped up expectations that scholarship should be shared as widely and cheaply as possible. The problem involves many players—a fact that’s not lost on universities, libraries, and publishers. Libraries and scholarly presses are under tremendous pressure,” he says.

What to Buy for Your Maker Space #makered

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Maker spaces are great places for kids to explore and learn, so take a trip inside the new library — one with a Maker space. Download this episode to listen offline by right-clicking here and choosing “Save As.” In today’s show, we’ll discuss: So much making and building is going on in Chad Lehman’s library, that they are converting an adjacent computer lab into the maker space. The library is popular again!

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I dare you NOT to share! (So many AASL School Library Month goodies!)


It’s just the beginning of School Library Month. AASL has been doing some seriously creative thinking about how we might use the month of April to celebrate the 2016 theme: the essential role that strong school library programs play in transforming learning. You may want to prepare by learning a little about the history of School Library Month. Download and print these lovely posters: Author Megan McDonald is this year’s national spokesperson.

?With $2.65M Seed Funding, Creator of Ready4K Aims to Build ‘On-Demand Library for Parenting Tips’


The goal, he says, is to create “an on-demand library for parenting tips.” York also points out that texting doesn’t require downloading and figuring out how to use an app. “Fact: Shapes are everywhere. When you talk about shapes in your everyday environment, you build early geometry skills that will be important for math later on.”