3 Takeaways from the Inaugural Digital Learning Annual Conference

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Seven years ago, a wide-scale digital learning conference was unheard of because the majority of school districts across the country weren’t equipped with the infrastructure or technology to implement a robust digital curriculum. Thankfully, over the past several years, federal, state and local leaders have worked to tackle the digital divide, which has results in 98 percent of school districts now meeting minimum connectivity goals.

Six Strategic Steps to Digital Learning Success


Shiny new technologies can capture well-meaning educators like insects in amber, but the evidence is clear that digital learning can improve student opportunities and outcomes. Below I outline six strategic steps that will point school leaders as well as classroom teachers toward digital learning success: 1. Determine your education goals Keep in mind that when you’re developing an inventory of goals to be addressed via digital learning, less is more.


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Make #ISTE2017 Awesome! Go On An Epic Conference Selfie Adventure

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To celebrate I am sending you on a mission to create memorable conference experiences this year and go on an an Epic Selfie Conference Adventure. To complete this mission you will take at least 5 selfie images or videos, which meet any of the challenges listed below. Then post these selfies using the conference hashtag and #EdtechMissions. Conferences are packed with events. More Tips for an Epic Conference.

Information Sharing at the 2019 Nonprofit Technology Conference

Digital Promise

I relish the opportunity for an in-person meeting or training to connect with colleagues and partners. Recently, I attended the 2019 Nonprofit Technology Conference (NTC) in Portland, Oregon, hosted by NTEN , to catch up on the newest trends in educational technology (edtech) and learn about cutting-edge tools that may be integrated to boost adult learning and workforce development initiatives at Digital Promise. Multi-directional Learning.

Strategies to Plan a District Digital Learning Day


Recently, Milford and East Bridgewater School Districts collaborated on district-wide digital learning days that provided successful and impactful learning experiences for staff. Often those not in the classroom are quite impressed by the technology and the learning that’s happening. Once these stakeholders invest in active learning, you’ve cleared your first hurdle! Now, it’s on to our next, most important, group of investors in active learning: the educators.

Where Personalized Learning Meets Social Emotional Learning


The second annual EdSurge Fusion conference is designed to be your entryway. This year’s theme— Personalized Learning for the Whole Learner —aims to help school leaders from around the U.S. see how their peers are shaping learning environments for students and educators. Virgel Hammonds, now chief learning officer of KnowledgeWorks, will take us deeply into the detailed work of driving change as he helped do in Maine and in California's Lindsay Unified.



Recently, Milford and East Bridgewater School Districts collaborated on district-wide digital learning days that provided successful and impactful learning experiences for staff. Often those not in the classroom are quite impressed by the technology and the learning that’s happening. Once these stakeholders invest in active learning, you’ve cleared your first hurdle! Now, it’s on to our next, most important, group of investors in active learning: the educators.

ASCD's #Empower18 Conference Report


More than 7,500 educators from around the globe gathered in Boston to participate in ASCD's #Empower18 conference. Attendees attended Learning Labs and Poster sessions facilitated by educators. The conversations in these presentations centered on impactful instruction and the magnitude of digital options. The Expo Hall showcased even more edtech tools that are changing and enhancing today’s learning. Hack Learning offers more than just books for teachers and leaders.

A Conference Not to Be Missed

A Principal's Reflections

The annual Edscape Conference will once again be held at New Milford High School in New Milford, NJ on Saturday October 13, 2012. Hundreds of educators from over seven different states and Canada will once again descend upon my school to learn together and network in an effort to move their respective school cultures down an innovative path. The theme of this year’s conference is “Innovation Now”.

6 Ways Technology Can Reinvent Parent-Teacher Conferences


We’re about a third of the way into the school year and we know what that means: The dread of parent teacher conferences! But conferences would not make it on my Top Ten Reasons I Like to Teach list. the traditional parent teacher conference as it once was is both redundant and outdated. And it lacks the enthusiasm—as well as the desire to help kids own and engage in their learning—that defines us as innovative educators. Conferences are not for reporting test scores.

Georgia Public Broadcasting Renews Long-Term Partnership with Discovery Education Creating Digital Learning Environments Statewide


–Continuation of 18-Year Collaboration Ensures Students and Educators Access to Engaging K-12 Digital Resources– SILVER SPRING, Md. March 22, 2018) – Discovery Education , the leading provider of digital content and professional development for K-12 classrooms, today announced a renewal of its 18-year partnership with Georgia Public Broadcasting (GPB).

Making the Most Of Edtech Conferences


Carl Hooker It’s been a busy conference season, with thousands gathering at BETT, FETC, and TCEA to network, check out the latest tools for schools, and learn new ideas from innovative speakers. One of the best ways to get the most out of these “mega-conferences” is to have a plan of action. Districts spend millions of dollars sending staff to these events, but if they don’t return with anything of use for learning, it’s a waste.

Make a Deeper Connection with Virtual Student Check-ins!

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Do your students feel connected to you, the instructor, the learning material, and their peers? Online learning is mostly asynchronous; it rarely takes place in real time and we rarely have the benefits of making connections and relationship building through nonverbal communication and verbal communication. Below are several options to meet several types of learning situations and requirements. Student Digital Check-in Example.

Looking Forward to Ilinois Computing Educators Conference

Cool Tools for 21st Century Learners

Every year at this time of year I get excited about attending the Illinois Computing Educators Conference , #ICE15 , in Chicagoland! Explore the amazing winning science images submitted to the ThingLink Science Creative Challenges to support learning in the fields of life science, physical science, or earth and space science. Learn to extend the learning beyond the classroom walls. Thurs: Digital Differentiation - General Conference Session 12:00 pm ?

New Jersey’s Plainfield Public School District Forms New Partnership with Discovery Education to Create Digital Learning Environments Districtwide


- Discovery Education’s Award-Winning Science, Math and Social Studies Techbooks to be Integrated into Instruction Districtwide- Silver Spring, MD (October 16, 2018) – New Jersey’s Plainfield Public School District (PPSD) announced today the formation of a new partnership with Discovery Education , the leading provider of digital content and professional development for K-12 classrooms.

Meet Our Ambassadors: Allison Renda

Graphite Blog

I have a strong passion for digital citizenship. I have been a Certified Digital Citizenship Educator for two years. I am currently working with my district to integrate digital citizenship throughout all of our schools. Describe a digital learning project or initiative that you're currently working on. I am currently working as the district project lead to help my school district earn its Digital Citizenship Certification.

Can Schools and Colleges Bring an In-Person Feel to Remote Campuses?


The approach aims to solve a major downside of remote learning—a sense of social isolation as students and professors sit alone at laptops. And even when students have the right gear, there can be a learning curve to new tools.

The Archdiocese of Baltimore Catholic Schools Partners with Discovery Education to Accelerate the Creation of Digital Learning Environments


By incorporating Discovery Education’s award-winning digital content into teaching and learning, educators in Archdiocesan schools now have flexible digital resources that not only help them more deeply engage students and personalize learning, but also help create authentic learning experiences combining faith and reason. Digital STEM k12 education edtech The Wire

Shifting to a Digital Teaching Model? Here’s Some Advice


The transition to a digital teaching environment is a great opportunity to be reminded of a simple fact: You don’t have to do this alone. It required me to really rethink teaching, and how best to do it in a digital environment. I remember scrambling to learn all I could about the features of Blackboard and reviewing all of my textbook’s eLearning-related ancillaries, assigning self-paced modules and online quizzes to my students. What can you learn to do without?

Are Classrooms Becoming Too Dependent On Technology?

EdNews Daily

Newer tech is also on the learning menu. Videoconferencing, once only used in business meetings, is now a routine way to enable interaction between multiple groups of learners. In a classroom situation full of screens, keyboards, video conferences, several audio input sources and multiple visual ones, school-children are literally bombarded with stimuli day in and day out. Digital Learning Education News Featured Technology

The 2019 Global Education Conference - Full List of 130 Sessions and 10 Keynotes!

The Learning Revolution Has Begun

The ninth annual Global Education Conference starts this coming Monday! The conference is being held Monday, November 18 - Wednesday, November 20, 2019 (November 21 in some time zones). The entire virtual conference is held online. Click here to register to attend the conference live or to have access to the conference recordings afterwards. The hidden treasure of the Global Education Conference is volunteering--you will love it!

Open Educational Resources Are ‘Moving Up the Adoption Ladder’ Around the World


Open educational resources have gone global and may help make learning more accessible, equitable and inclusive around the world. OER was one of six “emerging technologies and practices” the panelists highlighted as most likely to significantly influence postsecondary teaching and learning in the future. “It the Open Pedagogy Incubator at North Carolina State University brings together a cohort of instructors for a semester of learning about OER practices.

OER 131

Community, Relationships and Rhizomatic Learning

Pair-a-dimes for Your Thoughts

I’m at the BC Digital Learning Conference in Burnaby BC. Yesterday I went to the pre-conference session ‘Beyond DL (Part 1) Emerging Models Integrating Distributed Learning in BC Schools’, a panel discussion with: Verena Roberts, Jeff Stewart, Brad Hutchinson, Dean Coder, Bruce Weitzel, Karen Flello, moderated by Randy LaBonte. through Coquitlam Open Learning. It is a blended learning course where students meet once a week.

Course Hero Adds $70 Million to Series B Fundraise


And as college campuses closed and instructors scrambled to facilitate online instruction, digital education providers like Course Hero saw a surge in usage of its services. It convenes an annual conference for instructors focused on professional development.

Course 100

Coronavirus Has Led to a Rush of Online Teaching. Here’s Some Advice for Newly Remote Instructors


Stachowiak is host of a long-running podcast called “Teaching in Higher Ed,” and she’s the dean of teaching and learning at Vanguard University of Southern California. First, the tips: The Simplest Way to Go Online is to Shift to a Video Conference Platform Stachowiak says that just lecturing to a webcam instead of an in-person class isn’t the best way to teach online, but it is the easiest way to switch. I love what many of the universal design for learning people say.

UDL 125

How Technology will Alter the Teaching Profession

EdNews Daily

In education like everywhere else, the way that products are delivered (in this case, learning) is undergoing a seismic shift. Learning Counsel Research has been studying two things: 1) what technology can do and is already doing in many industries as well as state-of-the-art software for learning, and 2) where public education has failed, areas of success in public education and the rising demand for choice. Digital Digital Learning Featured Technology teachers technology

Want to Organize Your Digital Assets?

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When it comes to digital assets, I have found almost universally that schools do not know what they have. Inventory controls are minimal when it comes to digital curriculum for a very good reason. The content industry blew up and atomized into millions of pieces when it used to be consolidated into a few mammoth publishers that pushed out lines of books with an internal structure and consistency to learning that was all mapped out for schools. By LeiLani Cauthen. .

LMS 122

Higher Ed Has Become ‘An Entrepreneurial and Philanthropic Wild West’


Meanwhile, college researchers and innovators are diving into learning science and experimenting with new teaching methods. That guest is Mitchell Stevens, a Stanford University professor who is the director of the Center for Advanced Research Through Online Learning. I mean, we’re living in a world in which Harvard and Stanford have learning management systems in their classrooms right along with broad-access comprehensive universities.

2009 MACUL Conference

The Electric Educator

Today and tomorrow I will be at the Michigan Association of Computer Users in Learning ( MACUL ) conference at Cobo Hall in Detroit, Michigan. Conference attendance is expected to top 4,000 this year. The annual MACUL conference is an awesome opportunity to hear how other educators are using technology in the classroom and to browse the latest in ed. Numerous breakout sessions, workshops and keynotes will be given during the two day conference.

Universities in Washington State Halt In-Person Classes Over Coronavirus Concerns, Shifting Some Online


Decisions on whether or not to travel to previously scheduled meetings or conferences are being left up to individual faculty and staff members, said Cauce, the university’s president. She herself has decided to cancel a planned trip on Monday to San Francisco, and to attend the meeting by videoconference instead. Education Technology Digital Learning in Higher Ed Higher EducationThe University of Washington on Friday became the first university in the U.S.

2U’s ‘Third Chapter’ Begins With a $750M Acquisition of Trilogy Education


That was the focus of the company for its first nine years—or “chapter one,” as Paucek described in a conference call with investors on Monday morning. Last year, the company also acquired CritiqueIt, a digital annotation tool, and struck a deal with WeWork so 2U students in its online graduate programs can study in its coworking spaces. Sommer and Paucek met two years ago at ASU GSV, an education technology conference that is also happening this week.

If you give a kindergartner a Chromebook…

eSchool News

Although even the youngest children are considered tech-savvy today, there exists a difference between a child who knows how to use a tablet to watch videos and a child who knows how to navigate a device for active learning. But for one classroom, the move yielded some surprising results for student engagement, learning progress, and for students with special needs. “We Digital Learning and Tools eClassroom News Resource TCEA

A Podcast for Every Discipline? The Rise of Educational Audio


Learn more at ed.unc.edu/meite, on IG @UNCmeite , and Twitter @unc_Meite. Two years ago Davis decided to put on a conference for people making these kinds of podcasts, called Sound Education. But first, let’s meet a pair of academics who run a linguistics podcast called “ The Endless Knot ,” Mark Sundaram and Aven McMaster. Both podcasters attended that first Sound Education conference two years ago, and this year’s as well, which was held in October.


Why Your School Should Stick to Core Principles Instead of Market Trends

EdNews Daily

Rather than attempting to outpace neighboring school districts by purchasing new technology, it’s crucial to focus more on what new solutions can do to support teaching and learning. With every annual conference touting “this new trend” and “that must-have gadget,” educators, administrators and EdTech vendors alike leave with their minds set on that unforgettable solution of the future. Will this truly enable a better learning environment for our students?

Virtual Student Jobs, Roles, and Duties

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Part of the December 2020 STEM Resources Digital Calendar ! When students help you allow their peers to celebrate them and learn from them. During remote and distance learning student helpers can really help you manage a lot more. Student Video Conference Jobs.

STEM 234