17 Things for Teachers to Try in 2017 (Infographic and FREE Download)

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How Ed-Tech Companies Use Research to Make Better Products

Digital Promise

While there is widespread support for ed-tech companies to use research when designing their products, there is still little information available about how companies actually do (or should do) this work. As a result, pioneering companies have had to adapt these methods as they strive to make products that are truly “research-based.”. In this report, we answer questions such as: How do companies find and apply published research to guide product design?

Verizon Surcharge Will Affect Other Education Companies—Not Just Remind


A new fee Verizon plans to impose on its business customers has galvanized educators this week to rally around the school messaging service Remind—so much so that the telecoms company agreed to make an exception and waive the impending fee for Remind’s K-12 users. 1, will be passed on to at least a dozen education companies—not just the one getting all the attention. But to pay for it, the company is charging an additional fee to all of its business customers.

Company Offers Free Facial Recognition Software to Boost School Security

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Company Offers Free Facial Recognition Software to Boost School Security. Last month, RealNetworks , the streaming media company that garnered attention in the ‘90s and early 2000s for developing the first audio streaming solution , announced it would offer its facial recognition software, SAFR , for free to over 100,000 school districts. eli.zimmerman_9856. Fri, 08/03/2018 - 13:47. With the wave of school shootings that have swept the U.S.

The Serious & Historic Importance of Media Literacy | Downloadable Posters for Media Literacy Week

The Learning Revolution Has Begun

At the bottom of this post, you'll also find a link to a fun set of downloadable posters for Media Literacy Week. Media Literacy Week is November 5 - 9 , spearheaded by the National Association of Media Literacy Education (NAMLE).

Companies Partner to Launch “Be a Maker”Programming Companion App


Be a Maker was developed in partnership with everis, an NTT DATA company, and is a part of the organization’s CLOQQ initiative. Be a Maker is currently available for free download in the Apple App Store for iOS devices, and will be available for Android devices later in 2018. Jibo, Inc.

?5 Things Community College Administrators Wish Edtech Companies Would Do


Des Moines Area Community College in Iowa echoes Teti’s wish, but says edtech companies need to look beyond traditional higher-ed models and think about what kinds of problems two-year institutions and trade schools face. I am always looking for better ways for my students to take tests remotely,” says Teti, who currently has students download and print a file, complete it by hand, then scan and send the page when complete.

New Company Says by Using Its Service, Students Can Test Classroom Tech Before Arriving on Campus


Founded by a father-son duo, the company launched this year with the goal to create “tier zero” for students and tech support before the school year starts, co-founder Ben Sample (the son in the duo), tells EdSurge. The other cofounder, Jay Sample, says a student visiting the company’s website can click a “scan” button to run tests that are each related generally to the requirements stipulated by the LMS or the school.

Can a For-Profit, Venture-Backed Company Keep OER Free—and Be Financially Sustainable?


New and traditional publishers are trying to offer alternatives such as open educational resources (OER), or freely downloadable and adaptable learning materials. One company, Top Hat, is trying to shift away from that by opening up its marketplace of mostly OER materials to users for free. By removing some existing fees, the company hopes to thread a tricky needle of making OER actually free—while still running a for-profit company.

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What Colleges Should Know About A Growing 'Talent Strategy' Push By Companies


Companies want secret formulas for identifying talented job candidates—and weeding out duds. It turns out that that which Web browser a candidate uses to apply correlates to later success for some coding jobs (apparently those who stick with their computer’s default software perform less well on the job than those who download a different browser or add plugins). That means “companies are realizing they need to think about their human capital in a different way.”.

Top 20 Tech Tips for Teachers

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I have compiled my Top 20 Tech Tips for Teachers into this handy infographic, which you can download below. DOWNLOAD THE PDF INFOGRAPHIC: Top 20 Tech Tips for Teachers. Find out what you can before you ever click download!

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Check out the Benchmark Universe Quick Start Guide!

Benchmark Education

To download a copy of this guide, click here. Calling all Benchmark Universe users! We’ve created a Quick Start Guide. While it will come in handy for new BU users especially, seasoned pros will also benefit from its easy reference style and succinct content.

8 Tips for a Google Expeditions Pilot [infographic]

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Download The Infographic. We also put these tips into an infographic that you can download here (PDF). If you buy them individually and not from a company, be sure and test a single device before purchasing them in bulk.

150+ Digital Activities for the K-2 Classroom Inside One Simple App

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Once you’ve found the right apps, you have to download them and get them onto the tablets. Perhaps the best thing about it is that there’s only one app to download onto your student devices.

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3DBear Review: The Augmented Reality Classroom Pro

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First, 3D bear is a free download for smartphones and tablets. How Students Get Started with 3D Bear Augmented Reality Design Download the App Go to [link] or your app store to download the 3D Bear Augmented Reality app.

Are Students Off-Task in Class on Phones? There's an App for That!

A Principal's Reflections

Students can download the Pocket Points app for free from the app store. Here they will find a gift page on the app full of rewards provided by companies, including Redbox, Panda Express, and Papa Johns on the national level.

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Loopster - Free Online Video Editor

Educational Technology Guy

Designs is working on a new motorcycle for a company called Loopster , that has something to do with online video work. Since it''s all online, there is no software to download and you can easily use it on thin clients. Easy to use, free, and easy to download and share videos.

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Building an Effective EdTech Strategy - Bring together workload, collaboration, and education

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The strategy laid out the government’s expectations of a closer relationship between schools and the EdTech companies who supply them. Collaboration underpins the most successful technology companies.

The Thank You Project #MondayMotivation

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Download the Thank You Project – Word Document. Download: The Thank You Project (Word File). The company who sponsored it compensated me via cash payment, gift, or something else of value to include a reference to their product.

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Characters Come to Life in the Point and Play Maker Box for Creative Kids!


I always get excited when a company I agree to work with tells me that my product is on the way for my review. A few years ago, I was contacted by another company asking me to review a product that used tangible pieces to interactive with a digital interface.

Back to School Savings with #Teacher Appreciation Event at #Staples

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Go to Staples.com/classroom to download the coupon. The company who sponsored it compensated me via cash payment, gift, or something else of value to edit and post it. Sponsored by Staples Back to school already? Yes it is!

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Educators: Before you Recharge this Summer, Reflect

Education Elements

Our company is known for having a unique organizational culture. Apps were downloaded. We have eliminated the traditional organizational hierarchy of direct managers; we employ a self-organizing team structure; and if you attended this year’s Personalized Learning Summit, you know we also view trivia and dancing to 80’s music as valuable team-building time. Something that is not as widely known is that we also have internal monthly challenges.

Free Guide to support Students' Social-Emotional Health

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You can download it here: [link] 6 stages of a successful SEL implementation plan How to meet the needs of all students with SEL and MTSS 6 bite-size SEL activities to start today 3 strategies to build relationships with students See below for more info. The guide can be downloaded at: [link].

10 Ways to Personalize Learning for Students

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To get links to all of these sites and information on installing Read&Write, download this handy infographic. Go to to [link] download this free infographic (and learn how to get the Read&Write toolbar while you are there.).

#06: The 6 Most Motivating Sketchnotes in Education Today

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If you want to find all her other incredible sketch notes, you’ll need to buy the book which comes with download links so you can print on paper or poster for your school. Download this episode as an MP3 by right-clicking here and choosing “Save As.”

Your Educational Digital DNA - Get Ready for EdTech Innovation

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McKinsey & Company estimates automation technologies alone will affect 1.2 Learn more about Digital DNA by downloading our Whitepaper Quick Take: Getting an accurate view of where your school is in terms of readiness for EdTech innovation is important.

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XplorLabs Fire Forensics: A Free STEM Module for Middle School Science

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As it has been noted, UL (Underwriters Laboratories), the creator of Xplorlabs, is a global safety science company. After you download the Teacher Guide, I recommend that you go through the entire unit on your own to prepare. Download the Fire Forensics Teacher Guide and Get Started.

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Teaching Basic Cybersecurity Measures To Everyday People (For Parents of Digital Natives)

Ask a Tech Teacher

My checklist (green for good and red for ‘need help’): I’m paranoid about links and downloads. This can also lead to larger issues such as the company you get internet from disconnecting your service. Suspicious Downloads.

Stop Struggling! Teach English Language Learners with Karaoke!

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How a blues song unlocked a child struggling to learn English and how it led to the creation of a company. Jon shares the music that started it all and how you can download a free copy of the Constitution song and video with dance moves. An Every Classroom Matters Episode.

Encyclopaedia Britannica Group Launches Free Chrome Browser Extension


Britannica Insights works with major search engines – Google, Bing, Yahoo, and others – on the Chrome browser and is available for download at [link]. The Encyclopaedia Britannica Group today announced Britannica Insights , a free Chrome browser extension.

Cool Cat Teacher’s 31 Favorite Everyday Tools I’m Using Right Now #edtech

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Download this episode as an MP3 by right-clicking here and choosing “Save As.” DOWNLOAD TRANSCRIPT 10MT #12 31 Favorite Tools I’m Using Right Now.

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The Robots Have Arrived on Campus. They Come Bearing Food.


Now the startup behind the roaming drone, Kiwi , has plans to expand to 15 more campuses including Harvard and MIT, the company said this week at ArticulAte , an event in San Francisco about food robotics. Kiwi isn’t the only company trying to bring food delivery bots to college campuses.

Physical Bookstores in The Digital Age

Ask a Tech Teacher

Another supposed threat to the print book is torrenting and online downloads of materials. People have noticed that there has been a slump in sales for Barnes and Noble, and the company has closed many locations. As a parent, I fondly remember browsing bookstores with my children.

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3 Ways AR works in real-life classrooms


the company has, over the last 6 months, hit the road to beta test their Expeditions AR program at schools across the US. It’s tricky to drill down through the hype and find vivid and useful examples of lessons, without actually downloading the app.

School Counselors Helping More Women Go Into Computer Science: Tips and Advice to Find the Fit

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If you go to their website in the Shownotes, you can download a magazine that they have. It’s totally free to download. The company who sponsored it compensated me via cash payment, gift, or something else of value to include a reference to their product.

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Sylvia Martinez: 3 Mistakes Teachers Make About Tinkering (and more)

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Download this episode to listen offline by right-clicking here and choosing “Save As.” Download the Transcript. Sylvia also headed product development for consumer software, video games, and educational games at several software publishing companies.

3 Emerging Technologies That Will Reshape Education in 2019


The goal is to merge engineering and design research happening at the city’s universities with resources and opportunities from the media and technology industry—to develop new prototypes, explore applied R&D projects, launch new companies and encourage the latest thinking.

A Clever Way to Measure How Students Actually Use Edtech (and Whether It Works)


For many districts, it takes time and a bit of Excel wizardry to download data from each software provider, then combine and distill the information into a single dashboard. “We School dashboard showing different product usage by class Clever Goals is the latest product from Clever , a San Francisco-based company that aims to simplify how schools and students use educational software. K-12 schools, giving the company a strong pulse on what software teachers and students are using.

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7 Things to Know About Coding in the Early Childhood Classroom

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See coolcatteacher.com/ar or download the Metaverse app today. The company who sponsored it compensated me via cash payment, gift, or something else of value to include a reference to their product. This company has no impact on the editorial content of the show.

5 Ideas for Teaching Fire Prevention and Safety

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These videos include many cross-disciplinary resources including a history of the Great Chicago Fire and a downloadable ebook (in all formats) to reinforce safety messages, reading, science, math, and social studies.

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