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7 Tips for Students to Be Successful in Online Coursework


Students need to understand that getting used to online coursework will take some time and that they should not be discouraged if they struggle at first.

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Single Mothers Balance Care And Coursework; New High School Rankings

NPR Learning and Tech

New research on measuring teacher prep programs and Starbucks' partnership with Arizona State University, all part of this week's education news roundup. Image credit: LA Johnson/NPR

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ACT Results Show Majority Not Prepared for College Coursework

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Close to two-thirds of students across the country who graduated high school this year took the ACT college entrance exam, earning scores that suggest a majority of them are unprepared for the coursework they will encounter in college. (Photo: Creative Commons).

The Best App for Your Coursework Isn’t a Single App – from Beth


This post first appeared on Edutopia. At EdTechTeacher, we have a philosophy that All the Good Apps Fit on One Screen. These days, many of the teachers that we work with would rather just find ONE app! However, that single solution may not exist.

The Power of the iPad: Using Tablet Tech to Improve Student Performance

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Statistics show that from as early as kindergarten all the way up to medical school , utilizing iPads for coursework and lessons make students more efficient learners. Integrating iPad tablets into the classroom is becoming commonplace in schools all across the country. P21 Blog

Alabama Schools Now Required to Offer Virtual Courses

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Frank Smith State legislators are recognizing the potential for online coursework. Classroom Curriculum Internet Management Online Learning Online Video Policies

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Apply For Google For Education Certified Innovator 2018 Program Here

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Apply For Google For Education Certified Innovator 2018 Program Here by TeachThought Staff This information has been compiled from a press release See our own Professional Development workshops and upcoming TeachThought University courses for additional training, development, and coursework for innovation in education. What is the Google for Education Certified Innovator program? The Google […]. The post Apply For Google For Education Certified Innovator 2018 Program Here appeared first on TeachThought. News The Very Best Google Education Tools For The Classroom

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Rethinking Teacher Candidate Training with Micro-credentials

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Grades and assignments may differ of course, but how can a teacher candidate show they have gone beyond the required curriculum to deepen skills learned through coursework and hone better classroom practice and potentially increase their marketability to principals and schools?

The 20 Most Useful #hashtags In Education

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As a teacher, continuing education is so important that most school districts require that teachers enroll in some form of coursework on a regular basis to keep their knowledge and skills fresh.

The next decade of disruption in education? Unlocking networks

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What began with coursework in hard-to-offer courses like Advanced Placement and credit recovery has now migrated into the mainstream classroom.

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How Any Teacher Can Use Lee Sheldon’s Multiplayer Classroom Model

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His book The Multiplayer Classroom: Designing Coursework as a Game is a favorite of many game based learning experts. Lee Sheldon author of The Multiplayer Classroom: Designing Coursework as a Game.

Leadership for School Innovation graduate certificate 001: The launch

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million School Technology Leadership Initiative at the University of Minnesota created 15 credits of new coursework that was given away – with accompanying pedagogical supports – to ten other university educational leadership programs across the country.

Do teacher prep programs need an overhaul?

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A new analysis from the National Council on Teacher Quality (NCTQ) reveals that few teacher preparation programs either conduct any sort of screening or require specific coursework in the subject area knowledge traditionally taught in elementary grades.

How to Engage and Excite Students Before They Set Foot in the Classroom


More than ever before, instructors are able to spark curiosity and excitement - or communicate expectations - prior to assigning any coursework or delivering a single lecture.

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The Point of a Lesson

A Principal's Reflections

I know when I went through my coursework and teaching certification process this was emphasized in any lesson plan. I am not a huge fan of collecting lesson plans and have not been for years. It is my opinion that you can learn a great deal more by collecting and looking at assessments.

5 blended-learning trends to watch

The Christensen Institute

Other top specific practices cited concurrently with blended learning were multiple opportunities to demonstrate mastery , rigorous coursework for all students , commitment to whole child or social-emotional learning in a strategic plan , and relevant and contextualized learning assignments.

MakerBot Launches Teacher Certification Program for 3D Printing Curriculum


The second covers the same material as a blended workshop that combines online coursework with an additional 5 hour hands-on training session, led by 3D printing experts at MakerBot HQ. MakerBot announces its 3D printing certification program for educators,available now.

Will the decline of AP course offerings spur the rise of Course Access?

The Christensen Institute

It’s also worth noting that because many of these schools serve far smaller numbers of students, the decline in percentage of schools offering AP classes does not represent a proportionate decline in the number of overall students able to access AP coursework. Still, the findings raise a much more fundamental question that states must grapple with: should the public school that a student attends dictate (and in this case, limit) the coursework that he can access?

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The Benefits of Adaptive Learning Technology


The basic concept is simple: Coursework should be adapted to meet the individual needs of each student. Adaptive learning has long been a part of education. Every teacher has experience modifying curriculum in some way to help students access information. Nowadays technology can help make the adaptations easier and more streamlined. Adaptive learning technology seeks […]. The post The Benefits of Adaptive Learning Technology appeared first on Edudemic.

Guest post: Impact of AI in Education for Teachers and Students


It can grade projects, worksheets, exams, essays, and other types of coursework. Artificial Intelligence is part of the education, being incorporated in the classrooms as a way of leaching and learning.

With ‘Hybrid’ Campuses, Online Course Providers Offer In-Person Services


But she calls combining online coursework with in-person support services “innovative.” The benefits for students in having more opportunities to interact while completing coursework may include improved peer-to-peer learning and stronger career networks.

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Colleges Should Be Building Bridges to Careers, Not Stranded Piers


Unfortunately, many business majors consist of coursework that better reflect the faculty view of what businesses need, rather than what specific businesses actually need for entry-level jobs.

5 blended-learning myths to bust in 2019

The Christensen Institute

Flipped Classroom: Students learn at home via online coursework and lectures, and teachers use class time for teacher-guided practice or projects.

After running a poverty alleviation organization for 10 years, here’s what I’ve learned

The Christensen Institute

Through my coursework I was able to see PSH, and other organizations that sought to alleviate poverty, through a different lens. On a cold night in February 2008, I read about Amaretch, an Ethiopian girl who had to wake up every morning at 3 a.m. to walk miles, fetch firewood, and sell it.

The beginning of the end of snow days

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Beginning on December 1, for example, the schools around Camden, Maine , will replace two snow days per year with so-called Remote School Days, when students will complete coursework at home using internet-connected devices. In districts across the country, snow days—those giddily unexpected days off—are becoming relics of the past.

As public pre-K expands in schools, study finds principals are unprepared to support it

The Hechinger Report

Only 39 percent required coursework on children’s and adolescents’ literacy skills. A preschool student writes in class. Photo: Jackie Mader/The Hechinger Report.

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Programmatic Best Practices for Healthy Academic Programs


Considering developing a “fast track” for students with relevant prior job experience or coursework. It’s no secret that higher education is changing and that the way students are consuming education is evolving along with it.

Customized, Practical PD for Teachers: Advancement Courses

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Whatever you choose to study, your coursework will lead you through developing tangible products and resources. Sponsored by Advancement Courses From the Cool Cat Teacher Blog by Vicki Davis Follow @coolcatteacher on Twitter.

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MS Career Planning: Moving in the Right Direction

Ask a Tech Teacher

Standard high school coursework. Advanced/honors high school coursework. I really like the recent trend away from presenting college as the goal for all graduating seniors, opening that up to include a wide variety of careers.

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How A Montessori Education Can Help Students In The Future

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Creating strong time management skills is a critical component to successfully completing coursework. A Montessori education can help kids develop a love of learning while also teaching independence.

New Micro-credentials Provide Path to PBS Media Literacy Educator Certification

Digital Promise

Providing a clear pathway, through coursework and other instructional resources, to educators who need or desire support. This blog post originally appeared on

Is higher education teaching teachers to blend?

The Christensen Institute

And specifically, which teacher preparation programs—if any—deliberately include coursework on teaching teachers how to blend? to start to gauge the type of coursework offered by institutions that address blended teaching pedagogy, or that offer graduate training in blended and/or online teaching*. 78 institutions reported offering or developing some sort of coursework or program that explores the pedagogy of blended teaching.

Tackle teacher shortages with online learning

The Christensen Institute

These chronic shortages, in turn, tend to limit the coursework that students can access. The new school year is underway, but districts across the country are still struggling to fill hundreds of teaching positions.

This District Tapped Students’ Histories to Create an Ethnic Studies Curriculum


Furthermore, the resolution called for ethnic studies coursework to become a requirement for graduation within three years of the 2015-16 school year. Today, though still short of a graduation requirement, well over 1,300 students take ethnic studies coursework annually.

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Empathy and Leadership

A Principal's Reflections

Empathy is not a typical component of core training and coursework in the field of education. “ It is easy to knock people down. Building people up is at the heart of empathetic leadership.” - @E_Sheninger No significant relationship can exist without trust.