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7 Tips for Students to Be Successful in Online Coursework


Students need to understand that getting used to online coursework will take some time and that they should not be discouraged if they struggle at first.

ACT Results Show Majority Not Prepared for College Coursework

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Close to two-thirds of students across the country who graduated high school this year took the ACT college entrance exam, earning scores that suggest a majority of them are unprepared for the coursework they will encounter in college. (Photo: Creative Commons).

The Best App for Your Coursework Isn’t a Single App – from Beth


This post first appeared on Edutopia. At EdTechTeacher, we have a philosophy that All the Good Apps Fit on One Screen. These days, many of the teachers that we work with would rather just find ONE app! However, that single solution may not exist.

Alabama Schools Now Required to Offer Virtual Courses

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Frank Smith State legislators are recognizing the potential for online coursework. Classroom Curriculum Internet Management Online Learning Online Video Policies

The Benefits of Adaptive Learning Technology


The basic concept is simple: Coursework should be adapted to meet the individual needs of each student. Adaptive learning has long been a part of education. Every teacher has experience modifying curriculum in some way to help students access information. Nowadays technology can help make the adaptations easier and more streamlined. Adaptive learning technology seeks […]. The post The Benefits of Adaptive Learning Technology appeared first on Edudemic.

Using Rubrics: Integrity, Fairness and Responsibility

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Rubrics use benchmarks to help instructors to gauge student strengths and weaknesses in coursework. Specific performance expectations and standards are arranged to indicate the degree to which criteria has been met and how coursework is graded.

Preparing Teaching Candidates for Blended and Online Environments

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There are multiple opportunities to assist pre-service teachers in developing competencies for blended and online instruction, including modeling, coursework, and field experiences.

New Google Classroom features make it easier to learn, teach, manage, and build

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For developers: Even more coursework integrations. Integrated applications can now programmatically add materials to coursework or student submissions and can modify existing coursework they’ve created. Google Classroom is designed for everyone involved in a student’s education.

Why this school is thriving after implementing a 100% blended learning model

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It’s “equity-based” in that all students have access to the e-coursework that will prepare them for college and career; and, all students have the opportunity to take college courses for college credit on a local college campus for a true college readiness experience before graduating from VGV.

The 20 Most Useful #hashtags In Education

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As a teacher, continuing education is so important that most school districts require that teachers enroll in some form of coursework on a regular basis to keep their knowledge and skills fresh.

What Is Your Why?: The Importance of Computer Science Education

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Elizabeth Forward, for example, implemented middle school-level robotics to engage students in maker learning and activate their imaginations before they begin advanced computer science coursework in high school. Pioneering districts in the League of Innovative Schools are at the forefront of incorporating computer science education in K-12, leading large-scale initiatives to integrate coding and computational thinking into their curricula.

Sparking Student Financial Empowerment through Micro-credentials

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Motivated teachers who are passionate about exposing students to personal finance have worked to find the resources to do so; some offer a course as a semester-long elective, while others integrate personal finance lessons into Social Studies and Math coursework. Financial literacy is a skill that is important for every high school graduate to have.

Diversity at the front of the classroom could mean more diversity among future scientists

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Teachers take the class they’ll eventually teach over the summer and then get two semesters of “field experience,” where they teach it with NJCTL support while taking additional coursework. Woodrow Wilson High School students in Camden, N.J.,

5 policies to help rural students get ahead

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Limited access to advanced coursework, medical care, food and employment opportunities continue to daunt students in many rural communities, according to the report released from AASA, The School Superintendents Association, and The Rural School and Community Trust.

As public pre-K expands in schools, study finds principals are unprepared to support it

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Only 39 percent required coursework on children’s and adolescents’ literacy skills. A preschool student writes in class. Photo: Jackie Mader/The Hechinger Report.

Tackle teacher shortages with online learning

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These chronic shortages, in turn, tend to limit the coursework that students can access. The new school year is underway, but districts across the country are still struggling to fill hundreds of teaching positions.

Innovators Worth Watching: StraighterLine

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In two-year colleges, 52% of students are funnelled into remedial coursework. Students needing remedial coursework require more attention and investment to get them up to speed. Welcome to our “Innovators Worth Watching” series, spotlighting interesting and potentially disruptive players in higher education. Every year, American students and taxpayers spend roughly $7 billion trying to bridge the gap between finishing high school and actually being ready for college.

Pursuing Passions, Lifelong Learning, Signature Programs & #BreakoutEDU @breakoutEDU #STEM @edtechteam #gafesummit


Bullis truly embraces and supports lifelong learning opportunities both on-campus through PD days and the Personal Learning Communities we have formed and off-campus through conferences and coursework.

How AI Can Compliment Educators, Not Replace Them

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This investment has enabled 51Talk to better assess student proficiency, and then match each assessed student with the proper level of coursework.


Empathy and Leadership

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Empathy is not a typical component of core training and coursework in the field of education. “ It is easy to knock people down. Building people up is at the heart of empathetic leadership.” - @E_Sheninger No significant relationship can exist without trust.

Ask A Silly Question, Get A Non-Standard Answer

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A considerable portion of the courses that I delivered were internally assessed and coursework based. Guest article by Simon Very. I have taught science at the post-compulsory level for ten years.

6 Factors Of Gamification That Changes Students

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When the technology integration coach in my school district handed me a copy of The Multiplayer Classroom: Designing Coursework as a Game by Lee Sheldon , I was enthralled. College level coursework with students enrolled in a class devoted to designing video games.

Tight on Goals, Flexible on Means: Universal Design for Learning Empowers Opportunity Youth

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They apply strategies in their classroom using the visual and tactile resources from the MOOC coursework and resources. YouthBuild USA , a Digital Promise Adult Learning Beacon , is an international intermediary for a network of 250 community-based YouthBuild programs and schools around the country.

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Practical Applications to Individualize and Personalize Learning

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In all cases, the advanced content and high expectations inherent in the coursework provide students with a glimpse into the demands that college poses and helps them prepare for their higher education.

5 Great Digital Tools for Teachers

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1 BRAINSTORM IN THE CLOUD: Always forgetting great coursework planning ideas you have outside of class? Planning for the first month of school can take on average 16 hours of prep, research, practice and refinement for every one hour of actual teaching time. In the hopes of giving teachers some hours back this month, here are 5 digital tools that teachers can use to lifehack their course planning. #1

OPINION: Business schools’ new artsy edge

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. In the global marketplace, business students are demanding coursework that gives them a window on the world. They want to develop a global mindset, understand the world and find inspiration to come up with the next big thing.

Higher education is leaving students behind — disruptive innovators can help them succeed

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Of potential college students that are required to first take remedial courses, 30% never show up for the first course, and 40% don’t finish their remedial coursework. Welcome to our “Innovators Worth Watching” series, spotlighting interesting and potentially disruptive players in higher education. With three Innovators Worth Watching profiles under our belts, we wanted to zoom out and put these innovators’ efforts in a larger theoretical context.

What Would Happen If Learning in School Became More Like Working at a Startup?


What’s more, an entrepreneurial culture, carefully scaffolded, can help schools transform and unlock learning in ways that more traditional coursework cannot. entrepreneurial culture, carefully scaffolded, can help schools transform and unlock learning in ways that more traditional coursework cannot. all seniors complete their coursework around the end of April.

iPads keep students connected, even on snow days

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Doing so lets teachers and students continue coursework even on days like today when weather cancels school. How students still complete assignments on off-days at one district thanks to their iPads.

A Skills Gap From College to Career Doesn't Exist. It's the Awareness Gap We Need to Fix.


While college graduates may leave universities with transcripts and resumes, employers aren’t able to see many of the skills they’ve developed through coursework and co-curricular activities. While college graduates may leave universities with transcripts and resumes, employers aren’t able to see many of the skills they’ve developed through coursework and co-curricular activities.

Anytime, Anywhere, Anyone: How far can we extend Extended Learning Opportunities?

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This effort, however, is not merely the result of the state’s innovative policy permitting schools to award credit for coursework outside of traditional classrooms. This is the fourth post in the #WhoYouKnow blog series on the overlap of social capital, EdTech, and innovation.

OPINION: We’ve got to train special education teachers to be leaders as well as educators

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Leave this field empty if you're human: The depth and quality of this model’s coursework will be the same as that of the first. A student at work with her tutor. Photo: AP Photo/Brian Blanco.

Google Classroom + Apple Classroom = The Complete iPad Classroom – From Ben Sondgeroth


When schools deliver iPads into their classrooms, teachers often respond with two questions: how do I organize my students’ digital coursework and how will my classroom management change? This post first appeared on Daily Genius.

Online or In-Person? One College Lets Students Switch Back and Forth

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Students indicated that the new system would allow them to miss class for illnesses, child care, or other commitments without having to feel guilty, because they could complete their coursework online instead, Ms. When you register for a course, you often have a choice: in-person or online.

Google EDU Announces Differentiation, Data and API Updates to Classroom


For developers The Classroom API has received a bit of an upgrade , as developers who have integrated their applications into Classroom can now add materials to student coursework, or modify existing coursework. It’s a new year, and with that comes updates from the Google Education Team. The announcement revolves around Google Classroom , which the tech giant today claims that more than 20 million students and teachers use.

5 Ways Online Learning Can Open Doors For All Students

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For students to be able to work during the day, take care of their families in the evening and work on their coursework anytime in between those other obligations, it is a significant advantage for them.

Survey finds Millennial parents favor online and flexible education

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Across all generations, exposure to online learning has a significant impact on whether someone views public online schools favorably, and unsurprisingly, the survey found that millennial respondents—the generation that came of age with the internet—have the highest exposure to online coursework.

The Top 5 Ways to Use Facebook in Your Classroom


You will be able to provide coursework help by providing tips or points. After all, writing a coursework is a tough task, and your students will appreciate your help and solid tips. Tweet. You will find most of today’s young generation on Facebook.

College Prep: The Often Winding Road for Parents, Students and High Schools

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Students choose majors for a vast number of different reasons, and many of these reasons are not based on research, but rather on areas such as popularity, lack of coursework and ease of program. By Robyn D. Shulman. You can now hold the future in your hand before this phrase comes to life.

Chalkup, a Class Collaboration Tool, Will Close Shop and Become Part of Microsoft Teams


Microsoft has acquired what it calls an “exclusive licensing” to the technology used in Chalkup , a collaboration platform where teachers can organize, annotate, share and grade digital coursework with students. Teachers can also grade and leave feedback on coursework, and send messages to the class.