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Single Mothers Balance Care And Coursework; New High School Rankings

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New research on measuring teacher prep programs and Starbucks' partnership with Arizona State University, all part of this week's education news roundup. Image credit: LA Johnson/NPR

ACT Results Show Majority Not Prepared for College Coursework

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Close to two-thirds of students across the country who graduated high school this year took the ACT college entrance exam, earning scores that suggest a majority of them are unprepared for the coursework they will encounter in college. (Photo: Creative Commons).

7 Tips for Students to Be Successful in Online Coursework


Students need to understand that getting used to online coursework will take some time and that they should not be discouraged if they struggle at first.

The Best App for Your Coursework Isn’t a Single App – from Beth


This post first appeared on Edutopia. At EdTechTeacher, we have a philosophy that All the Good Apps Fit on One Screen. These days, many of the teachers that we work with would rather just find ONE app! However, that single solution may not exist.

The Power of the iPad: Using Tablet Tech to Improve Student Performance

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Statistics show that from as early as kindergarten all the way up to medical school , utilizing iPads for coursework and lessons make students more efficient learners. Integrating iPad tablets into the classroom is becoming commonplace in schools all across the country. P21 Blog

Alabama Schools Now Required to Offer Virtual Courses

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Frank Smith State legislators are recognizing the potential for online coursework. Classroom Curriculum Internet Management Online Learning Online Video Policies

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Apply For Google For Education Certified Innovator 2018 Program Here

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Rethinking Teacher Candidate Training with Micro-credentials

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Grades and assignments may differ of course, but how can a teacher candidate show they have gone beyond the required curriculum to deepen skills learned through coursework and hone better classroom practice and potentially increase their marketability to principals and schools?

MakerBot Launches Teacher Certification Program for 3D Printing Curriculum


The second covers the same material as a blended workshop that combines online coursework with an additional 5 hour hands-on training session, led by 3D printing experts at MakerBot HQ. MakerBot announces its 3D printing certification program for educators,available now.

How to Engage and Excite Students Before They Set Foot in the Classroom


More than ever before, instructors are able to spark curiosity and excitement - or communicate expectations - prior to assigning any coursework or delivering a single lecture.

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The Benefits of Adaptive Learning Technology


The basic concept is simple: Coursework should be adapted to meet the individual needs of each student. Adaptive learning has long been a part of education. Every teacher has experience modifying curriculum in some way to help students access information. Nowadays technology can help make the adaptations easier and more streamlined. Adaptive learning technology seeks […]. The post The Benefits of Adaptive Learning Technology appeared first on Edudemic.

How Any Teacher Can Use Lee Sheldon’s Multiplayer Classroom Model

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His book The Multiplayer Classroom: Designing Coursework as a Game is a favorite of many game based learning experts. Lee Sheldon author of The Multiplayer Classroom: Designing Coursework as a Game.

As public pre-K expands in schools, study finds principals are unprepared to support it

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Only 39 percent required coursework on children’s and adolescents’ literacy skills. A preschool student writes in class. Photo: Jackie Mader/The Hechinger Report.

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Using Rubrics: Integrity, Fairness and Responsibility

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Rubrics use benchmarks to help instructors to gauge student strengths and weaknesses in coursework. Specific performance expectations and standards are arranged to indicate the degree to which criteria has been met and how coursework is graded.

Will the decline of AP course offerings spur the rise of Course Access?

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It’s also worth noting that because many of these schools serve far smaller numbers of students, the decline in percentage of schools offering AP classes does not represent a proportionate decline in the number of overall students able to access AP coursework. Still, the findings raise a much more fundamental question that states must grapple with: should the public school that a student attends dictate (and in this case, limit) the coursework that he can access?

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Is higher education teaching teachers to blend?

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And specifically, which teacher preparation programs—if any—deliberately include coursework on teaching teachers how to blend? to start to gauge the type of coursework offered by institutions that address blended teaching pedagogy, or that offer graduate training in blended and/or online teaching*. 78 institutions reported offering or developing some sort of coursework or program that explores the pedagogy of blended teaching.

Preparing Teaching Candidates for Blended and Online Environments

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There are multiple opportunities to assist pre-service teachers in developing competencies for blended and online instruction, including modeling, coursework, and field experiences.

Kelly Educational Staffing® and iteach® Announce Partnership


Founded in 2003, iteach offers a unique online coursework format and accreditation for individuals who have a four-year degree. TROY, Mich.


5 policies to help rural students get ahead

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Limited access to advanced coursework, medical care, food and employment opportunities continue to daunt students in many rural communities, according to the report released from AASA, The School Superintendents Association, and The Rural School and Community Trust.

Pursuing Passions, Lifelong Learning, Signature Programs & #BreakoutEDU @breakoutEDU #STEM @edtechteam #gafesummit


Bullis truly embraces and supports lifelong learning opportunities both on-campus through PD days and the Personal Learning Communities we have formed and off-campus through conferences and coursework.

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Pursuing Passions, Lifelong Learning, Signature Programs & #BreakoutEDU @breakoutEDU #STEM @edtechteam #gafesummit


Bullis truly embraces and supports lifelong learning opportunities both on-campus through PD days and the Personal Learning Communities we have formed and off-campus through conferences and coursework.

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A Link from Job Market Perceptions to Schoolwork

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But teens’ perceptions of how their high school coursework connects to college and career — or doesn’t connect — may have more significance for their motivation and achievement than we think. Academic engagement: How mindful and planful students were about studying and completing coursework. This article originally appeared on Usable Knowledge from the Harvard Graduate School of Education. Read the original version here.

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Ask A Silly Question, Get A Non-Standard Answer

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A considerable portion of the courses that I delivered were internally assessed and coursework based. Guest article by Simon Very. I have taught science at the post-compulsory level for ten years.

Tackle teacher shortages with online learning

The Christensen Institute

These chronic shortages, in turn, tend to limit the coursework that students can access. The new school year is underway, but districts across the country are still struggling to fill hundreds of teaching positions.

Redesigning the Learning Experience

Tom Murray

Coursework includes Programming & Advanced Game Design, 3D Modeling, Biomedicine, Biotechnology, and more. Simply put, in this study, the learning space itself made a difference in the girls’ attitudes toward the type of coursework that they’d take.

Is college worth it? It’s a definite maybe.

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Remedial coursework requirements shouldn’t be approached passively: these courses are expensive (to the tune of $7 billion annually) and have high failure rates.

How rethinking regulation could help innovation thrive in higher education

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While traditional college coursework is broken out into fixed lengths of time—typically quarters or semesters—WGU breaks learning material down into fixed competencies, that students can take as much time as they need to master.

How AI Can Compliment Educators, Not Replace Them

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This investment has enabled 51Talk to better assess student proficiency, and then match each assessed student with the proper level of coursework.

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Learner-centered Design for Adult Learners

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Recently, a diverse group of learners from Make the Road New York credited Cell-Ed’s relevant coursework and on-demand coaches for fueling their learning success and dedication. If you’re looking to join the growing brigade improving the lives of adult learners through mobile learning – then welcome! We need you. More than 89 percent of adults in need of basic academic and job skills will never gain the skills they want and need with traditional classrooms and approaches.

What Is Your Why?: The Importance of Computer Science Education

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Elizabeth Forward, for example, implemented middle school-level robotics to engage students in maker learning and activate their imaginations before they begin advanced computer science coursework in high school. Pioneering districts in the League of Innovative Schools are at the forefront of incorporating computer science education in K-12, leading large-scale initiatives to integrate coding and computational thinking into their curricula.

Customized, Practical PD for Teachers: Advancement Courses

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Whatever you choose to study, your coursework will lead you through developing tangible products and resources. Sponsored by Advancement Courses From the Cool Cat Teacher Blog by Vicki Davis Follow @coolcatteacher on Twitter.

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3D Printing Across a Middle School Curriculum

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Fostering student creativity through project-based learning District Administration Custom Publishing Group One of the newest technologies being applied in K12 STEM coursework today is 3D printing, which helps to fuel creativity, problem solving and project-based learning while exposing students to tools they may use later in their careers.


What Gartner’s Top Tech Trends for 2019 Mean for Education

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Data collection and analysis has lead to innovations in student assessment design , helping educators pinpoint where students are struggling and adjusting coursework to supplement those areas. What Gartner’s Top Tech Trends for 2019 Mean for Education. eli.zimmerman_9856.

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8 Ways to Redesign on a Minimal Budget

Tom Murray

Can traditional coursework for these students be shifted to problem solve issues in their home schools? Redesigning learning spaces is far easier feat if the money exists to support it. However, the vast reality is many, if not most districts, don’t have the budget available to purchase new furniture, no less at scale. Thus when redesigning spaces, affordability and sustainability most always remain part of the conversation.

Personalizing every student’s level of success

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Students will be able to take multiple pathways to get there, including projects, traditional coursework, online classes, and anything else that feeds into the district’s profile of a graduate. The Van Meter Schools have long been an incubator for innovation.

Organizations Partner to Deliver STEM-Computer Science Educator Prep Program


New Tools for Schools ] The STEMpath program combines coursework, work-based learning through in-industry externships, and professional learning to provide a perspective of computer science beyond the traditional skills of coding and programming.


Sparking Student Financial Empowerment through Micro-credentials

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Motivated teachers who are passionate about exposing students to personal finance have worked to find the resources to do so; some offer a course as a semester-long elective, while others integrate personal finance lessons into Social Studies and Math coursework. Financial literacy is a skill that is important for every high school graduate to have.

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OPINION: How easy high schools are failing their students

The Hechinger Report

. Millions of students are leaving high school unprepared for college-level coursework. At the same time, millions of students are reporting that high school is too easy.

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Innovators Worth Watching: Western Governors University

The Christensen Institute

The online model used by WGU not only enables a lower-cost business model for delivering coursework, it also creates a stream of data that is used to continually test new approaches and improvements to the curriculum, and rigorously measures the impact of these changes on student outcomes.

Why Ninth Grade Can Be a Big Shock For High School Students


The differences are understandable in this period of change — in addition to adjusting to a bigger school environment, students are faced with more rigorous coursework that carry greater consequences.

Google EDU Announces Differentiation, Data and API Updates to Classroom


For developers The Classroom API has received a bit of an upgrade , as developers who have integrated their applications into Classroom can now add materials to student coursework, or modify existing coursework. It’s a new year, and with that comes updates from the Google Education Team. The announcement revolves around Google Classroom , which the tech giant today claims that more than 20 million students and teachers use.

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Diversity at the front of the classroom could mean more diversity among future scientists

The Hechinger Report

Teachers take the class they’ll eventually teach over the summer and then get two semesters of “field experience,” where they teach it with NJCTL support while taking additional coursework. Woodrow Wilson High School students in Camden, N.J.,

6 Student Suggestions to Improve Web Filtering


For dance class, I’ve needed to research them as part of my coursework. The following are real student responses from an international survey we conducted during Summer 2015. We asked students what changes would improve the web filtering experience.