How one Minnesota university more than doubled its native student graduation rate

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Young people may also be arriving at the university more academically prepared: Since 2005, Twin Cities’ admissions rate has dropped significantly. Charles Golding, of Yuma, Arizona, is on pace to graduate from the University of Minnesota-Twin Cities in four years.

Not all towns are created equal, digitally

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— Inside a high-ceilinged library at Northridge High School here, seniors are typing on 16-year-old laptops donated by a local Rotary Club. We’re doing everything we can,” says Mr. Norton, as the seniors in the library close their balky laptops and head to class.

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Innovative School District Seeks Middle School Science and Social Studies Apps

Digital Promise

Through its mPower Piedmont initiative , which began in 2009, all students in grades 4-12 receive a Macbook Air laptop with home Internet access. Access to the product during the spring pilot period may be free, full price, or discounted. Compatible with MacBook Air laptops.

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Building Education Technology for the Developing World


One of the most high-profile initiatives this century was the “One Laptop Per Child” effort led by MIT professor Nicholas Negroponte. When it launched in 2005, the idea of a $100 laptop for the world’s poorest children captured the backing of Google, eBay and UNDP. Khan Academy reports that 25 percent of users in Mexico access their content on mobile devices.

Adobe Flash End of Life & the Threat to Education


Flash peaked around 2005 when other programming platforms starting to gain tractions including HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. The National Center for Educational Statistics shows only about 3% of schools in 1994 had internet access in their classroom. Quick Take: A waning of an era.

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Livestreaming and Podcasting in the Classroom

Do you need to have a desktop or laptop to get the most out of the platform, or would a smartphone work best? Teachers need to have a classroom page or account where students and teachers will access livestreams and archived events.

From Data Breaches to Hurricanes: Information Technology Leaders Gather to Plan For the Worst


Renee Patton Educators curious about what information technology leaders can do to manage crises were gathered to discuss technical challenges in schools and ways to promote internet access, stability and security. While describing her experience after Hurricane Katrina flooded out her district back in 2005, Truesdale harped that leaders should be prepared for lack of access and instability at any time.

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“Seymour, Seymour, Seymour:” His Ideas Will Endure

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He was also a co-founder in 2005 of the One Laptop Per Child (OLPC) project, which set out to put a “ connected laptop computer [in the hands of] every child in the world.”

Blogging: Five of the best

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I haven't given up on peer reviewed publishing, but I have turned away from closed journals and publications toward openness and accessibility. Lessig, 2005, p. 2005) Free Culture: The Nature and Future of Creativity.

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The 100 Worst Ed-Tech Debacles of the Decade

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The real digital divide, this article contends, is not that affluent children have access to better and faster technologies. (Um, There are, of course, vast inequalities in access to technology — in school and at home and otherwise — and in how these technologies get used.

Top STEM Schools in Georgia Host High-Tech Personalized Classes Without Hours of Screentime


A former wildlife biologist and lecturer at the University of Wisconsin, he has been teaching since 2005. Rockdale Magnet School in Georgia Rockdale Magnet School has a one-to-one program, offering each student their own device, Paulding County High School does not, but students do have access to computer labs and laptops. “Is it going to explode?” I asked the group of goggle-wearing students as one places a beaker into the microwave.

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How a Chinatown school is trying to bring more diversity to theater

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In the foreground, music teacher Ryan Olsen operates the sound on a laptop. In 2005, Lee co-founded NAAP to offer summertime musical theater programs to schoolchildren in Chinatown. The P.S. 124 Theatre Club performs a musical adaptation of the animated movie “Madagascar.”

The History of the Future of E-rate

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The act called for “universal service” so that all Americans could have access to affordable telecommunications services, regardless of their geographical location. The agency issued an order to support affordable access to high-speed broadband in particular (not merely “access to the Internet”) and to boost access and bandwidth of schools’ WiFi networks.

How one Mississippi district made integration work

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school district’s sixth-grade-only school, work on laptops during class. The district has provided iPads or laptops to all students for several years. Related: In Mississippi schools, access to technology lacking, uneven. Students at Lovett Elementary, the Clinton, Miss.

A Dictionary For 21st Century Teachers: Learning Models & Technology

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A description of a learning environment where there is one “screen” for each student (whether an iPad, laptop, etc.). An acronym for Massively Open Online Course, a digital course that allows asynchronous access to content.

Hack Education Weekly News

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“ Online tutoring by students raises access fears,” says the Times Higher Education. “Start-up firm Spires plans rapid expansion across UK universities, and says it could help social mobility – but others see private tutoring as harming access.”

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