Old, Slow Laptops Are Sabotaging College Student Success


So does lacking reliable access to a computer. But pandemic-era facilities shutdowns foreclosed that option, leaving students to make do as best they could with old desktop computers, affordable-but-low-powered laptops or even cellphones.

Review: Microsoft Surface Laptop Go Makes Remote Learning More Reasonable

EdTech Magazine

A good laptop not only provides traditional educational benefits, such as running core educational programs and providing a platform to access the internet, but also empowers meaningful distance learning by supporting powerful remote collaboration tools.


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9 of the Best Laptop Backpacks for Students

Fractus Learning

Students are transporting a variety of tech with them each day, and this can include laptops. Rather than just shoving a laptop into an ordinary book bag, laptop backpacks can help to make carrying a laptop more convenient, and hopefully a little safer.

Rethinking Laptop Bans (AGAIN) and Note Taking


Annually, we go through the outrage cycle around laptop bans. Student Erynn Brook took to Twitter to speak about her own experience as a student with ADHD and how she uses her laptop. Here are some highlights: If I’m on my laptop in class I have the following things going on: 1. Now let’s get to the laptop bans and what happens for me as a student with ADHD when I don’t have access to tech in the classroom. laptops moral panics

Free Access to Social Studies and Science Curriculum

eSchool News

Educational publisher TCI is offering free digital access to its platform for learning social studies and science to qualified schools and teachers until the end of the school year.

Study 74

Maine’s Statewide Laptop Program Boosts Tech Access, but Digital Divide Persists

EdTech Magazine

By Meghan Bogardus Cortez Classroom computers can’t boost student outcomes if educators don’t know how to use them innovatively. Classroom Digital Content Hardware Notebooks

Teaching on Laptops and Digital Whiteboard Might Not Be as Different as You Think. 


Whiteboard for Windows is available on both laptop and ViewBoard (ViewSonic’s interactive flat panel). With internet access and Whiteboard for Windows, ViewBoard enables teachers to combine all resources and create interesting lessons. We recommend planning lessons on a laptop.

How Access to Technology Can Create Equity in Schools

Digital Promise

Students can access learning materials outside of school. One of the most straightforward ways that technology contributes to equity in schools is ensuring that every student has access to learning materials, even outside of the classroom. Providing access to technology is important but not a complete solution when it comes to getting rid of systemic disparities caused by issues like income inequality, geographic isolation, or discrimination.

Equal Access to Computers Moves Entire Casa Blanca School Community

EdTech Magazine

As soon as the boxes of laptops arrived at the homes of Casa Blanca Community School students, the phone calls to school leaders began. Now what do we do?” “How How do we plug it in?” Where is the ‘on’ button?”

The learning experience is different in schools that assign laptops, a survey finds

The Hechinger Report

More than twice as many principals in 2017 said students in their schools were assigned some type of mobile device, like a laptop or tablet, than in 2015. High schoolers assigned a laptop or a Chromebook were more likely to take notes in class, do internet research, create documents to share, collaborate with their peers on projects, check their grades and get reminders about tests or homework due dates.

5 Easy Ways To Make Your Digital Content Accessible To Everyone

The Web20Classroom

For others we need to differentiate and make the content more accessible to accommodate for a disability. As classrooms and digital spaces become more ubiquitous educators must understand how the content they create and put in these online spaces must be made accessible for all. is accessibility. Specifically website accessibility. Not everyone will access that content the same way or complete a task like a form fill the same way. accessibility

What Happens When Low-Income College Students Borrow Free Laptops?


The post ( perhaps one like this ) described how alienating and awkward it can feel for a student to show up to class without a laptop. With professors saying ‘Everyone take out your laptop,’ it was not an inclusive environment. So the dean asked Perreault and Gretchen Kopmanis, technology services office manager and Mac team lead, to devise a pilot program that would help low-income students get access to laptops—and maybe even improve their enrollment and retention rates, too.

This software turns old laptops into new Chromebooks

eSchool News

Using device-agnostic software called Neverware, districts are breathing new life into old laptops. When Waller Independent School District of Waller, Texas, decided to start upgrading its laptops and desktops to Windows 7 in 2014, the district had one big concern: time. After years of using Chromebooks alongside its traditional laptops, school leaders were anticipating lightning-fast boot up times from their new investments.

Hundreds of thousands of students still can’t access online learning

The Hechinger Report

Students who haven’t had access to technology since mid-March could face significant problems, said Karen Cator, CEO of Digital Promise, a nonprofit that works for innovation in schools. “If If we can’t get every student access, that’s going to exacerbate the gaps even more.”

Why one Mississippi district ditched textbooks for laptops

The Hechinger Report

He used that money to buy enough laptops and iPads for every high school student to have their own device, and for every elementary and middle school student to have access to a device in their classroom. The district also installed wireless internet on school buses and bus drivers park those buses in their driveways instead of a bus barn so children in the community can access the internet outside of school.

#ThrowbackThursday - One Laptop Per Child

The Innovative Educator

Today we''ll look at The Innovative Educator''s early coverage of One Laptop Per Child (OLPC). Written : April 4, 2008 Topic : Low cost laptops Background : With the advent of these low-cost learning tools, teaching in a one-to-one environment will become more and more prevalent. Who might be interested : Anyone who is using low cost laptops who is interested in how they came into being. Reader question : How have low cost laptops changed what happens where you work?

Laptop Ban? Things You Can Do With Just a Smartphone


The laptop ban on this route came into effect shortly before my trip and it would have been really inconvenient for me to re-route. I also heard it’s quite risky to check your laptop in the luggage (you risk theft, damage, or at least loss – until the airlines can guarantee these things won’t happen, I won’t check my laptop or iPad in checked luggage). This ensures I have access to whatever I write whether I’m at work, at home, or on the go.

Spotty internet access for rural students limits achievement

eSchool News

Technology and internet access for rural students in some parts of the U.S. is unreliable at best, and this limited access could adversely affect their learning. Rural students are less likely than non-rural students to claim that their home internet access is “great” (36 percent versus 46 percent). Rural and non-rural students also have differing access to devices at school and at home. Featured on eSchool News IT Management internet access rural schools

Innovative Ideas for Reducing Laptop Loss / Theft

The Innovative Educator

This also helps address summer slide issues as the students can have access to technology even when school is out. Students at the school keep the same laptop from year to year. Laptop carts: When Phyall discovered some kids had devices stolen out of bags from the YMCA, the district donated extra laptop carts to them.

How to get every student a device and access to the internet

The Christensen Institute

Yet as this crisis has demonstrated, millions of children live in homes without reliable access to an internet-connected laptop or tablet that can be used for schoolwork. The post How to get every student a device and access to the internet appeared first on Christensen Institute.

Back to School: 9 Best Laptop Backpacks for Students

Fractus Learning

Students are transporting a variety of tech with them each day, and this can include laptops. Rather than just shoving a laptop into an ordinary book bag, laptop backpacks can help to make carrying a laptop more convenient, and hopefully a little safer. A good laptop backpack for students can fit a laptop, books, and other school supplies, all without too much weight and bulk. Best Laptop Backpacks for Students. High Sierra Access Backpack.

Travel Series Travel and Communication Access


Welcome to the fourth and final article in our travel series, where we cover a variety of topics on travel and access that help prepare you for traveling with children with special needs. Travel and Medical Access. Travel and Physical Access.

Move Over, Laptop Ban. This Professor Teaches a 5-Hour Tech-Less Reading Class.


David Peña-Guzman starts off his Friday class at San Francisco State University like any other professor might: students file in and pull out their note-taking materials, and he opens his laptop to begin lecture. Some faculty members point to research showing how laptops can be more of a distraction than a learning enabler. When the syllabus says no laptops unless you have a disability, it automatically sort of outs those students,” he said.

Purchasing Devices Does Not Equate to Learning

A Principal's Reflections

There are also forward-thinking districts who either purchase WIFI hotspots for kids or park WIFI-enabled busses around the community for family access. 1:1 1:1 laptop program COVID19 edtech ICLE Professional Development professional learning remote learning

OPINION: College in a pandemic is tough enough — without reliable broadband access, it’s nearly impossible

The Hechinger Report

Sadly, though, the reality is that millions of Americans — in rural and urban areas alike, and including many underrepresented minorities — lack the reliable broadband connections needed to access postsecondary and K-12 education in a nation that remains in partial lockdown.

zSpace Unveils World’s First AR/VR Laptop


CHICAGO – June 25, 2018 – According to a national study by , schools with one-to-one laptop environments show higher levels of academic achievement. Now with today’s launch of the world’s first augmented reality (AR)/virtual reality (VR) laptop from Silicon Valley company, zSpace Inc., Today’s launch of the zSpace Laptop takes that experience to the next level, moving our comfortable, interactive learning experience to the accessibility and affordability of the mobile platform.”

9 of the Best Laptop Cart Options For Schools

Fractus Learning

In today’s classroom landscape, laptops, chromebooks, and various tablets are a common educational tool. For a school that has its own technology that is distributed to students, a laptop cart is the best way to safely store and charge laptops. A laptop / chromebook cart should have a convenient way to store a number of devices and charge them simultaneously. Charging Cart Series: Laptop Cart Options For Schools. LUXOR LLTP24-B Laptop/Tablet Charging Cart.

The Google Cr-48 Laptop. A Review.

The Web20Classroom

Not expecting anything (and not noticing and weird markings or wires) I immediately opened the box to find a brand new Google Chrome Cr-48 Laptop. Here is a short video about how ChromeOS and the laptop work. But this system makes it so anyone can sign on to any machine and have access to all their stuff, no matter what machine it is. Not a netbook and not a laptop either. But the Cr-48 Laptop is well on it''s way to being a good replacement.eventually.

Laptops And Phones In The Classroom: Yea, Nay Or A Third Way?


“Beyond being distracting, students also use phones/laptops/devices as objects to hide behind to avoid participating in class or interacting with their peers.” But she uses healthy eating as an analogy: Don’t give kids unlimited access to “Halloween candy and Christmas cookies while they are still learning to eat a balanced diet.” What you’re really talking about when you talk about laptop bans, says Jesse Stommel, is student freedom.

Edtech is expanding access to learning–here’s how

eSchool News

A majority of educators (79 percent) and 86 percent of parents in a survey say edtech including laptops, video content, and STEM products, is becoming a crucial part of classroom education at every level. Given tech’s growing trend of anytime/anywhere access, 91 percent of parents and 87 percent of educators agree tech allows students increased access to education.

4 Examples of the best digital access initiatives


A counterpoint to these figures, is also the finding that 70% of teachers assign homework requiring broadband access. We discuss at length in this blog the benefits of a blended learning environment , where students — empowered with digital tools and access — take control of their learning, thereby creating a more inviting, engaging and successful learning environment. 4 Examples of the best digital access initiatives.

How to Keep Your Laptop from Overusing Bandwidth on the Road


A solution that’s really helpful is TripMode , which gives you app-by-app control over what gets to talk to the internet on your Mac or Windows laptop. Then, go through and pick out which applications you’d like to have access. Productivity Software laptops nice problems to have tripmode working on the roadAs punishment for my various parenting sins, I now find myself in a specific Dunkin Donuts about five hours a week, while my son’s at practice.

Schools Let Students Take Laptops Home In Hopes Of Curbing ‘Summer Slide’


“It has opened up a huge educational resource to our kids who may not have access otherwise,” Hoffman said. Without the school computer, she wouldn’t have had her own laptop to work on. Some see distributing school laptops as a tool to extend learning during the summer and reduce the disparities between lower and higher income students.

Before You Buy That Laptop For Everyone…

The Principal of Change

Having a conversation with a school administrator, he shared his frustration with his district’s plan to buy the same laptop for every teacher in his school district. September 13, 2015 It’s Not About “All of the Time”, but About Having Access December 20, 2015 Shaping Innovation December 7, 2013 Inequity and BYOD January 31, 2013 BYOD: A Bare Minimum December 29, 2012 3 Ideas That Will Not Transform Schools.

FREE Access to Fluency Tutor to Support Student Literacy Remotely

Shake Up Learning

The post FREE Access to Fluency Tutor to Support Student Literacy Remotely appeared first on Shake Up Learning. I don’t endorse a lot of products, but Texthelp produces some of the best accessibility tools and they work seamlessly with my favorite Google tools.