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How Virtual Information Sessions Are Changing K-12 Education

Ask a Tech Teacher

Virtual information sessions are reshaping K-12 education. Read on for more ideas from the Ask a Tech Teacher team: How Virtual Information Sessions Are Changing K-12 Education K-12 education is undergoing a digital revolution. Parents can stay informed about their child’s progress without needing physical meetings.

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E-Books and Online Libraries in Modern College Education

Ask a Tech Teacher

E-Books and Online Libraries in Modern College Education One of the most significant archives of human knowledge and learning’s quiet companions, libraries have made an undeniable impact. Libraries have always been a trusted educational sidekick since people started learning stuff. We wouldn’t be where we are without them.

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What Brings Gen Z to the Library?


But they still like print, and they still like to go to the library, according to a survey of Gen Z and Millennial public library use and media consumption released by the American Library Association last fall. They also did ethnographic research at two Ohio public library branches. They might be coming in for coffee.

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NCSA Announces Resource Library

EdTech Magazine

Last month, the National Cyber Security Alliance announced the launch of the Cybersecurity Education and Career Resource Library in partnership with Palo Alto Networks. The resource library contains educational materials for IT leaders — including those in the K–12 space — looking to examine and fortify their cybersecurity practices.

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Friday 5: The pivotal role of school libraries

eSchool News

Let’s take a look at what makes libraries such critical parts of the school environment: Why do libraries matter? Study after study has shown that effective library programs can increase student literacy and test scores and create more equitable student outcomes. What is the purpose of a school library?

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How to Find Free Books for Your School or Classroom Library


Building a school or classroom library can be difficult, especially if your school’s funding is low. Application and eligibility information are provided so that you can apply for the donation programs that best suit your school’s needs. Lisa Libraries. Library of Congress. 8 Free Book Donation Programs for Schools.

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95 Phonics Lesson Library Meets ESSA Standards of Evidence for Grades 4-5

eSchool News

Lincolnshire, IL – Today, 95 Percent Group LLC, the trusted source for comprehensive, proven literacy solutions, announced that its 95 Phonics Lesson Library is now listed on the Evidence for ESSA website for Tier 2, small-group instruction, for grades 4-5. For more information, visit

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