What Classrooms Can Learn From Informal Learning

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What Classrooms Can Learn From Informal Learning. And what could we as public educators borrow from these homeschool classrooms–or any non-traditional or informal learning environment–that would be of benefit in our own? by Derek Spanfelner , learnivore.com.

Global Leadership Week - Information and Schedule

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Symposium is a collaborative effort of the Association of California School Administrators (ACSA), CUE, Technology Information Center for Administrative Leadership (TICAL).

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CommonLit-Free Informational And Literary Texts For Any Classroom

The Web20Classroom

CommonLit is a growing library of over 500 literary and informational texts for students in grades 5-12. You can also search by lexile range it you have that information for your students as well.

Curation of Information: Harnessing the Beast of Ubiquitous Information

Tech Helpful

That left me thinking about the overwhelming need for curation of information in today's world. Today as I was sick in bed I found myself digging around the internet looking for information on some topics I've been pondering and I came across this video that was uploaded in 2007.

7 resources for much-needed information literacy skills

eSchool News

Fake information is everywhere online. As today’s students grow up in a digital world, they must learn information literacy skills if they are to effectively evaluate information sources and become truly informed.

Critical Analysis and Information Literacy


Judy Willis MD Brain-Based Learning Teach students to evaluate what data needs to be gathered, what characterizes fact versus opinion, and where to find the most current and useful information

3 Websites Where You Can Find Complex Informational Texts

Catlin Tucker

As many teachers shift to the Common Core Standards, they are attempting to incorporate more complex texts and more informational/nonfiction texts into their curriculum. If you have additional online resources you use to find complex informational texts, please post a comment and share them!

2016 Global Education Conference Starts Sunday - Important Information!

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Help us spread the word about this unique and free professional development event, and we will list your organization’s information on our web site. The 7th Annual Global Education Conference (GEC) Starts Sunday! Important Updates Below.

3 Research Findings to Inform K-12 Technology Investments


Using Evidence-Based Strategies to Drive the Deployment of Next Generation Learning Techniques Today’s students are studying and learning differently – a change confirmed by the widespread adoption. Please click on the post title to continue reading the full post.

Study 35

How to Teach Students to Evaluate the Quality of Online Information


The volume of information available on the Internet is astounding, and it just keeps growing. With that amount of information, it can be difficult for students to separate the gems from the garbage, but, fortunately, we can help them navigate online information […]. The post How to Teach Students to Evaluate the Quality of Online Information appeared first on Edudemic. Business intelligence company DOMO estimates that 571 new websites are created every minute.

How scholarship websites sell students’ information to colleges and publishers

The Hechinger Report

Tabitha Lymburner, who provided her personal information to what she thought was a government-run college scholarship website. No pesky essay or academic or extracurricular information required. That information may not get sold just to one company, but to a bunch of companies.”.

Let @MindMaple help you share information using beautiful, colorful, & organized diagrams


In the beginning, I use them a lot to model different ways to organize and track thoughts and information. create diagrams graphic organizers mind map Mind Maple MindMaple online graphic organizers organize information planning

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How Data Can Help Inform K–12 Decisions

EdTech Magazine

By Elizabeth Combs Use research tools to determine the next course of action in schools. Business Intelligence Data Analytics

Engage Students in Informed Decision Making

Cool Tools for 21st Century Learners

With access to an abundance of online resources, students can become informed decision makers and stakeholders in their own learning. The ThingLink Teacher Challenge this week asked educators to explore the use of an interactive image for informing and collecting feedback from an audience.

Professor Says Facebook Can Help Informal Learning

Wired Campus

Past studies have shown that informal settings, like conversations with friends, can facilitate learning, but according to Ms. Greenhow, very little has been studied about informal online contexts and social networks, like Facebook applications.

Internet Safety and Information - what data do the big companies collect?

Educational Technology Guy

This infographic shows some of the data and information that Google, Facebook and Apple have and collect about their users. Technology is a wonderful thing. It lets us connect, explore, learn and create. However, there are some drawbacks and everyone is concerned about their data and what the big tech companies collect about them. I'm a huge user and proponent of Google Apps, but I'm also careful with what I put online anywhere.

Archiving Information in a Digital Age


The Internet Archive’s “Wayback Machine” is an essential resource for anyone who wants to find information that used to be available online but that has disappeared or to find how a particular webpage has changed over time, perhaps because information was deleted or added. (

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Who Controls The Flow Of Information In Your Classroom?

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The post Who Controls The Flow Of Information In Your Classroom? appeared first on TeachThought. Teaching Experienced Teacher General

The Paperless Way to Collect Parent Contact Information!


Collect Parent Contact Information w/ a Google Form! Use a Google Form to gather Parent Contact Information this school year! But collecting contact information digitally for your class this school year is also about making things efficient and easier to handle!

Introducing The Idealis, An Open-Access Journal for Library and Information Science Research


There’s a new resource for librarians looking for high-quality, open-access library and information science research, The Idealis.

Informal survey suggests disconnect between teachers and data

eSchool News

At this year’s ISTE conference Lexia Learning polled more than 200 educators in an informal survey, which suggests teachers are not using collected data to pinpoint skill deficiencies in a timely manner.

Actively Learn: Increase Student Engagement with Informational Text

Class Tech Tips

ELA - Reading/Writing Teacher Tools digital text informational text student engagementActively Learn is a reading platform that can be used to monitor student engagement in reading. It’s a customizable online tool that can be used to achieve different goals.

How Trauma-Informed Teaching Builds A Sense of Safety And Care


Schools are trying many things to disrupt that cycle, including training teachers in trauma-informed practices. Often helping teachers to take a trauma-informed approach to students whose behavior triggers their frustration and anger means supporting teachers first. I always start with student strengths because I want to be able to remember that this is a three dimensional student,” said Robyn Ganeles, who leads trauma-informed trainings for Seneca.

More information on Berkeley’s strategy

Bryan Alexander

Inside Higher Ed has done some solid work on the Berkeley story I blogged this morning (“ Is Berkeley getting ready to consider a queen sacrifice? “). Here’s what Colleen Flaherty added : On cutting faculty: “Asked if the process would involve faculty cuts, Dirks reiterated that everything is up for discussion.” ” Which is big.

Introduce Informational Text with Current Events on Mobile Devices

Class Tech Tips

Over the past few months I’ve shared some of the reasons why News-O-Matic is a terrific resource for informational text and social studies. English Language Learners iPad Apps bilingual Common Core informational text Current events are a wonderful way to engage students in nonfiction reading. Whether you’re looking for world or national news stories, or articles on sports and entertainment, News-O-Matic publishes five new passages […].

Study 18

Two Suggested Screencasting Tools for Communicating Information

Reading By Example

In lieu of my normal weekly newsletters for staff, I have elected to use a few screencasting applications to communicate information. Especially at this time of year, some of my staff are appreciative of watching a short video of information, instead of a newsletter to read.

Bartleby - free books, lit and reference information

Educational Technology Guy

The materials, both books and reference information, are categorized by reference, verse, fiction, and nonfiction. Bartleby is a site that contains a huge amount of literature and reference books online, for free.

Gaming in Education 2014 Starts Tonight! Schedule and Attending Information.

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Our 2014 Gaming in Education online conference start tonight! Whether you''re passionate about game-based learning or just getting your toes wet, Gaming in Ed celebrates the value that games offer in educational settings.

How Can We Create Credibility For Informal Learning?

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The post How Can We Create Credibility For Informal Learning? appeared first on TeachThought. Learning

Consumers get more information about a purchase they once made on trust: college

The Hechinger Report

Even as a higher education becomes among the biggest investments Americans make, the information available about what students and their families are getting for their money remains stubbornly sparse and often inaccurate and even misleading. Cal students in the Doe Library at UC Berkeley.

8 Strategies to Keep Informational Reading Fun


John Spencer Literacy Pique students'' interest and excitement about informational reading by focusing their attention on how to use what they''re learning rather than on how they''re reading

New Teachers: How to Use Classroom Data to Inform Instruction


Rebecca Alber New Teachers One of the greatest challenges for new teachers is collecting classroom data and figuring out ways to use it. Here''s some helpful suggestions for taking on this task

Data 35

Communicating in the Information Age

A Principal's Reflections

Now don''t get me wrong, this service is great, but like anything in life it is not full-proof or the preferred way to receive the information. To some this might seem a bit redundant, but in reality I am covering all of my bases to ensure that my stakeholders get the information.

Turn Your Students Into Data Sleuths With Geographic Information Systems


The post Turn Your Students Into Data Sleuths With Geographic Information Systems appeared first on Edudemic. Featured How To database digital tools featured information STEM technology integrationScience, technology, engineering, and math. As an educator, you have most likely already heard calls from the government pertaining to the need for educated students within these fields of study.

Study 11

Strategies for Teaching Students to Critically Validate Online Information

The 21st Century Principal

Alan November, Who Owns the Learning: Preparing Students for Success in the Digital Age Our students hold within the palms of their hands and with their laptops, access to all of the world’s information, updated continuously and free, yet like Alan November indicates, I am not sure we consistently teach our students “accurate and creative searching techniques” that they can use in all content areas and in multiple contexts, to validate information.

The Power of Iconic Images to Educate and Inform


Iconic images from popular culture can raise consciousness about issues, many of them tied to health and gender awareness, writes media literacy consultant Frank W. Baker. He offers memorable examples and ties this phenomenon to teaching visual literacy. Articles Media Literacy Angelina Jolie Caitlyn Jenner Frank Baker Frank W. Baker images Lou Gehrig Magic Johnson media literacy Michael J. Fox popular culture Rock Hudson visual literacy

How Schools Can Respond To The Age Of Information

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How Schools Can Respond To The Age Of Information by Terry Heick We really all should have seen this coming. The information used to be here, and there, and over. The post How Schools Can Respond To The Age Of Information appeared first on TeachThought.


Let kids make informed decisions about real things in the real world

Dangerously Irrelevant

Give kids the freedom to make “informed decisions” about things they care about, real things in the real world, things that probably aren’t in the standards or on the test, and we’ll get a lot farther down the road to preserving what’s left of this experiment in democracy.

Tuesday Live: Jay Cross on Informal Learning

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Join me Tuesday, March 19th, for a live and interactive FutureofEducation.com conversation with Jay Cross on his book Informal Learning : Rediscovering the Natural Pathways That Inspire Innovation and Performance. Jay Cross is a champion of informal learning, web 2.0,

Twitter - Powerful Bursts of Information

Cool Tools for 21st Century Learners

We all have different learning styles and preferred methods of information gathering. Ah, yes.the things I can do with this information! Twitter is a resource I often tap into.