How Liberty 53 Integrates Trauma-Informed Practices

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To support these students, education professionals are turning to trauma-informed practices. One district thoughtfully embedding trauma-informed practices into their everyday work is Liberty 53 School District in Missouri. Bring a Trauma-Informed Approach to Your District.

CommonLit-Free Informational And Literary Texts For Any Classroom

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CommonLit is a growing library of over 500 literary and informational texts for students in grades 5-12. You can also search by lexile range it you have that information for your students as well.

Article for the online journal, Globally Informed


I recently wrote an article for a journal. It was entitled: BRINGING GLOBAL STUDENTS TOGETHER THROUGH VIDEO-CONFERENCING. In it, I talk about my use of ‘Mystery Skype’ in lessons, which allows my class to collaborate with other learners in different countries.

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Cultivating Informed Citizens with Listenwise

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The more informed our students are about the world around them, the less likely they’ll be duped by fake news stories. The audio recordings effectively weave the information into a story that is both interesting and informative.

Wisconsin Information Technology Infrastructure Grants

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The State of Wisconsin approved funds to expand broadband Internet for students outside the classroom through the Information Technology Infrastructure Grant.

Learning is an experience. Everything else is just information.

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Everything else is just information.” Everything else is just information. “Learning is an experience. ” by Terry Heick There is an essential–and essentially human–movement in learning–a point where something transitions from other to self. It starts with recognition–an awareness of that thing. A formula, process, skill, or idea. Then there’s analysis. What is this thing? And evaluation? What is its worth? […].

Four Important Resources To Help Teach Information Literacy

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Here are new additions to The Best Tools & Lessons For Teaching Information Literacy – Help Me Find More : Can You Believe Your Own Ears? © 2017 thekirbster , Flickr | CC-BY | via Wylio.

6 resources to help students with information literacy

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Information literacy skills top many lists of must-have abilities, especially in the age of fake news. Children have access to devices at younger ages, which underscores the importance of teaching them how to look at news with a critical eye and to evaluate the information’s origin.

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Digging Deeper to Better Inform Your Literacy Instruction @StenhousePub #litessentials

Reading By Example

Regie Routman, in her book Literacy Essentials: Engagement, Excellence, and Equity for All Learners , writes that information from assessments should “improve the quality of teaching and learning” (p. Most universal screening tools are not able to give specific diagnostic information that can inform our instruction. The following are some of the skills frequently tested on screening tools and what I do to gather more information.

What Classrooms Can Learn From Informal Learning

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What Classrooms Can Learn From Informal Learning. And what could we as public educators borrow from these homeschool classrooms–or any non-traditional or informal learning environment–that would be of benefit in our own? by Derek Spanfelner ,

Hurricane Information Index: 50 Resources To Stay Safe During Hurricanes

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Global Leadership Week - Information and Schedule

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Symposium is a collaborative effort of the Association of California School Administrators (ACSA), CUE, Technology Information Center for Administrative Leadership (TICAL).

Use Student Data to Inform Teaching With This Free LMS


Otus Free LMS feels rich in offering data-driven differentiated instruction Pros: Extensive features and options for classroom management rival those of many paid systems. Cons: Laborious data entry and high learning curve may intimidate some teachers.

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How Data Can Help Inform K–12 Decisions

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By Elizabeth Combs Use research tools to determine the next course of action in schools. Business Intelligence Data Analytics

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An Informal, Vetted, Amplified Set of Issues People of Color at Your Conferences Already Know [Medium]

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The post An Informal, Vetted, Amplified Set of Issues People of Color at Your Conferences Already Know [Medium] appeared first on The Jose Vilson.

College students and information overload


Most Americans like their choices in today’s information-saturated world. But 20% feel overloaded, and there are stresses for those with fewer pathways to the internet or who feel they are expected to do too much information gathering. That’s how the Pew Research Center summarized its recent findings on Information Overload.*


Keeping Actively Bilingual Makes Our Brains More Efficient at Relaying Information

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The neurons in our brain have two distinct anatomical features: their cell bodies, where all the processing of information, thinking and planning happens, and their axons, which are the main avenues that connect brain areas and transfer information between them.

Teaching Digital Literacy: Resources to Help Students Validate Online Information

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Also known as Information Literacy, Digital Literacy is an important component of what is known as Digital Citizenship. I often hear teachers say, "kids are so lucky now, they can just search for the information they need on the internet.

Informal STEM Learning Has Big Positive Impact


Informal STEM learning – whether it's after school, in summer settings, or at home – is a major factor in getting adolescents on a path toward STEM careers.


Information Underload and OER Leverage

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I started to post this as a comment on Mike’s amazing essay Information Underload , but I’m going to put it here instead. I suppose you could think about it from an information foraging perspective as well. Read Mike’s whole piece – it’s worth it.

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An Incredible Mini-Conference on Blockchain and the Information Profession

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We're excited to announce our second Library 2.018 mini-conference: "Blockchain Applied: Impact on the Information Profession," which will be held online (and for free) on Thursday, June 7th, from 12:00 - 3:00 pm US-Pacific Daylight Time (click for your own time zone).

Critical Analysis and Information Literacy


Judy Willis MD Brain-Based Learning Teach students to evaluate what data needs to be gathered, what characterizes fact versus opinion, and where to find the most current and useful information

Bartleby - free books, lit and reference information

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The materials, both books and reference information, are categorized by reference, verse, fiction, and nonfiction. Bartleby is a site that contains a huge amount of literature and reference books online, for free.

Evaluating Websites as Information Sources


Duke Media Literacy Using a six-point strategy, teachers can help students learn about responsible web research by assessing the validity of most information that they’ll encounter online Nell K.

Five Dangers of Data-Informed Student Nudging


Lead by vice president of student affairs Michael Chavez, the college was using a predictive analytics platform from Civitas Learning to inform a. These examples are two sides of the same coin: two institutions employing the use of data-informed nudging—the behavioral economics practice of implementing minor design changes that affect individual behavior—to address retention and student success. In 2016, leaked email exchanges from Mount St.

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Archiving Information in a Digital Age


The Internet Archive’s “Wayback Machine” is an essential resource for anyone who wants to find information that used to be available online but that has disappeared or to find how a particular webpage has changed over time, perhaps because information was deleted or added. (

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How scholarship websites sell students’ information to colleges and publishers

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Tabitha Lymburner, who provided her personal information to what she thought was a government-run college scholarship website. No pesky essay or academic or extracurricular information required. That information may not get sold just to one company, but to a bunch of companies.”.

Curation of Information: Harnessing the Beast of Ubiquitous Information

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That left me thinking about the overwhelming need for curation of information in today's world. Today as I was sick in bed I found myself digging around the internet looking for information on some topics I've been pondering and I came across this video that was uploaded in 2007.

Innovating Pedagogy Report released - some great information included

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It has some interesting information and insight into some technology trends, including Flipped Classrooms, BYOD, storytelling and more. The Open University''s annual ''Innovating Pedagogy'' report has just been published.

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Sending parents useful information about attendance, course progress has big effects, social scientists find

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Experiments that send parents useful information by text have been found to increase student attendance and reduce course failures dramatically. Parents get so little information and so little of what they get is useful,” Rogers said.

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Let @MindMaple help you share information using beautiful, colorful, & organized diagrams


In the beginning, I use them a lot to model different ways to organize and track thoughts and information. create diagrams graphic organizers mind map Mind Maple MindMaple online graphic organizers organize information planning

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Build a Head-of-the-Class Information Security Team

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Build a Head-of-the-Class Information Security Team. Information security (InfoSec) team members must balance the competing priorities of teachers, administrators, parents and students. Most of these stakeholders have little knowledge of information security, and therefore, little willingness to embrace InfoSec efforts. Do you sit in your office waiting for information to come to you, or do you get out among the people in your community to extract the data?

8 informal assessments to pinpoint what your students need

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The great thing about informal assessments is they help us gauge students’ understanding during the learning process instead of after. Informal assessment also changes teachers’ relationship to student learning. Here are eight everyday informal assessment practices to get you started.

Alarm, Inform and Inspire: Using @WeVideo to Create PSAs about the @UN #GlobalGoals for Sustainable Development @GlobalGoalsUN with @BullisHGS


After conducting research, students were asked to create a Public Service Announcement (PSA) of approximately four minutes in length that would provide information about the issue, explain the importance of the goal, and provide potential solutions towards meeting the goal. Students were asked to “alarm, inform and inspire” with their videos. Inform: What is the cause of the problem? Written with my colleague, Dr. Sara Romeyn , our Director of Humanities and Global Studies.

The Information Revolution Is Real

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This post on twitter got me thinking this morning: "The real revolution is not technology, it is information." The video quality is bad and the tech is pretty hilarious, but to me, it is still one of the best examples of the dramatic shift in how we interact with information that is currently underway. How many schools are actually preparing kids to be successful in a new post information revolution world?

The Information Revolution Is Real

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This post on twitter got me thinking this morning: "The real revolution is not technology, it is information." The video quality is bad and the tech is pretty hilarious, but to me, it is still one of the best examples of the dramatic shift in how we interact with information that is currently underway. How many schools are actually preparing kids to be successful in a new post information revolution world?

Truth or Consequences: Teaching Students to Assess Web Information


The Web is Polluted With Misinformation and Too Many Are Too Quick to Buy In. Schools Need to Teach Strategies to Discern the Truth. During a lively discussion on Bryan Alexander's Future Trends. Please click on the post title to continue reading the full post. Thanks (and thanks for subscribing)!].