Tips for Implementing Design Challenges in Your Makerspace

In “ Challenge-Based Learning in the School Library Makerspace ,” Diana Rendina, Media Specialist and Writer, Tampa Preparatory School, Tampa, FL, presented tips for design challenges and shared experiences from working in the makerspace during her time at Stewart Middle Magnet School in Tampa, FL.

4 Reasons why an LMS is an excellent tool for your language classes


A learning management system is usually customized to work perfectly on any computer, tablet or smartphone, so students and teachers will have a great experience using it whenever they want on the device of their choice.

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The New Librarian: Building confidence through coding

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When reading became more digital with the introduction of tablets and e-readers, libraries became pressured to innovate and remain relevant. The original purpose of the public library was to be a repository of knowledge and experience.

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This event will bridge the conversations about learning that are taking place in schools, libraries, museums, work places, and home learning worlds. Charles, IL Common Sense Media - 1-to-1 Essentials: A Roadmap for Schools , Learn about Common Sense Media’s 1-to-1 Essentials Program, a roadmap for schools implementing 1-to-1 tablets. shares the guidelines, rules, and reflective activities associated with this exercise.

10 Tech Tools for Your Math Class

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Desmos has created an activity builder that teachers can use to build interactive lessons that students can do on their own tablet or Chromebook devices while the teacher monitors student work in real time. Math teachers: This is for you.

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5 tips for better makerspaces

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When Rendina first started her position at Stewart Middle Magnet School, a public STEM magnet school, there was almost nothing in the library for hands-on STEM learning.

Getting Whole Community Buy-in for 1:1 Technology Initiatives

On the school side, the students need to become responsible stewards of the tech as well and should be involved in setting guidelines for responsible use. Accessible from any computer, tablet or smartphone, ClassLink is ideal for 1to1 and Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) initiatives.


Planning for the Total Cost of Edtech Initiatives

Using CoSN’s blueprint for smart IT decisions as a guideline, the three superintendents explained how to align priorities, and balance choice with cost and outcomes to creative sustainable programs.

How Edtech Developers Design Around ‘Screen Fatigue’


When I think about education technology, images of engaged students in front of computers and tablets come to mind. Here are a few guidelines I’ve come up with. Teachers have let us know that this strategy is working, with students heading to the library to search for the books they started reading on the site. Earlier I said that edtech brings up visions of kids seated happily in front of computers and tablets.

Five Steps to Ensure Accessibility for All

While the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA) was last reauthorized in 2004, with amendments in 2015, and the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) were updated back in 2008, the demand for accessibility and equality in education continues to grow. Step 2: Develop and communicate a district-wide policy for accessibility including guidelines for accessible purchasing.

Empowered Readers: Technology That Can Re-Inspire Students’ Love of Reading


I started by taking a good look at the books I had available—only to find that my physical classroom library is filled with outdated, “dog-eared” books that are expensive to replace and are a minuscule sampling of the many thousands of books available in the world. My learners needed choices that my physical book collection could not provide, and I need a way to bolster my library and give students more choices.

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Texas Education On iTunes U


Tech Details Audio files (AAC, MP3) with extensions.m4a or.mp3 - up to 500 MB Video files (MPEG-4) with extensions.mp4,m4v, - up to 1 GB PDF or ePubs files of supplemental material (these download to the iTunes library or optionally to the iBooks app on an iOS tablet device) How do you share your content? Notes from Fall 2012 TCEA TECSIG Breakout Session Kathy Ferguson Texas Education Agency Direct Link to Texas Education on iTunes U (Need iTunes to launch.)

Got Charge? Inside My BYOD Charging Lockers

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Last year I mentioned at the bottom of my Amazon Echo blog post that I was trying something NEW in our library, a BYOD Charging station. Until one kid had a beef with another and a tablet left on it's own over many class periods went missing. Using The Magic Words "Pilot Test!"


A hidden, public internet asset that could get more kids online for learning

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Meanwhile, millions of American students trek to public libraries and fast-food restaurants to get online after school, or they go without — a problem known as the “homework gap.”. Related: Many low-income families get on the Internet with smartphones or tablets.

What’s New: New Tools for Schools


The partnership, entering its fifth year, enables Follett customers to enjoy seamless integration with their Destiny solution, and lets students begin their library experience without delay, saving district staff from having to carry out time-consuming updates.

Five Things That Helped Us Survive Summer 2016


As a result, there was one week that I spent a lot of time with my computer and/or tablet tethered to my phone, trying to get things done. Kindle Family Library. A bonus is that this works with digital library books, too. Nuun electrolyte replacement tablets have become my go-to.

The TeacherCast Ultimate Guide To Podcasting


You can simply get by with the built-in microphone in your phone, tablet, or desktop computer. Because it allows you to search through your entire iTunes library and all of your subscriptions are then synced across your devices. Welcome to the TeacherCast Ultimate Guide to Podcasting.

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We also highlight good conversations about learning taking place between educators, learners, leaders, and others from the school, library, museum, work, adult, online, non-traditional and home learning worlds.

Hack Education Weekly News

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on Wednesday announced new guidelines that aim to provide more transparent information for borrowers and more accountability for the companies that manage repayment of federal student loans ,” Inside Higher Ed reports. ’” “ Library of Congress wracked by DNS attack,” FCW reports. Presidential Campaign Politics.

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