iPad Magic: 6 Ideas Every iPad Teacher Needs to Know

The CoolCatTeacher

Want to show your cursor on the iPad screen? There’s a trick for these things and more on the iPad. Today, Tony Vincent shares six ideas every iPad teacher needs to know. iPad Magic: 6 Ideas Every iPad Teacher Needs to Know. He is one of my Go To people for iPads.

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Saving Big Money with iPads and Google Classroom

The CoolCatTeacher

Today Kyle Taylor @kyletaylor13 and his school have implemented iPads with Google Classroom and are saving half (yes, I said half) of what it previously cost to set up a classroom with technology. Why iPads are well suited for creation. Google Classroom: [link].

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iPads to Differentiate Instruction in Early Elementary Education

The CoolCatTeacher

Emily Lynch talks about how to use iPads in the classroom to differentiate instruction. So many good ways exist to use iPads but how can we personalize it and make it unique? Now, that’s good stuff for every K-2nd grade iPad or Google Play enabled tablet!

Google Jamboard

The CoolCatTeacher

Google Jamboard is a fun interactive app. You just download it on Google Play or iTunes and use it with your touch Chromebook or iPad after listening to Tom Mullaney share how it works. Google Jamboard. Now first of all, I have never heard of Google Jamboard.

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Engaging Kindergartners with Technology: Augmented Reality, Ipads, QR Codes and More

The CoolCatTeacher

Screencastify is the screencasting tool I recommend for Google Chrome and Chromebooks. Built for Chromebooks, it saves all of your recordings directly to Google Drive. Engaging Kindergartners with Technology: Augmented Reality, Ipads, QR Codes and More. Greg: One way is iPads.

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Touchscreen Chromebooks: the iPad killers in schools?

Ditch That Textbook

I have worked with all sorts of digital devices in my own classroom — desktop computers, laptops, Chromebooks, iPads, student cell phones and a variety of others. Ed Tech 1:1 initiative chromebooks edtech educational technology g suite Google Apps touchscreen

Google Apps for the iPad and iOS (The COMPLETE list!)

Shake Up Learning

The post Google Apps for the iPad and iOS (The COMPLETE list!) Google Apps for iOS. The following is a list of Google Apps for iOS (from Google, Inc.). Some are optimized for both iPad and iPhone, some are only optimized for iPhone. Google . Google+.

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2 Collaborative Uses of Google Apps and iPads – from Greg Kulowiec


Combine the creative potential of the iPad with the collaborative capacity of Google Drive and students have access to countless options for engaging in creating meaningful, creative work. Scenario #1: Collaborative Video Creation with TouchCast, Google Drive, & Google Docs.

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iPads & Google Classroom – Multi-User Device

Teacher Tech

Tweet By Jon Corippo iPads in general are not multi-user devices. Using the Google Classroom app an iPad can be shared amongst students. Sign Out The key to using Google Classroom on an iPad with multiple students is teaching the students to make sure they sign out after using the app. Beginner iPad classroom google

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Simple Virtual Reality in the Classroom with Google Streetview and Google Cardboard with Donnie Piercey

The CoolCatTeacher

Today Donnie Piercey @mrpiercey , co-author of the Google Cardboard Book , shows how we can add simple augmented reality to our classrooms. Simple Virtual Reality in the Classroom with Google Streetview and Google Cardboard with Donnie Piercey. I always like to use Google Maps.

iPad Apps 4 Schools - great site with info and resources for iPads in Education

Educational Technology Guy

iPad Apps for School is another site from Richard Byrne, author of Free Technology for Teachers and Android 4 Schools. If you use iPads as an educator, administrator, or student, or your school is looking at using them, you should check out this site. Follow me on Twitter and Google+.

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What’s New for 2016? iPad and Google Updates from Greg and Beth


However, Beth and Greg took a few minutes over the holidays to recap the most important features of our top tools for iPads, Apps, and Google Tools. Beth Holland Featured Google Greg Kulowiec Webinar Winter 2015-16 #ettgoogle #ettipad Google Drive Google+ iPad updatesWe all know there are new updates to our favorite apps and tools released more frequently than we can keep up.

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New tablets for Education - comparing the new Acer Chromebook Tab 10 and the new Apple iPad

Educational Technology Guy

Last week had two interesting announcements for EDU - a new iPad and the Acer Chromebook Tab 10 tablet. There have been a lot of different reactions from the two, but most reactions were very positive towards the Chromebook Tab and very "meh" to the new iPad.

Google Expeditions with iPads

Hansen's Link to Tech

Regardless what tablet you own, with release of the Google Expeditions app found on Google Play and the App Store you have the ability to take your Classroom on a virtual reality journey. This video demonstrates how to run a Google Expedition using only iPads.

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Google Apps for the iPad (updated list)!

Shake Up Learning

The post Google Apps for the iPad (updated list)! Google Apps for the iPad and iOS. The following is a list of Google Apps for iOS (from Google, Inc.). Some are optimized for both iPad and iPhone, some are only optimized for iPhone. Google .

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Interesting idea - Chromebook + Nexus 7 instead of just an iPad

Educational Technology Guy

Instead of a school purchasing an iPad and keyboard for all the students, what about a Chromebook and Nexus 7 for each student? An iPad starts at $500 and then add the case for $50 and keyboard for around $50 and you are at $600 for one device. Follow me on Twitter and Google+.

Google Classroom + Apple Classroom = The Complete iPad Classroom – From Ben Sondgeroth


When schools deliver iPads into their classrooms, teachers often respond with two questions: how do I organize my students’ digital coursework and how will my classroom management change? Google Classroom. 3- Managing the iPad Classroom. This post first appeared on Daily Genius.

Get your FREE Google Classroom iPad App User Guides!


Get your FREE user guide for the new Google Classroom iPad App! Google just released an Android & iOS app for Google Classroom. The Google Classroom team is listening and prioritizes all user feedback! The Google Classroom iPad App User Guide for Teachers!

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Beyond Google Expeditions: Creating Customized VR Experiences with iPad & Book Creator


Moving Beyond Google Expeditions: For classroom teachers interested in integrating virtual reality into their classroom, one outstanding platform for pre-created content is Google Expeditions. To learn more about Google Expeditions, watch this short EdTechTeacher video introduction.

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Read & Write Text to Speech web app comes to iPad and Android

Educational Technology Guy

Read and Write for Google is an excellent Chrome app that provides text-to-speech functions from your browser. They have just released a free iPad and Android app. There are some other features that are available also, either with a fee or by using a Google Apps for Education account. Related: Google for Education Resources Google Accessibility Features in Chrome (OS and Browser) Android for Education Resources Evernote Clearly gets Text-to-Speech - premium only --.

Try Out Google Expeditions… WOW!


” These were the sounds that could be heard in my classroom when we tried Google Expeditions this week! I led the tour using an iPad. Tagged: edtech , education , GAFE , google expeditions , teaching , tech , technology , virtual reality , VR. “Wow! Amazing! Ohhhhhh!

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Adobe Releases New Storytelling App for iPad

Educational Technology Guy

Adobe recently released a new Storytelling App for iPad. Adobe Voice, a new animated video app for iPad, that gives anyone the ability to create and share engaging video stories. The app requires iPad 2 or higher and iOS 7. Follow me on Twitter and Google+.

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Maximize Google Drive on the iPad

Shake Up Learning

Maximize Google Drive on the iPad As I have mentioned before, we have come a long way with using Google Apps on the iPad! There have been a lot of updates to the Google Drive app over the last year, and you may have missed some handy features.

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Back to School with iPads


Learn something new with Greg Kulowiec and Beth Holland Beth and Greg check in to cover the newest features and capabilities of the iPad in the early Fall of 2015. Free iPad Activity Book. Blog Posts from EdTechTeachers The First 5s with iPads – from Beth Holland.

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From Consumption to Creation on the iPad


Often times when schools go one-to-one with iPads, teachers continue to do what they’ve always done. It’s not that using technology iPads as a substitut e for pen and paper is “bad.” Safari is the iPad’s native web browser and is optimized for performance, workflow, and functionality.

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Changes to Google Drive on an iPad

Cool Tools for 21st Century Learners

Google has made some changes to the way the Google Drive app works. If you are a teacher using iPads as a tool for learning, you might find this information helpful. Along with that, Google released two new free apps, Google Docs and Google Sheets.

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Google Apps for the iPad and iOS (The COMPLETE list!)

Shake Up Learning

Google Apps for the iPad and iOS We have come a long way with using Google on the iPad. We now have 50 official apps from Google, Inc. The following is a list of Google Apps for iOS. Looking for more details on Google Apps for the iPad?

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Google Keep Is Now Available on iPad

Educational Technology and Mobile Learning

September 25, 2015 Google Keep is finally available in the App Store for iOS devices. It took almost two years for Google Keep to make the move to iPad for it was only available on the web and.read more. Google Keep

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More iPad Apps

A Principal's Reflections

In my last post I wrote about some iPad apps that I thought were must adds for administrators and educators alike. GoodReader : Read PDF and TXT files; syncs w/ DropBox and Google Docs. Groupboard : Turns your iPad into a collaborative whiteboard. In the meantime I plan on using the forms feature in Google Docs to collect and analyze walkthrough data with my administrative team. Many iPad apps allow users to draw and write freehand notes.

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NearPod - create and share lessons on iPads in classroom - free

Educational Technology Guy

NearPod is a free service/app that allows you to create interactive lessons and then share them across iPads in your classroom. It''s free, easy to use, and a great resource to use with iPads in the classroom. Follow me on Twitter and Google+.

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Google on the iPad

The Electric Educator

This past week I had the privilege of training the middle and high school staff at Southfield Christian School on how to integrate Apple''s iPad with Google Apps. As part of my training I put together a Google site containing instructions, handouts, and resources. You can find me on Twitter (@jrsowash), Google+, Linkedin (jrsowash), and YouTube (jrsowash). Apple Google Apps ipad

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18 Simple Ways To Make Your iPad Faster

TeachThought - Learn better.

18 Simple Ways To Make Your iPad Faster. You bought your iPad new three years ago, and now it’s getting a bit long in the tooth. If you want to extend the life of your little glass rectangle–and make your iPad faster in general–the following tips can help.

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Osmo - social intelligence and creative thinking iPad game - free giveaway!

Educational Technology Guy

Osmo is an educational game for the iPad that has some nice features. In addition - after you take a look at the site more, comment (on Google+ and/or Twitter) with what your favorite Osmo feature is, or how you want to use it and I will randomly select one person to win a free Osmo.

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Using Google Forms to Create a Walkthrough-Observation App for the iPad

The 21st Century Principal

In response to my "Top iPad Apps for Administrators," a few readers have emailed me asking for “observation” or “walk-through” apps for their iPad. Many iPad walk-through apps do not give you this freedom. Setting Up Access to Your Google Walk-Through Form on Your iPad 1.

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Winter Magnetic Poetry with Google Slides

Shake Up Learning

The post Winter Magnetic Poetry with Google Slides appeared first on Shake Up Learning. Let’s have some fun with Winter Magnetic Poetry with Google Slides! The first one was Collaborative Magnetic Poetry with Google Drawings. Google Drawings v. Google Slides.

My Quick List of iPad Apps

A Principal's Reflections

Yesterday after receiving my iPad I quickly reached out to my PLN for some suggestions on which apps to download. Cloud Browse : Easily access Flash, JAVA, and Google Docs. FeeddlerRSS : RSS reader that easily syncs with Google Reader. apps educational technology iPad Opinion

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Fantastic Apps I Use Every Day

The CoolCatTeacher

I’ve also added some of my favorite new productivity tools for my smartphone, iPad, and a few new ones for my Mac. My students can use their iPhones/iPads or computers to follow along and see the slides. I love using them in Google Docs and Google Slides.

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Google Cardboard Comes to iOS - Now 52 Google Apps for iPad! (Updated List)

Shake Up Learning

Google Cardboard Comes to iOS 2 New Google Apps for iOS Released! Over the last few weeks, Google has released two new Google apps for iOS: Google Photos and Google Cardboard. Google Cardboard for iOS has finally arrived!

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Some app substitutions for iPad apps to use on a Chromebook

Educational Technology Guy

Google Photos (part of Google Drive) can also be used to organize your photos and do basic editing. More: Google Drive Can use Office Editing web app to edit and view Word, Excel and PowerPoint files in Google Docs, Sheets and Slides. Find more here: Google Apps and Chromebooks Web App Recommendations - a whole lot! Follow me on Twitter and Google+. chromebooks GAFE/Chromebooks tips Google for Educators Web Applications

Calendars and Calendars+ by Readdle: Excellent Google Calendar App for the iPad

The 21st Century Principal

I have never been completely happy with the calendar app I have been using on my iPad. I have been using the Google Search app for both my email and my calendar, and it has worked fine for email, but the calendars feature has a great deal of quirks causes quite a bit of frustration.

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