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Measuring Student Engagement with Digital Tools

ViewSonic Education

Most teachers and experts would state that student engagement is mandatory for learners to fulfill their potential, but actually measuring student engagement has always been tricky. It is widely accepted that the higher the level of student engagement, the better. But what exactly is student engagement?

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Teaching Fellows Guide Educators in Integrating AI for Enhanced Student Engagement


Artificial intelligence holds significant potential to address key challenges in education, particularly in enhancing student engagement and facilitating personalized learning. Basualto, a teacher with the Toronto District School Board, shares his experience leveraging AI for greater student engagement and more timely feedback.


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What is the SAMR Model and how can it enhance student engagement?


Read on for a full rundown of how it can help educators use technology to enhance student engagement. Examples : Learners write the first draft of a narrative on paper traditionally. Examples : Instead of just typing their narrative in a Google Doc, learners could add multimedia. What is the SAMR Model then?

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Solving the Student Engagement Crisis

EdNews Daily

By Carol De Furia Student engagement is a critical driver of academic success. If students are bored and disengaged in school, then studies show they won’t learn as effectively. Numerous studies confirm the link between engagement and success.

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New Research on Student Engagement Best Practices

The CoolCatTeacher

Engagement is such a challenge for schools—now more than ever. Lots of anecdotal evidence is floating around, but right now, we need answers for what produces strong student engagement. We can dig in and find that in some excellent research from the 2020 State of Engagement report. Administrative/District-Level.

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How To Boost Student Engagement: Modern Tools for Math Teachers

Ask a Tech Teacher

Wondering how to get your students upbeat about learning math? According to the study, learners who only received teacher training and did not engage with the online learning tools had poorer achievement scores. Teachers enjoy a boost in student engagement The use of interactive technology helps make lessons fascinating.

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5 strategies to ignite student engagement

eSchool News

Key points: Student engagement is key to an authentic learning experience It also allows students to develop the right attitude to approach learning See related article: 4 ways edtech tools drive student engagement and build classroom culture When you think of education, what is the first thing that comes to mind?