Innovation at the Secondary Level: 5 Misconceptions

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For example, for centuries, doctors believed that mothers would die during childbirth due to patient-specific issues such as inflammation, pain, or other factors. Personalized Learning SecondaryTime and again we have seen that assumptions or misconceptions can get in the way of progress and success. Personalized learning is no exception; misconceptions about it often lead educators away from strategies and practices that could help students succeed.

Quiet In The Classroom: How To Recognize And Support Introverted Entrepreneurs

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For example, a friend states, “My child is quiet, and doesn’t like to socialize often. For example, students can write a report, create an art project, use technology to build a program, or incorporate music as a tool for expression. Written by: Robyn D. Shulman.

How to Parent Teens in a High-Tech World Without Losing Your Mind

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For example, I told my daughter: “If you have something to say to the world, remember that your parents are part of that world. Be the Example: You may be addicted to your digital devices. Education News Featured Higher Education Secondary Education TechnologyRobyn D.

Math Modeling: Why are We Missing it in High School?

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Take Ebola modeling, for example, the prerequisite to understand the existing algorithm is differential equations, a subject typically taught in junior year of undergraduate studies. Advocate Education News Featured Math Science Secondary Education Social Good STEM

My Simple Show: Create your own explainer videos for free!

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For each step in the process, it guides students with a prompt and with some examples. What it is: My Simple Show Video Creator lets students easily create professional level “explainer” videos. The finished product looks just like a Common Craft video, so cool!

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Mathigon: engage, play, and explore math

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Split your students into teams and send them on an epic math treasure hunt through your school (available in primary and secondary levels) where each of the clues leads them to another.

Flipgrid for every classroom

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What it is: Flipgrid is a video discussion platform for your classroom that lets you engage and capture learning in new and awesome ways. It’s simple (and free) to get started, just create a grid and add a topic to spark some discussion.

SumBlox: explore number relationships through visual/kinesthetic play

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For example, when the 2 and 3 blocks are stacked, they are the same height as a 5 block! ** This is not a sponsored post, I’m just super excited about this product and can’t wait to see what our students do with it! What it is: Why yes, this is a technology blog.

“What if we started a school?” – Come see us in action!

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Equally disheartening, I rarely had the examples of schools doing really transformative things to share back with my own school. So often I see the same sentiment from educators involved in education dialogue, “Wouldn’t it be nice if a school were doing _.

Woot Math: Adaptive learning for fractions and decimals

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The visual examples and leading through problems is fantastic, it is truly an engaging process for students to learn with! What it is: Woot Math uses adaptive technology to personalize the math learning experience in new ways for 3rd-6th grade students.

123D Design: The simplest (FREE) way to get ideas into 3D

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Example projects help them to play with the tools in the app until they understand and can start from scratch on their own. What it is: 123D Design is a free super powerful, but simple to use, 3D creation and editing tool.

Channeling the anti-testing fervor

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Federally mandated testing has been one of the major points of discussion in Congress’s efforts this year to reauthorize the Elementary and Secondary Education Act (ESEA). California is one state that is making major strides in this regard (see examples here and here ). Education Blog accountability assessment California Congress education policy Elementary and Secondary Education Act ESEA ESEA reauthorization federal policy Innovation standardized testing

3 Steps to a Living Curriculum

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Want to see an example of Living Curriculum in action? Check out this example from Anastasis! Boxed curriculum does exactly that: it boxes in learning, narrows the scope of possibility, and leads kids to believe that learning is a chore.

SXSWEDU 2018 Wrap-up: Systems Change for Adult Learners?

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If we take a systems view on equity, for example, it would mean that we’d look for ways to make sure we aren’t creating solutions that perpetuate the inequities that already exist. Credentialing is a great example of this. A systems view would take into account access points across the full post-secondary ecosystem and consider ways to empower the traditionally underserved to build skills and earn credentials.

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PBL Is Not Your Grandmother’s (Or Yours Either) Project

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Few measure up to the standards for today's PBL, Project-Based Learning, and its many variations, all sprouting in secondary as well as elementary classrooms. To see how these modern models of instruction differ from those Joyce identified many decades back, let's focus on PBLs, perhaps the pre-eminent model for this century, as an example. August 5, 2015, Volume 2, Issue 9, Number 3.

Harness the Power of LEGO® Education to Engage Students in STEAM Learning


There are three levels of the LEGO Education learning portfolio: Early Learning, Primary, and Secondary. for example, which includes LEGO bricks, sensors and motors, and block-based coding software.

Ask A Silly Question, Get A Non-Standard Answer

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This response was seriously limited by the proviso that information from secondary sources was permissible if it was appropriately referenced. Guest article by Simon Very. I have taught science at the post-compulsory level for ten years.

Science for all: How to reach English learners

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For example, a fifth-grader reading grade-one content is learning that during the day the sun crosses our sky. Over multiple years, below grade-level content learning limits ELs’ science knowledge as well as access to secondary and post-secondary STEM programs and careers.

Thinking Routines in the Classroom

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01:01 Vicki : So give me an example of how it’s used in your classroom. So that’s just one example of getting the year started off with a thinking routine. So for example, one of the types of thinking is perspective taking. 05:00 Vicki: So you’ve already given us three examples.

Station Rotation Model: Alternative Group Formations

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Teachers see my examples which show four separate groups and assume that all station rotations must have four groups. For example, I worked with a school in Southern California that dedicated Mondays to whole group instruction then Tuesday through Friday were rotations.

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My Educator Journey with Micro-credentials

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As a secondary science teacher in Wayne County, a tight-knit rural community in southwest Tennessee, I know most of my students beyond the classroom. For example, although teachers can pursue the micro-credential they choose according to their own schedules, technological challenges have been an issue for a lot of educators coming up-to-speed with technology.

OPINION: Five ways to build stronger, more inclusive work opportunities for students

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Massachusetts offers a prime example of a state-based approach to high standards. Ensure a seamless transition to post-secondary education. The first is to develop formalized, comprehensive, statewide credit transfer policies between secondary and post-secondary institutions.

Why standards often disappoint

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But for many, K-12 learning experiences do not rise to the required rigor of post-secondary preparation. Consider, for example , the early days of IBM’s mainframe computers.

3 ways to help give all students “information privilege”

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“Access to an effective school library program is one example of information privilege. Our secondary school had a good library and a professional librarian. The absence of access is one symptom of information poverty.”—

How This Teacher Took A Risk And Found Happiness In Her Work

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These roles are perfect together, although let me just say that I am JUST as busy as I was when I was a full-time secondary English teacher. Let me give you a real example of the difference a few hours can make.

Innovation & tech: Africa’s only hope in educating hundreds of millions of children

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But even then, only one in three children will have access to secondary school. . For example, it will cost sub Saharan Africa more than $4 billion in salaries alone if the region is to achieve universal primary education. This does not include secondary schools or universities. In addition to all this, over the past few years just around 50% of students pass the secondary school exit exam. Today, there are more than 750 million mobile phones in operation in Africa.

Station Rotation Model in Action (Video)

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In a previous blog post titled “ Create Small Learning Communities with the Station Rotation Model ,” I described many of the reasons I use the Station Rotation Model in my secondary classroom.

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Is open a means to an end, or is open its own end?

iterating toward openness

In this relationship, improving education is secondary to the goal of being more open. It isn’t difficult to find examples of places where more openness would be detrimental to education. For example, it is impossible – not difficult or expensive, but impossible – to teach a modern literature or modern music or modern art course in a context where all course content must be open. Is open a means to an end, or is open its own end?

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Want to learn more about Augmented Reality in Education? Follow These Great Educators!

Two Guys and Some iPads

Brad and I had the opportunity to attend Katie''s augmented reality session at Podstock> She did a great job showcasing many AR apps, tools, and examples in education. She has used it with her 4th graders and shares great examples on her site [link] and on Twitter @daisyray215.

How to Create Powerful Student ePortfolios with Google Sites

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Implementation in the primary grades may look different from the examples in this post, but don’t assume that this is just for secondary students. Mike shares how he and his students use Google Sites for their online portfolios, and he shares examples of student work.

Real Life Heroes – 30 Teachers Across India, Changing Lives and Societies


Government Girls Senior Secondary School, Delhi. Headmaster at the Nandikkara Government HSS, Thrissur, Rajan Thalore started a professional training center for swimming and disaster rescue in the secondary school in 2017. Principal, Modern Senior Secondary School, TN.

The Awesome @Remind101 just Got Easier for Parents and Students with Join Pages!


However, you can have your middle school and secondary students sign up for your class. For example, I know many teachers who set up an account for their classes and for the teams they coach. Remind101 Launches Join Pages Remind101 is a free text messaging service.

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The limitations of networks to expand opportunity

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Take, for example, America’s Promise Alliance’s findings in their 2015 Don’t Quit on Me report. Lately I’ve been writing a lot about networks.

Edusketching: A Tool to Help Students Understand Complex Concepts

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What are some classroom examples of using edusketches with young students? Using Visual Notes in the Secondary Classroom – a how-to post from Wendy Pillars. Every Classroom Matters Episode 213 From the Cool Cat Teacher Blog by Vicki Davis Follow @coolcatteacher on Twitter.

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Trump’s Proposed K-12 Budget: Six Funding Themes

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One example of a discretionary program that would be eliminated under this proposal is the GEAR UP (Gaining Early Awareness and Readiness for Undergraduate Programs). The Trump administration released its proposed budget for fiscal year 2019. (As


The 2015 CEA Ken Spencer Award goes to Inquiry Hub

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The Canadian Education Association 's 2015 Ken Spencer Award has awarded Inquiry Hub Secondary School with first place. Inquiry Hub Secondary School – School District No.

A little help from our academic friends: Five fine portals for instructional fodder


How about a few fresh strategies for energizing your information literacy instruction and preparing your secondary learners for their academic experience? A recent instructional example is Sara Davidson Squibb’s Where Should I Search?

10 Tips for Teachers Using the Station Rotation Model

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This goes for secondary students too! For example, my “Next Steps” list always reminds them to return to any work at a previous station that they did not get a chance to complete.

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Tech This Out- Math Instruction


Though my area of expertise is secondary mathematics, I’m going to suggest some technology exploration that will to build conceptual understandings that engage kindergarteners all the way up to post-secondary learners.

Pittsburgh Schools and Developers Share Tips for Improved Ed-tech Pilots

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For example, Karen Wang of Amplify said, “The CMU team was a great collaborator with us. For example, in South Fayette Township School District , INVENTORcloud changed its program rollout in response to student requests. In several pilots, developers who responded quickly to feedback also received a secondary benefit: this generated trust with district leaders, and translated into continued contracts with schools — despite some hiccups with products during the pilot.