3 Key Social Media Platforms That You Can Use To Keep Students Engaged In Your Classroom


Where do students spend their time outside of school? Engagement is a key component of learning, so what better way to engage students than by implementing the social media platforms they already love to use? Ask students to write a story or opinion about what they see.

How Smart UX Design Turbocharges Student Engagement


Many of them have been immersed in apps and digital games featuring engaging user experience, or UX, since before they could read. To captivate these students, educational technology has to be more than just a container for instructional content—it has to offer the same level of engagement as the consumer apps they’re used to—in other words, a seamless and enticing UX. As every teacher knows, students are most comfortable when education doesn’t feel like an onerous task.

Summer SuperHighway: 3 Kyle Wilson Elementary Teachers on Internet Access and Student Engagement

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Recently, we interviewed three 5th grade teachers who shared more about the transformational role technology plays in student engagement at PWCS. Just yesterday we were discovering features we never knew before [from our students].

Research Seeks Scale For Measuring Student Engagement

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Research Seeks Scale For Measuring Student Engagement. Educators believe that student engagement in the classroom is crucial to learning and that it can increase achievement and enrollment in challenging courses while decreasing dropout rates.

Want to Boost Reading Scores? Build Silent Reading Stamina.


When the 3rd, 4th, and 5th graders at Golden Grove Elementary School in Palm Beach County, FL pad around the classroom in their (possibly) smelly socks, everyone cheers. It’s not because these students and teachers have a peculiar penchant for fetid footsies.

It's Elementary When it Comes to #EdTech

A Principal's Reflections

We not only want students engaged, but also want to see evidence of learning aligned to high standards as well as the development and application of essential skill sets. As a practitioner I am always looking to learn how to better assist educators at all grade levels.

We Live in a Diverse World. The Books Kids Read Should Reflect That.


When I jumped into “Piecing Me Together” by Renee Watson last fall, I walked away with a new perspective on the ways students of color may feel when offered opportunities (with the best of intentions) that don’t feel like opportunities to them at all. I’m white. I’m middle class.

This Math Program Helped Students Blow State Test Scores Out of the Water


As principal at Chula Vista School District’s Salt Creek Elementary, Lalaine Perez saw the need to better support a growth mindset around math in the years following the transition to California’s new Common Core standards. Students can see examples.

This Math Program Helped Students Blow State Test Scores Out of the Water


As principal at Chula Vista School District’s Salt Creek Elementary, Lalaine Perez saw attitudes toward math bottom out in the years following the transition to California’s new Common Core standards. Students also needed support when it came to the end of year state assessments. “We

Caring and Curriculum Can Prompt School-Wide Change


Whether she’s searching for standards-aligned curriculum or playing dress-up, the Tool Elementary School principal does whatever it takes to lift her students from struggling to successful. Attendance is now soaring, and two-thirds of students are meeting standards in reading and math.

Save Money on Easy, Awesome Science Projects

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Everything comes in the box and you’re ready to engage your students. Additionally, I’ll share information on engaging students in hands-on science learning. We selected some kits to get students excited about matter and also sustainability and water.

Schools Getting Engagement Results from Standing Desks

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New research from Texas A&M University has found that students who stand at their desks are better able to stay on task than those who stay seated during school hours. Benden said previous research showed that students who use standing desks burn 15% more calories than those who sit.

Four Classroom-Ready Tips to Boost Reading Engagement and Drive Learning


Rather, it follows from nurturing a love of reading and closing the reading engagement gap—the discrepancy between how students engage with modern digital content and how they engage with traditional texts in school. Studies show that for students to remain engaged, they need texts that reflect their personal experiences. Students need to have a reason to read beyond just understanding the main idea. Provide students with autonomy and choice.

Fearless Teaching Transforms Elementary School Classroom – Tammy Dunbar, USA

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Every student and teacher in Manteca Unified School District (MUSD) was given a Windows 8 device loaded with Microsoft Office, OneNote, Skype, and Bing in the Classroom. Dunbar also used Sway as a way to engage her students in the test-taking process, to great effect.

10 Keys of Purpose Driven Learning

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If you’re a US public school teacher of grades 6-12, you and your students just need to come up with a STEAM idea that can help your community. They’re action-oriented words because I felt like over the years, just talking to students about grades wasn’t really functional.

How to Engage Students and Find Your Creative Breakthrough

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Hope King from Ron Clark Academy has an inspiring message for teachers about using your creativity to engage students. SMART wants to recognize educators across the globe who inspire greatness in their students, peers or community. Vicki: So we want engagement.

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10 New Ideas for Creating Literacy Centers – From Beth Holland


The teacher, Lacey Chimienti, had created a small group activity where students were using Popplet – a mind mapping tool – to brainstorm words with the short-e sound (egg, elf, elk, etc.). Have students use Popplet (either on iPad or computer) to create a mind map.

Using Micro-credentials for Personalized Professional Development

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The Kentucky Valley Educational Cooperative (KVEC) is an educational service agency in rural southeastern Kentucky that serves 22 school districts, 134 schools, over 3,000 teachers, and more than 50,000 students. Personalized PD strengthens both individual and group skills.

Classroom collaboration: Learning together


In most classrooms today, students are seen working together in small groups, perhaps in learning stations in the classroom, and taking a more active role in learning. We have to think about what will work in our classrooms and with our students.

The Pivotal Role Movement Plays in Learning

A Principal's Reflections

The best part is the conversations that I get to have with learners, especially at the elementary level. Then there is the practicality of being able to work with both administrators and teachers at the ground level to improve pedagogy and, in turn, student outcomes.

Reach Each Student: Design Edtech for Learner Variability

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Digital Promise’s Learner Variability Project (LVP) aims to understand the range of diverse needs that students may have, and to support product developers in turning learner factors and research-based strategies into pedagogical features for educators and students to use.

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Inspiration Stations: A Creative Spin on the Station Rotation

Catlin Tucker

spend more time working in small groups with students. I explained to my students that the goal of these stations was to have fun and stretch our minds creatively. One group composed and recorded a song while another station was focused on building a 3D art project.

Authentic Learning Experiences

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Authentic learning is learning designed to connect what students are taught in school to real-world issues, problems, and applications; learning experiences should mirror the complexities and ambiguities of real life. ” Because authentic learning involves student voice and choice.

4 Ways for K–12 Administrators to Master Google Classroom

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I’ve found that digital tools schools used to keep students on track work just as effectively for the adults in the school building. . MORE FROM EDTECH: See how blended learning platforms such as Google Classroom and Microsoft Teams can improve student engagement.

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How teachers can use smart boards in the classroom


Teachers need to determine what their students need to learn and how best to teach them. For instance, every day before class, you could post large, colorful icons tagged with each student’s name. This way, students can become comfortable with the touch process from an early age.

MIND Partners with 100Kin10 on Foundational Math Brain Trust

MIND Research Institute

At MIND Research Institute, we believe every student has the potential to deeply understand and truly love math. We believe that all students deserve equitable access to high-quality educational content and dynamic learning experiences. Elementary math specialization.

How Can We Make Edtech More Effective? Focused Content

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Many teachers appreciate digital busywork because it gives them time to focus on small group work. We know that in order to be a mile wide, “solutions” tend to end up only an inch deep, typically to the detriment of students’ learning.

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5 Reasons Why School Computer Labs Still Matter

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Many schools provide a computing device for every student. They ask: Why fund a computer lab when students carry computing power with them from class to class? Why take time from core subjects to teach computing when students have this everywhere learning tool?

A Back-to-School Checklist: Choosing Classroom Technology that Fosters Engagement

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A new school year has begun and educators will face the task of engaging a new set of students. Cultivating an environment where students are consistently engaged with the curriculum brings a unique set of challenges with each new mix of students and level of study.

Introduction to Design Thinking for Educators Workshop

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Instant Challenges are fun, STEAM-based group activities that must be solved within a short period of time. To further explain this challenge, I showed a video of my gifted elementary students engaged in the challenge.

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Why educators are moving away from the Station Rotation model

The Christensen Institute

The Station Rotation has consistently reigned as the most popular blended-learning model implemented by elementary schools. Of the 235 active elementary schools currently profiled in the BLU school directory , 136, or 58 percent, of them have a Station Rotation program.

OPINION: Kindergarten is more than preparation for first grade, and we need to take it back

The Hechinger Report

It is also the developmental foundation for mastery of content that is the focus of elementary, middle and high school. More K-12 schools are emphasizing the noncognitive skills that students can access throughout their schooling and careers.

Celebrating ConnectED’s Achievements Toward Transforming Education

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These commitments are connecting 20 million more students to next-generation broadband and wireless. Beginning in fall 2014, the students and teachers at Burbank Elementary School in Hayward, California, embarked on a new and ambitious program to integrate arts across the curriculum.

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Why the Best Personalized Learning Programs Start Way Before High School


We know that our students are different, and to capitalize on their strengths, we provide opportunities for students to identify a focused path and to find success. Sometimes elementary and middle school teachers come across as apologetic about how “little” they are doing in relation to personalized learning. We have a fine arts program that allows students to graduate with a focus on dance, theater or various forms of music.

3 Easy Ways to Gamify Your Classroom with Kahoot

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One of education’s hottest buzzwords these days is g amification: the integration of games into classroom instruction to enhance student learning. Purposeful gamification can allow for personalized learning , increased student engagement , and greater creativity. (