Starter Exercises for Interactive Storytelling


When we think about bringing interactive fiction into the classroom we often focus on the technology. However, before we get into the technology, we need an idea. Do you have a favorite exercise for getting students started with interactive storytelling?

North Dakota University System Participates in Cybersecurity Exercise.

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North Dakota University System Participates in Cybersecurity Exercise. The North Dakota University System recently participated in a pilot tabletop exercise with the department of Homeland Security and the Western Interstate Commission for Higher Education. The focus was cybersecurity threats to higher education. The Information Technology and Innovation Foundation Releases New Report.

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How Access to Technology Can Create Equity in Schools

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When used effectively, technology can greatly contribute to creating equity in schools. It removes barriers to learning materials, supports students where they are across varied learning contexts and needs, and gives educators more insight into the learning environments they’re creating.

The Primary Problem with Educational Technology

Iterating Toward Openness

There is much that’s wrong with the educational technology (“edtech”) market. Why are we hell-bent on taking the greatest communications technology ever known and making sure that no one communicates with it?

Fostering Powerful Use of Technology Through Instructional Coaching

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Last summer, we began an exciting pilot project to understand whether instructional technology coaching ultimately leads to closing the digital use divide in the classroom. Review of Educational Research, 88(4), 547-588.

Smart Technologies Could Benefit Education – or Could Make Our Problems Worse

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But if we fail to deploy smart technologies mindfully, we risk exacerbating inequity and compromising the privacy of learners and teachers in ways that could follow them throughout their lives. Lovelace, an Associate Professor of Special Education at Duquesne University, said.

How I Used Technology In A ‘Healthy Bodies’ Science Lesson


This week, we looked at what happens to the heart during exercise. I started off by showing the students this excellent video as a reminder of last week’s learning: A group discussion followed about what happens to the heart when we exercise.

Global Education Conference 2017 #globaled17

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Lucy Gray and Steve Hargadon, Global Education Conference co-chairs, talk about the Global Education Conference 2017 that runs from November 13-16. Lucy Gray and Steve Hargadon for Global Education Conference. Vicki: The Global Education Conference is here, November 13-16!

Google Makes a Rare Education Technology Acquisition: Workbench


Yet in the education industry, these deals have been few and far in between, especially as many of these companies have opted to build their own edtech tools. But this week, Google acquired Workbench , a Baltimore-based company that provides an online library of lessons and projects, organized by subject and grade level, that educators can use in their classrooms. Education Technology Mergers and Acquisitions Edtech Business

Partnering Literacy and Technology to Improve One School

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We have made great strides to level the technology playing field in education, but unfortunately the digital divide still exists between those who have the tools to research, learn and collaborate online at home, and those who don’t. Video Courtesy of Redwood City School District.

Building Education Technology for the Developing World


Last July, however, Parida felt an itch to tackle educational needs in her native country, India. My move to India was driven by my desire to see the impact of technology in education in the Indian context,” Parida says. Yet these difficulties have not deterred efforts from gritty entrepreneurs to improve educational opportunities through technology. The company also reduced the size of the app and redesigned math exercises to work better on phones.

Technology Beyond the Tools

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I recently read a blog post about how teachers will never be replaced by technology. The author stated that technology was just a “tool for learning”. Today, however, I am not so sure that technology in education hasn’t grown into something beyond a “tool for learning”.

Technology in Schools – Future Changes in the Classroom.


When people talk about the future of technology in education, they picture every student having access to a computer or a tablet; they see paperless rooms where technology trained teachers lead the class. The future of education is increased inter-connectivity.

Agency and Opportunities for Future of Educational Technologies

Iterating Toward Openness

”, or “Should I do a few more practice exercises?” Instead of designing technologies that make choices for students, we have an important opportunity to design technologies that explicitly support students as they learn to make their own choices effectively.

Y Combinator’s Newest Batch of Education Technology Startups


Eight education startups are among them, and all but one are focused on helping learners develop chops in programming and artificial intelligence technology. Interactive curriculum is the next wave” of opportunities in the education market, says Tim Brady, a partner at Y Combinator, in an interview with EdSurge. Brady has now overseen 11 cohorts of education technology startups over the past seven years. Education Technology Startups Edtech Business

Educating Kids for Life not for Tests

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Pam Moran, superintendent in Albemarle County in Virginia, shares about some cool virtual reality in Virginia, some challenges with helping new teachers get started, and how she thinks education is entering a new Renaissance of creativity and innovation. Educating Kids for Life Not for Tests.

Is All the Technology in Modern Classrooms a Good Thing?

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In recent years, the way we communicate, order food, exchange money, and more has all been reimagined to include technological advances. And, technology has reached the education sector. The inclusion of technology in classrooms is constantly increasing.

Is the Most Effective Education Technology Always the Most Cutting Edge?

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In Philadelphia, the Mayor’s Commission on Literacy is tackling this lack of access to adult education head on, in a city where half of adults lack basic skills and two-thirds of the commission’s students read, write and do math below an eighth-grade level. This database is unique with adult education, especially at this scale and in an urban area like Philadelphia. Unlike some states, Pennsylvania does not have a centralized system of adult education.

Are We Designing Girls Out of Education Technology?


When the same exercise was carried out in the matrilineal Khasi tribe, 54 percent of women chose to compete, while only 39 percent of the men did. Yet purposeful design in education isn’t about simplistic choices like making Legos pink or exploiting what author Peggy Orenstein describes as “gendered play patterns,”—the assumption that girls will be more interested in building a Lego hair salon or cafe than a Millennium Falcon. Education Technology Diversity and Equity Community

The Stories We Were Told about Education Technology (2018)

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It’s been quite a year for education news, not that you’d know that by listening to much of the ed-tech industry (press). Meanwhile, the founder of Oculus Rift is now selling surveillance technology for a virtual border wall between the US and Mexico.

8 Ways to Use Technology to Engage Students in Distance Learning


For educators and students, this presents many challenges. Fortunately, technology has advanced enough in the past decade to offer some promise of effective learning in the distance setting. . Like everything else, technology can be used for better or for worse.

Education Technology's Inequalities

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One of the mantras of that dream – the idea that economic success is possible if not inevitable – involves the necessity of education. “Education can be the difference, that education can save lives, that education can put folks on a path to opportunity,” Secretary of Education John B. As economic inequality has grown, so has schooling: “United States citizens are more educated than they ever have been.

The Business of Education Technology

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In fairness, startups weren’t the only education companies experiencing this sort of upheaval this year: Amplify, News Corps’ education division, continued to sell off various parts of its failed business. DeVry Education Group got a new CEO." You can find stock market data about publicly-traded education companies at I maintain a dataset of all education technology investments and all education technology investors.

Writing For Purpose: 5 Ways To Use Technology To Give Children A Genuine Audience.


Here are 10 ways to use technology to give your pupils a real audience for their work: 1) Class blogs. Tip: work in exercise books is easy to display on the blog – just take a photo of the page it is on. Tagged: audience , education , English , literacy , teaching , tech , technology , writing. education audience English literacy teaching tech technology writing

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Halloween Wars: An Interdisciplinary Lesson with a STEM, STEAM, Maker Education Focus

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To introduce and reinforce ideas, concepts, and skills associated with maker education, STEM, and STEM. Here is one student group’s example: Education Maker Education cooperative learning educational technology experiential learning maker education maker movement STEAM STEM

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3D printing, drones, and AI — The future of STEM education?


STEM education is an interdisciplinary and practical teaching method of four specific disciplines: science, technology, engineering, and mathematics. Read more: STEM for kids: Online classes teach Science, Technology, Engineering and Math skills. The future of STEM education.

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Why Robotics Benefits Early Education

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The rampant digitalization of our society has touched and fundamentally altered all domains of our lives, including education. They see little distinction between the physical and virtual world and will work intensely with technology throughout their whole lives. By Anna Larotska.

How Education Can Thrive in the Age of Innovation

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The passion and idealism of this rising generation, however, is one of the most underutilized resources for good on the planet because there is a gap between what education usually provides and what young people need to know to thrive and to become socially active in the 21st century.

Giving Voice to the End Users in Districts’ Technology Decisions

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Districts around the country are enacting similar plans, and many start by deciding on what technology to use in the classroom. We spent nearly two years talking to stakeholders and developing our instructional and academic goals before considering what technology to purchase. Joins Google for Education Technology Partner Program


PORTLAND, Oregon – (September 21, 2018), a leader in providing digital literacy solutions for grades K-8, announced today that it joined the Google for Education Technology Partner Program.

How Technology Changed My Social Studies Classroom

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How Technology Changed My Social Studies Classroom. One of the greatest experiences I have had in teaching World History is to create a blended-learning class that is based on using technology with thematic learning, in-class activities, and world projects.

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Amazon Starts Marketplace for Teachers to Sell Online Educational Resources


On Tuesday, the company announced a program called Amazon Ignite , which will let a select group of educators sell their online teaching resources via Amazon. The name sounds very similar to, but is separate from, Amazon’s collection of free online educational resources, called Inspire.

Education Needs to Push the Hard-Reset Button

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The current public education system has stagnated. The information and technology explosion has exposed a behemoth that is not able to pivot and adapt. Are sequential and upon completion provide a complete set of knowledge applicable to a career or higher education study pathway.

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Meet the 5 Education Technology Startups From Y Combinator’s Summer 2017 Class


Of this group, five teams are building education technology tools with support from mentors from Imagine K12, the local edtech accelerator that Y Combinator absorbed last February. Here’s what they’re working on: Lambda School The San Francisco-based startup combines some of the hottest trends in the edtech industry: computer science education, small classes, and income-share agreements. Each course is made up of 70-odd short lessons and exercises.

Education Technology and the New Behaviorism

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This is part ten of my annual look at the year’s “ top ed-tech stories ” Perhaps it’s no surprise that there was so much talk this year about education, technology, and emotional health. All the talk of the importance of “emotion” in education reflects other trends too. There are promises about “brain training” exercises that will keep the brain “fit” as one ages. ( The analysis is also relevant to education.