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How K–12 Classrooms Can Benefit from Robotics

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How K–12 Classrooms Can Benefit from Robotics. Classrooms are dynamically impacted by the dual forces of technological evolution and student expectation. MORE FROM EDTECH: See how education robotics companies are invigorating K–12 learning.

Creative Coding and Robots in the Classroom

Carrie Willis, Technology Director for Valley Preparatory School and Strategic Outreach Manager for Wonder Workshop, and Caitlin Arakawa, Kindergarten Teacher at Valley Preparatory School, dispel these misconceptions, during a recent edWebinar.

Connecting Voices through Robotics: An EdCamp Global Event

Barrow Media Center: Expect the Miraculous

This year, our library is fortunate to have a robotics loan from Birdbrain Technologies. We have 12 Finch robots that we are using throughout the year for coding experiences for our students. OrchardVT Ss will be sharing #robotics w @jluss & @plemmonsa Ss.

Guest post: 15 EdTech Resources to Use in Classroom


If you don’t use educational technology, you’re not a cool teacher. They are growing up with all kinds of tech tools by their side, and they are thrilled to see technology involved in the educational process. How are the events from today connected with events from the history? They will get access to history lessons, but they will also get informed on current events. Who doesn’t like robots and cartoons that teach us something?

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3 Emerging Technologies That Will Reshape Education in 2019


Education and cutting-edge technologies are core to the many programs at NYC Media Lab , where we lead university-corporate partnerships, communications and events. 5G technology and edge computing will reshape education with lightning speeds.

The Four P's—The Future of Edtech


We're happy to share this post by Julie Davis, Technology Coordinator at Chatanooga Christian School (CCS). Current technology trends allow for real-time data, ease of assessment, and the ability to let a student move at their own pace. The future of edtech will be algorithm driven.

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Forward Failures, Future of Work and What’s (Not) the Next Big Thing in Edtech


In its 20th year, the Summit had a feeling of rolling up its sleeves: People talked about the tensions of trying to have civil dialogue between people who hold different points of view; they struggled with the ongoing challenge of trying to figure out “what works” in edtech and reform, particularly when efforts don’t seem to live up to expectations. Edtech's Next Big Thing? Education Technology Events Community

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‘Learn’-Launching the 2017 Edtech Conversation With Cautious Optimism


Edtech gatherings that attract more than 1,000 attendees, such as LearnLaunch’s Across Boundaries Conference last week in Boston, are usually echo chambers of hubbub and hoopla about technology’s potential to transform education. Yet throughout the two-day gathering of entrepreneurs, researchers and educators, keynote speakers urged attendees to curb their enthusiasm, and evaluate the edtech landscape with a sense of cautious optimism. Education Technology Events Community

Student Leadership via EdTech Playgrounds


What do you get when you recruit students who share a love for technology and you provide a space where individuals can play? An EdTech Playground. EdTech Playgrounds provide opportunities for collaboration, communication, creativity, and critical thinking.

The 2019 EdSurde Annual Special: Edtech April Fool’s News That Should Stay Fake


Chief Mascot Ronald confided with EdSurge that it is considering integrating that technology with school information systems to tweak Happy Meals based on how well children do in school. BRAT BOT: Colleges are increasingly turning to chatbots to help students navigate questions around areas such as financial aid or campus events. But some administrators say the tool feels impersonal and, well, robotic. A secret, patented technology reduces eye strain.

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?How Edtech Companies Are Getting a Foothold in the Classroom


No matter the product, edtech entrepreneurs share one bottom-line goal: sell their stuff. At this year’s Future of Education Technology Conference (FETC) in Orlando, Fla., companies ranging from robotics to assessment tools showed up to share how they plan to bridge this gap. Here are some of the ways edtech companies say they are working with educators to create—and sell—products that succeed in the marketplace and the classroom. Education Technology

'The Brave Little Surveillance Bear' and Other Stories We Tell About Robots Raising Children

Hack Education

I will not be assigning penance today – although as a scholar of history and culture, I do want you (all of us, really) to think about what we’ve done; to think about what we’ve said; to think about the stories we tell about the future of technology and education.

A Few Weeks with Root


One of my biggest takeaways from the FETC conference in January was seeing the Root robot live. Basically, Root is everything I was looking for in a coding robot, and I could not wait to try it out. What you want to know is my first impressions of the robot, right?

Roboticist and engineer Dr. Ayanna Howard to give STEM keynote at 2018 Future of Education Technology Conference

FETC Converge

The National Future of Education Technology Conference (FETC) announced today that Dr. Ayanna Howard, an educator, researcher, and innovator noted for her ability to make STEM fun and accessible for children with disabilities, will deliver the closing keynote address on Friday, January 26, 2018, at the 38th annual event. Uncategorized artificial intelligence edtech trends FETC mobile learning devices robotics STEM

Education Technology's Inequalities

Hack Education

I also want to consider that, with or without a President Trump , education technology also might make things worse, might also contribute to these ongoing inequalities – and not simply because many in ed-tech seem quite eager to work with the new administration. Don’t Believe “Don’t Be Evil” My own concerns about the direction of education technology cannot be separated from my concerns with digital technologies more broadly.

Tips and Activities for Computational Thinking in the Classroom

In a tech-enriched activity, students learn about text types and purposes, writing narratives in which they recount a sequence of events, providing details, thoughts, and feelings. Wonder Workshop is the creator of the Dash and Dot robots.

For Investors, the Future of Education Technology is now the Workplace

Leadership Lounge

For investors, the future of education technology is now the workplace. After several years of waiting for the K-12 market to grow faster, and a couple of years getting schooled in higher education, education technology investors seem to have decided edtech’s future is the workplace.

All the Upgrades and Updates From Apple, Google and More at ISTE 2018


Earlier this week more than 18,000 attendees from 87 countries gathered in Chicago for ISTE, one of the largest K-12 education technology conferences and trade shows in the world. SMART Technologies adds new collaboration features to its Learning Suite Online software, as well as a new remote device management system that works with third-party devices (iOS, Chrome, Windows, etc) and its own hardware. Education Technology Events Community

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Judge, Jury and Education Startups: Reflections From the SXSW EDU Launch Competition


Some things were once simpler: Edtech pitches used to concentrate on either the K-12 or higher education market. Here are my reflections from playing edtech judge for a morning. The emergence of these tools in “edtech” reflects the belief that perhaps the most tangible and important benefit of education may be to get a good job. But rare is the company that takes care to explain how those technologies actually work in their products.

Your Syllabus to SXSW EDU 2019 (and Where to Find Us!)


From those, event organizers and the public decided on the roughly 400 sessions that made the agenda. From facial-recognition cameras to web and social media filtering software, surveillance technologies are finding their foothold in schools across America. Companies include an AI robot, student incubator and a startup called Pie for Providers. Unfortunately, the best edtech products don’t speak for themselves, and are no guarantee of a successful business.

7 Days of Education Conference Fever Across the Pond


The last week in January is action-packed, with four education events in London for people across the whole spectrum of education—from those who run the ministries to those who supply the tools, from those who teach to those who want to reform the system. In terms of their programming and target audience, the series of consecutive events covers the entirety of the education spectrum: Education World Forum (Jan. Education Technology Events

ISTE 2019: Everything You Need to Know Before the First Day

EdTech Magazine

Those are just two of many topics EdTech: Focus on K–12 team will delve into at the ISTE 2019 conference , which kicks off June 23 in Philadelphia. . Follow EdTech on Twitter as well as the event hashtag, #ISTE19 , to stay up to date.

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Coding and Computer Science during CSEdWeek

The Coding & Robotics K-8 PLC, sponsored by Wonder Workshop , hosted the webinar, “ Beyond the Hour of Code: Implementation for All ,” on December 6th. Join the Coding & Robotics K-8 Community.

Rocket Mortgage Classic: Students Use Ed Tech to Further Their STEM Education

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While professional golfers drove their way down the green at the PGA Rocket Mortgage Classic in Detroit, shouts from excited students could be heard coming from a large white tent where kids were hard at work building miniature robotic Lego golfers. They had to use robots to do it.

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The Student Technology Conference - Saturday Schedule and Welcome!

The Learning Revolution Has Begun

Tomorrow, the inaugural "Student Technology Conference" takes place, kicking off at 9:00am US-Eastern Daylight Time. Please forward this post to friends and colleagues and then encourage them to join us for this live event.

"The Internet Will Be Everywhere and Nowhere"—Dr. Michio Kaku's ISTE 2016 Keynote


In the daily edtech trenches, the forest is easily lost for the trees. Technological minutiae in the classroom carry such immense consequences that it can be hard to think beyond tomorrow’s software update, nevermind next year’s LMS rollout. According to Dr. Kaku, talking wallpaper, data-reading toilets and other technologies that seem like miracles today are a mere fifty years away. Remember, robots are [just] adding machines. Education Technology Events Community

Hour of Code 2015 is Here!

Barrow Media Center: Expect the Miraculous

We have been participating in Hour of Code since it started 3 years ago, and it is an event that inspires so many things within our school. This week-long event coincides with Computer Science in Education week each December. tlchat #edtech @codeorg

Podcasts to help Students think Creatively about Traditional Content

Indiana Jen

This work not only “keeps me honest” when it comes to technology, but it encourages to hone my skills as an educator and learner. I want my students to think outside the box, explore things from new angles, and challenge accepted interpretations of historical events.

Three Career Paths for Educational Innovators—How to Get There and Where the Jobs Are


The seeds of innovation are planted at a young age, and technological advances now provide learners of all ages the opportunity to be creators, builders, designers, producers and makers. STEAM-based learning emphasizes both hands-on and digital experiences with engineering, art, game design, prototyping in makerspaces, authoring, robotics, and much more. in Educational Innovation, Technology & Entrepreneurship (MEITE). Facebook events.

In Tynker’s Latest Partnership with Mattel, Kids Can Undertake “Careers” with Barbie


Robotics Engineer. Mattel and Tynker will be supporting Hour of Code again for this year’s event, the spokesperson for Tynker says.) According to a press release from Mattel, the two companies will host a digital event in the future to encourage more kids to pick up coding, and will “also work together to provide teachers with the tools needed to leverage this content in the classroom.” Education Technology Startups Edtech BusinessMusician. Astronaut.

This Company Wants to Gather Student Brainwave Data to Measure ‘Engagement’


The idea was enough for BrainCo to win awards including “Most Innovative” at a pitchfest during the 2017 International Society for Technology in Education (ISTE) national conference. At the 2016 CES conference, an electronics and consumer tech tradeshow, BrainCo’s Focus 1 device flopped in a live demo, which attempted to use human brainwaves detected by the headband to control a robotic hand. The Daily Dot called it the most “ cringeworthy demonstration ” at the event.

Podcasts to help Students think Creatively about Traditional Content

Indiana Jen

This work not only “keeps me honest” when it comes to technology, but it encourages to hone my skills as an educator and learner. I want my students to think outside the box, explore things from new angles, and challenge accepted interpretations of historical events.

Here Are the 10 Michelson Runway Startups Vying For Future Funders


Education technology accelerator programs are often studded with robotic kits or educational games. The four-month program is capped with a pitch night in front of edtech investors. Users can audio record their name pronunciation and share it in advance of events like commencement ceremonies, or before a first day of class. Education Technology Startups Edtech Business

Things I Wish My Teacher Knew… – SULS007

Shake Up Learning

Of course, we’ll also dig into technology! 02:58] – We have a quick question from Laura Cahill: How do we support more reluctant teachers to embrace technology and new ideas in the classroom? [08:04] 14:41] – Does Camden use technology in class every day? [16:39]

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Using Makerspaces to Support Personalized Learning

At this stage of the edtech revolution, most educators are focused on using tech to enhance lessons rather than on the tech itself. In the edWebinar “ Students Leverage Technology Tools and Makerspaces to Personalize Learning,” Grace Borst, Innovation Specialist at St.