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36 Edtech Tools I’m Using Right Now in My Classroom and Life

The CoolCatTeacher

and a Link to a Free Resource with More Tips From the Cool Cat Teacher Blog by Vicki Davis Follow @coolcatteacher on Twitter. So many of these tools are new to me. It is amazing how I use them every single day. I just enter the data once. See how I use Office Mix.].

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The challenges of mobile learning in the classroom


This is especially evident over the decade, as schools have increasingly adopted mobile learning as a signature initiative using BYOD and 1:1 programs and investing in tablets to provide their students with access to a wealth of relevant educational content and learning opportunities.

How to Build a Modern School – 6 Key Elements to Embed in Your Groundwork

ViewSonic Education

The process of rejuvenating an educational system set up a few hundred years ago will take generations to redefine. A school should frequently revise their mission statements to reflect the needs of the students and the communities they serve. Figuring out how to do modern assessments.

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How to Cope with Bullying

Ask a Tech Teacher

Started in 2006, it aims to educate and raise awareness of bullying prevention around the world and is supported by hundreds of schools, corporations, and celebrities. While schools can sponsor month-long events, the most popular is to wear orange on October 19th, designated Unity Day.

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A Gullible Population Is a National Security Issue

The CoolCatTeacher

A Note from Vicki: This post is in response to Cathy Rubin’s Global Search for education where she asks about the literacy skills required for a new world. While this blog is based on verifiable data, some readers may be unhappy with my interpretation.

Teachers and IT: How to keep kids safe on Chromebooks

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If you didn’t have iPads in your classroom, you were planning to get them soon. Chromebooks are in many ways ideal for classrooms, allowing teachers to leverage online resources to provide richer, more differentiated educational experiences to your students.

Data Security and Implications for Physical Security

Leadership Lounge

Three schools in Iowa and Nebraska have canceled classes and have increased security due to graphic and violent content being emailed or texted to parents of students within the school districts. First, social media did not help the situation.

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A Teacher’s Guide For Creating A School Twitter Chat

TeachThought - Learn better.

A twitter chat is an amazing resource for professional development AND gives educators the option to participate in their PJs, from the comfort of their own home! A good chat stimulates great conversation, but also has the power to motivate an entire district. What To Do After The Chat.

5 Tips to Increase Parental Engagement in the 21st Century Classroom – From Courtney Pepe


One of the most exciting times for me as a school administrator is Back-to-School night which we had this past week at the A. Here are 5 tips and tricks that me, my faculty members, and some fellow administrators use to create a unique brand of 21st century style parent involvement.

Protect Students. Secure Data.

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eLearning , the adoption of mobility, social media, and online collaboration are the most significant changes to emerge for K-12 organizations. Whether you’re trying to secure your threat vectors or deal with these expanding attack surfaces, securing these trends is a priority for K-12 organizations of all sizes. How to secure all of your threat vectors against vulnerabilities and attacks. Date: Tuesday, April 28th.

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Nearly 60% of Teens Use Their Own Mobile Devices in School for Learning

The Innovative Educator

The ultimate learning experience for students is both highly collaborative and extremely personalized, supported by mobile devices and digital content, reports Project Tomorrow in their latest Speak Up report. Interest among students continues to grow.

Protect, Deter, Recover: Data Risks in K12 Schools #SXSWedu


Protect, Deter, Recover: Data Risks in K12 Schools SXSWedu 2017 Panel Hosted by Absolute: Empower K-12 staff, parents and community by learning best-practices for digital citizenship, including device safety and security, cyberbullying and Internet crime. Teach good data stewardship.

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Visualizing Learning with Infographics: 23 Resources

Teacher Reboot Camp

“Numbers have an important story to tell. They rely on you to give them a clear and convincing voice.” This year get your students to visualize difficult concepts or understand a process by teaching with infographics. Click here for a how-to video.

Dealing with digital distraction

The Hechinger Report

To tame classroom distraction, their professor uses Flipd, an app that locks students out of their phones during class. At Cal State Dominguez Hills, the low November sun had faded to dusk when Professor Toddy Eames called for a break in the middle of a nearly three-hour screenwriting class.

Using Google to Enhance Teams

The Playground Advocate

My school district embraced Google Apps for Education a few years ago, and since then we have been working to help our administrators, teachers, and students move to these tools to enhance teaching and learning. That is more than enough to handle my many projects.

Friday 5 — 8.28.2015

Perry Hewitt

HBR looks at how psychological response and social motivation drive video sharing. Apparently it doesn’t hurt to reach the “supersharers,” who are responsible for 82.4% listen to voicemail anymore? Weekend fun: Ever wanted to just pull up stakes and go?

3 Techniques for Promoting Resilience in Adult Digital Literacy

Digital Promise

During a recent trip to the doctor, the office’s affiliate hospital was in the midst of transitioning to a new electronic medical records system. And as we know, the key to coping with any stress—regardless the source—is something known as resilience.

Teaching cybersecurity to your students: 3 basic tips


As students and young adults use the internet more often, they’ll be subject to more cyber threats. Considering that 95% of teens have access to a smartphone and 45% say they are online ‘almost constantly’ , they need all the support possible to avoid becoming victims of cyber threats.

Debunking 3 myths about BYOD in the classroom


From temp teachers to entire school districts, more and more educational staff debate about or seriously consider the adoption of BYOD in their instruction. Not long ago, mobile devices were considered perfect for any past-time activity, and had no place in the classroom.

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With JotForm, Summer Camp Registration Couldn’t Be Easier

Ask a Tech Teacher

Sometimes, these are for just their students but often, the community is invited in an effort to provide a safe, fun summer learning environment for all kids. The biggest problem with summer camp has nothing to do with picking interesting subjects or lining up teachers.

Students Size Up Edtech’s Dark Side


Read part 1 , part 2 (about audio) , part 3 (about video) , and part 4 (about mobile tech in education). When students in my graduate seminar on education technology were given the chance to select a topic for a class session, they wanted to devote time to the digital world’s dark side.

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Managing And Protecting Digital Identities

The Web20Classroom

I can't believe you are allowed to say the things you do." "I What had I said or done to make people say these things to me? To my surprise there was a person who had the same name as me who holds many hateful and racist beliefs. And you have to do this often.

Today's Newsletter - Curriculum & IT: Can This Marriage Be Saved?


Mobile devices. Social Media. Data Privacy. All of these can cause curriculum and IT departments to spiral into a Kayne-vs-Taylor-Swift-type feud. The key to staying out of divorce court is remembering that it’s not about technology.

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Group Texting Programs: The Next Big Wave?

Education with Technology

The first category consists of teacher- to-student text programs such as Reminder 101 , In these programs, the teacher sends out text reminders, announcements, notes, etc. to the whole class with just a click of button. Some program may allow for the teacher to send out surveys or polls. David Murphy wonders if group texting is shaping up to be the next big battleground between the Web’s social (or search) superstars.

Overcoming The Barriers To Better School:Home Communications

The Web20Classroom

As a teacher, I always looked forward to the first day of school. Getting my room put together, planning new lessons and meeting new faces was something I couldn't wait to do. But them came the take-home folder filled to capacity with nearly 50 sheets of paper.

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Digital Media Has a Misinformation Problem—but It's an Opportunity for Teaching.


Jennifer Sparrow was nominated to share her thoughts by futurist Bryan Alexander, who wrote for the project in 2017. But one of the most pressing barriers I’ve come across—on campus and off—has to do with processing the information we read online everyday, and teaching students how to think critically about sources as well as how to share and articulate credible information.

Three Ways to Stop Sextortion in Its Tracks

Gaggle Speaks

Oftentimes, it starts with an anonymous text to a child or teen. The sender claims to have incriminating pictures and threatens to release the images across social media unless more sexually explicit images or videos are sent to the perpetrator.

Livestreaming and Podcasting in the Classroom

Whether providing lessons for sick kids or giving parents a weekly update on classroom activities, livestreams and podcasts offer teachers yet another way to connect with their students and families. When choosing a platform, there are a few questions to consider.

See What Facebook (Thinks It) Knows About You


Today offered a vivid reminder that social networks are (also) surveillance machines, as SnapChat published heatmap of students participating in National Walkout Day. We’ve posted before about ways to understand better what’s going on with your social media accounts.

5 Ways to Use JotForm Cards With Your Classes

Ask a Tech Teacher

One of the fastest growing technologies in education is forms–to gather information, curate data, test students, and much more. There are lots of platforms available but for many, JotForm is the gold standard whether on PCs, Macs, or mobile devices.

Has Your School Reached an Edtech Plateau? Here’s the Key to Moving the Needle


A school community can push past that plateau and continue to make progress when all stakeholders are able to model for and teach one another. Just as it is a best practice for educators to model with math and reading and writing for students, it is also a best practice for all tech-savvy stakeholders to model for the tech-tentative. Then, share the resulting data and respond to the concerns of participants so that the meeting can continue positively and productively.

Digital Parenting BINGO


One item that constantly comes up is “how do I know what I don’t know?” when it comes to raising kids in the digital age. When you add a layer of technology to parenting, there are some additional items to be aware of and some “tools” you should have in your digital parenting toolkit.

The 9 essential elements of digital citizenship

eSchool News

To hear author Mike Ribble tell it, kids are entering school with some exposure to technology—meaning schools won’t be making a first impression. And about two in five children under the age of two have used a mobile device. Every digital citizen should have these skills.

Awareness, Assessment, and Access: Improving Adult Digital Literacy

Digital Promise

The classes are a product of RIFLI’s plan to create a 1:1 classroom computing model that, according to RIFLI’s Director Karisa Tashjian, “blurs the lines between language/content learning and using technology.” ” The classes are popular and full of students like Argelia, an immigrant in her 40s from Guatemala who knew she needed English, but was surprised to find out her job as a nursing assistant equally required her to be digitally literate.

Design thinking fast-tracks collaboration at the University of Ottawa


It wasn’t the conventional way to kick off a major strategic IT initiative at the University of Ottawa. Martin’s team was tasked with developing a new technology strategy to improve the experience of uOttawa students. And he wanted to start at the source. Two hours.