Fast Company Names Most Innovative Education Companies 2015

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The magazine chose the College Board, Google, Edcamp, Revolution Foods, Summit Public Schools, Democrats for Education Reform, and Teachers Pay Teachers among its top 10 "most innovative.". Ed-tech Google Innovation collegeboard democratsforeducationreform edcamp google summitpublicschools teacherspayteachers

From EdCamps to Google, 11 Professional Development Offerings for Teachers This Summer


Grab Your Tents: Time to Go Ed-Camping Okay, so for most of these edcamp events you probably won’t need a tent, but they are often full of multi-day events (so pack snacks). If you are looking to dive deep into early education topics this summer, PBS is hosting a free edcamp event in New York City where educators are encouraged to collaborate with other schools and home-based teachers to share practices and develop skills.

HOW TO EDCAMP! Notes from a workshop by Kevin Jarrett

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Kevin Jarrett (@kjarrett) spoke about how to run an edcamp at #edcampsteam. It isn''t trademarked for an edcamp. Edcamp rules, has to be open to all, at school unconference. This is what an edcamp should be. You can learn about stuff at an edcamp. If you are interested in setting up an edcamp, you register the name on twitter, register gmail address, etc.

Professional Opportunities for Educators in 2014


If you''re a Michigan educator, be sure to mark your 2015 calendars for the MI Flip Conference and EdCamp Lansing. EdCamp Detroit : May 3, 2014 Detroit, MI The EdCamp unConferences are one of a kind. For any EdCamp unConference, there is no registration fee. EdCamp U.S.

The Chasm Grows: Public versus Private

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The desire to mend this chasm started working on me thanks to Edcamp Gigcity. I sometimes get jealous of the level of support Greg Bagby gets from software companies due to the funding of those initiatives by his county. My heart is burdened.

Finishing Strong by Taking Chances?

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I want to share five things you might try in your classroom in these last weeks to take a chance on creating something valuable for the future (yours, your current students, and even your future students): Genius Hour or 20% Time.This is a creation of the Google Company themselves.

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A Conversation About Teacher Retention With Acting Secretary of Education, John King

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It’s similar to how many company retain their top talent: Know their strengths, give them opportunities to shine, celebrate successes, offer opportunities for collaborating and learning with peers, provide top notch, just-in-time training, and compensate them adequately for the work they do.

Podcasting How To’s and Tips with Jeff Bradbury and Vicki Davis

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It had Dan Callahan on from — at that time, he was kind of working with the EdCamp Foundation and founders, and we just did a show on, “What Is EdCamp?”. The reason that we’re at EdCamp Buffalo is that I’ve heard your show, and it inspired me to create my own EdCamp.

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Virtual Mentorship for Emerging Leaders

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During her career, Jodie created and organized Ohio’s first Special Education based EdCamp ( @SpEdCampOH ) and has presented several professional learning opportunities for educators including Ohio Education Technology Conference (OETC) and several EdCamps.

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8 Secrets To Providing Amazing EdTech Customer Service | By @JeffBradbury | @SamPatue


Whether you are a teacher trying to figure out how to invest your limited class resource budget, or an edtech company trying to secure your place in the market, customer service is something to look at closely. I clearly remember the first company I chatted with on Twitter. Tweet.

Math Teacher: 5 Principles of the Modern Mathematics Classroom

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He is also one of the organizers of Edcamp Philly ( [link] ) and a founder of All About Explorers ( [link] ). The company who sponsored it compensated me via cash payment, gift, or something else of value to include a reference to their product.

5 Simple Ways to Improve Teacher Professional Development

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Often a life coach doesn’t even work for the company of the person they are coaching. Many teachers love Teachers Pay Teachers while others frown on the resources because they prefer traditional textbook companies.

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Rethinking Professional Development So It Actually Improves Teaching

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I’ve talked to some administrators who say, “Hey, we did an EdCamp last month, and the teachers loved it. The company who sponsored it compensated me via cash payment, gift, or something else of value to include a reference to their product.

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Flipsnack: A fun way to make interactive online magazines #edtech

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In addition, Mandy supports professional learning as Director of the Collaborate, Inspire & Innovate Conference in Ripon, WI, as well as her Organizer and Public Relations Coordinator roles for edCamp Oshkosh in Oshkosh, Wisconsin.

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Let’s Inspire Each Other During #ISTE2016 #NotAtISTE16

Teacher Reboot Camp

If you are in Denver, I’d love the chance to meet you face-to-face and if not we can still enjoy each other’s company virtually.

Give Teachers Credit: They Know Learning Is Social


Companies] are trying to cut and paste solutions they built for one industry and sell them to teachers and administrators because they feel the market is hot. Virtually all of those companies, along with thousands of other venture-backed outfits during that time, turned into doo-doo. There is a lot of noise in edtech today, mostly coming from technology and consumer marketing-oriented companies.

Connecting Personalized Professional Learning to a Bigger Purpose

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A couple of things about the above quote: It is personalized YET ties directly to moving the company forward (“will most benefit Google”). To the first point, as a reminder: It is personalized YET ties directly to moving the company forward (“will most benefit Google”).

50+ Can’t-Miss K-12 Education Technology Events for 2017-2018


They offer plenty of opportunities to reconnect with colleagues, make new acquaintances, and learn new ideas that could change your career or company’s fortunes. (Or There are also recurring events—such as EdCamp and Maker Faire—that take place year-round across the country. “Travel is more than the seeing of sights,” wrote the late Miriam Beard. “It It is a change that goes on, deep and permanent, in the ideas of living.

Back on the Road! The 2018 K-12 Education Technology Conference Calendar


They offer plenty of opportunities to reconnect with colleagues, make new acquaintances, and learn new ideas that could change your career or company’s fortunes. (Or There are also recurring events—such as EdCamp and Maker Faire—that take place year-round across the country. For lifelong learners and writers, the travel bug bites hard. Few experiences are as invigorating as learning new things, meeting old friends and making future ones—across locations familiar and exotic.

The 2013 Highlights from Kleinspiration!


Happy New Year ~ from Kleinspiration This year was filled with many joyous moments. I feel so blessed to have such a wonderful family and caring friends. I''m lucky to have a job that I adore and hobbies that support what I enjoy doing. Thank you all for being so supportive over the year.

How Kristen Swanson Applies Her Classroom Experience to Lead ‘Professional Learning’ at Slack


But she’s probably best known as founder of the Edcamp Foundation, which helps teachers run free, grassroots professional-development workshops. Swanson says she was drawn to Slack because of the role the company is playing in changing how people communicate with technology. One challenge of being at a fast-growing company, she says, is making sure information about how things work is maintained and shared as new employees quickly come onboard.

From Playgrounds to Programmers: How Sharing Shapes Schools


The Edcamp movement is another example of educators organizing themselves for the simple purpose of sharing practices, successes, and miscues. Edcamp events are free, generally locally organized “unconference” meetings where the agenda is decided by those in attendance. According to the Edcamp website, since 2010 there have been over 700 events in 25 countries. Arguably the most powerful leadership tactic we know is one of the most subtle.

App Overkill: Going Beyond the Buzz Words #SXSWedu


There's a huge gap between what's being designed by edtech companies and what is happening in classrooms and what classrooms need.

Four Ways School Leaders Can Support Meaningful Innovation


In order to stay relevant to the changing demands of the consumer, companies and organizations invest in research and development. There are schools where administrators are experimenting with models of teacher-led professional development like EdCamps.

Edtech Needs More Infrastructure, Educator Support in 2017


Continue Efforts to Improve Connectivity In Schools Just last week, one of my portfolio company founders was excited to pilot a new literacy tool in a school in Richmond, Calif., Teachers are hungry for collaborative learning experiences as evidenced by the growth of Edcamps , and they need more opportunities to reflect on their practice, especially as it relates to the use of technology in the classroom.

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7 Ways to Spark Innovation and Collaboration In Your School


And over at Nearpod, the company recently launched Nearpod VR. Or, give students a voice through events like an “ Edcamp for students”—this informal platform allows students to explore topics of their interest and become facilitators of their own learning through discussion and collaboration.


Kidcasts: Podcasts for kiddos


Last week I enjoyed the great variety of edCamp Global sessions across a variety of platforms–Periscope, Twitter chats, and Google+ Hangouts.

Three Ways That Rural States Can Become the Hotbeds for School Edtech Innovation


I argue that rural states are where edtech companies, investors, and media outlets should be looking to to see truly innovative implementation of technology. To Address It: Collaboration took place between the state and school districts, which led to the growth of several large statewide professional learning opportunities—including three successful Google Summits, Wyoming’s first Edcamp, Wyoming Technology and Engagement Curriculum monthly webinars, and a statewide conference.

Disintermediating IT: The Secret Sauce To Small School EdTech Success

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Prior to my arrival, they had been contracting with a local tech services company for their onsite break/fix tech needs. While local IT services companies may do an ok job of break/fix, contracting with them is a ticket to status quo at best and sometimes serious frustration at worst.

2016 EdTechTeam Impact Report


as a separate company. EdTechTeam, a California Benefit Corporation , is a global network of educational technologists dedicated to inspiring and empowering other educators.

My Journey Towards Innovation- A Google Certified Innovator Story


Although the academy was held in Mountain View at Google Headquarters, and Google is a tech company, this academy was very little about tech, in fact it was more about mindset. “Life's a journey with problems to solve, lessons to learn, but most of all, experiences to enjoy.”

Beyond "Ditching the Desks," 9 Creative Ways to Avoid "The Cemetery Effect"


I also recommend attending an unConference like an EdCamp which is free and led by the participants who attend.

Events + News - #TLChat LIVE! - NMC Preview - Students in Charge - iSchool Initiative

The Learning Revolution Has Begun

NMC Summer Conference presenters are thought leaders within the education industry at colleges and universities, schools, museums, libraries, organizations, and companies.

What Should First Year Teachers Know About Tech Integration?

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This hit me at an Edcamp last year when topics of discussion were listed on the board and hands went up all over the room asking things like "what's a makerspace?", "what's augmented reality?", "what does PBL stand for?"

Connected Educator Month

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Beginning with a kickoff webinar on October 1 and culminating with Edcamp Online , Educator Innovator’s participation will focus on disseminating resources that highlight the critical importance of interest- and passion-driven work by young people. Highlights of CEM 2013 included: ● More than 300 major education organizations, companies, or communities officially participating, including, for the first time, entire states and districts.