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5 helpful hacks for managing a STEM classroom

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However, it does mean that STEM classrooms require skilled management to keep students focused on their tasks. So, how do we as educators foster an environment of engagement and creativity without stifling our students’ curiosity? This means teaching students not just how to speak, but how to listen as well.

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3 ways to build engagement in STEM classrooms

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The same is true—and arguably more important—for students who are less interested in science and STEM fields. Engagement, after all, is a critical contributing factor to students pursuing a STEM pathway in college and in the workforce. Student engagement is critical regardless of what subject is being taught.

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Free STEM Curriculum Distance Learning Resources

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These are some additional free remote learning resources: A remote learning guide for new or existing Buncee users that are looking to learn how to use Buncee for remote learning or in combination with tools such as Microsoft Teams, Google Classroom, Wakelet, and Flipgrid.

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How Project-Based Learning and STEM Drive Student Success

Watch the Recording Listen to the Podcast As the demand for STEM skills grows, so too does the question of if and why we need it in the classroom. Valenzuela explained that project-based learning+ (PBL+) got its name from how it encourages students to focus on life skills, in addition to academics and STEM.

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How K–12 Classrooms Can Benefit from Robotics

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How K–12 Classrooms Can Benefit from Robotics. Classrooms are dynamically impacted by the dual forces of technological evolution and student expectation. Student engagement is changing, driven by digital natives looking to combine organic social interaction with science, technology, engineering and math discovery.

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3 best practices to create a STEM-focused school

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Department of Labor , in 2021, there were nearly 10 million workers in STEM occupations–a total projected to grow by almost 11 percent by 2031. Department of Labor , in 2021, there were nearly 10 million workers in STEM occupations–a total projected to grow by almost 11 percent by 2031. According to the U.S.

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How Leveraging Curiosity May Keep Students Engaged From Afar


Being one educator that engages 30 kids online effectively is a challenge. This newfound passion led Bongiorno to transition to teaching general technology in the classroom and, eventually, robotics. And, just like other educators, she’s been working hard to keep kids in the program engaged and safe from afar. STEM Anywhere.