8 Good Android Science Apps for Elementary Students

Educational Technology and Mobile Learning

May 25, 2017 For those of you using Android with their students in class, here is a collection of science apps curated specifically for elementary students. Android apps for elementary Android Science appsUsing these apps, young learners will get.read more.

3 Good Android Digital Storytelling Apps for Elementary Students

Educational Technology and Mobile Learning

March 11, 2016 After posting about iPad storytelling apps for kids, we received a few requests to post a similar list for Android users. Android apps for elementary Android digital storytelling appsBelow are three of our favourite titles we recommend in.read more.

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Flipping the elementary school classroom? YES!


Elementary school classrooms do not naturally lend themselves to a flipped or blended environment for a number of reasons. Blended or flipped environments also are not ideal in an elementary school setting because so much of teaching in these grades is dependent on modelling and direction.

6 Good Android Science Apps for Young Learners

Educational Technology and Mobile Learning

For those of you using Android with their students in class, here is a collection of science apps curated specifically for elementary students. Using these apps, young learners will get to explore.read more

Elementary Technology Favorites by Grade Level

Tech Helpful

One of the things shared was the list of "tried and true" technology usage by grade level at our elementary school. You will immediately see that our teachers have access to iPads and many of their choices are iOS apps but often there are web versions and android apps for these as well.

The reason I am replacing my iPhone with an Android smartphone

Reading By Example

The Apple versions of their apps work fairly well on iOS, but the experience is much better within the Android operating system. For example, our elementary level administrative team houses all of our minutes, spreadsheets, and schedules in Google Drive. Google, of course.

Android apps for the applying level of Bloom's

Kathy Schrock

This resource deals with Android apps for the third of Bloom's levels, applying. ANDROID APPS AND WEB SITES TO SUPPORT THE APPLYING LEVEL Sharing: Audioboom https://play.google.com/store/apps/developer?id=audioBoom&hl=en

5 Home and Smart Phone Filtering Options for Parents

The CoolCatTeacher

It installs on apps (or on phones and devices across the board, so Windows, Macs, Android, all of that). 5 Idea Friday All Grades Chromebooks Digital Citizenship Education Elementary Grades 1-5 (Ages 6-10) High School Grades 9-12 (Ages 13-18) How to Guides.

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5 Ways Adobe Premiere Rush Encourages Creativity in the Classroom

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SIMPLE TEACHING So, whether they have an iPhone, iPad, Android, PC, or Mac – students have a consistent view as they work on their video.

Adobe 254

5 Simple Ways to Improve Physical Education w/ #Edtech

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And what they enable you to do is complete a performance and then you’ve for a given delay period to get back to the device whether it’s a laptop or an iPad or an android tablet and see that.

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Simple Virtual Reality in the Classroom with Google Streetview and Google Cardboard with Donnie Piercey

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I kind of showed them this App called Google Street View [link] which is on iPhone and Android. Episode 127 of the 10-Minute Teacher Podcast From the Cool Cat Teacher Blog by Vicki Davis Follow @coolcatteacher on Twitter.

4 Geeky Gifts for Teachers

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But it is a pen — if you use the Bluetooth version — that will automatically hook into your iOS or Android device. When you start writing with the pen, it automatically then downloads that note to your iOS or Android device.

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Seesaw: The ultimate ePortfolio for every classroom!

iLearn Technology

Supported platforms include iOS devices, Android devices, Chromebooks, and any computer with a Chrome web browser. What it is: Seesaw is the first truly student centered/driven digital portfolio tool that I’ve seen.

Aurasma: Create Augmented Reality Experiences in Under 2 Min.

iLearn Technology

As students look through their iPhone/iPad/Android’s camera in the Aurasma app, all of that vocabulary would pop up as others explored the room. What it is: Aurasma is an app (also a website) that allows learners to quickly create augmented reality experiences for others.

Using Tablets and Google for Education to Support Early Elementary Learning

District Administration

In this web seminar, educators from C2E discussed how the school is using Android tabletswith Google Play for Education both inside and outside the classroom for research, projects, field trips and more, how these tools have helped students take ownership of their learning, and the keys to a successful implementation at any school or district The right mix of technology and activities can help to establish foundational skills in grades K-3. District Administration Custom Publishing Group.

MobyMax: Tablet + help differentiating instruction

iLearn Technology

It has a 7” screen and runs on Android 4.2. The MobyMax tablet runs on Android which means in addition to all of the great MobyMax curriculum, your students also have access to all of the happiness that Android brings.

An App to Assess Reading Fluency: @FluencyFinder!


Coming Soon – FlunecyFinder for Android For more information on FluencyFinder click here ! apps for fluency apps for reading assess fluency education elementary apps fluency fluency app Fluency Finder reading apps teaching FluencyFinder V.

10 New Ideas for Creating Literacy Centers – From Beth Holland


She had her students use the Magnetic ABC app in conjunction with Book Creator (iPads/Android/Windows) to create Sight Word books. Particularly with older elementary students, consider having them create their own vocabulary books. This post first appeared on Daily Genius.

Plus Happy Numbers: Free Monthly Math challenges for the primary classroom

iLearn Technology

Analyze Apply Fun & Games Interactive Whiteboard iPod Math Primary Elementary Teacher Resources Understand (describe, explain) Websites adaptive android challenges chromebook classroom cogntive skills first free games happy math higher order thinking iPad kindergarten mac mathematician mathematics monthly challenge number flexibility numeracy pc plus primary problem solving remediation second visual spatial thinking

Use Monster Heart Medic to Diagnose a Healthy Lifestyle – From Sabba Quidwai


This free, new app for iOS – and soon coming to Android – is a well crafted educational adventure game that explores the cardiovascular system by examining how it is affected by healthy living. iPads in the Elementary Classroom.

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Video Tutorial: Using Sketching Apps and Comic Creators for Comic Strip Conversations


and sharable with apps such as Doodle Buddy ( free for iOS ) or Drawing Desk ( free for Android ). adults apps context early elementary HS later elementary schema social pragmatics social thinking

Screencast Tools to Demonstrate Student Learning

Teacher Reboot Camp

Explain Everything (iOS, Android and Chromebooks), Educreations (iOS and the web) and ShowMe (iOS, Android and Chromebooks) are similar with a blank canvas you can add pdfs, images, drawings, shapes, colors, text, audio, and more!

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Out of the Loop- a fun social game


Out of the Loop is a great game to try with any of your groups (free for iOS and Android, additional content packs with in-app purchases). I used both with a high school and upper elementary group.

World Education Games 2015! Math, Literacy, Science

iLearn Technology

Tips: Using an Android or iPads in the classroom? What it is: You guys, the World Education Games is back again, taking place around the world October 13-15, 2015! More than 5 million students from over 200 countries and territories will participate in the games for 2015.

English +Common Core +Mobile = Success (ISTE2014 Poster -details)

Education with Technology

Present mobile recorded news to two different groups (HS class and elementary class). Although the ebook is intended for grades 6-12, teachers at both the elementary and the college level can easily adapt the activities.

Making & Science with Google

iLearn Technology

Using the featured Science Journal app (Android and Chromebook only), students can measure light, sound, and more. How to integrate Making & Science with Google in your classroom: The Science Journal app makes any Android phone or Chromebook computer into a scientific tool that students can use to collect data on light, sound, and motion. What it is: Making & Science is an initiative by Google aimed at showing students that anyone can be a maker or a scientist.

Lists for Writers is also useful for SLPs


for iOS/Android) is a resource of exactly that--lists of narrative elements that writers can use to jumpstart ideas. adults categories context curriculum connections description discourse executive function HS later elementary MS reading comprehension social thinking story grammar

5 Ways to Amplify Student Voice Using Technology


Devices: iOS, Android, Mac, or PC. Devices: iOS, Android, Mac, or PC. Devices: iOS, Android, Mac, or PC. Devices: iOS, Android, Mac, or PC. Post by Instructor: Mason Mason. Follow him on Twitter @EdTechMason.

Flash & Thunder- Part graphic novel, part game, all fun and learning

iLearn Technology

The video game component will be available on iOS, Android, and online here. What it is: INVICTA Challenge combines technology (in the form of an action-packed video game), a graphic novel, maps, an operation packet and an action figure that inspires kids to read and problem solve.

How to Create a Class Brand (and much more!) with Tony Vincent – SULS011

Shake Up Learning

Quik app for Android. The post How to Create a Class Brand (and much more!) with Tony Vincent – SULS011 appeared first on Shake Up Learning. I’m excited for today’s conversation with one of my favorite edtech gurus!

Tips and Tools to Support Students in Publishing Their Own Digital Storybooks

Teacher Reboot Camp

Book Creator – Web, iOS and Android app to create and publish digital books with personal photos, audio, video, and more. Elementari – Create a free class account for up to 30 students. Part of the December 2019 STEM Resources Digital Calendar !

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English + Common Core + Mobile = Success in Learning Poster Session at ISTE 2014

Education with Technology

The mobile activities focus on free common tool apps that are available on both the Android and the iPad. Although the ebook is intended for grades 6-12, teachers at both the elementary and the college level can easily adapt the activities. Over 98% of the suggested apps are free and work on both Android and iPad. Anchor Statements Android Common Core English ipad Mobile tablet CCSS ELA mobile Smartphone Tablet

The Thinking and Creativity That Goes Into Game Design

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Elementary to high school students love these tools that provide teachers with lesson plans and a standards-aligned curriculum. TinyTap (iOS/Android)- create simple, fun games with students’ images and sound effects. Part of the December 2019 STEM Resources Digital Calendar !

Top Tools by Grade and Subject for Learning During School Closures

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Elementary Math and Science Khan Academy Kids. Creative, smart mix of pre-K to K activities is a breath of fresh air Price: Free Platforms: iOS, Android, Amazon. Elementary ELA and Social Studies Epic! Elementary Arts and Creativity Book Creator. Platforms: iOS, Android.

Pair Activities with Mobile Devices

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Check out these Educreation monster drawings by elementary students. Have students use apps like Puppet Pals , Toontastic , Sock Puppets , Buddy Poke Pro (iOS/Android), Voxer (iOS/Android), or Piiig Walkie Talkie (for elementary) to practice role plays. Students can report the news in pairs with apps like Talking Ben & Tom News Reporter (iOS/Android) or TouchCast.