The Pedagogy of Blended Learning

A Principal's Reflections

Blended instruction is what the teacher does with technology. Blended learning is where students use tech to have control over path, place, and pace. Eric Sheninger I remember back in 2012 when we began to implement blended learning strategies at my former high school. The goal was to make the learning experience more personal for our students while better meeting their individual needs in the process. Blended makes this a reality.

Report: The 4 models of blended learning in action

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New report explores main blended models and their use. A new paper by advocacy and policy org iNacol explores how blended learning is being used in practice and traces its history from 2008 to today. In particular, it takes a close look at the four major blended models and, through case studies, how specific schools have fared in implementing them. Flipped learning might also be used to help students rotate.


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The potential, promise and pitfalls of blended learning in India

The Hechinger Report

The setting seems highly unlikely for an innovation like blended learning to take root. The Hechinger Report visited schools in India recently and talked to experts about blended learning – which includes an element of online learning with in-class instruction – and the potential it has for helping both teachers and students in the world’s second-most populous country. So why is there so much optimism about blended learning as a solution?

Should we hit the pause button for online and blended learning?

The Hechinger Report

Too many students in virtual and blended learning schools are performing poorly, according to a new National Education Policy Center report , released last week, by Gary Miron, a professor at Western Michigan University, and Charisse Gulosino, an assistant professor at the University of Memphis. The center’s annual report about online learning for the first time took a look at blended learning, as well. Subscribe to our Blended Learning newsletter.

Excellent Free STEM Strategies from TGR Foundation and Discovery

The CoolCatTeacher

Summer is a great time to learn how to do that as you prepare for fall and back to school. The new ( Re)Defining STEM learning module from TGR Foundation and Discovery Education is the first of several courses to support educators to integrate STEM in new and powerful ways.

STEM 288

Virtual charter schools need “bold action” for change, says national charter school advocacy group

The Hechinger Report

The major advocacy group for public charter schools is concerned that failing online charter schools may be hurting the credibility of the movement as a whole. We think the extent of the problems call for state leaders and authorizers to take bold actions,” said Todd Ziebarth, the lead author of the report and the senior vice president for state advocacy and support for the National Alliance for Public Charter Schools. Read more about Blended Learning.

Fighting Exclusion: Shake Up Inclusive Learning – SULS0164

Shake Up Learning

The post Fighting Exclusion: Shake Up Inclusive Learning – SULS0164 appeared first on Shake Up Learning. In this episode, Kasey interviews Mike Marotta, co-author of Inclusive Learning 365. Together they discuss how inclusive learning is meeting the needs of all learners.

5 Ways to Bring Financial Literacy into Any School

The CoolCatTeacher

If you go to NextGen Personal Finance’s website, they have up in the upper right hand corner a #finhero, and it was an extensive project where not only did somebody survey 85% of high schools in the United States, but they build out all of these advocacy tools that teachers could use if they wanted to advocate for financial literacy. Innovation Lesson Plans Math Teachers Middle / Junior High Grades 6-8 (Ages 10-13) Project Based Learning Society and Ethics Teachers Tools Web Tools

Waterford Gets $20M+ Grant for Online Preschool. Its Critics Are Not Happy.


Despite the momentum recently to expand early learning opportunities to children, there are still millions of people who face barriers to that access, specifically in rural and low-income areas,” she says. The program focuses on building pre-literacy skills, such as sound blending and letter names, and is designed to be used 15 minutes a day for a total of 75 minutes per week. Education Technology Blended Learning Nonprofits

Leading Learning in a Blended Environment

According to the Oxford English Dictionary, blended learning is a style of education in which students learn via electronic and online media and traditional face-to-face teaching. In Meriden Public Schools (CT), they are committed to promoting anytime, anywhere learning.


A true gift from SHEG: DIY digital literacy assessments and tools for historical thinking


These tasks are perfect for learning across the curriculum and especially for librarian-led learning. Webpage Comparison : Students examine two websites and select the one that they would use to begin research on gun control, assessing their ability to identify the strengths and limitations of websites for learning about political topics. Among the learning experiences on ten pages packed with lessons are: Civil Rights Movement in Context.

Mission (Almost) Accomplished: Nonprofit EducationSuperHighway Prepares to Sunset


After seven years of coordinated efforts to improve internet access in schools, thereby laying the foundation for digital learning to take root and expand in U.S. can access digital learning in their classrooms (with 2 million to go). Specifically, he’s looking for a partner that can continue outreach, advocacy and marketing efforts to states and districts as well as run the more technical side of things, such as software development and data cleaning.

Why Don’t Schools Focus on Literacy?

Reading By Example

What could be the reason for not focusing on literacy on a consistent basis for their professional learning efforts? – Trauma-based learning. – Personalized learning. – Blended learning or a 1:1 technology initiative. To be fair, many of these professional learning initiatives are promising. These types of programs also position teachers as leaders of the learning instead of merely recipients of knowledge and skills.

Student Agency is More Than Voice and Choice

A Principal's Reflections

The underlying premise is to move learners from a state of engagement to empowerment so that they exert more ownership over their learning. A culture that embraces student agency promotes risk-taking while working to remove the fear of failure helps students develop a growth mindset, and has students applying what they have learned in real-world contexts as opposed to just in the classroom. Student agency is all about improving the learning experience for kids.

3 Shifts to Make Learning Personal

A Principal's Reflections

The key to strengthening learning and instruction consists of the right balance of two main components: Instruction (what the teacher does) Learning (what the student does) Balance surely is important. In Learning Transformed Tom Murray and I examined research and evidence to conclude that kids want a learning experience that is personal while educators want alignment with the real expectations placed on schools across the world.

A shocking number of young people can’t separate fact from fiction online

The Hechinger Report

Sign up for our Blended Learning newsletter. For example, when presented with a tweet made from a liberal advocacy group, half of the students judged the tweet without bothering to click the link to read the source of information presented to advance the advocacy group’s claim. Sign up for our Blended Learning newsletter. Read more about Blended Learning. Photo: Getty Images.

Resource: iNACOL’s Reports on Next-Generation Learning


The International Association for K-12 Online Learning (iNACOL) aims “to catalyze the transformation of K-12 education policy and practice to advance powerful, personalized, learner-centered experiences through competency-based, blended and online learning.” It does this through: Advocacy. Identifying models of next-generation learning. Materials include reports to help shape vision, such as: What’s Possible with Personalized Learning?

The Technological Transformation of Districts to Benefit All Learners

Many school districts are now going through a process of determining which pandemic-related practices should be kept, improved, or discarded, and the use of remote and blended learning technologies is frequently being raised during these types of discussions.

Lexia PowerUp Literacy Wins Best Personalized/Adaptive Learning Tool

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For the second time in two months, Lexia Learning, a Rosetta Stone company (NYSE: RST) has had two of its literacy programs recognized as standouts in a prominent edtech award program.

Schools collect more data, but how is it used?

The Hechinger Report

Sign up for our Blended Learning newsletter. We think that’s the hardest work left,” said Brennan McMahon Parton, director of policy and advocacy at the Data Quality Campaign. “We Brennan McMahon Parton, director of policy and advocacy at the Data Quality Campaign. K-12 News Data and research Personalized Learning

Data 71

16 Great NonProfits Working to Support EdTech in Schools

Tom Murray

This post is the first of a short series meant to highlight the great work of many nonprofit organizations that are working diligently to support students’ learning on a daily basis. Creators of Blended Learning Universe (, the organization provides a directory of innovative schools and a myriad of models and case studies to support district transformation. Organization: International Association of K-12 Online Learning (iNACOL).

EdTech 159

States can change the way they think about education, but will they?

The Hechinger Report

A New Hampshire student shows one of his assignments to his mother, biology teacher and math teacher during a personalized learning meeting. Notably, the law provides financial and regulatory support for policies compatible with “personalized learning,” a teaching method that gives students custom-fit lessons, the choice to pursue individual passions and the ability to move as quickly (or slowly) as needed to master skills and concepts. Sign up for our Blended Learning newsletter.

Buncee is headed to FETC19


Learn how Buncee allows teachers to create and customize lessons focused on historical primary sources for their classroom allowing students to work at their own pace through carefully crafted, interactive digital lessons that support natural differentiation, collaboration, and the ultimate student-centered classroom. See how students can use Buncees to represent their Project Based Learning in a more authentic and meaningful way. Join me to learn about these powerful tools.

Should you build your own LMS?

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Districts, in turn, must decide whether to build out their own online content platforms, farm it out to a learning platform provider like FuelEd (formerly Aventa Learning) or K12, or take a hybrid approach. In most cases, schools are turning to third parties for help building out their core and non-core content right now, said Allison Powell, VP for new learning models at iNACOL , the nonprofit blended learning advocacy group. “We’re

LMS 69

How a New Hampshire school uses personalization to put the tools in the hands of the learners

The Hechinger Report

The demand for making the learning experience responsive to every student’s individual learning needs is accelerating. Benjamin Bloom understood the value of personalization in 1967, when his research showed over 90 percent of all students could learn at high levels when provided with instruction that effectively met their particular learning needs. Related: Opinion How do teachers know if they are getting personalized learning right?

School of Me: Letting students study what they want, when they want is the latest education trend

The Hechinger Report

A fifth grader works on a digital lesson as part of a blended learning program. We have proven the fact that all children can learn — and can learn well — under the right instructional circumstances,” said Kenneth W. They decided to “personalize” learning for every child, which means that they tailored lessons to each student’s needs, interests and learning pace. Related: Must a classroom be high-tech to make personalized learning work?

A Thinking Person’s Guide to EdTech News (2017 Week 38 Edition)

Doug Levin

Like so many others , I’ve made new friends and learned so very much, but I’m not sure what the future may hold. '" Tagged on: September 20, 2017 Two edtech champions to join White House offices as fellows | EdScoop → The fellows will serve directly with White House offices and bring backgrounds in one-to-one and blended learning programs. It’s not you, dear Twitter, it’s me. I’m having some trust issues and just need some space.

EdTech 150

A Thinking Person’s Guide to EdTech News (2017 Week 38 Edition)

Doug Levin

Like so many others , I’ve made new friends and learned so very much, but I’m not sure what the future may hold. '" Tagged on: September 20, 2017 Two edtech champions to join White House offices as fellows | EdScoop → The fellows will serve directly with White House offices and bring backgrounds in one-to-one and blended learning programs. It’s not you, dear Twitter, it’s me. I’m having some trust issues and just need some space.

EdTech 150

Eyes on the Future: Building on COVID Lessons for Enriched Teaching and Learning

COVID-19 was tough on schools, calling for swift shifts in teaching and learning practices to support virtual learning environments and a host of new pedagogical demands. At the start of the pandemic in March 2020, schools defaulted to online learning. Professional Learning.

Personalized Learning Is the Answer. (I Forgot the Question.)


public education these days is personalized learning. Personalized learning is something teachers do, something students do, something teachers do with students, or something students do with one another. Personalized learning is a noun, a verb, and an adjective. For anyone seeking to label an ideal education experience or garner support for a new initiative, personalized learning provides the answer. Defined this way, there is much to like about personalized learning.

?Forbes “30 Under 30” Education Leaders to Learn From in 2017


There’s also Blair Brettschneider (27), who founded GirlForward to provide education, mentorship and leadership opportunities to refugee girls, and Mendell Grinter (25), whose advocacy group Campaign for School Equity helps expand high-quality education for students of color in Tennessee by engaging families and community members in local and state policy-making. Alec Whitters (29), CEO of Higher Learning Technologies.

Becoming an Anti-Racist Childhood Educator and Social Warrior

It requires educators to deeply understand how institutional racism comes to be and manifests in environments where young students learn. At the heart of anti-racist early childhood education, she emphasized, is institutional critique combined with advocacy and transformation.

For ed-tech success, why schools use technology is just as important as how

The Hechinger Report

Many public school districts don’t have the resources to partner with an education technology company to develop customized digital learning tools for their classrooms. But when it comes to selecting ed-tech products or figuring out how to use them in the classroom, they could still learn something from the successful partnership between Leadership Public Schools (LPS), a charter network that serves the San Francisco Bay area, and Gooru , an ed-tech nonprofit.

A New Curriculum Helps Students With Disabilities Transition to Life After High School


Horn on Blended Learning. Building Self-Advocacy. Two years ago, my oldest son graduated from high school. I watched proudly as he used his self-determination skills to choose a major and enroll at a college that was an eight-hour drive from home. I stood back and watched. as he failed miserably. He returned home after just one semester at college. I thought he was well-prepared for the transition to life after high school, but soon realized I was wrong.

Why one school district tried something new — even though people were happy with the status quo

The Hechinger Report

Education Reimagined, a reform advocacy program that emerged from an unusual coalition of union leaders and reformers, recently highlighted the Cedar Rapids district’s work, and The Hechinger Report spoke with Pickering to learn more about it. A: Our focus has really been on transforming educational models, really a focus on personalized learning. Subscribe to our Blended Learning newsletter. Q: Is the entire district a blended and personalized environment?

Come for the computers, stay for the books

The Hechinger Report

In fact, the busier it is, the better—whether it’s kids experimenting with the Makey Makey circuitry or uploading designs to a 3D printer, or a class learning media literacy or a student seeking advice on a video she’s editing at one of the computer workstations. based education advocacy group. “It Sign up for our Blended Learning newsletter. Columnists K-12 Tech Smart online learning Technology access

Framing the Personalized Learning Discussion from Tom Driscoll


Learn more about what Tom is doing with teachers by following him on Twitter: @Mr_Driscoll. Although Personalized Learning has gained considerable traction in education, there is still much confusion and, at times, heated debate regarding what this set of ideas actually means and looks like in practice. As Larry Cuban referenced in a recent post , the core idea of personalized learning is far from new. Learning is social.

Empowering Superintendents to Connect Technology and Learning

In fact, many school technology plans fluctuated depending upon the latest fads and what someone learned at a conference and had little connection to curriculum or learning goals. Overall, they implored listeners to move away from using “tech for tech’s sake” and to become intentional adopters of technology that enhances teaching and learning. Imperative 2: Raise the Bar with Rigorous, Transformative & Innovative Learning and Skills.

The Emergency Home Learning (& More) Summit - 110 sessions + 80 replays #homelearningsummit #learningrevolution

The Learning Revolution Has Begun

Our two-month, free, online summit focused on home-based and home-centered learning officially started last week. Sessions are free to watch for five days, then become part of the Home Learning Summit library. Sign up now: [link] Whether by circumstance or choice, learning at home is now the reality for more students than ever. Understanding when, where, and how learning takes place has never been more important. Blended Learning ? Brain-based Learning ?

E-Counseling 2.0: Can a new wave of virtual guidance help?

The Hechinger Report

College Possible is one of many college advocacy groups hoping that technology will jumpstart the slow growth of low-income students in higher education. For instance, since 1999, iMentor has matched low-income high school students with professionals in a variety of fields for multi-year mentoring that blends virtual and in-person interactions, increasingly focused on college success. Read more about Blended Learning.