The Making of the Modern Librarian: The Value of School Libraries

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For a new generation of educators, these pursuits have something in common: They’re all appropriate learning exercises that can take place in the school library. The Evolution of the School Library. Access to audiobooks and online tutorials. A virtual reality field trip.

Gale Launches New Accredited Online Adult High School Program to Public Libraries

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September 11, 2021 – Gale , part of Cengage Group, today announced the launch of Gale Presents: Excel Adult High School , a new online accredited diploma completion program available to public libraries. The program will be available to all public libraries in Missouri this month.


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EdisonLearning and Pointful Education Partner To Expand Access To Online Career and Technical Courses

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Pointful Education’s suite of CTE and elective offerings are now available to all secondary students enrolled in eCourses through EdisonLearning.

Accessibility, Audio Texts, and the Persistence of Print


Her scholarly work focuses on the circulation of ideas about race, sex, and gender via visual and material culture; her work for Yale's Center for Teaching and Learning supports the university's accessibility initiatives. As an Ed Tech-er, I help remediate course materials for students, and show faculty members how to make their course materials more accessible. I made my syllabus accessible , and I’m thinking way more about the forms my materials take.

A true gift from SHEG: DIY digital literacy assessments and tools for historical thinking


SHEG currently offers three impressive curricula that may be put to immediate use in secondary classrooms and libraries. Might we also study whether learners with solid K12 library inquiry experience perform better than the student in the general SHEG sample ? Using resources from the Library of Congress, these 80 units cover both U.S.

Using Single Sign-On to Streamline Edtech Access

During the edWebinar “ Simplify Digital Access in K-12: Learn How District Leaders Eliminate Barriers ,” the presenters discussed the importance of adopting a single sign-on program to manage digital access, the questions to ask when choosing a vendor, and tips for rolling out the new system. They spend more time in class trying to remember how to access the program than actually using it; they also clog IT channels when passwords aren’t easily recovered.

Library 2.017 Makerspaces Special Pre-Conference Webinar - Fayetteville Free Library on "STEAM and Making at the FFL"

The Learning Revolution Has Begun

As a special bonus for registering (free) for the Library 2.017 Makerspaces mini-conference , you also can attend live and/or watch the recording of a special 90-minute live Webinar with the folks from Fayetteville Free Library on "STEAM and Making at the FFL." Please also join the Library 2.0 During Sue’s administration the Fayetteville Free Library has received the Library Journal’s Five Star rating for seven years.

“My work really began to flourish once I had access to the internet and realized that my students could collaborate with the world.” – Margaret Simkin, Australia

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Head of Library. My work really began to flourish once I had access to the internet and realized that my students could collaborate with the world. Educational background: Secondary History and Geography teacher, now a qualified Teacher-Librarian working across our ELC-12 school. Margaret Simkin. The Hamilton and Alexandra College. Victoria, Australia. margaretsimkin . An education veteran, Margaret Simkin has experienced many changes in her teaching career.

BombBomb is hands down the best way to upgrade your email game

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In one email, families had access to all teacher’s plans for the day as well as a way to share feedback about what was going well or what they were struggling with. Again, with the email/video/form library you could create this one year and keep using it over and over.

How to raise rural enrollment in higher education? Go local

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Given the educational and economic divide between rural and nonrural America, this may be the most important college access program you’ve never heard of. One is that while many college-access programs focus on helping high-performers reach top schools, this model goes broad.

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Pandemic reduces number of high school students taking dual enrollment courses

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Generally if fewer students are taking dual enrollment that’s likely to be a net negative for college access and enrollment after a student graduates high school,” Perry predicted. Mercedes Pour, director of college access, Maine Community College System.

How one country with close parallels to the United States has made college free

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I’m still thinking about how I’m going to pay for that last year” after the benefit runs out, she said in Spanish, in a glass-walled conference room in the university’s busy library. “I’ve And we have a lot of inequality in access in those first years, much more than in the last years.”.

My Simple Show: Create your own explainer videos for free!

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Students can use the pre-selected images, choose an image from the My Simple Show library of images, or upload their own image or picture. Be sure to give your students access to My Simple Show in your Maker Space, it is a great option for students to choose! What it is: My Simple Show Video Creator lets students easily create professional level “explainer” videos. The finished product looks just like a Common Craft video, so cool!

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Facing uncertain futures, high school seniors weigh tough college options and alternate paths

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Liz Willen is editor-in-chief of The Hechinger Report, a nonprofit news organization that covers K-12 and post-secondary education. Coronavirus and Education Divided We Learn Higher Education News Higher education access Higher education affordability Parents

Rural students often go unnoticed by colleges. Can virtual counseling put them on the map?

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Cayanne Korder, 18, studies in the Red Wing High library before heading to a local hospital for an internship. The school has two full-time school counselors, but in 2012 laid off a staffer whose sole focus was guiding students to college or other post-secondary options. The shelves were once full of materials about colleges and scholarships as well as other post-secondary options, but the school laid off the center’s staffer amid budget cuts in 2012.

123D Design: The simplest (FREE) way to get ideas into 3D

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There is also a quick start guide and a library of video tutorials that will explain how the different tools within the app work. When students are finished, they save it to “My Projects” which is accessible in the 123D Design web and desktop app. If you are lucky enough to have access to a 3D printer, the kids can even print out their creations! What it is: 123D Design is a free super powerful, but simple to use, 3D creation and editing tool.

Some thoughts on the future of museums

Bryan Alexander

Nearly every speaker assigned a growing importance to access and engagement. Evans also called out higher education on this point: In contrast to universities , museums and their content experts are more accessible to the community, and a public-facing museum can play an important role in interpreting these complex issues to a broader audience. I’m fascinated by how much these themes resonate in the education and library worlds. future of education libraries museums

Will changes in online college applications help students chase the American dream?

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Elijah Corbin Irving, a senior at Snowden International School in Boston, uses the American Student Assistance’s Boston Public Library College Planning Center as a resource. College admissions experts praise the changes, particularly as the Common App faces new competition from The Coalition for Access, Affordability, and Success, an application system created last year to improve access for all students. Higher Ed News Higher education access

What is Actively Learn and Why Should I Try it?

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It provides reading resources either uploaded by the teacher or selected from the platform’s library of thousands of fiction and nonfiction books (some free; some through Prime plans), Common Core-aligned lesson plans, videos, or simulations. They can look up words they don’t understand and translate the text into a long list of languages that may be their native or a secondary language they are learning. in the library as a research tool .

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How one university is luring coveted honors students with social justice

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We definitely want Newark students to feel like this is a place where they can come and succeed,” said Nancy Cantor, chancellor of Rutgers-Newark, which is playing a key role in the local drive to boost the share of city residents who hold college degrees and other post-secondary credentials from 12.2 Rather than commuting back and forth from home, they can use those 30 minutes in the library.

States use direct mail, money, to get more of their residents back to college

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Nearly every state has set a goal for boosting the proportion of its population with post-secondary education; most are aiming for 55 to 65 percent by 2020 or 2025. Leave this field empty if you're human: The state also sent posters to local job-training centers and college access groups. Many institutions refuse to register students for classes or release their transcripts if they owe money — even for expenses as trivial as library fines or unpaid campus parking tickets. “We

How a Two-Generation Approach Can Build Success for Students and Families


Substandard housing, lack of access to medical care, and poor nutrition can affect a child’s physical and cognitive development. Further, logistical challenges like lack of access to the Internet or home computers can challenge students.[5].

Silicon Valley aims its tech at helping low-income kids get beyond high school

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“Last year I thought about it a lot because as a junior you start to realize how fast things are going,” she said in the library, otherwise empty but for students playing cards. Leave this field empty if you're human: Nearly half of first-generation students who did continue went to community colleges, which spend less per student than many public primary and secondary schools , and where the odds of ever graduating are also comparatively low.

3 ways to help give all students “information privilege”

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Access to an effective school library program is one example of information privilege. The absence of access is one symptom of information poverty.”— Our students come to us from a variety of situations, not just of nutritional adequacy, home stability, and family support, but also of informational access. As I reflect on this challenge, I see three areas where public education can focus: Keep school libraries well-staffed.

A mother and son go from homeless to college

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They stayed at the library working until closing time because they didn’t have laptops. Moises has his own laptop, bought for him by the nonprofit that helped him apply to college, but he was also at the library till they kicked him out most nights. I never thought I’d be in a library for two hours every day.”. His teachers at the American Sign Language and English Secondary School sent him to the hospital next day, and doctors said he’d had a concussion. “A

Making the Most of Distance Learning: 7 Tips to Share with Parents

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A recent study shows that some students may have started the school year as much as a full grade behind in math , while many still lack full access to high-speed internet, a device , and the guidance needed to use them. Easily access real-world learning materials like video tutorials, primary and secondary sources for research projects, museum collections, historical sites, and digital books, available online and often for free.

On INFOhio’s light


I was sincerely inspired by their presentation, their energy and their efforts to ensure all Ohio learners have access to the resources to which they are entitled. I continue to be inspired by their efforts to ensure equity–to support all Ohio parents, teachers and librarians in developing college and career readiness and essential literacies and to ensure they know how to access and use the fabulous resources provided by their state.

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How online teaching improves inclusivity in education


Students with disabilities don’t have the same kind of access to classrooms as their able-bodied peers. Substitution allows colleges and even secondary schools to reach students who have been excluded by distance. Simply put, students need internet access in this day and age.

India tries coding camps, craft centers and all-girls schools to fight illiteracy

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India will need some 3 million new primary school teachers by 2030 and over eight million secondary, according to UNESCO Institute for Statistics estimates. “If If we get more teachers and make a joint effort with parents and concentrate on the work of students, we can get much better results,’’ Ballani said, before the conversation turned back to a list of everything the school needs: a projector, furniture, a library, books and clothing for colder weather.

How Differentiated Instruction Can Help You Reach Every Student in Class


Content : How the student will access the information. If a student might work more efficiently in a quieter learning environment, for example, you could allow them to complete a project in the school library. Students can also select independent reading books from our online library.

Want to Make Education More Innovative? Let’s Invest in R&D


billion in Elementary and Secondary School Emergency Relief (ESSER) funding into our education system. Contrary to the prevalent narrative of learning pods as the province of privilege, Edgecombe County Schools in North Carolina created learning pods for students without wifi access.

After net neutrality: how should educators respond?

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When I say “education” I’m thinking of the American education system, including primary and secondary schools, colleges and universities, libraries, and museums. Campus and association leaders could well deem net neutrality of secondary or tertiary importance, and not worth the resources in a time of fairly common financial stress. Full time faculty and staff at many institutions can enjoy solid internet access on site.

K-12 Funding in the American Rescue Plan

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billion has been added to the ESSER fund for Elementary and Secondary School Emergency Relief, with new spending requirements for districts and schools with high percentages of students living in poverty. In addition, governors have access to a fund of $2.75

Why It’s So Hard to Lower the Cost of Textbooks


Two decades ago, people purchased physical DVDs and CDs of their favorite films and albums, but today, fans increasingly use digital subscription services, like Netflix and Spotify, to access that material. Proponents of inclusive access argue that these deals help students in a few ways.

OverDrive Education Provides Free Resources to Schools Receiving COVID-19 Relief Funds

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Interested schools can access the full collection of resources in the K-12 Funding Champion Toolkit. This is a generation-defining event for American primary and secondary education,” said Angela Arnold, OverDrive Education General Manager.

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