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5 Mistakes that Schools Do That Hurt Standardized Test Scores

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Today Dr. Brad Johnson @drbradjohnson talks about the mistakes schools make that hurt their standardized test scores. Consider this feedback as you prepare to administer testing this spring. In today’s show, Brad discusses standardized testing mistakes schools make.

Do We Still Need Standardized Tests? A Bold New Approach


— Special Guest Editorial to the CUE Blog — Over the past several years, there has been an ever-increasing uproar about the over-testing of our children, especially the big standardized tests imposed by the No Child Left Behind Law.

Intrinsic Motivation vs. Standardized Tests


Illustration credit: ©AndSim/ Valencia Clay Education Equity Low standardized test scores are a reflection of being uninspired, not unknowledgeable.

PBL and Standardized Tests? It Can Work!


Andrew Miller PBL Assessment Blogger Andrew Miller acknowledges the tension between project-based learning and standardized testing prep, yet he also finds a wide swathe of common ground between both teaching methods

States will soon be free to transform standardized testing, but most won’t

The Hechinger Report

In the early 1990s, Kentucky districts were among those grading student portfolios and assessing performance tasks, instead of standardized tests, and they found themselves on the cutting edge of educational assessment. K-12 News Law and policy Personalized Learning Testing

What Would Accountability Without Standardized Tests Look Like?


Standardized tests were introduced during President Lyndon Johnson’s administration to prove the extra funds going to low-income schools were working. That’s why many civil rights groups adamantly defend the tests as crucial for accountability and equality. Now, parents and students are opting out of the tests, arguing the testing detracts from learning. America’s obsession with standardized tests is harming our kids.

Prepareing Our Kids for Life … Not Standardized Tests


The post Prepareing Our Kids for Life … Not Standardized Tests appeared first on TeacherCast Educational Broadcasting Network. In this episode of the TeacherCast Podcast, we speak with TED speaker Ted Dintersmith about his new movie “Most Likely to Succeed” and ask the question, “what should our students be learning in school?”

5 Ways ESSA Impacts Standardized Testing


Anne OBrien Education Trends One of the biggest complaints about NCLB was the test-and-punish nature of the law. Read about how ESSA could change that.

ASCD Calls for Move Away from Sole Reliance on Standardized Testing for Accountability

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One of the leading educator organizations in this country is calling for an end to the over-reliance on standardized testing in accountability practices. They are calling for what is called "multimetric accountability" by which, according to their press-release includes: not using standardized test scores as the "sole measure of student achievement, educator effectiveness, or school quality." ASCD High Stakes Testing standardized testing testing and accountability

Taking the Stress out of Preparing for Standardized Tests

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Standardized tests can seem like the bane of an entire school’s existence. Minimizing stress for test day is one of the most important factors for preparing your students to take any test. Here are a few ways to take the stress out of preparing for standardized tests.

Students suggest how to fix standardized testing

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Fifth graders give notes on how to fix the ‘many things wrong’ with Tennessee state tests. “We knew we would have to take that test soon,” student Christopher Romero said.

Can a Test Ever Be Fair? How Today's Standardized Tests Get Made.


After politics and religion, few issues are as contentious as standardized tests. To some, standardized testing overwhelms our schools and helps eradicate differences between students. Whatever your thoughts, there’s no denying that students are taking lots of tests. students were taking about eight tests a year. Predictably, a big business has sprung up around testing. What you want is a test where the items on it don’t play favorites.

a.) Standardized Testing b.) Multiple Choice c.) Kahoot! d.) All of the above

Inquire and Inspire

For three consecutive years of my career I taught grade 6, which is one of three grades in which students in Ontario write the Education Quality and Accountability Office (EQAO) standardized exam.

What Happens When Standardized Test Scores Don’t Reflect Student Growth?


It is painful when all of the effort that teachers and students put into teaching and learning becomes summarized by standardized test results—especially when hard-working students that have demonstrated massive growth over the course of the year receive poor scores. This past April, while administering the 5th grade ELA standardized test in Louisiana, I did as I was supposed to—I circulated and stuck to the script. Would it just add to his test anxiety in the future?

Engaging classes vs. test prep: Can we have both?

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To make matters worse, high-stakes tests can sap the joy out of teaching very quickly. Teaching creative teaching education reform standardized tests student engagement test preparation

Prepfactory - free online test prep tips and practice

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PrepFactory is a site that offers students free SAT + ACT instructional videos and practice questions (kind of like Duolingo meets Khan Academy, specifically for test prep). It''s easy to use and offers tips for taking the tests as well as practice questions and videos.

Pass That Test! 18 Test Taking Resources and Strategies!

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“… these tests are unable to measure all of what it is that makes you the valued person who you are.” – Principal Len Christie. Even though I’d like to abolish them completely, I realize standardized testing is part of the education system and not going away anytime soon.

App Ed Review Roundup for August 2015: Test Prep Apps


It’s Never Too Early to Start Preparing for Critical Standardized Tests Standardized tests can be as scary as just the letters ACT, SAT, and AP and these tests can send shivers down students’.

Channeling the anti-testing fervor

The Christensen Institute

You don’t have to look far to find controversy regarding standardized testing. Federally mandated testing has been one of the major points of discussion in Congress’s efforts this year to reauthorize the Elementary and Secondary Education Act (ESEA). Last spring, the press was full of headlines about families opting out of state testing in protest to current testing policies (see here , here , here , and here ).

Top 10 Education Systems in the World


The test measures the skills and knowledge of 15-year olds in over 70 countries, regions, and economies, covering reading, math and science. In addition, education systems can also choose to test […]. Featured Assessment critical thinking education system featured financial literacy practical skills standardized testing top schools

Standardized Tests & Comparing Student Scores: Relics of 20th Century Ed Systems

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“Developing better tests of student learning in the 21st century is as futile as attempting to find a faster horse and buggy would have been in the 20th century.” We need assessment conditions that are variable rather than standardized.

The Real Problem With Multiple-Choice Questions

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Even the transparency and apparent relevance of a classroom activity factor into the “value” of a learning experience as much as how cleanly that activity aligns with an academic standard. Assessment Featured exams multiple choice questions questions standardized testing testing

Three Reminders for Educators on the Eve of the Spring Standardized Testing Onslaught

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Of course we all acknowledge state standardized tests can't possibly measure everything that matters. Our state even forbids the use of state test scores as the sole basis of making high-stakes decisions. Yet, as the season of testing falls upon us, the obsession with bubble sheets and number two pencils begins anew. But we need to be reminded that tests are only a small piece of information that matters about our students and our teachers.

Learning That Matters

A Principal's Reflections

The other day I posted the following statement on Twitter, Facebook, and Google+, "When was the last time any of us had to take a standardized test in our careers? I should have clarified my comment a bit more by explaining that I was referring to repetitive standardized tests being taken while in the same job with the same school, company, or corporation. Many, however, do not require another test once a passing score has been achieved.

What School Should Really Be About


It remains unclear to Mary Tarashuk how rampant standardized testing is actually helping her fourth graders become successful and enthusiastic learners. Assessment Kids on the Cusp assessment learning Mary Tarashuk rubrics standardized tests teacher evaluation

6 Tips for Teachers If You’re Running on Empty


Standardized testing and the end-of-year rush leave Michelle Russell feeling low on energy, ideas and patience. Meaningful Math Teacher Stamina colleagues end of school year extracurricular activities fatigue Michelle Russell online math resources standardized testing test season challengesShe shares strategies she uses to bounce back and help her students do their best, starting with strengthening school relationships and having some fun.

Last Week Tonight with John Oliver: Standardized Testing (HBO)

The Learning Revolution Has Begun

This is not a form of humor that I enjoy, and the content rating here is sadly and unnecessarily PG-13, but this is one of the most cogent criticisms of our standardized testing system, its absurd limitations, and its associated for-profit drivers, that the general public will get.

Pass That Exam! 14 Test Prep Strategies

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“… these tests are unable to measure all of what it is that makes you the valued person who you are.” – Principal Len Christie. Research has shown standardized test scores do not reflect many students true knowledge and skills. What are the testing accommodations?

How Standardized Testing Is Like Airline Thinking


The only student test data that really matters, says education consultant Debbie Silver, is timely, diagnostic information telling educators what their students know and can or cannot do. Articles Assessment Debbie Silver standardized tests student test data teacher input test-retest

Harvard Study of Value Added Teachers Misses the Mark

Brilliant or Insane

Opinion Harvard standardized testing Brilliant or Insane. There’s nothing worse for education reform than bad or misinterpreted research, like the study shared by education blogger, Joanne Jacobs, about value added measure of teacher effectiveness.

Study 24

The Myth of Innovation in Education

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Of course the political climate in this country does not support innovation in education since standardization and high stakes testing determine status and funding for schools. Teachers needing to rely or survive on their students’ test results are hesitant to go beyond that which is required in order to retain their own livelihood. When it comes to the use of technology for learning within our education systems there seems to be two different pictures of our current status.

No Such Thing as an 'Objective Test'

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Margaret Wheatley, Leadership and the New Science The problem with accountability and testing lies within a single assumption: “that which is the most important content to be learned can be reduced to a single test or be captured in a test question.” As Wheatley points out, when observations, in this case tests, are created, choices are made as to what is to be tested and what is to be ignored. That’s why no standardized tests are ultimately entirely objective.

Smart Yet Relatable

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In her recent post, “ What Are We Really Measuring “, she takes on the complex topic of standardized testing in schools. Brilliant stuff and makes you really think about not only why we use standardized tests, but what will this lead to for our future students?


Optimize ‘Wasted Time’ on Annual Testing Days


Every year, writes teacher leader Jennifer Smith, schools "muddle through" standardized testing days trying to design schedules that take less time away from productive learning. Her 5th grade team tried a fresh approach that both engaged and energized test-weary kids. Articles Test Anxiety curriculum fifth grade Jennifer Smith McDonogh School scheduling standardized testing testing

3 Things Wrong with Test Pep Rallies

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In 2011, I made clear my concerns with " Test Pep Rallies" with my blog post "Test Pep Rallies: Good Practice or Waste of Time ?" As in my earlier post, I still believe that: Test Pep Rallies potentially harm students and learning. It's one thing to encourage a student to do his or her best; it's another to place emphasis on performance levels, where self-worth might be wrongly tied to test results. Test Pep Rallies are a waste of time.

Testing For What?

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I recently came across an opinion piece titled Putting New Jersey''s High School Diplomas to the Test. The article focused on NJ''s relentless push to increase standardized testing and institute end of course exams that students would have to pass in order to graduate.

The Road That Should Not Be Taken

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The elephant in the room is that if we shift the goal of education from enabling real learning to obtaining better, standardized test results than test review will trump innovative lessons.

How to Overcome Apathy and Disillusionment When Standardized Tests Fail Kids


Many educators recognize that standardized tests don’t measure everything—and that some of the most critical types of growth can’t be measured by a numerical score. Seven years ago, during my first year of teaching, all of my eleventh graders failed the Georgia State End of Course Test in American Literature. McClarin Success Academy in College Park, GA is an alternative high school and many of our students have never passed a standardized test.

New Year, New Tests: Common Core Assessments Are Here!

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The 2014-15 academic school year is a big one for Common Core State Standards (CCSS). Schools in many states have been working on adopting the college and career-ready standards in classrooms for four years and it is now time to measure student progress against these standards.

7 Technology Enhanced Item Types You’ll See On Common Core Tests This Spring


When The Common Core State Standards initiative was first announced there was a collective eye roll amongst veteran teachers. When two national testing organizations—The Partnership […]. The post 7 Technology Enhanced Item Types You’ll See On Common Core Tests This Spring appeared first on Edudemic. Common Core Featured Education and Technology featured k12 standardized tests