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Standardized tests in their current format are ‘incredibly antiquated’

The Hechinger Report

As a professor of psychology at Cornell University, Sternberg has long studied standardized tests, and concluded they don’t provide much useful information on whether students are learning to think critically and creatively, enabling them to be successful in college, careers and life in general.

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Moving on from Standardized Tests to AI: Helping Students and Teachers in Real-Time


Image Source: Pixabay Test anxiety: we’ve all experienced it. Your palms get sweaty. Your stomach churns. You pen up the paper exam and suddenly your mind goes blank. You panic and, unless you manage. Please click on the post title to continue reading the full post.


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OPINION: The power of unfair standardized tests is finally, thankfully diminishing

The Hechinger Report

The College Board and ACT will still continue to offer these tests and to contend that test scores can provide value to admissions offices. But the power that these tests and the companies that profit from them once held in the college admissions landscape is forever diminished.

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OPINION: Resuming universal standardized testing in America’s public schools would be ‘foolhardy’

The Hechinger Report

Should we resume standardized testing of students this spring? Policymakers place great stock in standardized test scores. We’ve learned that test-based accountability systems such as NCLB and ESSA change the behaviors of schools and teachers, for both better and worse.

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To test or not to test? Educators weigh the value of standardized testing during a pandemic

The Hechinger Report

And some parents may have figured it wasn’t worth the effort or risk, since the state has temporarily waived a requirement that students pass the test to advance a grade, said Machelle Kline, the district’s chief accountability officer. There is also the problem of test security.

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5 Mistakes that Schools Do That Hurt Standardized Test Scores

The CoolCatTeacher

Today Dr. Brad Johnson @drbradjohnson talks about the mistakes schools make that hurt their standardized test scores. Consider this feedback as you prepare to administer testing this spring. In today’s show, Brad discusses standardized testing mistakes schools make. Perspective on testing. A conversation with Dr. Brad Johnson on episode #65 of the 10-Minute Teacher From the Cool Cat Teacher Blog by Vicki Davis Follow @coolcatteacher on Twitter.

How to Use Prodigy to Prep for Standardized Tests


Can game-based learning improve standardized test scores? improvement on standardized test scores. Here’s how you can use Prodigy to help prepare your class for state or provincial standardized tests: ?? The post How to Use Prodigy to Prep for Standardized Tests appeared first on Prodigy Blog. Prodigy School Teaching Tools Use Case Standardized Testing teacher resources teaching tools

Do We Still Need Standardized Tests? A Bold New Approach


— Special Guest Editorial to the CUE Blog — Over the past several years, there has been an ever-increasing uproar about the over-testing of our children, especially the big standardized tests imposed by the No Child Left Behind Law. These tests stressed out teachers and students while undermining our children’s opportunities to learn for several weeks to frantic periods of test preparation. It is time to end those big standardized tests.

Union supports standardized tests boycott

The Innovative Educator

The Seattle Times reports the teachers union shares concerns the faculty at Garfield High has raised about district-required standardized tests. As a result, the Garfield teachers announced that no teachers at the school would be giving the tests this winter, even though the district requires them to do so. Seattle standardized tests Seattle teacher boycott Seattle union boycott Standardized Testing

Prepareing Our Kids for Life … Not Standardized Tests


The post Prepareing Our Kids for Life … Not Standardized Tests appeared first on TeacherCast Educational Broadcasting Network. In this episode of the TeacherCast Podcast, we speak with TED speaker Ted Dintersmith about his new movie “Most Likely to Succeed” and ask the question, “what should our students be learning in school?”

Children Stressed to the Breaking Point Due to Standardized Testing

A Principal's Reflections

Recently New York City made public teacher evaluations based on student standardized test scores. This proceeded the state of New York''s decision to change how educators are evaluated, in part by connecting the standardized test scores of students into final ratings. She plans on sending this to officials in the NYC Department of Education to inform them of the potential that more standardized testing will have as a result of recent reform efforts.

How Playful Assessment Unseated Standardized Tests at One School


And perhaps most novel, instead of traditional tests, they’re using “Sparkle Sleuths,” one in an emerging set of assessment tools to measure their mastery. But with MIT reinforcing its work, Community Middle has become a test site for schools nationwide. Escaping Standardization Every two weeks, Community Middle introduces a new school-wide project that all 45 students work on simultaneously for about two hours per day.

How Standardized Testing Is Like Airline Thinking


The only student test data that really matters, says education consultant Debbie Silver, is timely, diagnostic information telling educators what their students know and can or cannot do. Articles Assessment Debbie Silver standardized tests student test data teacher input test-retest

Project-based learning and standardized tests don’t mix

The Hechinger Report

PHILADELPHIA — In a city that’s struggled to meet the educational needs of many of its children, especially its most vulnerable ones, a select group of district high schools is shunning the traditional classroom model in which teachers dispense knowledge from the front of the room and measure progress with tests. Standardized tests don’t measure student engagement or deep thinking about relevant, meaningful content.

Why I’m Opting My Son Out Of Standardized Testing (And You Can, Too)

The Jose Vilson

The issues with standardized testing are manifold. But even if we ventured to ignore decades of institutional malfeasance, we must reject notions that we somehow need these tests to accurately assess learning loss.

Intrinsic Motivation vs. Standardized Tests


Illustration credit: ©AndSim/ Valencia Clay Education Equity Low standardized test scores are a reflection of being uninspired, not unknowledgeable. Teach your students how to care, lose their fears, and identify and overcome their obstacles

Students suggest how to fix standardized testing

eSchool News

Fifth graders give notes on how to fix the ‘many things wrong’ with Tennessee state tests. As the Tennessee Department of Education works to find a new standardized testing vendor for the upcoming school year, a group of fifth-graders at Nolan Elementary are encouraging the state to rethink its approach to standardized testing. “We knew we would have to take that test soon,” student Christopher Romero said.

Teaching Beyond the Standardized Test – Preparing Our Kids for Life | @Edu21Century


The post Teaching Beyond the Standardized Test – Preparing Our Kids for Life | @Edu21Century appeared first on TeacherCast. In this episode of the TeacherCast Podcast, we speak with TED speaker Ted Dintersmith about his movie “Most Likely to Succeed.". In this episode of the TeacherCast Podcast, we speak with TED speaker Ted Dintersmith about his movie “Most Likely to Succeed” and ask the question, “what should our students be learning in school?”. About our Guest.

Is Assessment Ready to Move Beyond Standardized Tests? These MIT Researchers Think So.


The beauty of playful assessment, she says, is that it can be done without interrupting the rhythm of learning, thereby alleviating student anxiety around testing. Teachers are evaluated on those standardized tests. Going Meta on Building Rubrics Researchers at the lab understand that while “most people recognize the limitations of standardized testing,” they may still rely on it because it’s hard to know what to do instead.

Taking the Stress out of Preparing for Standardized Tests

Gaggle Speaks

Standardized tests can seem like the bane of an entire school’s existence. Minimizing stress for test day is one of the most important factors for preparing your students to take any test. Here are a few ways to take the stress out of preparing for standardized tests. It can be very easy for students to look at standardized tests as an isolated event in their lives that’s seemingly irrelevant.

PBL and Standardized Tests? It Can Work!


Andrew Miller PBL Assessment Blogger Andrew Miller acknowledges the tension between project-based learning and standardized testing prep, yet he also finds a wide swathe of common ground between both teaching methods

8 easy brain boosts for state testing time

Ditch That Textbook

State testing is an expected part of life in many states across the U.S. At the end of the year, as mandated by law, students endure hours of testing to measure their progress. Assessment Teaching standardized testing strategies standardized testing tips state testing strategies state testing tipsand in lots of countries). There’s a lot on the line — for teachers, for students, and for school districts. Much of […].

OPINION: Standardized tests offer ‘a neutral yardstick’ in college admissions

The Hechinger Report

. To what extent should standardized tests play a role in college admissions? For many college admission officers, standardized tests provide a neutral yardstick for measuring student potential and performance. Others, including those who advocate for “test-optional” admission policies, believe college entrance assessments are biased, misused or overused. Test scores are just one of many items in the admissions toolkit.

Can a Test Ever Be Fair? How Today's Standardized Tests Get Made.


After politics and religion, few issues are as contentious as standardized tests. To some, standardized testing overwhelms our schools and helps eradicate differences between students. Whatever your thoughts, there’s no denying that students are taking lots of tests. students were taking about eight tests a year. Predictably, a big business has sprung up around testing. What you want is a test where the items on it don’t play favorites.

What Does Growth Look Like for a Student Who Isn’t Having Success on Standardized Tests?


Over the course of my career, I’ve had some years where my students’ standardized test scores were on the rise , and other years where they stagnated. While educators are engaged in long-winded conversations about how these tests don’t accurately reflect student success, kids are losing out every day. Just a few weeks before he took this diagnostic writing test, his Lexile score was assessed and his level was 1100 (the low end of high school equivalency).

What Would Accountability Without Standardized Tests Look Like?


Standardized tests were introduced during President Lyndon Johnson’s administration to prove the extra funds going to low-income schools were working. That’s why many civil rights groups adamantly defend the tests as crucial for accountability and equality. Now, parents and students are opting out of the tests, arguing the testing detracts from learning. America’s obsession with standardized tests is harming our kids.

States will soon be free to transform standardized testing, but most won’t

The Hechinger Report

In the early 1990s, Kentucky districts were among those grading student portfolios and assessing performance tasks, instead of standardized tests, and they found themselves on the cutting edge of educational assessment. And while the No Child Left Behind education law made it hard to use anything but multiple-choice-based standardized tests, its replacement, the Every Student Succeeds Act, opens the door for a course correction – or at least it unlocks that door.

How to Overcome Apathy and Disillusionment When Standardized Tests Fail Kids


Many educators recognize that standardized tests don’t measure everything—and that some of the most critical types of growth can’t be measured by a numerical score. Seven years ago, during my first year of teaching, all of my eleventh graders failed the Georgia State End of Course Test in American Literature. McClarin Success Academy in College Park, GA is an alternative high school and many of our students have never passed a standardized test.

Will gamification replace paper tests?

eSchool News

Nearly everyone remembers the stress of taking a test in school. In fact, around 40 percent of students regularly report experiencing moderate to severe anxiety over tests. Even elementary school students can struggle with fear and performance anxiety on standardized tests.

One Standardized Tests Provider Looks to Gaming and Personalized Learning to Innovate Exams


When the Opt-Out movement gained traction in 2015, more than 20 percent of New York students (about 200,000) in grades 3 through 8 declined to take state standardized exams, a statistic that raised questions about the future of such testing. The Educational Testing Service (ETS), a New Jersey-based nonprofit, is one of the largest high-stakes testing providers in the United States. Aligning tests with the ways students learn in the classroom is one of Gorin’s goals.

ASCD Calls for Move Away from Sole Reliance on Standardized Testing for Accountability

The 21st Century Principal

One of the leading educator organizations in this country is calling for an end to the over-reliance on standardized testing in accountability practices. They are calling for what is called "multimetric accountability" by which, according to their press-release includes: not using standardized test scores as the "sole measure of student achievement, educator effectiveness, or school quality." ASCD High Stakes Testing standardized testing testing and accountability

Pass That Test! 18 Test Taking Resources and Strategies!

Teacher Reboot Camp

“… these tests are unable to measure all of what it is that makes you the valued person who you are.” – Principal Len Christie. In Chapter 17: Re-evaluate Value of the The 30 Goals Challenge for Teachers , I discuss the high stakes associated with standardized testing: Standardized testing is stressful for students, parents and teachers. Therefore, teachers need to help students learn strategies and tips to help them pass tests.

5 Ways ESSA Impacts Standardized Testing


Anne OBrien Education Trends One of the biggest complaints about NCLB was the test-and-punish nature of the law. Read about how ESSA could change that.

Addressing students’ pandemic ‘learning loss’

eSchool News

For example, in North Carolina, where I serve as a Superintendent, a recent report revealed that just 45 percent of public school students could pass state standardized tests, down from 59 percent two years earlier. Testing was waived for the 2019-2020 school year).

Last Week Tonight with John Oliver: Standardized Testing (HBO)

The Learning Revolution Has Begun

This is not a form of humor that I enjoy, and the content rating here is sadly and unnecessarily PG-13, but this is one of the most cogent criticisms of our standardized testing system, its absurd limitations, and its associated for-profit drivers, that the general public will get.

What I’ve Been Up To & a Quick Reminder of Our Undying Standardized Testing Fetish in US

The 21st Century Principal

What I hope to be able to do expose even more of the bizarreness behind our continued fetish with using standardized tests to measure everything in education. Somehow, we in the United States just can’t let go of this “If-it-breathes-let’s-test-it approach to education. And, I am still just as critical of our accountability and testing fetish as ever. Accountability PISA standardized testing Testing

Standardized Tests & Comparing Student Scores: Relics of 20th Century Ed Systems

The 21st Century Principal

“Developing better tests of student learning in the 21st century is as futile as attempting to find a faster horse and buggy would have been in the 20th century.” According to Reeves, It is “not possible to reconcile the demands of 21st century skills with the realities of the traditional testing environment.” The very conditions demanded by our current testing regimen is antithetical to the 21st century skills we want our students to have.

Combine Test Prep and Collaborative Thinking


As 7th graders discuss best answers they'll learn to think collaboratively AND prep for mandated tests. The post Combine Test Prep and Collaborative Thinking first appeared on MiddleWeb.

What REALLY Matters During Testing Season


Spring arrives a day early this year, and testing season won’t be far behind. No matter a teacher's opinion of standardized testing, most will be engulfed in the annual ritual soon.

Engaging classes vs. test prep: Can we have both?

Ditch That Textbook

To make matters worse, high-stakes tests can sap the joy out of teaching very quickly. Teaching creative teaching education reform standardized tests student engagement test preparationTeachers are so buried in requirements, paperwork and other demands on their classroom time. When there’s more content to cover than there is time to do it meaningfully, every day in class can feel like a threat to a teacher’s [.].