Apps and Social Media in the Classroom

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Students in Mr. Devereaux''s AP Biology class are creating social media accounts for the immune system. apps New Milford High School Social Media It is springtime at New Milford High School and new ideas are flourishing. Teachers are consistently empowered and given the autonomy to take calculated risks without the fear of failure to enhance the teaching and learning process.

Social media for teachers

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Illustrated by Peter Grundy From Scholastic Instructor SOURCES: Social media PD: Project Tomorrow, “Speak Up 2011.” social media social media in education Twitter: Semiocast. YouTube: NielsenWire, “August 2012, Top U.S. Online Video Sites.” Facebook: Yahoo! Finance, “Number of Active Users at Facebook over the Years.” Pinterest:, “Pinterest Stats”;, “The Astounding Power of Pinterest.”.


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7 Must-Read Resources on Social Media for School Leaders

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There are obviously quite a few social media resources available to school leaders on the Web, but finding high-quality information can be difficult. Each of these books are excellent sources of information for the school leader trying to learn about social media and potential in educational leadership. Why Social Media Matters: School Communication in the Digital Age by Kitty Porterfield and Meg Carnes Porterfield and Carnes'' book is one of my personal favorites.

Social Media Use Needs to Focus More on Learning Than Behavior

A Principal's Reflections

It pains me when I hear about school districts that are attempting to implement and impose social media policies that focus more on the "behavior" of educators as opposed to student learning. Where should the focus be when districts look to impose social media policies? For some more of my thoughts on the role of social media in education check out this recent interview I did for School Webmasters

7 Steps to Optimize Your Social Media Presence as an Educator

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In his book, The New Rules of Marketing & PR , David Meerman Scott perhaps captures why a number of us so heavily engage in using social media: “ It’s fun to blog and tweet, and it makes you feel good to get your ideas out into the world.” Making the most of social media presence for most educators means one thing: growing and maintaining a strong, vibrant network of other educators. The best way to do this is to optimize your social media presence as an educator.

Transparent School Leadership: Engaging Social Media as a Strategy

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The basic premise of the entire presentation was based on these assumptions about school leadership and the engagement of social media. School leaders no longer have a choice of whether to engage in the use of social media if they are going to communicate in a 21st century manner. School leaders who continue to ignore social media are also missing out on its power. No more treating social media channels as an "after-thought."

5 Ways School Leaders Can Immediately Capture the Power of Social Media

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Andy Beal and Judy Strauss, Radically Transparent: Monitoring and Managing Reputations Online The conventional way many administrators use social media is as a “21st century announcement system.” Using it in this manner is certainly worthwhile, but that is using only one facet of social media. If you’re just using social media to “send messages” you miss the whole point of the technology: it’s about the conversations. Use multiple social media platforms.

Freinet and social media

Learning with 'e's

When I wrote Blogging with Freire , I was speculating on what that great Brazilian educator and theorist might have made of educational blogging - a concept he never knew, because he died before the Internet and social media came in to common use. If he had seen them, what might Freinet have made of digital technology, and what would he have said about social media in education?

5 Guidelines for Rational School Leader Response to Social Media Issues

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What should be a school leader’s response when a student uses social media in an inappropriate manner? This Winston-Salem Journal Editorial “More Education, Guidelines Needed for Officials, Students on Social Media and School Security,” makes the usual call for more rules and education about improper use of social media. But was this event a “social media problem” or was it “a behavioral or crime problem?”

5 Keys to Effective Social Media Strategy for Schools and School Districts

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Should schools and school districts have a "social media strategy" like business and industry? In the corporate world, social media has moved from being a novelty to a deliberate strategy to engage the public. It seems like schools and school districts mostly do social media as an add on, where someone in the central office "just happens" to post announcements to Facebook or Twitter. Listening in social media is as important as posting.

3 Principles to Guide Your Social Media Debut

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Kitty Porterfield and Meg Carnes, Why Social Media Matters: School Communication in the Digital Age I am amazed that in my conversations with other administrators and teachers, there are those who still refuse to engage in using social media. There are administrators who still refuse to engage in connecting through social media. Choose multiple tools for your "social media toolkit." Like Facebook, users can post photos and other media.

Student social media use. Advice from the experts

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Here is a compilation of advice from experts around the use of social media for students. social media in education What do you think? Would this resonate with students? What lessons might you do around this? How might you entice them to read and discuss this topic?

NYC blazes trails to prepare students for success with new social media guidelines

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While some school districts have banned the use of social media because of fears of inappropriate use and distracting students, in an unprecedented move, the New York City Department of Education (NYC DOE) has reached out to students, teachers, and parents as partners to create guidelines for the appropriate use of social media for personal and academic purposes. social media in education

Your Social Media Guidelines in One Sentence

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Social media is becoming the norm as opposed to the exception in many schools. Yet the more policies and guidelines we have, the more we deter people from using social media. To me, your social media guidelines can be summed up in one sentence. No personal versus professional, just understanding that the context of social media and that anything online would be considered a public space.

Survey reveals why teachers aren’t embracing social media

eSchool News

Survey reveals that the majority of classroom educators shy away from social media integration. A new survey finds that just 13 percent of participating educators have used social media as part of their classroom learning. K-12 teachers found that 87 percent of those surveyed said they have not embraced social media platforms. Social media is here to stay, so it is critical to invest in our educators through expanded training,” said Cook.

The Worst Approach to Teaching Students About Social Media

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Years ago, I had a real turning point in my thinking regarding social media use with students while listening to a group of students share some stories with me. It was an eye-opening conversation, which also reminded me about the importance of having conversations with students regarding social media, not simply telling them what they can and can’t do. This is what is so hard about social media in education.

Link and Leave: The junk mail of social media

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As more and more people are becoming comfortable with social media, an unfortunate new trend has developed. netiquette social media in education I call it "Link and Leave." " Here's how it goes. You’ve written a blog post, started a crowdfunding campaign, have a photo or video you’d love to share. Next you post just the link without an explanation , or write something like: “My latest post.” or “Inspiring.” or “Interesting.”

8 ways to use social media to connect and coordinate with parents

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Social media can be a powerful tool to coordinate and connect with parents. While many of us are familiar with traditional notes home in the backpack, flyers, and newsletters, social media takes our ability to create, maintain, and grow connections with parents to a whole new level. Facebook in education Parents social media social media in education

Recommended Watch: "How Social Intelligence Influences Your Social Media"

mauilibrarian2 in Olinda

advice for moms emotional intelligence Google+ Hangouts social media Watched this Google+ hangout with Martin Shervington and TheGoToMom Kimberley Blaine and thought it was too good not to share. Solid advice that is helpful in real life as well. :) Linda (??? ? ) @mauilibrarian2 G+ This post was originally published at mauilibrarian2 in Olinda.

Why I took Social Media off my Phone

Comfortably 2.0

Back in 2013 I blogged about "My Adventure into Digital Detoxification." It was on a whim and it turned out that it wasn't too bad being away from my phone for an extended period of time.

NYC DOE teacher featured for blazing trails in social media

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Elias in a class recently where she showed me how they create excitement about learning via the respectful and responsible use of social media. social media in education The United Federation of Teacher''s paper recently highlighted the work of NYC DoE teacher, Janet Elias who teaches technology at PS 46 in Queens. You can see the piece here. I had the pleasure of having Ms.

5 ideas to inspire students to use social media for good

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"High School Musical" star Monique Coleman is a youth empowerment advocate who recently provided advice about using social media to do good. 5 ideas to use social media for good I want more ». Facebook in education social media social media in education Twitter in Education Below is the advice she shared on her site [link] followed by her video where you can hear her for yourself sharing these ideas.

Use social media to shine on school quality reviews

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Not only is use of social media good classroom practice, but in places that have quality reviews (an assessment and evaluation system for schools), engaging parents with social media will help schools shine. Here are some key areas that social media can be used to help schools engage families and do well on the school quality review. social media in education

Embracing social media use in schools with a toolkit for administrators

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Looks like more and more cities are following the lead of NYC and embracing the use of social media in schools. Most recently the Chicago Public Schools has put together toolkit of resources —video, documents, and links to other sites—for principals and staff who want to use social media to connect with their school communities. It highlights creative and effective social media use by schools with a focus on Twitter and Facebook.

13 Must-Haves in My Social Media Curation Tool Kit

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Great time to do an inventory of the social media tools I use regularly to curate links and share ideas! curation tools social media I''m getting ready for the EdTech Mixed Plate Show tonight, pondering one of the questions that will be asked of me: "How do you curate what you find online so you will remember to use and to share with others?" You need to know that I manage everything in the Chrome Bookmark Manager.]

The Right Way is Your Way

A Principal's Reflections

I have read some very thought-provoking posts and associated commentary over the past couple of weeks focusing on how particular educators use social media. What I have found interesting is the powerful opinions as to how one should use social media. I think it is great that so many people have focused opinions on what social media should, could, or should not be with a considerable emphasis on specific do''s and dont''s.

EdTechSandyK's Top 5 Posts of 2013


Because this was a helpful exercise for me at the end of 2012 / start of 2013, I thought I''d give it another go as 2013 ticks away its final hours and 2014 looms on the horizon. posts on my blog from 2013 as tracked by Blogger: How to Decode a Tweet , 1/7/13 - I originally wrote this post and created the graphic for it because I needed it for a Twitter for Professional Development workshop that I was going to be co-leading the next month.

iPad 55

Survey: Social Media Is Failing To Find Traction In The Classroom

TeachThought - Learn better.

Survey: Social Media Is Failing To Find Traction In The Classroom. Social media is a main form of communication and connection used by today’s students. Despite the expansion of EdTech tools as classroom resources, educators have not warmed to the idea of integrating social platforms as quickly as other types of classroom technology. Social media is here to stay, so it is critical to invest in our educators through expanded training,” said Cook.

My Year in Social Media and What My Omnibox Autofill Says About Me (What about you?)

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Her article Reflecting on 2013 Through Social Media inspired me to reflect too. My Top Tweets of 2013 2013 Twitter video ? ? ? ? ? What did your year look like in social media, and what does your Omnibox autofill say about you? (??? ? ) @mauilibrarian2 G+ This post was originally published at mauilibrarian2 in Olinda. Google social media Jennifer Magiera always has something interesting in her Teaching Like It''s 2999 blog!

Using Social Media for Good

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Common Sense recently honored Nza-Ari Khepra with the 2016 Social Change Catalyst Award for her work as a founder of the youth-led violence awareness organization Project Orange Tree and the Wear Orange campaign. After the Common Sense Media Awards ceremony, we had the opportunity to speak with Khepra about Wear Orange and about the ways social media can be a catalyst for positive social change. " Social media was a flame behind everything we wanted to do.

Research says social media is easier to recall than textbooks

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Image: Katie Sayer/Flickr "H umans are better at remembering information if it appears as a social network post." Scientific American recently reported what many innovative educators instinctively know. The article reveals that r ecollecting Facebook posts is easier than recalling the same information in a book. It also takes less effort to remember posted matter than someone''s face, according to new research.

Can social media combat the issue of educator isolation?

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Feelings of isolation occur with some regularity among educators, especially those who teach in specialty areas and/or small schools. Teachers spend much of their day separated from peers in classrooms that can become silos. However, technology is providing new ways for teachers to connect with peers both near and far. This is part two of the show on this topic.

Tell social media gurus #YouMatter with a #BammyAwards vote!

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These are movers and shakers that I have come to know because of their pioneering work in the use of social media to support teaching, leading, and learning that will help guide students toward success with college, career, and citizenship. On a larger scale, Deven has served on the review committee to help implement the new social media guidelines for NYC DOE employees. Envision a world that values education like it values entertainment.

Twitter Tips & Resources for Teachers


My Thoughts on Social Media - How I stay ''in the know'' - I was excited to wake up the other day and see that my Twitter video had been posted by my buddy, Jeff, on Edudemic. I also have a Pinterest board on social media that provides many fabulous resources, including one of my favorite pins that shares 10 Twitter Tutorials (some of which are very entertaining). The Bedley Brothers invited me on their show last week to speak about social media.

How Twitter Helped Owen, Middle School B-ball Player, Get His Sports Center Moment


After his teammates rush the floor at the end of the game and celebrate with Owen, they rush to their social media devices and create the hashtag #GetOwenOnSportsCenter By the end of the night, that''s exactly what happened, Owen was on SportsCenter in the top plays segment. So instead of this being a story that happened in a gym in front of about 100 people, some great teammates and social media put Owen''s story in front of the world.

BYOD and the Paperless Classroom

A Principal's Reflections

NMHS teachers are also beginning to to integrate social media tools that are blocked and banned in the majority of schools across the country. BYOD educational technology New Milford High School Social Media Vikki Smith At New Milford High School teachers are adapting their professional practice as we continue to evolve into a Bring Your Own Device school where student-owned technology integrated effectively.

BYOD 177

Sensible Learning

A Principal's Reflections

Social Media is bad and has no place in education. If students are allowed to use social media in school they will stay off task or exhibit inappropriate behavior. Worse, teachers will spend countless hours “socializing” instead of educating. This is the misguided stigma that social media carries and, as a result, it is often banned in schools. Social media is all about conversations that center around user-created content.

Pillars of Digital Leadership Series: Public Relations

A Principal's Reflections

No matter how much progress we made, or success we experienced, it was always that one negative story that would dominate the media coverage and sway public opinion. Image credit: [link] There is a fundamental problem with the mainstream media when it comes to public relations. Make no mistake about it, the media wants and needs to make money. Thankfully this all changed in late 2009 as I discovered the power and value of using social media as a public relations tool.

Students Talk Social Media in Education via the 1st #StuVoice Google Hangout

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The topic was: Learning in the 21st Century: Social Media in Education. During the hangout participants discussed how they are using social media in their education and how they think it can better be used in their learning experience. Education on proper use - Social media is an effective and necessary tool when those using it are educated properly on its use. Student Voice launched their first Google Hangout.

People Make the Difference

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Almost all of this growth can be attributed to a point in time that I became connected using a variety of social media tools. As many readers of my blog know, the big changes in my career came when I discovered the value of social media as a leader and learner. It started with Twitter and eventually led to the use of virtually every major social media tool available with the sole goal of improving professional practice.