New Research on Student Engagement Best Practices

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Engagement is such a challenge for schools—now more than ever. Lots of anecdotal evidence is floating around, but right now, we need answers for what produces strong student engagement. Engagement Is Multi-Faceted & Dynamic. Factors That Influence Student Engagement.

4 Essential Factors for Student Engagement Based on Current Research

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Mariana Aguilar discusses the current research on student engagement From the Cool Cat Teacher Blog by Vicki Davis Follow @coolcatteacher on Twitter. Mariana Aguilar shares 4 Essential Factors for Student Engagement. Download the State of Engagement Report 2020 now!

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GoGuardian Finds Three Factors That influence K-12 Student Engagement Online and In-Person

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The GoGuardian Research and Insights team today announced its comprehensive findings on the factors that create an engaging learning experience in K-12 schools, both online and in-person, in its 2020 State of Engagement Report. Making lessons relevant and relatable to students’ lives.

Project-based learning boosts student engagement, understanding

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Seventh grade students offer feedback on projects by sixth graders at Stony Brook School, where about 40 students in each grade get interdisciplinary, project-based learning. This single assignment asks students to master science, math, history and language arts standards, which is par for the course for these sixth graders. It’s still early to celebrate, with less than two years of outcomes to consider, but it seems to have worked.

Digital Whiteboarding for Better Student Engagement


The quest for better student engagement has been aided dramatically through the introduction of digital whiteboarding. In this article, we will explore how digital whiteboarding software and interactive whiteboards can help to improve the learning experience for students. Digital whiteboarding software solutions have a number of potential benefits for educators, but one of the most significant is the ability to achieve better student engagement.

Improving Student Engagement in a Virtual Classroom


The idea behind a virtual classroom is to create an online space that serves many of the functions of a traditional classroom, without requiring students and teachers to be physically present in the same place. While modern technology has helped to make this possible, it is important to take steps to ensure students are actually engaged with virtual lessons and taking an active interest in their own learning. What is Student Engagement?

How to Improve Student Learning Outcomes with Digital Learning

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In this age of digital content consumption, students are likely to get easily distracted if they do not find their curriculum interesting enough. Educators have noticed that when technology is integrated into the curriculum, students tend to demonstrate an eagerness to learn. So, is blending technology with traditional teaching models the best solution to get students geared up for learning? Show your students relevant videos and make your content interactive.

Boosting student engagement using the 4Cs of education


The truth is: I was not engaged in the classroom. The actual outcomes, what I was supposed to learn back then, are a bit blurry to be honest. I was one of those students that were engaged on the surface, appeared to be listening, did not skip class, but learned little and has had to catch up later. Engagement is active. The engaged student not only does the task assigned but also does the task with enthusiasm and diligence.” – Phillip Schlechty.

(Re)Defining Student Engagement

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“The best evidence for student engagement is what students are saying and doing as a consequence of what the teacher does, or has done, or has planned.” These initial visits have confirmed what I have known for several years of experience as a school principal and teacher evaluator: Engagement in learning happens most frequently and deeply when students are actively involved in instruction. This option gave other students more time to work.

How to improve student engagement and interactions in your classrooms using Linways LMS.

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If teaching is an art, keeping the students engaged is the craft of that art. In the post-COVID scenario, student engagement and student-centric learning are going to play huge roles in the education industry. Linways supports outcome-based learning.

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Improving Student Engagement with Video-Assisted Learning


For several decades, attempts have been made to boost student engagement with video-assisted learning activities. Here, you will find more information about the value of video-assisted learning, and the ways it can be used to improve student engagement and learning outcomes. . To some extent, it could be argued that generating student engagement with video-assisted learning is nothing new.

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Igniting Student Engagement: A Roadmap for Learning


John McCarthy Student Engagement Key strategies to ensure student engagement include being authentic, introducing units with meaningful launch events, and letting students know what outcomes to expect

6 ways to boost student engagement in online/virtual classrooms.

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But no matter digital or otherwise, one thing all teachers agree about student-teacher interaction is the engagement. Students should be engaged and made to be a part of the class. For most of us, student engagement begins and ends at raised hands, questions asked, or simply maintaining eye contact. But most teachers have a better understanding of how to interact with students and engage them inside the classroom.

Research Seeks Scale For Measuring Student Engagement

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Research Seeks Scale For Measuring Student Engagement. Educators believe that student engagement in the classroom is crucial to learning and that it can increase achievement and enrollment in challenging courses while decreasing dropout rates. Until recently, teachers and administrators lacked tools to measure the engagement levels of their students in the classroom. Wang found that engagement varied among different groups of students.

A Teacher’s Insight and a Suite of Apps Revitalized Geography—Boosting Student Engagement and Collaboration


Students didn’t like the traditional textbook-and-worksheet-centric course, and their teachers and district staff were concerned that a lack of engagement was translating into lower grades at Canada’s Ottawa Catholic School Board’s (OCSB) high schools. The Board wanted to help teachers better engage students; to do this effectively, it needed clearer insight into teacher needs. The finished product was a highly personalized and engaging project-based course.

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AllHere Gets a ‘Nudge’ to Scale Low-Cost, Research-Backed Way to Improve Student Outcomes


As a teacher in Harlem, Peter Bergman, like some of his peers, wondered what he could do to help students show up to class or do their homework on time. That led him to his current career in academia, where much of his research focuses on how sending “nudges,” or periodic reminders, to parents and students can improve academic outcomes. Based in Boston, AllHere has developed tools to help schools track and improve student attendance.

Student Engagement Platform ClearScholar Raises $1.25M in Seed Round


How do you engage university students, hear their concerns, and give them both the information that they need and want? ClearScholar , a student engagement platform where students can receive notifications, store information and virtually interact with their university, today announced it has received $1.25 We’re providing a student engagement platform that helps nudge students to get more engaged in meaningful relationships and staff.”

Improving Learning Outcomes by Raising Teacher Effectiveness


The entire purpose of education is to ensure adequate skills in students who pass out to ensure they are employable and responsible citizens. The key reasons for falling outcomes in the field of education and skill development are manifold. The one with the highest direct impact on student engagement is the quality of teaching. will allow teachers to self learn while sustaining the concentration of students will create a positive environment for learning.

How This Startup Leverages Games to Create a Love for the Natural Sciences


Even before the more recent growth of the edtech industry, educators have routinely created games and interactive challenges in order to get students engaged with subjects ranging from math and logic to history and reading. Michael Kasumovic We start with learning outcomes.

How to Determine if Student Engagement is Leading to Learning


Engagement Does Not Always Equate to Learning. No matter where I am, whether it is a physical location or virtual, I am always hearing conversations about how technology can be used to engage students effectively. This is extremely important as the majority of students spend six to eight hours a day in schools where they are completely disengaged. Engagement, after all, is the impetus for learning in my opinion. What are the learning objectives or outcomes? •

How Student Agency Can Ease the Pain of Remote Learning and Teaching


With summer and fall planning top of mind for educators across the country, one stubborn challenge is students’ online attendance and engagement—or, precisely, the lack of it. In many schools and districts, half or less of their students participate in remote learning. Many students are unable to participate virtually due to resource constraints. Many teachers watched their students brush off assignments and disappear from class.

How to Keep Student Minds Open to New Worldviews Even When Campus Is Closed


This pandemic fall semester has understandably raised anxieties about whether students will receive valuable instruction in the academic topics they study in class. But it also threatens the psychosocial learning students do in college, as well as the opportunities for personal development that so many of them seek. Some of our findings from the pre-pandemic era were disconcerting in terms of the time that students spent learning about religious diversity.

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Your Device Rollout Isn’t About Hardware—It’s About Engagement


For anyone involved in education, the importance of engagement is clear. And the need for both student engagement and buy-in cannot be overstated when it comes to device rollout. Throughout each school year, educators attend tech conferences to evaluate the tools that they hope to implement in the coming fall, but many still struggle to achieve student readiness when it comes to fundamental initiatives like one-to-one devices. Engagement in the classroom matters.

Grit, Tenacity, Inclusion — Robotics Programs Teach Much More Than STEM Concepts


Not every kindergartner can boast that she helped build a robot with high school students. Not every kindergartner can boast that she helped build a robot with high school students. Growing increasingly interested in robotics, Kate and her sister tagged along to team meetings and were invited by the older students to join in the build. She saw how engaged her peers were in the activities, how they worked together and celebrated each individual’s skills and interests.

Engagement Does Not Always Equate to Learning

A Principal's Reflections

No matter where I am, whether it is a physical location or virtual, I am always hearing conversations about how technology can be used to effectively engage students. This is extremely important as the majority of students spend six to eight hours a day in schools where they are completely disengaged. Schools and educators would be wise to take cues from the real world and make concerted efforts to integrate technology with the purpose to increase student engagement.

How to Help Your Students Navigate the News in a Presidential Election Year


But this big deal comes with big problems for educators, who must also help their students navigate the daily deluge of political media—especially in recent elections. But this big deal comes with big problems for educators, who must also help their students navigate the daily deluge of political media—especially in recent elections. Social studies teachers must support their students as they encounter: Major attacks on journalism. Student Voices in the Digital Age.

Savvas Delivers Innovative Back-to-School Solutions to Help Teachers, Students and Families Succeed with Distance Learning

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With every moment of instructional time being even more precious when students return, teachers are looking for support to help smoothly pivot between remote and classroom teaching and address unfinished learning.

6 Edtechs Compete in a Voice Challenge — 3 Finalists Focus on Student Life Skills to Win


Their solutions for the Amazon Alexa EdTech Skills Challenge focused on improving the home to school connection, teacher and administrator productivity, accessibility and student learning. Voice technology offers students, educators and parents a more natural way to interact with technology to deepen learning, access critical information and save time,” says AWS Sr. This is important for a busy parent trying to find time to be actively engaged with their child’s education.

The Unexpected Benefit of Differentiation? Student Happiness


But when district leaders launched mPower Piedmont —broadly integrating technology to empower their teachers—they were committed to seeing improved outcomes for each of the district’s 1,200 students. In a candid chat, Mobley shares how embracing technology to personalize instruction and teaching with compassion helps students achieve success and find happiness, in the classroom and beyond. Candy Mobley Where Mobley finds engaging ideas. Students in Ms.

One District's Journey From 'State of Emergency' to Student Success


Morale was low, teacher turnover was high and residents didn’t trust that Allendale could educate their students. Morale was low, teacher turnover was high and residents didn’t trust that Allendale could educate their students. In a conversation with EdSurge, Gilmore—who became Allendale’s superintendent a year ago—discusses how she is turning around her district, and outlines her six-step instructional process that drives teacher and student success.

How My Struggles as a Student Led to Success for My Reluctant Readers


Inspired by my aforementioned graduate professor, I thought it would be fun to get to know my students by kicking off my own classes with a reader biography assignment. The vast majority of my students could not name the title of a single book they’d read on their own, other than “The Cat in the Hat” (mentioned several times each class). I would, instead, need to somehow convince my students of the value of being able to read well.

How to Increase Reading Comprehension With a Daily Dose of D.E.A.R.


SSR also offers a multitude of advantages when it comes to student motivation, preparation for the workforce and, most importantly, comprehension. But how can you make sure that you’re maximizing the benefits of silent reading and that it continues to aid your students as they grow? We’ll look at a few strategies to supporting silent reading as well as one weird trick that might get your students reading more than ever. OTTER. SQUIRT. ZYLAR?

How to Build Meaningful Community for Online Learners #DLNchat


With more and more students learning remotely, the #DLNchat community set out last week to answer the question: How can universities create meaningful community for online students? But faculty can provide opportunities for students to find common ground with one another—and instructors. Jennifer Albat suggested: “Pay attention when students introduce themselves. Many of our students have backgrounds with academic trauma. rather than just "students."

This District Tapped Students’ Histories to Create an Ethnic Studies Curriculum


How might we tap into our students’ and communities’ wealth of knowledge, creativity and ingenuity, to problem-solve our most pressing issues? In the SFUSD, we have worked to recreate a learning experience that centers the histories of our students and their communities. How might we tap into our students’ and communities’ wealth of knowledge, creativity and ingenuity, to problem-solve our most pressing issues?

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Are SPOCs a better option for online education than MOOCs?


Higher education in Denmark is free of charge and scholarships and student grants are very much available. But unless students belong to rather wealthy families or win the lottery, higher education comes with a big price for them — student debts. A lot of American or European students might relate to this. MOOCs promise each and every student in this world a front seat in any prestigious university course they have any interest to attend, for free.

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