How to Hold Better Meetings

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Rushton Hurley gives us ideas for improving meetings. He founded and is executive director of the educational nonprofit Next Vista for Learning, which houses a free library of videos by and for teachers and students at

Meeting the needs of introverted students with e-learning


When their learning needs are met, introverts thrive. Including e-learning in classroom instruction is a great way to meet the needs of introverted students, and here are four reasons why: 1. With e-learning almost all classroom distractions simply disappear. E-learning

Meet NEO at ISTE 2019!


They share ideas and support each other in transforming their classrooms in true digital-age learning environments. Over 3000 speakers that will present these sessions and interact with the public and providing many more learning opportunities. Meet NEO at ISTE 2019.

Meeting student needs through student-centered learning


Student-centered learning is a hot topic among educators around the world. While there are many reasons to adopt student-centered learning, the bottom line is that it is better aligned with the 21st Century needs. The basis of student-centered learning.

LMS Comparison: What Learning Solution is the Best Fit for Your Business?

Smartphones Meet Adult Education

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Mobile technologies allow adult learners to study anytime, anywhere, extending their learning far beyond classroom hours. According to Pew Research Center , 92 percent of American adults own cell phones, and they are embracing their phones as learning tools.

Rocket Mortgage Classic: Esports Meets Traditional Athletics in STEAM Learning

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Rocket Mortgage Classic: Esports Meets Traditional Athletics in STEAM Learning. Inside the STEAM Learning Lab, students were able to sit down and play head-to-head in Rocket League , a popular esports game where players play soccer using souped-up cars. .

Meet NEO at BETT 2018!


Some students today learn in high-tech environments that their grandfathers couldn’t even imagine when they had to go to school. Well, this video speaks for itself: Meet NEO at BETT 2018! Meet us at Booth F302! We’re really looking forward to meet you at BETT 2018!

The Important Morning Meeting

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When you do this at the beginning of the day , it’s called not a warm-up but a morning meeting. What is a Morning Meeting. Morning meetings are a time when students and teacher gather together, usually in a circle, for an organized start-of-day activity.

Personalize with Purpose: Meeting Learners Where They Are

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At its heart, personalized learning requires profound shifts in our thinking about education and schooling.” Personalized learning is not a new concept. The burgeoning field of learning sciences research that addresses learner variability 4 ; and.

Custom eLearning: What to Consider as an L&D Manager

Meet NEO at OEB 2017!


Going further with the questions, can we learn uncertainty? And how can we learn uncertainty if the future of learning itself is unclear? OEB 2017: shaping the future of learning. Meet NEO at OEB 2017! The only constant is change.

Meet the New 2018-2019 Cohort of the League of Innovative Schools

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From dense urban centers to expansive rural regions, our 2018-2019 cohort is challenging the status quo to improve learning for students. To ensure equity and access for all, these districts meet students where they are with real-world, personalized, and locally relevant lessons.

5 Ways to Add Morning Meetings to Special Ed Classrooms

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Dr. Felicia Durden shares methods behind having a powerful morning meeting in special education classrooms. To learn more about Wriq go to 5 Ways to Add Morning Meetings to Special Ed Classrooms. Step 1: Set up Your Room for Morning Meetings.

Inside Gaggle: Meet Our Team

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I have learned so much about leadership and what it means to be a part of an amazing team, all while working alongside some of the most talented people I know. The post Inside Gaggle: Meet Our Team appeared first on Gaggle.

How e-learning can meet some needs of struggling students


I don’t know about others, but after I started to go to school, I was in a rush to learn how to read. Luckily nowadays, we know that there are more than one type of struggling students, and the main reasons that explain which part of learning is a challenge for them.

Run your meetings edcamp style: The un-faculty faculty meeting

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If you’re like most educators, you don’t have the time to waste on unproductive faculty meetings. That’s why administrators and teacher leaders should transform faculty meetings into engaging professional development (PD) opportunities. Edcamp-style faculty meetings!

Schedule Meetings Anywhere with Meet


This happens via a 3rd-party keyboard, which is called Meet. This is ever-so-slightly confusing, as Meet is part of the Sunrise app, not a separate installation. Calling the keyboard Meet makes sense, though, when you’re using the iOS keyboard picker.)

More Inclusive Meetings


We’ve written a lot here at ProfHacker about making meetings and conferences better. Recently, I came across this list from University of Michigan Department of Human Resources, 10 Tips for Inclusive Meetings. It can be something we all learn from when organizing an event.

The Roomba Meets Root


Root robot is uniquely designed to help kids learn coding at home and in school

COLUMN: When body meets mind in learning

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Whether it’s a lesson in math, foreign language vocabulary or science, the result is the same: kids learn better with gesture. The gestures used by this animated figure help children learn math, according to research by Susan Wagner Cook at the University of Iowa.

Blended Learning Meets the Ghost of Textbooks Past

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No question: the future of educational technology is blended learning enacted in 1-to-1 classrooms. Current lesson marketplaces, however, provide supplemental lessons; there is a huge need for basal/comprehensive, blended learning curricula.

Meet NEO at ISTE 2016 in Denver!


Teachers everywhere must provide the best learning experiences for their students, and technology is their best ally. During the 1,000+ sessions, over 2,000 speakers will cover everything from the science of learning to learning technologies. Meet NEO at ISTE 2016.

The Maker Movement Meets Literacy


The maker movement is all about making learning meaningful through creating new solutions. I am here to share that you can design maker experiences while meeting California CCSS standards in English language arts. The post The Maker Movement Meets Literacy appeared first on OnCUE.

Meeting Youth Through Culture And The Classroom

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I discussed how education involves an environment that engages people to critically think and share their ideas, to improve understanding and learning. Guest article by Heather Penn. Around ten years ago during one of my Master’s classes, I had to write a philosophy of teaching.

Where Personalized Learning Meets Social Emotional Learning


This year’s theme— Personalized Learning for the Whole Learner —aims to help school leaders from around the U.S. see how their peers are shaping learning environments for students and educators. And far more than just listening to speakers from a stage, we're crafting time for conference attendees to meet in intimate groups with each other and with speakers to explore the issues and challenges that confront each one. How do school leaders make personalized learning work?

LED Throwies Meet the Magnetic Board

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I love creating new learning activities and will be thinking of new ways to use the materials so my returning students will have new activities. LED Throwies Meet the Magnetic Board. Education Maker Education experiential learning learning maker education tinkering

Flipped Learning Meets Differentiated Instruction

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Teachers continue to cope with the challenges of teaching to multiple learning styles. With the help of technology, personalized learning becomes more realistic while the strategies for advancing personalized learning are more powerful. Flipped Learning.

Universal Design for Learning: Meeting the needs of all students

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Universal Design for Learning (UDL) is a framework that aides educators in designing lessons that meet the needs of diverse learners. DitchBook Twitter chat choice innovation learning styles student engagement student learning udl universal design for learning

Meet Me Inside, Meet Me Inside

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Last period is almost always exhausting, but, after a week of filing, organizing, and getting the last bit of learning into students, this’ll drain even the most ardent of us. The post Meet Me Inside, Meet Me Inside appeared first on The Jose Vilson.

How to Schedule a Time to Meet with Other Classes

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The fifth graders had an optional meeting at 7 am where they could come to school to meet the other kids half a world away. Kids came early to school so they could meet other kids! Learners love to meet learners in other classrooms, but how can you make it simple ?

Writing Scaffolds to Meet Diverse Learning Needs

A Principal's Reflections

For example, Mrs. Montecuollo and Mrs. Westbrook could read student responses and be clear about what each writer needed to add or change in order to meet standard. In this way, these instructors maximized the learning for all of their students and ensured the class met standard.

STEM Project: When Minecraft Meets Google Streetview.


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Measuring Up–the Key to Meeting State/National Standards

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Because by teaching, assessing knowledge, tracking progress, and personalizing to student needs, we can determine if students are accomplishing what they must to complete the work of learning. Both of these are critical pieces to the successful accomplishment of learning goals.

Meet the Inspiring Teacher Scholarship Recipient, Jesus Sosa

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Personal Statement Excerpt: This opportunity will allow me to continue with my own learning process. This opportunity would also give me the chance to learn from other teachers, and maybe adapt their experiences to provide new ones to my students.