The challenges of mobile learning in the classroom


This is especially evident over the decade, as schools have increasingly adopted mobile learning as a signature initiative using BYOD and 1:1 programs and investing in tablets to provide their students with access to a wealth of relevant educational content and learning opportunities.

How to Keep Students Organized and Thriving in a Digital Classroom


We’ve all seen (or even been) that woefully disorganized student: always turning in late assignments, arriving to class empty-handed or misplacing instructional materials. We sought to answer the following questions: How is technology used in the classroom?

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Realizing Success in the Adult Basic Education Market

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With educational opportunities currently limited to just 11 percent of this population , the potential for technology, especially mobile devices, to provide additional avenues to education for these adults is significant. When combined with other sources, one estimate places this figure as high as $10 billion annually, with $200 million of that spent on digital instructional materials.

The Problem With Expecting Student Access


Other classrooms provide instruction through Google Apps for Education. Teachers can put together HyperDocs – linked apps with instruction, video, activities, ability to explore a topic on a Chromebook through curated web links. Yes, use technology.

1:1 iPads and Digital Learning in Belton ISD


The first session I attended at iPadpalooza was presented by Instructional Technology Coordinators Terice Schneider and Vicki Ventura of Belton Independent School District. Belton is paying for most of their implementation through the Texas Instructional Materials Allotment (IMA).

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A ‘Learning Ecosystem’ Approach to Ed-Tech Acquisition

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When I think about how the adoption and acquisition of technology is changing in K-12 education, it brings to mind the well-known Sydney Harris cartoon. the technology in our kids’ pockets.

?A Starter Kit for Instructional Designers


alone, there are 13,000 instructional designers. Instructional design is experiencing a renaissance. Designing online learning experiences is essential to training employees, mobilizing customers, serving students, building marketing channels, and sustaining business models. But I’ve come to believe that contemporary instructional design sits at the intersection of three core disciplines: learning science, human-centered design, and digital marketing.

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Learning Out Loud: Make Online Courses Meaningful and Accessible


Educators agree that all students deserve access to all instructional materials. Some of the ways CI faculty use VoiceThread include flipped student presentations, peer review, instructor video feedback, critical discussions, reflections, foreign language practice, mobile field trips and book conversations. A screen reader is an accessible technology device used by people with vision impairments to navigate computer software.

Library of Congress introduces three new apps (and a reminder of some older goodies)


Just a couple of weeks ago, the Library of Congress announced the launch of three new apps for Web and mobile, developed by educational organizations that were supported by an LOC grant for app development.

3 tips for connecting students to internet resources during summer

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Nesbitt, PhD, executive director of Technology, AITS, School District of Pickens County, SC; and Christine Fox, deputy executive director, SETDA, presented solutions for providing out-of-school access and digital resources to students based off their own experiences.

Free Tools for Accessibility and Inclusive Classrooms

Accessible technologies help students with disabilities unlock their full potential by addressing a diversity of needs that include learning, visual, hearing, mobility, neurodiversity, and mental health.

Broward County Public Schools Selects Science A-Z As District-wide Supplement to K–5 Science Curriculum


13, 2018—After a comprehensive review of instructional programs for science courses, Broward County Public Schools (BCPS) has chosen Science A-Z to be part of its instructional materials adoption in science for grades K–5.

Fuel Education’s Stride and Summit Math Adaptive Solutions Win BESSIE Award


These next generation Summit Math courses were developed as part of a digital-first curriculum for schools that want to engage and personalize learning for each student and empower teachers with powerful instructional materials,” said Sean P.

SETDA Provides Tips on Equity of Access for Students Outside of School

They also encourage schools and districts to leverage community partnerships by working with libraries, community centers, mobile community hotspots, or local chambers of commerce. It really truly guides all of the decisions instructionally for our students,” she said.

Home Internet Access for All Students Is a Game-Changer

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An ongoing challenge for technology-focused K-12 schools is ensuring that all students have home Internet access. Technology and Learning in Lower-Income Families , provides insights gathered from a survey of lower-income parents of students ages 6 to 13.

Campus Tech Leaders Report More Support for Free Educational Materials

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College technology leaders appear more optimistic these days about open-source textbooks and open educational resources — teaching and learning materials that can be used at no cost. According to the latest Campus Computing Survey of top technology officers at colleges, released on Thursday, 81 percent believe that open educational resources will be an important source for instructional material in the next five years.

Is Your Digital Citizenship Program Up to Snuff?

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How current is the curriculum for your digital citizenship program, how often do students receive direct instruction on this topic, and what strategies are teachers using to infuse digital citizenship skills throughout the school day?

What’s New: New Tools for Schools


The tool is ideal for differentiated learning, literacy, English-language learners (ELL) or Special Needs instruction. The software takes advantage of Casio’s Natural Display technology for input and output of mathematical expressions.

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TEA Update: New Options with Digital Content in Texas


Format of digital materials being submitted is all over the map. TEA Website A-Z Index Instructional Materials & Educational Technology Scroll down to see the Commissioner''s List of Electronic Textbooks Also see Commissioner''s List of Technological Equipment - for approved equipment to access digital content. Can only order technology from this list if you want to use textbook funds. YES Who owns technological equipment?

Hack Education Weekly News

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“The UK government has published its 2016 HE White Paper, entitled Success as a Knowledge Economy: Teaching Excellence, Social Mobility and Student Choice,” the Times Higher Education reports. Also via Chalkbeat : “Black and white students score far apart on a new test of technology skills.” ” Here’s the WaPo headline : “Girls outscore boys on inaugural national test of technology, engineering skills.” Education Politics.