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Sphero, LittleBits and Other Robots Bring Technology to Life

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Sphero, LittleBits and Other Robots Bring Technology to Life. Josh Stumpenhorst got hooked on robotics three years ago when his son showed him the Sphero BB-8, a baseball-sized, self-propelled robot based on the Star Wars droid.

Are classroom robots the NextGen of learning?


I recently read a report that said schools in the UK spend £900mn per year on educational technology. It shows that clearly, EdTech is becoming an integral part of our classroom learning. Classroom robots of today. Robotics in other spheres.

6 Super Science Edtech Ideas: Using Technology to Level Up Science Classrooms

The CoolCatTeacher

Leah LaCrosse shares six edtech ideas science teachers can start using today to improve learning and excite students about science. 6 Super Science Edtech Ideas. Leah, today, we’re going to talk about how to use technology to make science more exciting and more effective.

Top 5 new EdTech tools that you might use in your university


Most people don’t consider education technology to be such an important industry, but it’s actually gigantic. According to the report, the EdTech industry will reach a global value of $252 billion by 2020. 5 New EdTech tools to watch. Robot teachers.

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5 Tools to Teach Coding to Late Elementary Students


Root I just got one of these coding robots, and it may already be my favorite. I like this as a starting place for late elementary because there is so much I can do with it. I see many folks buying coding robots to fit specific needs, and I think this robot eliminates much of that.

[On-Air Coaching] Staying Focused on the Learning Goals, Not the Technology – SULS006

Shake Up Learning

The post [On-Air Coaching] Staying Focused on the Learning Goals, Not the Technology – SULS006 appeared first on Shake Up Learning. Jasmine is a second-year fourth-grade teacher at Marrington Elementary School near Charleston, South Carolina. edtech. Dash robot.

What are your edtech resolutions?

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Frankie Jackson, chief technology officer, Cypress Fairbanks (TX) Independent School District. Kristina Stratton, principal, Westside Elementary School, Florida. “In When my students have advanced past color programming, they can program the same robots using Blockly/Java script.

Top 10 K–12 Educational Technology Trends


While “trendy” ideas and products come and go, many of these influential concepts seem likely to continue to shape edtech for many years to come. While “trendy” ideas and products come and go, many of these influential concepts seem likely to continue to shape edtech for many years to come.

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E–Rate Updates Free Up Resources for New Classroom Technology Projects

EdTech Magazine

E–Rate Updates Free Up Resources for New Classroom Technology Projects. Technology Services Coordinator Jim Branton. “We MORE FROM EDTECH: Check out everything you need to know about E-rate. Melissa Delaney is a freelance journalist who specializes in business technology.

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'Robots Are Coming For Your Children'

Hack Education

You hear it all the time, accompanied by a standard set of justifications about the pressing need to reform education: something about the " factory model of education ; something about radical shifts in the job market in recent decades; something about technology changing faster than it’s ever changed before. All of these claims play pretty fast and loose with the facts – with the history of education, with the history of technology, and with the history of work.

In Successful Edtech, Pedagogy Comes First—Devices Second

Digital Promise

Educational technology (edtech for short) can play a significant role in mitigating and solving this growing dilemma. Many school districts -- including mine in Middletown, NY-- are leveraging the power of technology with adaptive assessments and instructional software. An increasing amount of data around personalized educational models like "blended learning" and content-specific software suggests that edtech makes instruction in diverse classrooms more efficient.

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An Inside Look at the Edtech Purchasing Process

While the Wild West era of edtech may be over, there’s still some mystery over how schools decide what digital materials to buy. In the edWebinar, “ Building Authentic Need and Research into Edtech Development,” representatives from a large school district, a small district, a developer, and the research community answered burning questions about edtech procurement. Robert Furman, Principal of South Park Elementary Center, South Park Township, PA.

Robot Maker Wonder Workshop Raises a $20M Series B to Expand Internationally


The company’s flagship products are two round blue robots aimed at introducing students six to 12 to computational thinking. Students use an iOS or Android app to code commands for the robots. Wonder Workshop claims that more than 4,000 elementary schools in the US and 2,000 across the rest of the world have incorporated Dash and Dot into their curricula already. Wonder Workshop has shipped almost 150,000 robots in the past year and a half.

Q&A: Adam Welcome on How K–12 Educators Can Integrate Technology for Engagement

EdTech Magazine

Q&A: Adam Welcome on How K–12 Educators Can Integrate Technology for Engagement. One of the main draws of technology integration is finding new ways to engage students. MORE FROM EDTECH: See how to orchestrate a digital transformation in your school.

Virtual Valentines: The Global Valentine Project Sharing Love and Learning

The CoolCatTeacher

Vicki: Today we’re talking with Micah Brown @mbrownedtech , an Instructional Technology Specialist in Kansas. OK, so let’s say that I’m a teacher and I’m not super comfortable with technology. He’s the robot there. in Elementary Education.

The Progression of our Lower School Technology Integration

Tech Helpful

This is the progression of technology integration at CCS lower school since I came on staff in January of 2004 as a part-time related arts computer teacher. I graduated with a Masters in Instructional Technology in 2007.

A Thinking Person’s Guide to EdTech News (2017 Week 11 Edition)

Doug Levin

Otherwise, here’s what caught my eye the week of March 13, 2017 – news, tools, and reports about education, public policy, technology, and innovation – including a little bit about why. A Thinking Person’s Guide to EdTech News (2017 Week 11 Edition). Technology used to target UAE’s cheating students | The National → "We were saying technology helps students cheat, now, we’d say it’s helping them understand unethical behaviour better than ever."

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A Few Weeks with Root


One of my biggest takeaways from the FETC conference in January was seeing the Root robot live. Basically, Root is everything I was looking for in a coding robot, and I could not wait to try it out. What you want to know is my first impressions of the robot, right?

The STEAM dream with a does of Instructional Technology

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I'm at a place in the elementary school where I am seeing technology integrated more and more seamlessly every day. I think now it is fair to say we use technology as an instructional resource daily in the elementary school.

Screen-free Coding Now Available in the US for K-2 students


KUBO Robotics, a screen-free coding solution for emergent readers, is now available in the US exclusively from Pitsco Education. No computer or other technology is needed. [ Learn more about KUBO Robotics at edtech Coding News Ed Tech Ticker Robotics

Forward Failures, Future of Work and What’s (Not) the Next Big Thing in Edtech


In its 20th year, the Summit had a feeling of rolling up its sleeves: People talked about the tensions of trying to have civil dialogue between people who hold different points of view; they struggled with the ongoing challenge of trying to figure out “what works” in edtech and reform, particularly when efforts don’t seem to live up to expectations. Edtech's Next Big Thing? Education Technology Events Community

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VR, PBL, and OERs: Four High Hopes for Learning with Edtech in the New School Year


Using technology in schools is no longer just about preparing our students for college and career. Not only do they need the skills to navigate and utilize technology, but they need to understand how technology can connect them with people, places, and resources that were previously unreachable. Using technology in schools is no longer just about preparing our students for college and career. What will edtech make possible this school year?

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How Do We Know If Technology Is the Solution or the Problem?


Through our direct interactions with educators and school leaders around the country working to implement effective personalized learning models in their schools and districts, we find that technology’s role in this arena is yet to be clearly defined on a broad scale. So, what role(s) should technology play in education? Maddux worried that technology would disrupt the personal relationships built and maintained through live, in-class discussions.

The Next Big Trends in #EdTech from @ISTE CEO Richard Culatta at #ISTE19

The Innovative Educator

Richard Culatta, CEO of the International Society for Technology in Education (ISTE) helps us by sharing what the organization sees as the next big trends. Fortunately, teachers like April Keck DeGennaro who teaches at Peoples Elementary School in Georgia is.

Full STEAM Ahead at CCS

Tech Helpful

The grants aren't available to us and that was where I was as the Technology Coordinator in our lower school. We were also able to hire a full time STEAM Project Assistant that would learn the nitty gritty of coding, robotics, circuitry, and the design thinking process.

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Things I Wish My Teacher Knew… – SULS007

Shake Up Learning

Bonner Elementary in Moncks Corner, South Carolina. Of course, we’ll also dig into technology! 02:58] – We have a quick question from Laura Cahill: How do we support more reluctant teachers to embrace technology and new ideas in the classroom? [08:04] Bonner Elementary.

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For Investors, the Future of Education Technology is now the Workplace

Leadership Lounge

For investors, the future of education technology is now the workplace. After several years of waiting for the K-12 market to grow faster, and a couple of years getting schooled in higher education, education technology investors seem to have decided edtech’s future is the workplace.

Tinkering in Our Open Makerspace

Barrow Media Center: Expect the Miraculous

One of the experiences is technology-focused and the other is more craft-focused. I love hearing how the elementary students and college students talk to one another. As usual, voices emerged with artistic talents or technology expertise.

Connecting Computer Science to Today's World

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While I believe in embedded and integrated technology, I am somewhat concerned that this process isn't truly creating the path that is rigorous enough for the future. We are doing just that in our elementary school, in an introductory level.

5 ways technology can support educators in an environment of expanding school choice

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In a 10-year longitudinal study evaluating student academic outcomes at KIPP schools , school choice was found to have a significantly positive effect on student outcomes, with the strongest gains in elementary grade levels and lesser gains at the high school level.

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12 Awesome Ideas for Ending the School Year

Teacher Reboot Camp

Discover more ways to integrate technology effectively by taking one of my fully accredited online courses or get one of my books ! This is one of the ideas suggested in my book, Hacking Digital Learning Strategies: 10 Ways to Launch Edtech Missions in Your Classroom.

Make This the Year That You Take On Ambitious IT Projects in Your School

EdTech Magazine

For educators, the new school year is a prime time to set technology-related goals for their district, school or classroom. . MORE FROM EDTECH: Creative applications such as Adobe Creative Cloud are helping students develop soft skills employers value.

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Inside the $29M DonorsChoose Gift That's Making Teachers Very Happy


Amani Ghusein Ghusein, who teaches science to grades 3 through 8 at Dawes Elementary School, caught the surprise announcement made on the The Late Show with Stephen Colbert that cryptocurrency and finance company Ripple had made a huge donation to fund every project on education crowdfunding site DonorsChoose. I was not expecting that,” says Ghusein, who had five active projects on the site totalling $3,600, including requests for a Cricut Explore craft machine and three types of robots.

21 Things Every 21st Century Educator Should Try This Year (2018 Version)


Seeing that the world and education has changed (especially in the areas of technology, privacy, etc), I thought it might be a good time to rewrite the post before the start of the 2018 school year. Yes, technology costs money. For this challenge, have a day without technology.

An Epic! Take on the Future of Reading in Classrooms Around the World


I’m very excited to see education technology playing a larger role in the tech community,” says Markosian, CEO of Epic! “As elementary schools are using Epic!, elementary schools and in schools around the world where kids use it to learn English and improve their reading skills. Where did you get your start in investing and technology? I’ve been always fascinated by the ability to use technology to build products that can affect and improve lives of millions of people.