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Simplified personalized learning with AI


In today’s educational landscape, personalized learning has emerged as a key strategy to address individual learner profiles, interests and abilities. What is personalized learning? Let’s explore how personalized learning with AI can easily create multiple means of representation.

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Creating Modern Classrooms: 3 Contemporary Approaches to Classroom Design

ViewSonic Education

Imagine a classroom that responds to the needs of the 21st-century student; that’s the promise of modern classroom design. Here, technology propels discovery, and furniture is more than just functional—it morphs into a portal to boundless learning opportunities. It’s simple. What does this look like in practice?

Classroom 240

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Design Thinking Process and UDL Planning Tool for STEM, STEAM, Maker Education

User Generated Education

In deciding what resources you need based on the learners you have, you may first need to determine how your learners learn best, what projects you plan to do, how you can set up a makerspace in your classroom, and much more. This is typically done by sharing documentation of learning and final reflections through social media.

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Throw out Learning Styles and Replace it with UDL

The CoolCatTeacher

Throw out Learning Styles and Replace it with UDL. Vicki: Today we’re talking with Kathleen McClaskey @khmmc , founder of Making Learning Personal, about personalizing learning. Defining Personal Learning. Kathleen, how would you define personal learning? Date: January 11, 2018.

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Universal Design for Learning: What Educators Need to Know


Then, discover a few practical ways that you can use Universal Design for Learning guidelines in your classroom—along with some examples to get you started. What is the Universal Design for Learning? In this model, student engagement includes motivating students toward learning in the classroom.

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A Back-to-School, Personalized Learning Toolkit


Today, I’m amazed at the impact technology can have on the learning process—especially when it enables teachers to personalize learning. And I never tire of hearing stories from educators who are successfully implementing personalized approaches to provide their students a truly unique learning experience.

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How to apply the Universal Design for Learning in the classroom


So even though students in a classroom may look alike, they each have a unique combination of background, strengths, needs and interests that affect their learning outcomes. Since classrooms are so diverse, curricula need to meet this diversity. Why Universal Design for Learning in the classroom matters.

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