Using Technology to Teach Common Core

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By Catlin Tucker Getting students to engage with common core doesn't have to be such a challenge. Classroom Curriculum Digital ContentTechnology can light the path.

Common Core Driving Schools’ Technology Needs

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Frank Smith Most principals surveyed say they are increasing bandwidth, acquiring mobile devices to meet Common Core demands. Bandwidth Management Budgeting Classroom Curriculum Digital Content Management Networking


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Flocabulary’s Raps Makes Common Core Learning ‘Fun and Accessible’

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Frank Smith Each video includes a quick news review, a quiz and interactive lyrics to deepen and reinforce Common Core skills. Classroom Curriculum Digital Content Internet Online Learning Online Video

10 Ways Any Teacher Can (and Should) Use Technology

Ask a Tech Teacher

Common Core tells us: New technologies have broadened and expanded the role that speaking and listening play in acquiring and sharing knowledge and have tightened their link to other forms of communication.

Creatively Teach the Common Core with Technology

Catlin Tucker

Educators today are facing two major shifts in education–a move to the Common Core Standards and increasing pressure to teach students with the technology they’ll be expected to use in their lives beyond high school. I’ve written Creatively Teach the Common Core Literacy Standards with Technology to support English, history/social studies, and science teachers as they shift to the new Standards using technology.

Guest post: 15 EdTech Resources to Use in Classroom


Thanks to this website, however, you get all types of educational content from National Geographic that safe to be shown in the classroom. The website gives you videos, images, and articles related to the questions and aligned with Common Core standards. It’s a great website for students at all levels; you just need to find the right video to show in the classroom. The Internet gives you opportunities to connect your students with classrooms from all around the world.

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How to use digital textbooks in the K-12 classroom


There are many advantages to using digital textbooks in the K-12 classroom for schools and districts. They come from sources such as the Michigan Open Book Project, Core Knowledge, CK-12, OpenStax and OER Commons. Their focus is digital textbooks for the K-12 classroom.

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Why a K-12 Operating System is the Next Step in the Evolution of Edtech


Yes, this was before Google Classroom existed!) I was so green at this point in my career that I probably assumed every classroom in the 21st century operated this way. It felt like every tool I used in the classroom was inherently designed to work in isolation. It felt like every tool I used in the classroom was inherently designed to work in isolation. When I Buy Edtech Products, Our Teachers Don’t Use Them… What Do I Do?

Owl Eyes: The Must-Get Web-App for Classical Literature Teachers

The CoolCatTeacher

Edtech Apps that work From the Cool Cat Teacher Blog by Vicki Davis Follow @coolcatteacher on Twitter. Owl Eyes does several things for reading literature: You can create a classroom and invite students. Create a classroom with your students. If you’re in a 1-to-1 classroom with iPads, Chromebooks, or any other device, this free tool is a MUST-USE. Owl Eyes is a new, simple-but-powerful, and FREE web-app for reading classic books with your students.

Using Tech to Support Literacy Across 13.8 Billion Years of History


BHP’s writing rubric is aligned with the Common Core and the writing approach is aligned to the College, Career, and Civic Life (C3) Framework for Social Studies State Standards dimensions of inquiry. The challenge of using OER in the classroom is not just finding good content, but instilling good practices. The challenge of using OER in the classroom is not just finding good content, but instilling good practices. Using OER is hard.

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From AOL Squatter to Start-Up Sensation: The Eric Simons Story & Claco Launch


Yong Zhao describes a classroom culture where the curriculum follows the child. Nearly every popular #edtech blog on the web from Hack Education and Edudemic to FreeTech4Teachers and Web20Classroom was sharing his product with their readers. AOL Squatter Cameron Herold Claco Class Connect Common Core common core standards edtech entrepreneur Eric Simons Imagine K12 iste start up Steve Jobs teacher lesson plans Yong Zhao young entrepreneur

Parent Questions About Edtech

Ask a Tech Teacher

I love hearing a parent’s perspective on technology in their classrooms so I reached out to efriend, Joe Peters for his thoughts. You won’t want to miss this article: Parents are aware that classrooms nowadays are much different than when they went to school a generation ago. And most of all, technology has invaded the classroom in the form of equipment, tools and video educational lessons. . Not all parents are convinced about the benefits of EdTech, however.

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Not Just for Reading Class Anymore: 5 Tips for Teaching Literacy Across Multiple Subjects


The very first year I taught middle school science, I found myself teaching more reading lessons than I had ever expected—and that didn’t change when I switched to a middle school math classroom two years later. Dora Kastel may not be a traditional classroom teacher, but she and the team at the American Museum of Natural History have founded a number of professional learning programs and tools related to the Next Generation Science Standards.

Betsy DeVos Touts Personalized Learning, Slams Common Core and Reform Efforts


Yet where she sees “promise” are movements to improve education at the classroom level, particularly through instructional approaches now often referred to as “personalized learning.”. “We Department of Education, Common Core is dead. More recently, former AltSchool educator Paul Emerich wrote a blog post titled, “Why I Left Silicon Valley, EdTech, and ‘Personalized’ Learning,” where he offered critiques of the personalized learning movement in his school.

10 Tips For the Beginner EdTech Technology Teacher on Special Assignment


By CUE Member and Guest Blogger Serena McKinney MY STORY Packing up my classroom was a strange feeling after only having been in it for six years. Until, I realized the size and scope of my new classroom; the Irvine Unified School District. The post 10 Tips For the Beginner EdTech Technology Teacher on Special Assignment appeared first on OnCUE. Blended Learning Common Core Standards Technology in Education

Listen Current Raises $950K to Bring Public Radio into the Classroom

Marketplace K-12

Listen Current, a curator of public radio stories geared towards science, social studies, and English/language arts classrooms, raised $950,000 in seed funding. Common Core Ed-tech Venture Capital commoncore edtech englishlanguagelearners k12dealmaking listencurrent publicradio venturecapital

Study 59

It’s Time for Social Studies to Make a Comeback. Here Are 3 Insights for Educators.


As EdSurge’s State of Edtech 2019 report puts it, “Given today’s divisive political environment, foundations and nonprofit organizations are driving awareness to the importance of civics and media literacy.” As these issues permeate the classroom, we remember the goals we put first and foremost when developing our content library. Education Technology Common Core Digital and Media Literacy Student Voice Diversity and Equity Student Engagement Arts and Humanities Teaching & Learnin

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Four Ways to Redefine Parent Teacher Conferences—With a Little Help from Ironman


Often, “what needs improvement” dominates the conversation; if parents must endure this in multiple classrooms with multiple teachers, it doesn’t provide the incentive to come back next time. Edtech requires student buy-in too. My experience in classrooms has taught me that it’s possible for technology to transform parent-teacher conferences.

Help Teachers Truly See Their Students Through Usable, Connected Data


One of many in a classroom packed with students, his learning struggles often went unnoticed. And therefore, they can actually have a very positive impact on the way they teach, the way they communicate with their colleagues, and have very comprehensive profiles of their classroom and individual students. Tell me about the benefits a data-standard can bring to the classroom? As a young student in Germany, Philip Heimes recalls feeling “invisible” to his teachers.

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New Research Proves Game-Based Learning Works—Here's Why That Matters


Efficacy in edtech needs to be determined by conducting well-controlled, large sample-sized efficacy studies. If new edtech isn’t supported by high quality research, then claims about efficacy are just that—marketing claims. student needs vary greatly from one classroom or school to the next,” says Kevin Connors, Director of Personalized Learning for Chicago Public Schools. I would definitely use games like these in a classroom again,” she says.

Getting Animated With Google Slides and Screencastify


I’m constantly looking for ways to mix things up and make them better and different in my classroom. It’s important that I write about all that long way to get here before getting to the really creative bits because that’s how a classroom works the first time you do something. All they had to do was find somewhere quiet-ish to record (behind my desk, under a table, the empty-at-the-moment tutoring classroom across the hall, but not in the hallway.

Curriculum Design is Emotional Work—This Teacher Makes It Easier


Beginning that very first year in my Algebra classroom, I've strived to make it easier for educators to design their own curriculum. To somewhat quote Darth Vader, I found the lack of quality edtech curriculum deeply disturbing. To somewhat quote Darth Vader, I found the lack of quality edtech curriculum deeply disturbing. This was at odds with my experience, because I relied extensively on edtech for assessments.

Claco: Teachers & Technology Team Up

Baker's B.Y.O.D.

In my previously paper-based classroom, I had shelves with 3 ring binders of each unit and novels studied, and file folders of resources stashed (ok, crammed) in filing cabinets. Resources can be tagged by grade level, subjects, Common Core Standards (YES, Common Core Standards!), Having the Common Core Standards already embedded is a major selling point for me.


If We Could Write 10,000 Words.

Baker's B.Y.O.D.

While the Common Core Curriculum Standards are supposed to provide English teachers with a common core of skills and texts, English classes are not standardized because the scope is too broad. I attempted humor in part one of the post and tried showing how my life mirrors writing in the English classroom (not a dedicated writing class).

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Driving over Tukey's Bridge

Baker's B.Y.O.D.

I greatly enjoyed working on creating questions, quizzes, and annotations for a young adult title, applying all that I''ve learned from teaching canonical texts like A Tale of Two Cities , Great Expectation s, Romeo & Juliet , Young Adult literature should have a place in the academic classroom. Dr. Jung Kim from Lewis University makes the case here for young adult literature in the classroom. common core curriculet delirium edtech Maine Reading young adult


Google Glass Might Pose the Biggest Challenge Public Education Has Seen Since Desegregation

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During the more than three decades from 1954 (Brown Vs Board of Ed) and 1988 (peak desegregation in the US), achieving racial equality, or at least access to equal resources… blended learning common core EdTech Education Flipped Classroom Google Teaching google glass High School TechnologyPut aside for the moment that segregation of public schools in the United States is at its highest level since 1968; our country has backslid.

Google Glass Might Pose the Biggest Challenge Public Education Has Seen Since Desegregation

Question Tank

During the more than three decades from 1954 (Brown Vs Board of Ed) and 1988 (peak desegregation in the US), achieving racial equality, or at least access to equal resources… blended learning common core EdTech Education Flipped Classroom Google Teaching google glass High School Technology Put aside for the moment that segregation of public schools in the United States is at its highest level since 1968; our country has backslid.

An EdTech Authentic Ending


The end of the year in my classroom was always a time for reflection, positivity, and gratitude. When I was in the classroom we didn’t have access to Chromebooks or iPads so I used an old school pencil and paper version. They can be related back to the Common Core Standards for writing (always important) but more importantly, they remind our students to observe the world around them. The post An EdTech Authentic Ending appeared first on CUE Blog.

The Importance of Unit Planning in a BOLD (Blended Learning)/21st Century Classroom

Saving Socrates

The reasons I like it don''t vary that much from other school''s reasoning; however, I particularly like it in a blended/21st century classroom that and even more particularly find it necessary in a yeshiva day school where the number of hours dedicated to general studies is even more crunched. Magen David teachers are working on utilizing the common core state standards to drive their units of instruction and utilizing Bloom''s Taxonomy to differentiate students in the rotational model.

What U.S. Companies Should Know About Asia's Edtech Market


Last summer, when I was working for ThinkCERCA, which helps students develop critical thinking skills through reading and writing, the edtech startup was facing a big decision: should it try and break into the lucrative Chinese market? Here’s a handy guide for anyone in edtech looking to cross the Pacific. In my experience, this phenomenon is partly caused by the limited business models that an edtech company can efficiently pursue in the two countries. edtech companies.

5 questions teachers should ask before investing their time and money in edtech

eSchool News

As someone who has dedicated her career to making the world a better place through the education of our children, I was excited to learn that tablets and computers are nearly commonplace in elementary school classrooms across the nation. A recent study by Tyton Partners found that about 60 percent of teachers are responsible for making the digital purchasing decisions for their classroom and 27 percent purchase the content out of their own pockets.

January’s 11 buzzworthy edtech tools

eSchool News

note : Common Sense Education’s Edtech Eleven is chosen by Common Sense Education every month and helps educators find the best edtech tools, learn best practices for teaching with tech, and equip students with the skills they need to use technology safely and responsibly. Go to Common Sense Education for free resources including full reviews of digital tools, ready-made lesson plans, videos, webinars, and more.]. Next page: Edtech tools 6-11).

How Google Play for Education Fits into K–12 Learning

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By Meg Conlan Experts from Colorado’s Challenge to Excellence Charter School explain how they navigated Common Core standards using Google Play for Education. Classroom Cloud Cloud apps Digital Content Mobile Apps Mobility Tablets

The FREE Lesson Plans and Resources You Aren’t Using! (but should be) – SULS0148

Shake Up Learning

The FREE Lesson Plans and Resources You Aren’t Using (but should be)–Find free, standards-aligned lesson plans and teaching resources for your classroom. This also means that these resources are able to be customized and personalized for the classroom. .

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CSI: Salinas

Baker's B.Y.O.D.

A student''s smartphone or tablet does not have to just be used for a special occasion in the classroom. assessment BYOD BYOT common core digital citizenship edmodo edtech education flipclass flipped flipping literature PBL project based learning teaching technology writing Teaching students to infer and formulate arguments can easily be in context of a novel.

Understanding Standardized Assessments that Test Depth of Knowledge


This year, many districts are replacing state standardized tests with PARCC or Smarter Balanced, two Common Core-aligned assessments designed to measure college readiness. Ready to see what eSpark can do for your classroom? The 4Cs EdTech News

Three simple steps for creating lesson plans


When learning objectives are clear, and students are allowed to engage in organized and meaningful activities to help them become proficient at a targeted skill, it will lead to a productive classroom where learners are focused on achieving academic goals.

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Let’s Start Coding!


If you’re an EdTech teacher, you’re likely thinking about teaching your students some coding. There are many options, but what do your students really need to learn and how can you integrate it into your classroom? You might be thinking “Great, but how can I integrate this into my own classroom?” There are over 100 pages of lesson plans and in-depth alignment with: Common Core Math Standards. Common Core English Standards.

What Some School Tech Leaders Think of Your Edtech Pitch


I look at outside resources and edtech organizations like CETPA , CUE , iNACOL and ISTE , for example, to connect with people who have tried the products to see if they could be a solution for our teachers. People in committees make decisions, which then trickle down to classrooms. That has shifted a lot of parents’ perspectives and what they talk about with a district tech leader, a principal or even a classroom teacher.

An Onboarding Course to Help Your New Edtech Hires Empathize With Educators


But the reality is that there are not enough people with this background in the edtech industry. The journey into the edtech industry is different for everyone. Like many fellow founders in this space, I left the classroom to create solutions to the challenges that I faced as a teacher and tech director. Engage Edtech Employees in Extended Learning We call the program Freshman Seminar.