How Is Cloud Computing Revolutionizing the Education Industry?

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Virtual Classrooms and Labs. The concept of virtual classrooms has been around for a while now, with many schools benefitting from in-house programs dedicated to the organization of courses. Classroom management internet

Disruptive technologies in Education industry


From ancient gurukuls to blackboards to Virtual Reality headsets, the way education has been imparted has transformed drastically over the last few decades.

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Blackboard Co-Founder Urges ‘Disarmament’ Between Edtech Companies and Academics


And he admits industry leaders bear some responsibility, since many haven’t done enough to understand the unique culture of higher education. He has seen the situation from both sides, having spent years as a leader of Blackboard (he co-founded it 20 years ago), then heading back to school to get a PhD and become a professor, all before returning to business to become CEO of Parchment. Let’s rewind 20 years, to when you co-founded Blackboard.

Blackboard Co-Founder: ‘4 Secrets to Building a Tech Company for Higher Ed’


To mark the 20th anniversary of Blackboard, one of the first LMSes, the company’s co-founder, Matthew Pittinsky, wrote an epic blog post about the company’s history, which includes his advice for today’s edtech leaders. As origin stories go, the founding of Blackboard twenty years ago lacked that single light bulb moment that tech companies like to tell. At Blackboard we packaged learning management into three tiers.

K-12 Dealmaking: Workday Acquires Zaption; Dreamit Partners With Blackboard

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In the latest dealmaking news, Workday acquired online learning platform Zaption, while Blackboard teamed with Dreamit to support ed-tech startups. Zaption provides free interactive video tools and ready-to-use video lessons; the video platform “is perfect for blended and flipped K-12 classrooms, higher education and training,” according to the company. Dreamit, Blackboard Partner to Support Startups : Startup accelerator Dreamit and Blackboard Inc.

4 Great Alternatives to Google Classroom

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In today’s K-12 education ecosystem, most classroom management tools have moved online. The first ‘lite’ option that most educators think of is Google Classroom. If you’re looking for a non-Google Classroom alternative, here are four: Microsoft Teams.

Week of July 11, 2011 - Live and Interactive Webinars in Blackboard Collaborate (Formerly Elluminate)

The Learning Revolution Has Begun

Below are this week''s public, free, and interactive Webinars through , the social learning network for education that I work on for Blackboard Collaborate (formerly Elluminate). No homework, no assignments, no cost—just an hour online, once a month to listen, share and discuss technology tools for your classroom, websites and more.

Week of May 15, 2011 - Live, Interactive, and Free Webinars in Blackboard Collaborate (Formerly Elluminate)

The Learning Revolution Has Begun

Below are this week''s public, free, and interactive Webinars through , the social learning network for education that I work on for Blackboard Collaborate (formerly Elluminate). Eportfolio presentations from the hairdressing & building & construction industries; plus culinary arts & public health [link] SIGMS WEBINAR (TL Cafe) Mon 16 May 08:00PM New York / Tue 17 May 12:00AM GMT / Tue 17 May 10:00AM Sydney Gwyneth Jones.

This Week's Live and Interactive Webinars in Blackboard Collaborate (Formerly Elluminate)

The Learning Revolution Has Begun

Below are this week''s public, free, and interactive Webinars through , the social learning network for education that I work on for Blackboard Collaborate (formerly Elluminate). oin "Community Connect" as guest presenter renowned blogger and educator Chris Betcher takes us around the wordpress dashboard and helps you understand further how to implement Blogs in your classroom practice or for your personal use.

The Future of eLearning - 10 Trends To Be Aware Of

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Dusty blackboards, smudged overhead projectors, and over saturated photocopies - Surely this sounds like many people’s education experience. To that end, we’ve identified 10 trends that we believe indicate the future of eLearning and its role in the classroom.

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New Company Says by Using Its Service, Students Can Test Classroom Tech Before Arriving on Campus


It turned out that Blackboard Collaborate, the LMS that WBU’s Anchorage satellite campus uses, is not compatible with Safari, the internet browser the student was using. Using, students are able to test classroom technology before they set foot on campus. It would make teaching not only online classes but in-person classes easier, because even our in-person classes use Blackboard [too],” he says.

A Timeline of Google Classroom’s March to Replace Learning Management Systems


Over the last two years, Google has taken its popular applications and outfitted it for the classroom. While many schools and districts continue to use existing learning management systems, such as Blackboard, Canvas , Moodle and Schoology , Google’s Classroom platform is increasingly catching teachers’ eyes. What Classroom aims to provide is a way to package these apps together and add features unique to what teachers and students need.

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Tuesday Interview - Student Entrepreneurship and the Real Flipped Classroom

The Learning Revolution Has Begun

As a self-professed drinker of the "flipped classroom juice," and a preacher of the benefits of this "revolutionary" method of teaching (his quotation marks), Doan came to find that flipping the classroom didn''t produce the transformative learning he was looking for.

8 EdTech Trends to Watch Out for This 2020

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Gone are the days when teachers had to drag TVs into classrooms to let students watch films. Now, nearly every classroom is at least equipped with a screen and projector. After all, these technologies bring the one thing every classroom needs: immersive learning.

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Online Learning During COVID-19

One of those things is thinking about envisioning learners outside of the classroom: what a classroom looks like at home and how it will impact the work you assign and the learning materials you expect students to create. This edWeb broadcast was sponsored by Blackboard.

Live Interview Thursday Sept. 29th on "iPads in the Classroom--a Success Story"

The Learning Revolution Has Begun

Working in conjunction with the Michigan Department of Education and Emmy Award Winning Director, Allyson Rockwell, the Mason-Lake and Oceana ISDs are working on a documentary film chronicling the success in the pilot kindergarten and second grade iPad classrooms in Ludington, Michigan.

IMS Global Learning Consortium Announces LTI Advantage Early Adopters


LTI Advantage streamlines key classroom management tasks and making it easier to integrate multiple sources of digital tools and content. It leverages IMS Global’s new Security Framework, which aligns with industry best practices for learner privacy and data security.

Instructure’s Age of Adolescence: A Conversation With CEO Dan Goldsmith


When Instructure was a fledgling at the turn of this decade, it proudly branded itself as a rebel with a cause—to become the anti-Blackboard by building a better learning management system. Goldsmith has never worked in the education industry before.

Education Is the New Healthcare, and Other Trends Shaping Edtech Investing


Broadband penetration in K-12 schools reached over 98 percent , while low-cost computing devices like Chromebooks have proliferated in classrooms. Edtech providers are as vulnerable as their peers in other industries.

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Why your young students love e-learning


Some people even lobby for a right to technology for every student, in the hope of making the presence of laptops and tablets in classrooms as spread as that of blackboards and notebooks. This post was originally published on eLearning Industry , on June 18, 2016.



BLACKBOARD AND READSPEAKER ( ) & ( ) Blackboard and ReadSpeaker are furthering their partnership to help instructors worldwide improve course content accessibility. classrooms with a range of education packages available online.

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The Stories We Were Told about Education Technology (2018)

Hack Education

It’s been quite a year for education news, not that you’d know that by listening to much of the ed-tech industry (press). ” I’ve written about the tech industry’s attempts to reshape the school system as its personal job training provider.

Data Helps K–12 School Districts Hire, Set Curricula and Improve Student Outcomes

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based 21st Century Cyber Charter School (21CCCS), teachers and administrators rely on learning tools such as Edmentum’s Study Island , Blackboard Collaborate and Moodle to identify student needs and trends. The classroom is no longer the anchor it used to be,” Nuland says. Student graduation rates go up; there are fewer attendance problems; and teachers are happier, with fewer leaving the industry, he says. “We’re

How Decisions Architects Made A Century Ago Affect Learning Today


Her new book, The Design of Childhood, considers the physical spaces where our children learn and grow: from the living room rug crowded with toys, to the streets, welcoming or dangerous, to classrooms, bright and new or dilapidated. “If you measure a classroom in St.

How ‘Learning Engineering’ Hopes to Speed Up Education


He also knew that the notion of introducing what he called “learning engineers” would face resistance from faculty convinced they already knew perfectly well what they were doing in their classrooms. “A This story was published in partnership with The Moonshot Catalog.

Beware Edtech’s Equivalent of the Flashlight App


For the 39 months in between, we lived in the era of flashlight apps, an industry worth billions of dollars. The five most popular LMSs (Moodle, Blackboard, Canvas, D2L and Sakai), which account for more than 90 percent of the market share in higher education, are all designed based on a 10-year-old standard called the Learning Tools Interoperability (or LTI) standard. Surely, to most it must sound like the industry has it figured out.

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BLACKBOARD ALLY ( ) Blackboard announced that Blackboard Ally is now available for multiple learning management systems used by K-12 school districts. Among the new updates includes Blackboard Gradebook integration.

“If everything in life is a game, then we need to choose the games we play carefully.” – Szymon Machajewski, USA

Daily Edventures

This is true for online and classroom courses. I use Twitter, YouTube, Blackboard, and other tools to create collaboration in engaging learning environments. ” In 2014, Machajewski won a Blackboard Catalyst Award for his course “Introduction to Telecommunications.” ” The Blackboard Exemplary Course Award highlights technologically rich, engaging, well-designed, and pedagogically sound courses that showcase best practices for the user community.

Online Learning's 'Greatest Hits'


I’d send instructors off into virtual classrooms, practically on their own, with little or no support. In a telephone interview, Phil Hill, edtech guru and co-publisher of the widely followed e-Literate blog , acknowledged that “the LMS is not only part of the university’s core infrastructure, but it also allows faculty and students to use technology creatively in the classroom.”

For Some Students, #DeleteFacebook Is Not Really an Option


She stayed with her Facebook group method her first two years of teaching there, but stopped once the school started using Google Classroom. In the past years, the education technology industry has given rise to a number of companies that have tried to create “Facebook for schools” tools to help connect students and teachers with one another—without all the other personal life updates. I entered my junior year of high school without a Facebook account.

"The Internet Will Be Everywhere and Nowhere"—Dr. Michio Kaku's ISTE 2016 Keynote


Technological minutiae in the classroom carry such immense consequences that it can be hard to think beyond tomorrow’s software update, nevermind next year’s LMS rollout. In his opening keynote at the ISTE 2016 conference, noted physicist Dr. Michio Kaku showed educators the forest that he and others believe will encircle the classroom of the future. The central stage featured a projector screen the size of several blackboards, a live band and a variety of furniture for interviews.

Bankers, Buyers and Warriors: Reporter’s Notebook From the 2017 ASU+GSV Summit


ASU+GSV Summit , now in its eighth year, has assembled yet another potent cocktail of education industry stakeholders from different walks of life. (We’re Take Blackboard , which has bought 15 companies since 2014. What’s indisputable is that Chromebooks currently dominate; more than 40 percent of respondents say that’s the device of choice in the classrooms, followed by PC laptops (17 percent). edtech industry. Bankers, lawyers, researchers and policymakers.

The age of disintegrated computing and thoughts on education

Bryan Alexander

Sports fiends and pornographers make industrial use of GoPros. In education, wait for Blackboard and Microsoft to make this as sales pitch. Is our computing environment shattering into disintegrated swarms of devices and functions?

The messy reality of personalized learning

The Hechinger Report

Kids work alone and in small groups; they sit at tiny desks and on beanbags and sofas scattered around the classroom. I was just getting really good at standard classroom-based instruction, and then they pushed this — which is the story of public education in America.”.

Live Thursday August 25th with Bob Compton on The Finland Phenomenon

The Learning Revolution Has Begun

Date : Thursday, August 25th, 2011 Time : 5pm Pacific / 8pm Eastern / 12am (next day) GMT ( interna tional times here ) Duration : 1 hour Location : In Blackboard Collaborate (formerly Elluminate). Recordings : The full Blackboard Collaborate recording is at