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How to Use Wizer to Create Digital Worksheets that Differentiate Instruction

The CoolCatTeacher

Also, those who believe in differentiated instruction, multiple ways of asking (and answering questions) like text, voice, and video, and the ability for teachers to share with each other will love Wizer. Wizer also fully integrates with Google Classroom which is why we purchased school licenses from Wizer for our teachers.

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Differentiating Instruction in Kindergarten and Elementary Grades with Laura Robb

The CoolCatTeacher

Reading instruction can be challenging when a teacher has many different ability levels in her classroom. Reading expert, Laura Robb breaks down excellent reading instruction from kindergarten through fifth grade. This episode also includes a transcript on differentiating instruction. And where do we start?


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How Differentiated Instruction Can Help You Reach Every Student in Class


Research around differentiated instruction confirms this is true. If you can adapt your instruction to reflect your students’ needs and learning preferences, you can make class time more effective and help students become more engaged. What is Differentiated Instruction? Sounds familiar?

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Using open educational resources to empower differentiated instruction


Open educational resources, also known as OER, provide a great way to supplement curriculum to differentiate instruction and better meet each learner’s needs in your classroom. para built itself upon a robust pedagogical foundation that is designed to support differentiated instruction.

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Inclusion and Co-Teaching in the Personalized Classroom

A Principal's Reflections

Effective inclusion in a special education classroom involves creating a supportive environment where students with disabilities are fully integrated into the general education setting. It entails individualized education plans (IEPs), differentiated instruction, and universal design for learning (UDL) to meet diverse needs.

Classroom 416
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Troubleshooting the Flipped Classroom: Dealing with Unprepared Students

Catlin Tucker

Why Would a Teacher Use the Flipped Classroom Model? First, let’s establish the value of the flipped classroom in case you have never used this blended learning model. The flipped classroom was designed to invert the traditional approach to instruction and practice/application.

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4 tips for using data to differentiate instruction

eSchool News

In order to meet the unique and individual learning needs of each student, teachers have to find ways to differentiate instruction, and data is critical to doing so. Teachers often have a lot of assessment data at their fingertips, but they have to know how to use it in order to be successful.