How Colleges Can Improve Accessibility In Remote Courses


Colleges have long had offices designed to support students who have learning disabilities and to encourage broader accessibility in the classroom and beyond. After all, “it's not just enough to put materials in Blackboard if it's not going to be accessible,” says Jennifer Albat, instructional designer at Southern Illinois University at Edwardsville. They also addressed audience questions about how to get faculty motivated to adjust their courses to improve accessibility.

Introducing The Idealis, An Open-Access Journal for Library and Information Science Research


There’s a new resource for librarians looking for high-quality, open-access library and information science research, The Idealis. Started by Stacy Konkiel, Lily Troia, & Nicky Agate, the website is : …a new kind of open access overlay journal, powered by PressForward and curated by librarian-experts working in the arena of scholarly communication. Image At the library by Susanne Nilsson licensed CC-BY 2.0.

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Five Steps to Ensure Accessibility for All

While the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA) was last reauthorized in 2004, with amendments in 2015, and the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) were updated back in 2008, the demand for accessibility and equality in education continues to grow. Educators still need to constantly evaluate the effectiveness of accessibility initiatives, advocate for resources for their students, and anticipate where they need to go next.

State Leadership Working Towards Broadband Access for All

If the workday of an adult typically requires seamless broadband access, then it’s reasonable that today’s students need the same access during their school day. Recently, SETDA released State K-12 Broadband Leadership: Driving Connectivity, Access and Student Success , which looks at the current state of broadband access and how states are supporting teachers and students. The key is the state leadership to make broadband accessible to all.

Albrecht Podcast on "Domestic Violence in the Library Workspace" + "Your Library and the Police" Webinar on Friday

The Learning Revolution Has Begun

We've posted a new 30-minute podcast episode " Library Safety and Security with Dr. Steve Albrecht " section of Library 2.0 : "Domestic Violence in the Library Workspace," Dr. Albrecht's fifth podcast episode. You will first need to be a member of Library 2.0

"Your Library and the Police: Time for a New Relationship" - A Library 2.0 Webinar from Dr. Steve Albrecht

The Learning Revolution Has Begun

Steve Albrecht's newest Library 2.0 webinar is coming up on Friday, August 28th: " Your Library and the Police: Time for a New Relationship." This 6 0-minute webinar with Q&A is part of a special Library 2.0 You will first need to be a member of Library 2.0

Considering and teaching privacy with help from the Library Freedom Institute


At that session and on the exhibit floor, I learned about the Library Freedom Project and its free IMLS-funded Library Freedom Institute training program. Topics of privacy concern relate directly to library core values and principles–intellectual freedom and confidentiality.

Colleges Face Investigations Over Whether Their Use of Social Media Follows Accessibility Regulations


Nearly 200 colleges face federal civil rights investigations opened in 2019 about whether they are accessible and communicate effectively to people with disabilities. Among the newer aspects of these kinds of complaints is whether college social media communication meets accessibility standards. Courts are saying you need to procure digital goods and services that are accessible for everybody.”

OPINION: Why creating and maintaining accessible digital resources is neither easy nor optional

The Hechinger Report

Cal students in the Doe Library at UC Berkeley. Under Titles II and III of the Americans with Disability Act ,public and private universities must ensure that any content made available is accessible, unless meeting accessibility guidelines would result in a fundamental alteration or undue administrative and financial burdens. Many are also joining to support passage of the Accessible Instructional Materials in Higher Education (AIM HE) Act.

How Public Libraries Balance Thorny Issues Raised by 3D Printers


At hundreds of libraries across the U.S., ” In some libraries, officials have begun to set restrictions on the 3-D printers amid concerns about how they’ll be used. At the University City Public Library in St. He runs this library and was demonstrating its new 3-D printer for a group of kids and adults. University City was the first of two public libraries in the St. She says libraries large and small across the U.S. By Joseph Leahy, St.

Albrecht: "Preventing Harassment" Podcast Interview + "Theft Behaviors in the Library" Blog Post

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We've posted a 20-minute Adriane Herrick Juarezby interview of Dr. Albrecht on the topic of " Preventing Harassment " in the " Library Safety and Security with Dr. Steve Albrecht " section of Library 2.0. You can listen directly on the site or you should also be able to access the podcast in SoundCloud here or in your own podcast app using the RSS feed here. You will also find his new blog post, " Theft Behaviors in the Library ," on the site.

New Library "Safety and Security" Podcast Episode and Blog Post by Dr. Steve Albrecht #library20

The Learning Revolution Has Begun

We've posted both a new podcast episode and a new blog post in the " Library Safety and Security with Dr. Steve Albrecht " section of Library 2.0. The 30-minute podcast is on " Library Emergencies ," and the blog post is entitled " The Shamu Method: Can We 'Coach Up' Problematic Patrons With 'Fish'? The Library 2.0 paid webinar recordings by Dr. Albrecht can be accessed here. Steve (the other Steve) Steve Hargadon Library 2.0

From Neutrality to Inequality: Why the FCC Is Dismantling Equal Access and What It Could Mean for Education


The college library, catalog, financial aid, admissions, registration, and of course, the school’s website, all have important digital services and are all easily accessible on the net. Under previous FCC action, internet-service providers (ISP) were prohibited from blocking, slowing-down or speeding-up access to web content and services. Under the new FCC guidelines, these historic protections will now be crippled.

A Politician Wants to Censor Books and Throw Librarians in Jail. It’s a Slippery Slope.


One of the most important lessons I teach kids as a school librarian is the idea of the “Rights and Responsibilities of a Reader,” a set of guidelines for readers of all ages that articulates key ideas about reader behavior. And, as if that’s not enough, libraries could lose their funding).

New Library "Safety and Security" Podcast Episode ("Emergency Plans") and Blog Post ("Learning from Webinars") by Dr. Steve Albrecht #library20

The Learning Revolution Has Begun

We've posted a new podcast episode and a new blog post in the " Library Safety and Security with Dr. Steve Albrecht " section of Library 2.0. You can listen directly on the site or you should also be able to access the podcast in your own podcast app by using this LINK. The blog post is entitled " How to Take a Library Training Webinar and Actually Learn From It? " The Library 2.0 paid webinar recordings by Dr. Albrecht can be accessed here.

Dr. Steve Albrecht--New Webinar ("Your Library and the Police: Time for a New Relationship"), New Podcast, and New Article #library20

The Learning Revolution Has Begun

We've posted a new podcast episode and a new blog post in the " Library Safety and Security with Dr. Steve Albrecht " section of Library 2.0. The 30-minute podcast is on the topic of " Special Libraries. " You can listen directly on the site or you should also be able to access the podcast in your own podcast app by using this LINK. Steve (the other Steve) Steve Hargadon Library 2.0 You will first need to be a member of Library 2.0

James Patterson asks: What would your school library do with $1,000–$10,000?


James Patterson might just make your library a little better and your students a little happier this year. million to school libraries because he believes that: fewer children are growing up in a household full of books – and that the effects of this absence could have a profound impact on a child’s future, and on the future of our country. Every child in America should have access to books and a functioning school library.

Ready or not, a new era of homeschooling has begun

The Hechinger Report

In addition, museums, recreation centers, libraries and other places that offer alternatives to schooling will also be closed, as they have been in Seattle and other parts of the country hit hard by the virus. “It Social distancing guidelines will mean fewer playdates and group activities, along with concerns about isolation and boredom. K-12 News achievement gap Curriculum English language learners online learning Parents poverty Technology access

Getting Whole Community Buy-in for 1:1 Technology Initiatives

On the school side, the students need to become responsible stewards of the tech as well and should be involved in setting guidelines for responsible use. ClassLink empowers your students and teachers with instant access to their learning resources.


A Tiny Microbe Upends Decades of Learning

The Hechinger Report

School buses provide Wi-Fi access for downloading homework assignments, as well as lunches, at various locations in South Carolina. This disparity in home computer and internet access, dubbed the “homework gap,” was a slow-burning problem for most districts in the days when schools were in session and students could get online at libraries, after-school programs, coffee shops and other community gathering spots.

A hidden, public internet asset that could get more kids online for learning

The Hechinger Report

Meanwhile, millions of American students trek to public libraries and fast-food restaurants to get online after school, or they go without — a problem known as the “homework gap.”. Leverenz and other critics have singled out two educational nonprofits — Mobile Beacon and Mobile Citizen — both of which rake in millions of dollars a year from their national holdings of EBS licenses, while using just a fraction of the revenue to supply much-needed broadband access to students.

Amazon Inspire’s relaunch


Following a year of retooling, the Amazon Inspire digital library reopened in public Beta this week. Over the past year, Amazon Education has been working with groups of educators, including the Maryland State Department of Education and the Indiana Department of Education, to vet content, to align content with state standards and quality indicators, and to ensure compliance with intellectual property guidelines and copyright law.

On the importance of making a (reopening) plan


Kim shares that her own Plainfield Elementary School Library Reopening Plan and COVID Response was heavily inspired by the New York City Department of Education School Library System’s Translation of Practice for School Librarians as well as the recent Pennsylvania Department of Education’s Preliminary Guidance for Phased Reopening of Pre-K to 12 Schools. Pen Argyl school libraries are where you find the pulse of the schools.

Demonstrating the Impact of Powerful Learning: HP Teaching Fellows and Micro-credentials

Digital Promise

These educators demonstrate the Powerful Learning principles, which are a set of guidelines that support educators in designing learning experiences to engage the hearts and minds of learners. Personal and Accessible. Library Media Specialist, Suffield Middle School, Suffield, CT.

How Differentiated Instruction Can Help You Reach Every Student in Class


Content : How the student will access the information. If a student might work more efficiently in a quieter learning environment, for example, you could allow them to complete a project in the school library. Students can also select independent reading books from our online library. Guidelines to assist the implementation of differentiated learning activities in South African secondary schools.

4 Reasons why an LMS is an excellent tool for your language classes


Read more: 7 digital portfolio guidelines for outstanding learning performance. An LMS puts all digital resources to good use, as teachers and students can create their libraries according to they own interests and share them with their peers in collaboration groups. Even more importantly, written messages exchanged in study groups are archived and can be accessed later as needed.

LMS 253

Merge Releases Hand-Held Digital Teaching Aids

eSchool News

The Merge Cube is an innovative school supply: with a single Merge Cube, students have access to thousands of dollars of real-world 3D models they can use for hands-on learning.”

State Spotlight: Governor Ivey Supports Alabama’s Rural and Struggling Students Through CARES Act Funds


The Alabama Broadband Connectivity for Students program will allocate $100 million in CARES Act funding for a public-private partnership to increase internet access for K-12 students who may need internet service for distance learning. In addition, Alabama is directing $10 million to equip all school buses with Wi-Fi capabilities to increase internet connectivity and $4 million to improve remote learning opportunities by providing digital textbook and library resources for all students.

Design Thinking Process and UDL Planning Tool for STEM, STEAM, Maker Education

User Generated Education

If there is a makerspace in your school, it may be down the hall, in the library, or in another building. If this is how the makerspace is set up in your school, then your kids may not have access to the resources, materials, and tools when they need them, especially for STEM or STEAM. The UDL Guidelines provide a deep dive into each of the principles to checkpoints that provide resources, examples, and research. Post by Jackie Gerstein, Ed.D.

UDL 205

Take Two: Clever’s Newest Effort to Help Teachers Try Before They Buy Edtech


To continue encouraging teachers to find tools while still keeping tabs on what they’re using, Racine has asked them to turn to another destination: the Clever Library. Soft-launched last summer, the library currently houses more than 100 educational apps, which teachers can browse by subjects or categories (like assessment or presentation tools). With the Clever Library, the company aims to give teachers more agency in finding and trying new products.

EdTech 103

Tools of the Trade

Digital Promise

An innovative organization provides free tools and resources to make learning accessible to all students. At CAST, making curriculum accessible to all takes many forms, including the production of resources and tools that break down barriers to learning. And they can access a library of more than 20,000 user-created books available free for anyone to use. UDL Guidelines.

UDL 131

After a tough but promising freshman year, Dartmouth student tackles change at elite campuses

The Hechinger Report

We are expected to fail,” said Inoa, discussing widely held perceptions of poor black and Latino young men, while gesturing towards Dartmouth’s iconic symbols of privilege: white brick buildings with black shutters, sweeping lawns and well-stocked libraries. “We

Power Up Your Spaces

A Principal's Reflections

Cost and ease of access will only lead to more schools and districts going down this path. The USDOE’s Office of Educational Technology places emphasis on students and educators having access to a robust and comprehensive infrastructure when and where they need it for learning. Persistent access to high-speed Internet in and out of school. Guidelines to safeguard students and ensure that the infrastructure is used to support learning.

Level-Up Summer Learning for Students and Teachers with Hands-On STEM Activities and Professional Development Resources from Siemens STEM Day

Discovery Education

An Extensive Library of Standards-Aligned Activities. The database is organized by category, career path and grade level, providing easy access for teachers, summer camp leaders, parents and even students to find fun grab-and-go activities. Search results can also be sorted by difficulty, most downloaded and newest, as the library is updated on an ongoing basis.


Carolina Biological Launches Remote Learning Add-Ons to Award Winning K-8 Science Curriculum Kits with Teacher Planning Features

eSchool News

Teachers can access these new digital components and share digital resources in English and Spanish with students online from home or anywhere they have Internet access. Get started with implementation in three simple steps with these easy-to-access videos and on-demand webinars.

eBook 55