Secrets of Accessible Online Content You Need to Know

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From the Cool Cat Teacher Blog by Vicki Davis Follow @coolcatteacher on Twitter In some of the statistics about online acceessibility , we see that, up to 20% of people are excluded from websites when our site is not accessible. What does accessibility mean?

Ideas For Providing Internet Access At Home

The Web20Classroom

When I was an Instructional Technology Director one of the challenges I faced was working to ensure that students, no matter where they lived in my district, had access to the same tools and opportunities. There are many barriers and factors to providing that access.

Data Driven Instruction: How Student Data Guides Formative Assessments

EdTech Magazine

Data Driven Instruction: How Student Data Guides Formative Assessments. When it comes to assessing student knowledge levels, data has empowered more schools to choose formative assessments versus summative assessments. . Twitter.

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Student Data Privacy: What’s Your Obligation?

Tom Murray

For over two centuries, student information and data was kept in paper form, often in filing cabinets in a school or district office. During this time, there was little concern over security breaches, improper data sharing, or student privacy issues. However, the misuse and breach of digital student information has brought data privacy to the forefront. A few months prior to the hearing, data breaches at both Home Depot and Target became national news.

How DC Public Schools Uses Student Data to Support Mental Health


He recalls feeling helpless watching his cousin’s mother suffer, in anguish without access to a grief therapist in the small town where they lived. Twitter: Child Mind Institute. We had to package up the data and send the forms to a vendor for scanning.

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Looking for Ways to Improve Data Privacy in Schools? Start Here

EdTech Magazine

Looking for Ways to Improve Data Privacy in Schools? But there are crucial steps to take to get a better handle on the status quo of data privacy in your schools and to develop a data governance strategy. . Develop a Data Privacy Strategy. Twitter.

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Talking Data Interoperability with the League of Innovative Schools

Digital Promise

Data interoperability has been identified as an area of primary concern for leaders across the Digital Promise League of Innovative Schools – in districts small and large, rural and urban, and everywhere in between. What does data interoperability mean to you and your district?

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How to Tame the ‘Interoperability Beast’ and Reduce Your Data Integration Burden


Data integration baffles even the most edtech-savvy districts. Translating and sharing data between your student information system (SIS) and a multitude of tech applications is complex, costly and time-consuming. But with easy access to data comes visibility into students’ successes, struggles and—most importantly—their needs. Now grade data isn’t stuck in different, individual systems where schools can't get it out and can't do anything with it in any meaningful way.

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Data Analytics a Key Skill for Administrators in K–12

EdTech Magazine

Data Analytics a Key Skill for Administrators in K–12. K-12 school districts looking to improve student success rates should invest in training administrators in data analysis, according to a report from the Data Quality Campaign. Twitter.

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FETC 2019: How K–12 IT Leaders Can Advise on Data Privacy

EdTech Magazine

FETC 2019: How K–12 IT Leaders Can Advise on Data Privacy. K–12 schools are subject to a number of data privacy laws, including the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act , the Children's Online Privacy Protection Act and even the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act. .

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TCEA 2019: How K–12 Schools Can Simplify Data Analytics Initiatives

EdTech Magazine

TCEA 2019: How K–12 Schools Can Simplify Data Analytics Initiatives. As more districts begin to subscribe to the notion that data is the be-all and end-all in education, Mike Charland of Birdville Independent School District advocates for a slightly different approach. “We

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The Problem With Expecting Student Access


This wide variety of lifestyle, income, and infrastructure can get in the way of student access to learning or our assessment of our students. and engage in deeper thinking during the school day, when they have access to their peers and their teachers.

Down with Twitter’s Project Lightning

Bryan Alexander

Twitter is apparently preparing a reboot. We don’t know how Lightning – I refuse to call it Twitter 2.0 – is actually structured and how it will really work once rolled out. Why is Twitter planning to shoot Lightning into the world? Twitter as tv.

Do School Districts Need Their Own Data Centers Anymore?

Educational Technology Guy

Do school districts need their own data centers anymore? My school district has a multi-million dollar data center to support 41 buildings, 21,000 students and over 4,000 faculty and staff. Above is just two of the 10 racks in the data center. Follow me on Twitter and Google+.

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Mindful Tracking Cookie Policies Improve K—12 Data Security

EdTech Magazine

Mindful Tracking Cookie Policies Improve K—12 Data Security. Current web browsing policies in K–12 schools may be allowing third parties to collect and sell student data , creating a need for schools to update and maintain safe internet use protocols. Twitter.

Twitterize Adult Learning | A MOOC-Ed Experience

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To make content succinct and continuous, we implemented four Twitter Chats directly related to the content of the week in which they occurred. The Twitter Chats were lead by the facilitator of the week, who organized and directed the discussion. Twitter Data.


Guided Tour of a Google Data Center - very interesting

Educational Technology Guy

Google has some very cool data centers. It''s also a great learning resource to discuss energy, environment, data, technology and security. The data center campuses are very secure, with very limited access. Here is the link to Google''s main data center page: [link] --.

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FBI Issues Warning for K–12 Schools on Student Data Privacy

EdTech Magazine

FBI Issues Warning for K–12 Schools on Student Data Privacy. Schools utilizing education technology may need to double down on cybersecurity as collections of student data become more common targets for cybercriminals, announces the Federal Bureau of Investigations in an alert , Tuesday.

Sharing Classroom Data with Sheets


Step 1: Collect data with a form Using a form ensures the consistency of the data and makes it very easy for students to fill out. You can easily share your form in Google Classroom for easy access. Just highlight your data, click on insert > Chart and edit as needed.

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New Resource on Open Access, Pedagogy, Learning


The concept of “Open,” particularly when it comes to Open Access, is something that we’ve written a lot about here at Profhacker. There are a number of ways to participate, including Twitter chats, AMA, and Hangouts. Productivity Teaching open access

Part 4: Facilitating Inquiry in the Classroom… Exploring Search Engines and Data Bases

21st Century Educational Technology and Learning

Before reading, please take a moment to subscribe by email or RSS and also give me a follow on Twitter at mjgormans. Part 4: Facilitating Inquiry in the Classroom… Exploring Search Engines and Data Bases. Using Twitter can have its challenges.

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Data Security for Teachers: Know Your Data!

The Electric Educator

The first step in protecting your data and privacy is to know what data has been collected and is know about you. Most **good** data companies will give you full access to the data and information they have collected about you; that you are storing with them.

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Free alternatives to Microsoft Access, including a web based one

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Access is Microsoft''s well known data base tool. It also can work with SQL and Access files. Follow me on Twitter and Google+. However, it only comes in the higher priced versions of Office and many people don''t use Office at all. Here are two alternatives : 1.

Open Data Button Aims to Set Data Free


This week, the people who brought you the Open Access Button have released the beta version of their new “Open Data Button,” a browser add-on with a simple but powerful purpose : Download the Open Data Button for your browser. Have you given the Open Data button a test drive?

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How can schools protect student data without training teachers in privacy basics?

The Hechinger Report

Privacy and data-security themes are also woven into Raytown’s professional development workshops, curriculum planning sessions and even parent-teacher conferences. “It’s A few states require such training for people who accesses specific, statewide student databases.).

A true gift from SHEG: DIY digital literacy assessments and tools for historical thinking


Claims on Twitter : Students read a tweet and explain why it might or might not be a useful source of information. News on Twitter : Students consider tweets and determine which is the most trustworthy.

Q&A: Amelia Vance’s Data Privacy Advice for K–12 Leaders? Focus on Human Error

EdTech Magazine

Q&A: Amelia Vance’s Data Privacy Advice for K–12 Leaders? Daily news headlines chronicle the constant threat of data breaches targeting the nation’s K–12 schools. One reason for the frequency of those attacks, data privacy pro Amelia Vance says, is they’re easy targets. . In response to schools’ data privacy woes, legislators in over 40 states have passed more than 120 student privacy laws since 2013. You don’t have security breaches of data you don’t have.

Sharing Classroom Data with Sheets

The Electric Educator

Step 1: Collect data with a form Using a form ensures the consistency of the data and makes it very easy for students to fill out. You can easily share your form in Google Classroom for easy access. Just highlight your data, click on insert > Chart and edit as needed.

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Q&A: Kern County School Administrators on the Data-Driven Student Success

EdTech Magazine

Q&A: Kern County School Administrators on the Data-Driven Student Success. The Kern Integrated Data System will securely gather existing data streams, analyze that data and present it in dashboards to help educators and administrators ensure all students reach their full potential. . The security of student data is paramount , says KCSOS Executive Director of Technology Anthony Davis. Twitter.

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Introducing The Idealis, An Open-Access Journal for Library and Information Science Research


There’s a new resource for librarians looking for high-quality, open-access library and information science research, The Idealis. Profession open access scholarly communication scholarly publishing

Have a Favorite Twitter Client? It’s Probably About to Break


And then there’s Twitter. People come to Twitter to connect, to share links and resources, to make jokes, to rage about politics, and to complain about Premier League and MLS officiating. Trust me: Exactly no one will pay $16/month to access. Twitter.)

Data Analytics Can Drive Startups in the Right Direction

Ed Tech from the Ground Up

These statements, such as “Provide equal and equitable access for all schools” and “Focus on impact” represent the philosophical underpinnings of who we are as a team, and act as a reminder for what we should prioritize. Panorama Education works with 6,500 schools to collect and use data in areas that are traditionally hard to measure, like school climate, family engagement, and social-emotional learning. Goals Have Measurable Data Attached.

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New Verizon Fees Could Cut Off Access for Millions of Remind Users


Thousands of teachers have taken to Twitter this week to blast the telecommunications company and defend Remind , a school communication platform used for everything from announcing homework assignments to contacting parents when a student is sick. The company encouraged users to take up the issue on Twitter, using callouts like #ReverseTheFee and #NotSpam. has a smartphone that supports apps, or a data plan that allows them to use the app all the time. Can you hear me now?

Spotting Trends and Delivering Data to Connect Edtech Tools With Educator Needs


Data’s influence on modern education is immense; it drives policies, impacts funding—it even affects decisions about which tools and services edtech companies create for educators. And when it comes to helping edtech entrepreneurs understand those educators, Amy Rambo believes she has just the data that can help. So we provide data to professional development companies, curriculum suppliers, technology companies who are interested in supporting students and educators.

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Twitter Is Funding Research Into Online Civility. Here’s How One Project Will Work.


Twitter has pledged to increase the “health” and “civility” of discourse on its platform, and it recently teamed up with college researchers to address the challenge. Healthy is not a word often used to describe conversations on Twitter and other social-media platforms these days. If you want to improve something, you must be able to measure it,” said Twitter officials in a blog post about the effort, paraphrasing the famous quote by business guru Peter Drucker.