Assessment and Grading in Distance Learning – How to Get Better

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Thomas Guskey shares insight on assessments From the Cool Cat Teacher Blog by Vicki Davis Follow @coolcatteacher on Twitter Assessment expert Dr. Thomas Guskey reflects on the positives and negatives of assessments during distance learning. 2020).

How to Assess Digital Literacy

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Of late, the most common question is, “How to I assess student digital literacy?” How do I assess faculty digital literacy so I can teach them what they don’t know?” Why assess it? What to look for in assessment tools.

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Teach Math With Prodigy: Formative Assessment & Reporting


Teachers not only dedicate a major portion of their time to plan lessons, create assignments, and conduct tests, but also to determine their students’ overall performance through formative assessments and reports. But constantly evaluating formative assessments and building performance reports for each student can be challenging for teachers, especially while overseeing other tasks.

What are the Most Popular Classroom Technologies in 2020?

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Popular Tech Tools for Formative Assessments. Many apps and online tools help teachers assess their students’ understanding of a concept, get valuable data on how they are learning and learning outcomes, and modify their classroom instruction strategies. By Monica Gill.

Is This Video App Safe? Mozilla Privacy Report Offers a Look


She is the vice president of advocacy and engagement at the Mozilla Foundation, which today released a new report examining the privacy and security policies of 15 commonly used video-conferencing apps. In essence, the Mozilla report distills legalese and technical jargon into plain language.

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3 Strategies for Personalizing Feedback Online

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Students also reported being more motivated by audio and video feedback because it was clear and personalized (Voelkel & Mello, 2014; Henderson & Phillips, 2015). Interestingly, teachers also reported higher levels of engagement when giving video and audio feedback.

Exploring Coaching Trends in Classrooms

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We also led a corresponding research study to assess the impact of DLP coaching on teachers. Moreover, teachers who received DLP coaching reported greater skills and confidence in leveraging technology in their teaching, which resulted in increased student engagement and learning.

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Three critical considerations for teachers to adopt technology

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As many educators across the country struggled to adopt technology tools in the rush to remote learning over the last several months of the school year, teachers are reporting that their ability to effectively use technology has improved markedly.

Inspired goals for 2020 with ST Math

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Some of my favorite resources are: A guide to reading your ST Math Progress Report. Each ST Math learning objective completed aligns with state math standards, and each additional standards covered gives ST Math students a proven advantage on standardized assessments. Happy New Year!

10+ new products from TCEA 2020

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During TCEA 2020, educators, decision-makers, and stakeholders came together to articulate their visions for the future of education. Related content: Can’t-miss sessions at TCEA 2020. Here’s a sampling of some of our favorite products from TCEA 2020.

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15 Websites to Teach Financial Literacy

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Students finish the program with an assessment of knowledge and certificates. Set one game aside to play at the end of the year as a summative assessment.

Inside Tips for Successfully Implementing Online Assessments

Whether schools are 1:1 or still relying on computer carts, the move to online assessments creates new needs from devices to professional development to data privacy policies. Have an instructional framework centered around curriculum design before talking about assessment.

How Parent Empowerment Can Change Your Classroom for the Better


3] For example, low-income and minority families are significantly more likely to report that school faculty made them feel uncomfortable or showed them a lack of cultural awareness.[8]

Meaningful Technology Integration in Math: Ideas for Designing Online Stations

Catlin Tucker

In science class, students may use a computer to write a lab report after conducting an experiment. I realize many teachers are familiar with this review game, but I use it to collect quick formative assessment data.

Why Teacher Self-Care Matters and How to Practice Self-Care in Your School


Over 40% of teachers report feeling high stress every day during the school year, which ties teaching with nursing as having the highest stress rate of any career.[13] Self-Care Tools, Strategies and Assessment.

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Powerful Learning at Home with Edcamp

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The virtual Edcamp covered discussion topics such as online learning, how to conduct formative assessments while students and teachers are at home, and mental health of students and teachers, among others.

On challenges and opportunities: Emergency remote teaching


With an LMS, tracking and reporting are automatic and in real-time. What’s more, a teacher can adapt their method on the fly, as they can assess the engagement of each student and see what works and what doesn’t.

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Now is the moment to lean into student agency

The Christensen Institute

Teachers can: introduce more student control over activities, schedules, and assessments during remote learning. Having students call each other and report back could supplement staff efforts to reach all families.

How school admins use the LMS to achieve their goals


A big bonus is that all the progress can be demonstrated with reports that you generate directly using the LMS. The school’s learning management system (LMS) is an indispensable tool for blended learning, personalized learning, and instruction in general.

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Making sense of school innovation: Five categories of practice revealed

The Christensen Institute

What’s compelling is not just the individual practices schools report implementing, but which practices appear to be implemented together. This post is the first in a series of four sharing new insights from the Canopy project using data published in fall 2019.

Building a PBL Environment


So when I first saw the World Economic Forum’s Future of Jobs report listing the top 10 skills many years ago, I truly struggled with how I could provide my students with these skills. . by Shawn McCusker. This article will be published in the next edition Digital Learning Magazine.

5 ways to ensure SEL is an instrument for equity of opportunity

The Christensen Institute

Take the Aspen Institute’s Social, Emotional, and Academic Development (SEAD) Commission report A Nation at Hope, which came out to great acclaim earlier this year. Last month, AEI published my new article titled “ Unleashing the social in social-emotional learning. ”

What You Can Do to Bring Emotional Intelligence Lessons into the Classroom


3] Teachers who prioritize teaching emotional intelligence report lower levels of behavioral issues, classroom bullying, and chronic absenteeism.[13] Journal of Psychoeducational Assessment, 2012, 30(4), pp.

Top e-learning trends to keep an eye on in 2020


The world of education has adopted digital learning as a reliable way of delivering instruction, assessing student progress and supporting better academic outcomes. Top e-learning trends to keep an eye on in 2020.

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For Schools, Time Was Already Scarce. Here’s What They’ll Need to Restart in Fall.


Student Assessment By now (mid-June), nearly every school in the U.S. Quality formative assessments, a requisite for providing meaningful instruction, will be especially important for closing COVID learning gaps.

The Next Pandemic: Mental Health


After Hurricane Katrina, nearly half of the parents surveyed reported an increase in their child’s emotional or behavioral difficulties. After Hurricane Harvey for example, UNICEF worked quickly to implement a needs assessment and provide school-based mental health support.

COVID-19 Is Accelerating the Digital Blending of Working and Learning


In a 2018 survey of hiring leaders , we found that online pre-hire assessment was the single most likely “disruptor” of the reliance on degrees in hiring, followed by simulation-based hiring.

Diverse future of the Midwest has already arrived in one Iowan school

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Photo: Lillian Mongeau/The Hechinger Report. And yet the immigrant experience is still an unusual one in Iowa — a state that holds enormous sway over the 2020 election but looks quite unlike the rest of the U.S. Photo: Lillian Mongeau/The Hechinger Report. “I

Takeaways from research on tutoring to address coronavirus learning loss

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Earlier in May 2020 former Gov. Robert Slavin of Johns Hopkins University wrote a May 14, 2020 blog pos t calling for a “Marshall Plan for education, to recruit, train, and deploy thousands of tutors in schools across America.”

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How Student Agency Can Ease the Pain of Remote Learning and Teaching


Teachers can: introduce more student control over activities, schedules, and assessments during remote learning. Having students call each other and report back could supplement staff efforts to reach all families.

n2y Wows Judges and Receives 2020 CODiE Awards


Huron, Ohio— Business Wire n2y, an innovator in the fields of special education and virtual learning, had the honor of receiving the 2020 CODiE Awards in the Best Solution for Exceptional Students category for its Total Solution, and Best Data Solution category for Positivity ®. Differentiated, standards‑based academic content, enhanced by powerful assessment, data, and reporting tools, also supports the IEP process.

Removing the Stigma of Observations

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Many of my staff routinely commented on how diligent I was in the write-up of each report to capture all aspects of the lesson while offering tangible strategies for improvement. As a teacher, I always dreaded observations early in my career.

Knowing Where We Are Paves the Way for Change: The Impact of Coaching

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At the conclusion of each day, I submit a detailed report that contains general commendations and recommendations for growth to each school. If I am there for an extended period of time, the district receives a comprehensive report within 24 hours of completing my last school visit.

Online AP Testing Glitches Force Some Students to Retake Exam


A few years ago, many states reported problems with administering Common Core tests. Education Technology AssessmentsPreparing for a major exam—one that you paid and studied months for—is stressful enough.

The Post-Pandemic Outlook for Edtech


Districts expressed interest in additional DreamBox products that address other pandemic-related problems, like its new predictive analytics tool, designed to assess student progress and learning loss in lieu of now-canceled standardized tests. The pandemic came early to Seattle.

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