Ditch That Textbook’s Best of 2018

Ditch That Textbook

That’s a wrap on 2018! All the while, other mainstays like Google Classroom and Kahoot! Ed Tech Teaching best of 2018 ditch that textbook ditchbook best postsAs technology in the classroom continues to settle into the mainstream, we continue to see new players enter the space (like Wakelet, one I’m keeping my eye on). continue to add new features and grow. Educators seem to have the […].

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November 2018


COLLABORDEPENDENT WRITING WITH GOOGLE SLIDES By Eric Curts Learn how Google Slides can become a versatile tool for collabordependence.

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Tech for 2018: 10 things worth trying this year

Ditch That Textbook

Here are some new -- and familiar -- ones to try in 2018. Ed Tech 1:1 classroom blended learning chromebooks digital learning edtech educational technology elearning g suite gafe Google Apps googleedu laptopsTech tool options continue to grow. There's a lot out there. Icons via TheNounProject.com)The joy of teaching in the 21st century is that there's so much available for teachers and students to use.Sadly, that's also the frightening, crippling thing about it.There's so […].

How to Make a Yearbook with Google Slides

The CoolCatTeacher

Jennifer Scott saves her school tens of thousands as they make their yearbook with Google Slides. Let’s dig into making yearbooks with Google Slides! Create a low-cost, printed yearbook with Google Slides by Jennifer Scott [Blog Post].

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ISTE 2018: Where I’ll Be Presenting and Joining in the Learning #iste18

The CoolCatTeacher

ISTE 2018 is here again. This post is full of resources to get the most of your ISTE 2018 experience whether you are there (or not.). ISTE 2018 hashtags. The folks over at Edublogger have created an epic remote participation guide for ISTE 2018.

Google Jamboard

The CoolCatTeacher

Google Jamboard is a fun interactive app. You just download it on Google Play or iTunes and use it with your touch Chromebook or iPad after listening to Tom Mullaney share how it works. Google Jamboard. Date: February 20, 2018. Google Jamboard is a free app.

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ACE Mentor Relationship Building with Google Drive and Google Classroom

The CoolCatTeacher

Stephanie Goldman and her first-year mentee Lindsay George have used Google Drive and Google Classroom to supercharge their mentor/mentee relationship. Stephanie Golden: ACE Mentor Relationship Building with Google Drive and Google Classroom. Date: May 21, 2018.

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Student collaboration in shared Google Slides

Ditch That Textbook

Google Slides makes this possible. Ed Tech collaborative slide presentations shared google slides shared presentation activity student collaboration digital ideasPart of the reason social media has taken off so much are the connections.

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Learning in motion: EASY stop-motion animation with Google Slides

Ditch That Textbook

Animation is easy with stop motion Google Slides. Ed Tech google classroom activities google slides animation powerpoint animation stop-motion animationLet students put what you're studying in MOTION. Icons via The Noun Project with NounPro account.)For For years (centuries.

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Google Slides sticky note brainstorming: Powerful planning

Ditch That Textbook

Ed Tech digital brainstorming google slides activities google slides in the classroom sticky note brainstormingHave you ever felt like autumn has arrived and your desk is covered with sticky notes like leaves falling from the trees? You have sticky notes on your monitor, on your computer, on the filing cabinet, on your desk … There are stacks of sticky notes. There are stacks of stacks of sticky notes sometimes! […].

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Google Classroom Comment Bank vs. Setting Your Preferences in Google Docs

Catlin Tucker

I was excited in August when Google Classroom got an upgrade. The feature I was most excited about was the Google Classroom comment bank. Teachers who have not created a comment bank in Google Classroom yet, the document below walks you through the process.

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10 Edtech Tools to Try in 2018


They can choose a layout and insert Google images straight from the app into locked panels. You can also grade your students right inside the app with a special code through Google Classroom. The EdTech industry continues to grow with new products. These edtech products are available to educators and school administrators. Each one can make a big difference in your teaching and your students learning. Do you want to introduce a new product in the classroom?

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The Google Infused Classroom (GTT041)

Ditch That Textbook

These questions are at the core of the book, The Google-Infused Classroom, by Holly Clark and Tanya Avrith. In this episode of the Google Teacher Tribe podcast, we talk about infusing lessons with […]. How can we hear from every student in the classroom?

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Using Google Slides live closed captions in the classroom

Ditch That Textbook

Google Slides has a new feature — live closed captions. Ed Tech Screencasts google classroom accessibility google slides google slides in the classroom live closed captionsYou can turn on closed captions at the bottom of videos you watch on TV and online. But providing closed captions in real time in the classroom has been harder to pull off — until now! They transcribe your speech on the fly and display […].

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Ditch that lesson planner with Google Slides

Ditch That Textbook

Ed Tech Guest Blog digital lesson planners google slides google slides in the classroom online lesson planning using google for lesson plansEvery summer, I bought a planner in hopes that this would be the year that I would use it for the entire year. Just like all my New Year’s Resolutions though, I would keep it up for about a week or two, then forget about it. For the rest of the semester, I would write […].

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The “secret menu” for Google Slides, Docs, Drawings and more

Ditch That Textbook

Ed Tech g suite secrets g suite tricks google classroom google secrets google tricksI had heard a TON about In-N-Out Burger. Heard that the food was amazing. Heard that it was an experience I should try. While on vacation in California with my family recently, we made a stop at an In-N-Out Burger. It did not disappoint. Our burgers were tasty. The tiny menu surprised me but made […].

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Google Classroom: How to differentiate like a ninja

Ditch That Textbook

Guest Blog Teaching differentiate with google classroom differentiation educational technology google classroom small groups with google classroomTeacher confession: I have bored kids to tears in my class because they were not challenged. In fact, who needs Ambien when you have drill and kill homework assignments on material you have already mastered?! I felt my hands were tied with a textbook, overhead projector, and traditional worksheets.

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3 Great Features of Google Classrooms for Teachers in 2018


Learn 3 great new features of Google Classroom that are certain to help teachers save time and improve communication with their students and classrooms. The post 3 Great Features of Google Classrooms for Teachers in 2018 appeared first on The TeacherCast Educational Network

What's New in Google - April 2018


Catch up on everything new in G Suite for Education from April 2018, and see great ideas and resources! Below is the recorded video from our April 2018 Google User Meeting , along with the meeting agenda and all the awesome resources and G Suite updates from the last month.

Best-in-Category Winners for 2018

Ask a Tech Teacher

Here are the 2018 Best-in-Category and Honorable Mentions for the following Categories: Winners: Please grab your award from this page. Winner: Google Forms. Winner: Google Keep. You can’t go wrong with the two winners: Winner: Google Hangouts.

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Google Chrome extensions galore! 50+ for the classroom

Ditch That Textbook

Google Chrome extensions turn your Chrome web browser into a veritable Swiss Army knife of versatile options. DitchBook Twitter chat bitmoji chrome extensions ditchbook g suite google chrome googleedu grammarly gttribe onetab screencastify twitter chatRecord a video of your screen.

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What's New in Google - October 2018


Catch up on everything new in G Suite for Education from October 2018, and see great ideas and resources

Get Your Google On! 17 Google Gurus and Hashtags to Follow!

Teacher Reboot Camp

Google apps have so many features to help your students collaborate, brainstorm, research and create effectively with technology. Google also makes collecting and assessing digital activities much easier and quicker for teachers. Google Hashtags. “Learn with great passion.

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What's New in Google - September 2018


Catch up on everything new in G Suite for Education from September 2018, and see great ideas and resources! Below is the recorded video from our September 2018 Google User Meeting , along with the meeting agenda and all the awesome resources and G Suite updates from the last month.

1st Day Student Survey with Google Forms

Catlin Tucker

On the first day of school, my students complete a detailed student survey. It is designed to collect basic information and help me get to know my new students. The more I know about them, the easier it is for me to design and facilitate learning opportunities that will appeal to them.

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10 ways to make good Google Classroom assignments better

Ditch That Textbook

If you’ve used Google Classroom for long (or even if you’re just beginning to use it), you’re likely to see that there’s not a lot to it. Google Classroom was created to help teachers teach and learners learn so that tech stays out of their way to do it. And Google […]. Ed Tech g suite Google Apps google apps for education google classroom googleedu

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169 Tech Tip #114: Embed a Google Apps File

Ask a Tech Teacher

Today’s tip: #114–Embed Google Apps Files. Category: Google Apps. Q: So many colleagues are sharing their Google Apps documents by embedding them , but I don’t know how to do that. In this case, you must first convert the file to a Google Apps-compatible version.

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Using Google Slides to create Instagram Stories in class

Ditch That Textbook

Ed Tech creative google apps ideas instagram google slides instagram in the classroom social media in classroomInstagram is social media behemoth, and it keeps growing. It has eclipsed 1 billion users, and it’s the second most popular social media platform with teenagers behind Snapchat, according to a report. Although one statistic says it has more daily teenage users than Snapchat. It’s just one of a variety of social media and other […].

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Google I/O 2018 - big announcements from the opening keynote - very cool stuff!

Educational Technology Guy

Google kicked off Google I/O 2018 , their developer conference, yesterday, 5/8/18, with a keynote that had some amazing announcements in it. Google for Education Resources) Google AI is the big topic of the day. AI is being implemented in pretty much everything Google does and there are some really amazing things being accomplished. Follow me on Twitter and Google+. g suite GAFE/Chromebooks tips google google accessibility Google for Educators

Managing Comments in Google Classroom (2018 Update!)


Google Classroom is an under-rated messaging platform for teachers and students. The 2018 update to Google Classroom significantly changed the location and emphasis of three commenting options in Google Classroom. blog Google Apps TL Advisor Blog

Caption This! A fun, deep-thinking Google Drawings activity

Ditch That Textbook

Ed Tech caption this constructivism depth of knowledge edtech educational technology g suite Google Apps google classroom google drawings visual thinkingThis post is co-authored by Ditch That Textbook’s Matt Miller and Laura Steinbrink. Laura is a high school English teacher and tech coach from Plato, Missouri. Check out her blog, Rockin’ the Boat, at rockintheboat.wordpress.com.

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Kasey Bell’s 8 Great Ways to Use Google Slides

The CoolCatTeacher

Kasey Bell teaches us eight great ways to use Google Slides. From stop motion to video controls and cool add-ins for formative assessment and graphics, learn about this Swiss Army Knife of Google tools – Google Slides. Kasey Bell’s 8 Great Ways to Use Google Slides.

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What Google Tool for 2018?

Teacher Tech

What Google tools would you like to see me blog more about in 2018? Fill out the Google Form […]. The post What Google Tool for 2018? Forms Google IntermediateWhat Would You Like More Blog Posts On? To be honest I want to blog a fancy spreadsheet solution but I need some data to demonstrate the spreadsheet solution. So I thought I would double dip. appeared first on Teacher Tech.

Kajeet and Google Power Rolling Study Halls


Kajeet is proud to announce its work with Google to provide filtered Wi-Fi access on school buses for Google’s Rolling Study Halls program. This Google initiative is designed to transform the school bus into an extension of the classroom by providing students with devices to take home as part of a 1:1 program and filtered Wi-Fi on the school bus powered by the Kajeet SmartBus ™.

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11 tips for creating stop motion in Google Slides

Ditch That Textbook

Creating stop-motion animation with Google Slides is easy! He's a Google for Education Trainer and a self-proclaimed spreadsheet nerd. Ed Tech google slides animation stop motion animation google slides stop motion slidesThese tips will help your animations look phenomenal! This post is written by Jake Miller, a tech integration specialist from Ohio. Find him on Twitter (@JakeMillerTech) and at his blog, jakemiller.net. A note from Matt.I […].

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