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Tablets will see a decline, then increase in 2018

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The tablet market in totality has seen its peak and will face down years in 2016 and 2017, followed by a slight rebound in 2018 and beyond driven by detachable tablet growth. After a decline, tablet shipments will pick up due to the emergence of detachables.

FETC 2018 issues annual request for proposal to attract visionaries in the field

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LRP’s National Future of Education Technology Conference offers unparalleled opportunities to explore the evolving role of technology in the enhancement of learning and improvement of performance in PK-12 schools and districts. Read more at FETC. Uncategorized FETC Future of Ed Tech Future of Education Technology Conference school administrators training teachers

Virginia heading for dramatic high school overhaul

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Virginia high school is going to look different for the freshmen who enroll in 2018. They go into effect starting with the 2018 school year, but only for freshmen. State plans to go all-in on job training in junior, senior years.

What’s next in technology? Gartner looks five years ahead

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Garter invites us to imagine these developments, assuming AI and intelligent software just keeps getting better: By 2018, 20 percent of business content will be authored by machines. By 2018, more than 3 million workers globally will be supervised by a “robo-boss.”

KidZania: Hands-On Kid Sized Cities Coming To America

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are expected to open in 2018 and 2019. The world’s fastest growing experiential learning center for children is coming to the U.S., promising to bring unique educational experiences to American children.

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Another queen sacrifice from Kentucky higher education

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The projected cost for 2018 is $19.4 Mearns, who laid out the budget situation in a presentation here , said 2 percent of NKU’s operating budget went into pension costs in 2010 and that nearly 10 percent of the budget will be dedicated to the pension fund by 2018.

Digital Citizenship: The Critical Call To Educate and Prepare 21st-Century Learners

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By 2018, STEM jobs in the U.S. By: Robyn Shulman, M.Ed. We live in unprecedented times of great digital advances and innovation. Technology is moving and changing rapidly across the world while connecting us in unforeseen ways.

CA Computer Science Legislation with CUE Support Approved by Gov Brown


The bill requires State Superintendent Torlakson to convene an advisory panel to prepare recommendations for a K-12 Computer Science Strategic Implementation (CCSSI) Plan to be adopted by the State Board of Education and implemented by the California Department of Education on or before July 1, 2018.

Trump’s ed budget: A ‘betrayal’ and a ‘meat cleaver’ to public education

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Under President Trump’s proposed FY 2018 education budget, school choice would receive a massive $1.4 billion while the Education Department undergoes a $9 billion, or 13 percent, cut.

Another queen sacrifice from Kentucky higher education

Bryan Alexander

The projected cost for 2018 is $19.4 Mearns, who laid out the budget situation in a presentation here , said 2 percent of NKU’s operating budget went into pension costs in 2010 and that nearly 10 percent of the budget will be dedicated to the pension fund by 2018.

Catching the sharing economy wave: Office space

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In New York City, for instance, it’s forecasted that by 2018, Class-B and Class-C office spaces—which are designed with smaller organizations in mind—will be totally occupied, with a potential shortage of at least 6.3

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STEAM Learning in Action

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The need for STEM (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics) education is critical, especially because there will be more than 3 million job openings in STEM-related fields by 2018.

Spotlight on science – student collaboration with the Span™ system


In 2013, it was projected that STEM occupations would grow by 17 percent between 2008 and 2018, compared with only 9.8 The evidence is clear – we need future scientists. percent growth for non-STEM occupations.

Alabama district eyes digital conversion by eliminating textbooks

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If successful, DCS, by 2018, will eliminate teachers leading lessons from textbooks for a model that will include student-directed learning, which relies heavily on digital material.

4 ways forward-thinking districts are inspiring more students to code

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Vista Unified School District intends to make CS a core graduation requirement by either satisfying the existing math or science requirement or a new CS requirement, by the year 2018. How innovative districts are exposing more students to coding and closing the participation gap.

#9: Virginia heading for dramatic high school overhaul

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Virginia high school is going to look different for the freshmen who enroll in 2018. They go into effect starting with the 2018 school year, but only for freshmen. [ Editor’s note: This story, originally published on April 6th of this year, was our #9 most popular story of the year.

Recent & Upcoming Conversations on Open & Networked Learning


This is all the way in April 2018, and the call is still open to contribute to organizing the conference, but we know these are the themes co-chairs Viv Rolfe and David Kernohan have challenged us to consider: How can open practice and research support learner success?


Calculating your school district’s bandwidth need: Network Essentials for Superintendents

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For example, today, students need a minimum of 100 kbps of Internet bandwidth— by 2018, that will increase to 1 Mbps per student.


Six reasons you may not graduate on time

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Tucci, who will graduate in 2018. “It’s Kolodner Credit Crunch 1:Temple University in Philadelphia gives $4,000 grants to eligible students who agree to work no more than 15 hours a week off campus, in an effort to help students graduate on time. Photo: Mark Makela/Reuters via ZUMA Press.

How EducationSuperHighway’s fiber program helps school districts identify affordable fiber solutions

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In fact, the FCC recommends that school districts provide a minimum of 100 kbps per student in bandwidth today and 1 Mbps per student by 2018. Educators know that with springtime comes state assessments and testing—something that more and more states are mandating to be completed online.

Can $10 million build the ideal high school?

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Summit Elevate, a new member of the Summit Public Schools charter network scheduled to open in Oakland, California in the fall of 2018, was also one of the 10 schools awarded a $10 million prize. Students attend classes at Brooklyn LAB school Submitted photo. BROOKLYN, N.Y.—If

CUE Presents the LeRoy’s Big Idea 2017 Finalists


We hope to see you in the audience, ready to vote and get inspired for your 2018 Big Idea. CUE is you, the educators. CUE is big ideas and steps forward and risk-taking. CUE is always looking for ways to not only acknowledge those efforts, but to support them. To support you.


Forecasting the Future of ED’s Office of Educational Technology Under DeVos


31, 2018. It would be rather ironic if, after her contentious confirmation process, U.S. Education Secretary Betsy DeVos found herself out of a job. Yet that might be the case if House Representative Thomas Massie (R-Ken.) has his way. On the same day that DeVos won her bitterly contested post , Massie introduced a bill to “terminate” the federal Department of Education (ED) on Dec. It will take much more than one sentence in a bill to eliminate the department.

How 2 states are making school broadband a priority

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Martinez plans to leverage $49 million in appropriated state funds, along with support from state agencies and EducationSuperHighway, over the next several years to connect every classroom to high-speed internet by 2018. “I

Throw the cookie cutters away: Remaking high schools for the 21st Century

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Carnevale, Nicole Smith, and Jeff Strohl, Help Wanted: Projection of Jobs and Education Requirements Through 2018 ,” Center on Education and the Workforce, June 2010 ( [4]

Infographic: Robotics And The Future Of STEM

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The report also predicts growth in STEM related jobs to almost double that of non-STEM occupations between 2008 and 2018. Infographic: Robotics And The Future Of STEM. by KUKA KORE Staff. In a 2011 U.S.

In the marketplace: Digital learning, NGSS resources, IT partnerships, and more

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Literacy publisher Benchmark Education released two new connected grades K-6 English language arts, English learner, and Spanish language arts programs—Benchmark Advance and Benchmark Adelante ®2018.

New Orleans high school turbocharges restorative justice

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She is due to graduate in May 2018, joining nearly 150 other students who have received Louisiana diplomas since the school opened. Symphony Lee, 17 years old, is a student at the Net. NEW ORLEANS — Fights were keeping 17-year-old Symphony Lee out of high school, and off the graduation track.

?College Chatbot Service AdmitHub Raises $2.95M in Seed Funding to Guide Students Through College


Answers like: The 17/18 FAFSA is due by June 30, 2018, but I'd recommend submitting it as soon as you can to ensure that you don't miss out on available aid or state and college deadlines. A lot of questions came up when I applied for and went through college. Questions like: When is the FAFSA due? But what if you could send a text to get immediate answers to these questions?

Most students go to a school that meets federal standards for internet speed

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President Barack Obama’s ConnectED initiative , announced in 2013, had a goal of giving 99 percent of all students access to speedy internet by 2018.

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Inside the unique STEM school for students with learning difficulties

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million by 2018. A new STEM academy for those with learning difficulties focuses on hard and soft skills.

Not all towns are created equal, digitally

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School administrators have set a goal of giving every student in the district a computer by 2018. Two students share a computer as they prepare for their geometry final at Northridge High School, in Greeley, Colo. Photo: Melanie Stetson Freeman/The Christian Science Monitor. GREELEY, Colo.

Celebrating How Students Can Change Their Communities for the Better

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Applications for the 2017 – 2018 program will be available in September on

The 4 Issues AltSchool Needs to Figure Out to Scale Its ‘Personalized Learning’ Platform


This spring, AltSchool extended the invitation charter schools , with a plan to bring public schools into the fold by 2018. No one can say Devin Vodicka lacks ambition. A holder of numerous Superintendent recognition awards , Vodicka has spent the last five years serving over 25,000 students at Vista Unified in Southern California. Yet that number apparently isn’t big enough; he wants his work to reach even more students.

Celebrating ConnectED’s Achievements Toward Transforming Education

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Since President Obama’s ConnectED announcement in 2013 in Mooresville, NC , there has been more than $10 billion committed as part of the five-year program to transform American education. This includes more than $2 billion in private-sector commitments.

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The Plan To Give E-Books To Poor Kids

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But it has made it a priority to get broadband into just about every public school and library by 2018. The Plan To Give E-Books To Poor Kids. April 30, 2015 4:18 PM ET. Cory Turner. Twitter. Listen to the Story. All Things Considered. Playlist. Download. Embed.