Safely Involve Students in Social Media and More Student Voice Tips

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Heather Callihan in episode 143 of the 10-Minute Teacher Podcast From the Cool Cat Teacher Blog by Vicki Davis Follow @coolcatteacher on Twitter. Heather Callihan’s @ hcallihan students help with their Facebook and Twitter using some technology tools. Twitter: @hcallihan.

I Saw it on Facebook! Focusing School Communities on Literacy with Social Media


I think every community should have an ambassador and social media should be at the heart of their work. Advertisement for Family Reading Night at the school library media center. . My favorite way to use social media is to celebrate! Not ready for social media?

Teaching in Social Media Contexts


Social Media is part of life--and a good context for targeting social cognition and narrative language. A few contexts in which I have used social media in the last several months: GCF Learn Free has great simple tutorials on social media outlets.

Twitter Tips & Resources for Teachers


My Thoughts on Social Media - How I stay ''in the know'' - I was excited to wake up the other day and see that my Twitter video had been posted by my buddy, Jeff, on Edudemic. The Bedley Brothers invited me on their show last week to speak about social media.

Class Tech Tips: 10 Tips for Using Social Media to Tell Your School’s Story


From Instagram to Twitter, social media has a powerful way of connecting users from around the world. But how can you start using social media platforms to tell your school’s story in local and global ways? Social Media edtech News TL Advisor Blog

Don't blame social media if your students are distracted

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Editor’s note: This guest post from Chris Casal started as a comment on “ Filtering social media in schools because it’s a ‘distraction’ ” which appeared on Scott McCleod’s Dangerously Irrelevant blog. Social media is no different than pencil and paper. It wasn’t Twitter and Facebook that made me doodle but I doodled nonetheless. Social media can serve as the new platform for distraction but not a new cause for it. Social media has no intent.

How Hashtags Can Empower You in 2016

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“The hashtag, that ubiquitous pound sign followed by a keyword, are part of the language of social media.”- Hashtags are now used on other social media sites, like Facebook, Instagram, and GooglePlus. GAFE, #edtech, #edapps, #ipaded, #mlearning).

5 Home and Smart Phone Filtering Options for Parents

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Mike Daugherty on episode 245 of the 10-Minute Teacher Podcast From the Cool Cat Teacher Blog by Vicki Davis Follow @coolcatteacher on Twitter. So, for example, I know that 20% of the time, they’re surfing and on social media, while 10% of the time they’re actually playing online games.

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#07: Getting Started Using Twitter for Educational Excellence

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10MT | 10-Minute Teacher Interview with Billy Krakower From the Cool Cat Teacher Blog by Vicki Davis Follow @coolcatteacher on Twitter. Today for Tech Tool Tuesday, Billy Krakower and Vicki Davis take a deep dive into Twitter for educators. Some of their biggest mistakes with Twitter.

#01: Awesome Apps for iPads in the Elementary Classroom

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MEET MY NEW PODCAST: The 10-minute Teacher Show-- for Remarkable but Busy Teachers From the Cool Cat Teacher Blog by Vicki Davis Follow @coolcatteacher on Twitter. The problem with iPads is there are so many apps and so many choices.

ISTE Social Media& Web Resources

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I curated the info from various ISTE publications, the main ISTE webpage, and used my own graphics wherever possible so that the new ISTE board members would have everything ISTE Social Media on one wikipage. Have an iPhone or an iPad?

Saving Big Money with iPads and Google Classroom

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10MT | Kyle Taylor tells how they saved half their setup costs per classroom on the 10-Minute Teacher From the Cool Cat Teacher Blog by Vicki Davis Follow @coolcatteacher on Twitter. Why iPads are well suited for creation. Twitter handle: @kyletaylor13.

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My favorite iPad case for kids!


One item I kept seeing everyone walk around with were these really cool iPad cases. Though they had a booth in the exhibit hall, I was hoping I''d be able to reach out to them via Twitter. Yay for Twitter! The great team at GripCase was very personal over social media and sent over my choice of color to try out. The case is light weight, comfortable, and keeps the iPad safe - which is KEY for little ones (like Jacob)! they have cases for iPad minis , too!

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5 Ideas to level up Elementary Math with Technology

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Kelly Gary on episode 265 of the 10-Minute Teacher Podcast From the Cool Cat Teacher Blog by Vicki Davis Follow @coolcatteacher on Twitter. The whole class can find the SMARTboard Notebook on the iPad.

Smartphone Photography Tips and Apps

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Every Classroom Matters episode 197 From the Cool Cat Teacher Blog by Vicki Davis Follow @coolcatteacher on Twitter. You can subscribe to the podcast on iTunes or elsewhere , get the RSS feed , or listen via the media player above. iPads Social Media Tech Tips Tools

Adobe Releases New Storytelling App for iPad

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Adobe recently released a new Storytelling App for iPad. Adobe Voice, a new animated video app for iPad, that gives anyone the ability to create and share engaging video stories. The app requires iPad 2 or higher and iOS 7. Follow me on Twitter and Google+.

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12 Principles Of Mobile Learning

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It can be actuated via a smartphone or iPad , laptop or in-person, but access is constant–which in turn shifts a unique burden to learn on the shoulders of the student. Mobile Learning Social Media Technology ipad mobile learning social media twitter

Tips for Successful Digital Parenting

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A conversation with Weston Kieschnick on the 10-minute Teacher Podcast From the Cool Cat Teacher Blog by Vicki Davis Follow @coolcatteacher on Twitter. Twitter handle: @wes_kieschnick. How to Turn Blue Light Off on Your Phone and iPad – a quick tutorial.

4 Powerful Twitter Apps for Teachers Professional Development

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October 28, 2015 Twitter is absolutely one of the best social media platforms where you can access, curate and share educational content with others. iPad Twitter appsIt is also an effective way to build and more.

Protecting Student Privacy on Social Media: Do's and Don'ts for Teachers

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Social media is an increasingly important part of students' lives; in fact, the average teen spends over an hour a day using social media. To be true digital citizens, our students need teachers who model pro-social, creative, and responsible social media use. So why are only one in 10 teachers using social media professionally ? DON'T: Start using social media in your classroom if there are no guidelines or consent forms.

Here’s a fascinating behind-the-scenes look at what educators are clicking on like crazy

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Click the tweet buttons and share helpful things on your Twitter feed. (It I will also explain how to calculate these statistics on your Twitter feed. These reflections and social media tips will help bloggers covering ISTE. Try different versions of the title on Twitter.

19 Epic iPhone Productivity Apps & Tips

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Above, I share a quick tutorial video from my iPhone. ( Screenflow lets you record from your iPhone or iPad!). How it Makes Me More Productive: Some people schedule and post to Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and more from Hootsuite with their pro version. Productivity that Works.

iPhone 365

36 Edtech Tools I’m Using Right Now in My Classroom and Life

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and a Link to a Free Resource with More Tips From the Cool Cat Teacher Blog by Vicki Davis Follow @coolcatteacher on Twitter. Screenflow (for capturing Mac screenshots, iPhone and iPad). It will even capture iPhones and iPads using the lightning cable.

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What Students Are Actually Doing Online


On average, students spend about 5-10 hours per day on their device(s) (smartphone, iPad, laptop, etc). Students from around the world reported using their devices for the following activities (time allocation in descending order): Social Media, Schoolwork, Entertainment, Gaming.

A true gift from SHEG: DIY digital literacy assessments and tools for historical thinking


Claims on Twitter : Students read a tweet and explain why it might or might not be a useful source of information. Social Media Video : Students watch an online video and identify its strengths and weaknesses. Social studies teachers will adore these!

QR Code Custom Jewelry, Swag,& Social Media Hipster Bling!

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Oh and Bravo TV reality shows) Get the hippest geekiest social media hipster bling from Zazzle. For the Guys Zazzle also has custom ties, hoodies, & iPad or QR code ties ! hashtag mini moo cards moo business cards survival of the hippest twitter zazzle

Are You Ready for a New Twitter? It's HERE!

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I recently worked a few nights madly and happily Photoshopping & designing a new Twitter look for our school''s Twitter page! (it''s & best viewed on a big desktop screen) when I heard that they''re soon changing the look and design features of Twitter altogether!

BYOD and the Paperless Classroom

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NMHS teachers are also beginning to to integrate social media tools that are blocked and banned in the majority of schools across the country. They also use their smart phones, iPads, iPods and digital cameras to take notes or to capture information. Smith on Twitter.

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8 Steps To Teacher-Led, Digital PD

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But beyond any isolated parcel of teacher improvement lies social media. Long the plaything of adults and teens alike, social media has matured to become an incredible learning tool as well, connecting educators to ideas, tools, resources, and most importantly, each other.

Adobe Spark: Easily create and share videos, images, and newsletters

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Create social graphics that are stunning and easy to share (you know the kind: flyers, memes, posters, ads). Produce and share impressive videos for storytelling, projects, or to share to social media. What it is: Adobe Spark is a collection of fantastic (free!)

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Revised List of Top iPad Apps for School Administrators

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In November 2010, I wrote a blog post entitled “Top iPad Apps for School Administrators.” I thought it time to revise my list of iPad apps now that I have returned to using the iPad. If you are new to the iPad and are looking for apps for your tablet, these are a good start. If you are a power iPad user, hopefully you will find an app or two here to add to your list, or maybe you can suggest some of your own top apps.

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Word Silhouette Project with iPad


The original project utilized Mac and iPad, but I have changed it up to use iPad only for classrooms that may only have access to iPads. Don’t let the images die on the iPad!

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The iPad Loophole

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This year my school gave iPads to all of our high school students. Facebook accessed through the Google Earth App Twitter accessed through the Screen Chomp App Over Christmas break we were forced to remove the following apps, all of which contained this loophole.

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Tools to Help Become a Tech Savvy Educator

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21st Century Leadership Shift Happens (must see video for any educator unfamiliar with the tends and impacts associated with technology and social media. Principals can use social media for communication, public relations, branding, professional development, and opportunity.

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Tech Tip Archive: Google Apps, iPads, Chrome, Productivity & More!

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Social media is a great place to share my tips. I use Twitter ( @tonyvincent ) to post weekly tips on Tuesdays. Topics I post about include Chromebooks, Google apps, iPads, Chrome extensions, useful websites, keyboard shortcuts, and productivity advice.

Getting a Head(er) with Twitter

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Have you experimented and played with the new Twitter look yet? Twitter does not specify a minimum size, but anything smaller than 640 pixels wide will likely look pixilated, blurry, and yucky. And when my social media muse Jesse Desjardains is showing a boss new Twitter header?

10 Killer iPad Projects Students Will Love #ISTE13


Notes from ISTE13 Concurrent Session Holly Dornak and Jessica Dyer, ITS''s, Lamar CISD All presentation resources posted here: [link] - Goal is to use the iPad or whatever device it might be to do higher level skills/ higher levels of Blooms. iPad Essential Skills - allow students to teach you if necessary! Edmodo Showbie - an app where teacher makes accounts and students can turn in work from iPad. Check your school''s social media policies before jumping into this.

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What is Collaboration for Professional Learning?

My Island View

After being involved in social media for over a decade, I have made a few observations that might be helpful to folks who use social media, more specifically Twitter, to develop and maintain a Personal Learning Network. I started my Twitter account with a plan and focus to use it to develop collegial sources for my professional learning. Using Twitter for professional learning requires a collaborative mindset.

Using iPads Beyond Apps!


I was totally shocked to learn that his job title is a Social Media Coordinator. In his position he is responsible for updating and maintaining the twitter, facebook, youtube, and instagram accounts for the organization. Using iPad s Beyond Just Apps Apps for practicing specific skills are good BUT. I have had the opportunity to work in classrooms with iPads an awful lot these past few months. Using iPads with students doesn''t mean giving them games to play.

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A Guide for Bringing the SAMR Model to iPads


When used effectively, iPads can develop thinkers and problem solvers. Many educators are effectively integrating technology in the classroom using iPads to achieve the 4C’s , or “super skills,” that digital learners need to compete in our global society.

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