3 Untapped Social Media Resources For Students

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Last week I laid out 3 Untapped Social Media Resources for Teachers. This week we take a look at how to leverage social networks for students. She is right in the heart of the age range for kids who use social media the most (13-18 yrs old). Social Media Students

3 Untapped Social Media Resources Worth A Second Look

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In a world where we are constantly bombarded with information as adults and as educators, there are still many untapped resources to learn from and share with and grow, especially through social media. They just updated their social media data for 2016. Social Media

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Social Media in Education Resources and Guides

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Social Media is an incredible resource for education. There are many different social media networks, and lots of ways to use them. Follow me on Twitter and Google+. facebook Google for Educators google plus social media twitter

The Summer of Social Media

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One thing that I think summer is great for in terms of professional learning is investing the time to better understand how you can use social media as an educator. Social media can be used as a great communication tool for a district, school, or a classroom.

Context Matters in Social Media


Sometimes so culturally-specific that it’s even difficult to Google them to understand what someone means. Of course, context matters (heavily) outside of social media. Profession Teaching context Digital Pedagogy Lab Cairo social media Twitter

7 Ways Social Media Has a Role in Education

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The Americas Society and Council of the Americas invited me to discuss the role of social media in education with experts and leaders dedicated to advancing and shaping the political, economic, social and cultural agendas of the Western Hemisphere. Why embrace social media for students and staff? If we want to run for office, run a business, or change how things are run where we work, live, or play we must be savvy in the use of social media.

Fear is not an option when it comes to social media in schools

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By Chris Casal + Lisa Nielsen Cross posted at [link] Innovative educators know first hand that social media like Twitter, Facebook, Google, and Instagram can be a powerful tool for teaching, learning, leading, and strengthening the home-school connection.

7 Steps to Optimize Your Social Media Presence as an Educator

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In his book, The New Rules of Marketing & PR , David Meerman Scott perhaps captures why a number of us so heavily engage in using social media: “ It’s fun to blog and tweet, and it makes you feel good to get your ideas out into the world.” Making the most of social media presence for most educators means one thing: growing and maintaining a strong, vibrant network of other educators. The best way to do this is to optimize your social media presence as an educator.

13 Must-Haves in My Social Media Curation Tool Kit

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Great time to do an inventory of the social media tools I use regularly to curate links and share ideas! curation tools social media

5 Keys to Effective Social Media Strategy for Schools and School Districts

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Should schools and school districts have a "social media strategy" like business and industry? In the corporate world, social media has moved from being a novelty to a deliberate strategy to engage the public. It seems like schools and school districts mostly do social media as an add on, where someone in the central office "just happens" to post announcements to Facebook or Twitter. Google +? Listening in social media is as important as posting.

3 Free Social Media Monitoring Tools for the 21st Century School Leader

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In one of my previous posts, “ 4 Social Media Strategies for 21st Century School Leaders ” I described general social media listening strategies from the book Why Social Media Matters: School Communication in the Digital Age by Kitty Porterfield and Meg Carnes.

5 Ways To Use Social Media as Time Saver at Work

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I am a power user of social media. My main spaces for work are Google Communities, Facebook, Twitter, and my blog. While for some social media has the unfortunate reputation of being a time waster, it can be used as a tool to increase efficiency and support learning for self and others. I have time for it all because for me, social media saves me time. social media in education

Stop Fighting Social Media. Start Working with Students + Teachers to Integrate It Into Learning!

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Instead the newly released social media guidelines for students 12 and younger incorporated the participatory design process and were developed with rather than for students and teachers. They told us their favorite uses of social media.

5 Ways School Leaders Can Immediately Capture the Power of Social Media

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Andy Beal and Judy Strauss, Radically Transparent: Monitoring and Managing Reputations Online The conventional way many administrators use social media is as a “21st century announcement system.” Using it in this manner is certainly worthwhile, but that is using only one facet of social media. If you’re just using social media to “send messages” you miss the whole point of the technology: it’s about the conversations. Use multiple social media platforms.

Evernote for HootSuite - save social media to Evernote

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HootSuite is an app that you can use to access and manage your social networks, such as Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and Google+ Pages. Evernote for HootSuite lets you create notes from your social media content and also manage your notebooks within your streams. Related: Evernote for Education Resources Social Media in Education - connect, share, learn, communicate and more. Follow me on Twitter and Google+. Evernote free resources social media

Freinet and social media

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When I wrote Blogging with Freire , I was speculating on what that great Brazilian educator and theorist might have made of educational blogging - a concept he never knew, because he died before the Internet and social media came in to common use.

Creating eye-popping infographics with Google Drawings

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There’s a reason you see infographics all over social media and beyond: They’re eye-catching. Ed Tech edtech educational technology g suite gafe google apps for education google drawings infographicsInfographics are everywhere.

Google 121

Stop Ignoring Google+

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In case you didn''t know there are thousands of educators and an array of learning communities over at Google+. From my point of view educators become quickly attached to one specific social media tool as their go to source for his/her Personal Learning Network (PLN).

RockMelt - web browser and social media all-in-one

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RockMelt is a free web browser that blends social media into the browser to keep everything in one place. The difference in RockMelt is that it combines your social media networks into your browser. Follow me on Twitter and Google+.

20 practical ways to use Google Forms in class, school

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We track data in our own personal lives (fitness data, banking data, even social media data). Teachers and students have their own data gathering and tracking tool that’s free and easy to learn — Google Forms. Google [.]. Everyone wants data.

Costs and Benefits of Social Media in Education

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I cannot check Twitter, Facebook or a Google+ Community, so I seek different forms of cognitive engagement, such as connecting with my family more and attending to the immediate experiences in front of me. The opportunities provided through social media are not only couched in learning.

3 Principles to Guide Your Social Media Debut

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Kitty Porterfield and Meg Carnes, Why Social Media Matters: School Communication in the Digital Age I am amazed that in my conversations with other administrators and teachers, there are those who still refuse to engage in using social media. There are administrators who still refuse to engage in connecting through social media. Choose multiple tools for your "social media toolkit." Like Facebook, users can post photos and other media.

8 ways technology is revolutionizing education (with examples)

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Ed Tech collaboration edtech educational technology gafe google apps for education social media video chatWith new technology, today’s classrooms have tools that can make learning happen that was impossible in recent years.

The Guide to Keeping Up with Google - Part 2: Twitter

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The Guide to Keeping Up with Google - Part 2: Twitter  As you probably know, keeping up with Google is a challenge for anyone. That’s why I have put together The Guide to Keeping Up with Google! Click here to access the entire blog series on Keeping Up with Google!

?The Guide to Keeping Up with Google - Part 1: The #Google Hashtag Dictionary

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The Guide to Keeping Up with Google - Part 1: The Google Hashtag Dictionary I’m sharing the secrets to keeping up with Google! I often get asked, “How do you keep up with Google?” What are your MVP's for keeping up with Google?

5 Ways to Participate in #ISTE17 even if you’re not there #notatiste17

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In today’s show, Peggy George discusses how to get the most out of ISTE 2017 even if you’re not at there: The #notatiste17 Google Group. NOTATISTE Google Plus Community. VICKI: So this Google community, you’ll give us the link to put in the show notes, right? [00:02:00].

Students Talk Social Media in Education via the 1st #StuVoice Google Hangout

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Student Voice launched their first Google Hangout. The topic was: Learning in the 21st Century: Social Media in Education. During the hangout participants discussed how they are using social media in their education and how they think it can better be used in their learning experience. Education on proper use - Social media is an effective and necessary tool when those using it are educated properly on its use. Google in Education Student voice

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The Educational Hashtag and Twitter Chat Database

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I even created the Google Hashtag Dictionary. edtech educational technology Free Resources for teachers Hashtags Instructional Technology Social Media Twitter hashtags social media twitter chats

My #ISTE17 Takeaways

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It's easy to get lost in the crowd if that is what you want or to be in the middle of everything learning AND social. ISTE17 applied digital skills dash and dot digital skills google pd robotics social media

3 Simple Steps to Help Students Become a Global Citizen

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We talk to CEO’s and share with friends around the world on Skype or Google hangout. Skype and Google Hangout have made the world a closer, more intimate place. See Social Media in Schools which is chock full of ideas.

Four #GR8Finds #ThisWeek -- GAFE Guide, School Libraries, Social Media Usage Update, and Canva Design School

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Google releases new guide for educators, based on feedback it received from schools across the world. One of the coolest things about Google is that it listens to its users. Social Media Usage Update 2014 From Pew Research, vi a +Joyce Valenza.

Social Media Cheat Sheets - free tips and more for social media sites

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Walyou , a great site for interesting information and more, has a great collection of cheat sheets that have tips, shortcuts, and more for social media sites. The sites include Google+, Pinterest, Twitter and Facebook and have some great tips for making them more useful and easier to use. Follow me on Twitter and Google+. free resources social media

My most used/favorite Apps and how I use them

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Here they are and how I use them: Email - I use Google''s Inbox for most email, and Outlook at work. Here are some examples: [link] Google Apps , especially Drive , Classroom , Chrome browser, Calendar, Blogger, and Sites - use Drive for all of my files that I use with classes and all of my legacy files (most new things are in Evernote). Social Media - Google+ , Twitter , and Facebook - Google+ is my go to for education and technology resources, connections and sharing.

15 Ways for Students to Use Google Keep [infographic]

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The post 15 Ways for Students to Use Google Keep [infographic] appeared first on Shake Up Learning. Help Students Get Organized, Track Progress, Take Notes, and more with Google Keep! Get the Google Keep CHEAT Sheet. Using Google Keep in the Classroom.

How to Differentiate Questions with Google Forms

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The post How to Differentiate Questions with Google Forms appeared first on Shake Up Learning. Updated Differentiation with Google Forms! There are so many amazing things we can do with Google Forms. Visualization of Branching in Google Forms.

The Guide to Google Drive Sharing – FREE eBook

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The post The Guide to Google Drive Sharing – FREE eBook appeared first on Shake Up Learning. A Teacher’s Guide to Sharing Files in Google Drive. Do you ever get confused by all the options for sharing in Google Drive and G Suite for Education?

eBook 42

36 Edtech Tools I’m Using Right Now in My Classroom and Life

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It also links with other tools we use like Trello, Google Docs, Dropbox, and more. Google Drive (Collaborative Writing). Google Drive – My students get to choose what they will use for word processing and collaboration. Many of them use Google Docs for everything.

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Smartphone Photography Tips and Apps

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Apps to turn your smartphone into a DSLR camera: Camera Awesome [ iOS – Free] [ Google Play – $2.99]. Basic Editing: Snapseed [ iOS – Free] [ Google Play – Free]. iPads Social Media Tech Tips Tools

Become the Storyteller-in-Chief

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The mainstream media rarely shares the impactful work in schools that is actually making a difference in the lives of students. Social media allows us to take sole control of our public relations and tell our school stories consistently, accurately, and transparently.

YouTube Kids Is Google’s First App Designed for Children

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Classroom Digital Content Internet Online Learning Online Video Social Media Frank Smith New app gives parents more control over their children''s YouTube browsing.