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Our learners love their mobile devices. However, many of our learners rarely use their mobile devices to communicate with others face-to-face or develop relationships with their peers. We can guide our learners to communicate and collaborate effectively with their mobile devices by pairing or grouping them to problem-solve and create. Check out my slide presentation ( download for free ) and the bookmarks below for pair work activities with mobile devices.

English Common Core Mobile Activities ebook

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English Common Core Mobile Activities. I recently published English Common Core Mobile Activities ebook. Use these 150+ different mobile activities to guide your students in learning and demonstrating the English Language Arts Common Core State Standards (CCSS) Anchor Statements in Language, Speaking and Listening, Reading, and Writing. Many of these mobile activities can be implemented immediately in the classroom.

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English +Common Core +Mobile = Success (ISTE2014 Poster -details)

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Here are the ten examples I showed at my English + Common Core + Mobile ISTE 2014 Poster Session: Based on CCSS Anchor Statements: L.2 Take a Conventions Mobile Online Quiz to pick the incorrect sentence from four choices (capitalization). Integrate mobile content.

Book Creator for Chrome: Product Review, Tips and Tricks for Teachers

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They can also send them as eBooks that people can read on their mobile devices or computers. Here’s a class library for an elementary classroom. From my high school classroom to this elementary classroom.

English + Common Core + Mobile = Success in Learning Poster Session at ISTE 2014

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In my ISTE Sunday 8-10 am poster session, I demonstrate many diverse mobile activities to help students achieve the English Language Arts Common Core Anchor Statements through mobile devices. The mobile activities focus on free common tool apps that are available on both the Android and the iPad. Conventions Mobile Online Survey. Teachers ask their students to take a mobile picture from their home of a far away location. English Common Core Mobile Activities.

6 Super Science Edtech Ideas: Using Technology to Level Up Science Classrooms

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Tools to build eBooks to demonstrate understanding. Like our mobile devices, especially in science, is using that camera feature and having the students like capture a photo and annotate over the top of it. Use the camera feature on any mobile device.

Teach Them Kindness

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I am sharing activities, resources, tips, web tools and mobile apps that help students learn to be good people and also get them reading, writing, and more. Tons of lessons and craft ideas for elementary to high school students from the Random Act of Kindness Organization.

20 Terrific Presentation Tech Tools for Kids!


I recently submitted a piece to my friend, Laura Candler, for inclusion of her new eBook: 20 Terriffic Presentation Tech Tools for Kids. I''m honored to be included among such fantastic contributing authors.

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Teach Them Kindness

Teacher Reboot Camp

I am sharing activities, resources, tips, web tools and mobile apps that help students learn to be good people and also get them reading, writing, and more. Tons of lessons and craft ideas for elementary to high school students from the Random Act of Kindness Organization.

13 Websites That Provide Lots of Digital Books for Summer Reading

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Books can be read online or on most mobile devices. You can read them online, on a mobile device, or download them. Elementary and middle school children can read the books or have them read aloud to them. Books can be read online or on mobile devices.

Savvy #ISTE17 Interviews: BYOD ISTE Sessions for Tuesday

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Get your copy of The 30 Goals for Teachers or my ebook, Learning to Go. Computer Programming in the Elementary School (B313). Experience a “Breakout” Exclusively on a Mobile Device (B334). GeoGebra Online and Mobile Math Apps for Your Classroom (B336). Baby Savvy caught up with our good friend, Cori Coburn (@coburncori) who helps on the organizing teams of various conferences, including ISTE. This year Cori helped oversee the BYOD sessions.

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How to Create STEM Courses for Best Learning Outcomes

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In order to familiarize students with STEM concepts, it must be introduced at an early age, preferably from the elementary level. Many schools have implemented STEM programs from the elementary level. Related: Will eBooks Change K-12 Education. Related: Interactive eBook Publishing – Where is the industry heading? You can provide the students with simulation-based scenarios for practice on their eBooks.

Want to Code on an IPad? Here are 3 Great Apps

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a series of symbols, used synonymously as text and grouped to imply or prompt the multimedia in the games and programs that happen on computers, websites, and mobile apps. Kodable now offers a curriculum for elementary school.

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North Carolina School District Expands Access to Books with Online Literacy Platform from Fuel Education


Herndon, Virginia, April 23, 2018 — Although every elementary school has different student needs its teachers must support, each needs an extensive library of books for its students. Wake County Public School System (WCPSS) in Cary, NC, the 15 largest school district in the United States, has 114 elementary schools. With Big Universe, WCPSS is leveraging eBooks in several different ways across the district.

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Top 25 Sites/Apps of 2018

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Book Creator - A fantastic mobile (iOS/Chrome) app for creating stunning eBooks/presentations, that can be used for digital storytelling, project based learning, and more. Klassroom - A free mobile (Android/iOS) that reminds me of a cross between Remind and ClassDojo, where educators can share: photos, videos, or documents in a secure environment. UMU - A excellent mobile app (iOS/Android) that can be used in a any number of different ways.

Experiences in Self-Determined Learning: Moving from Education 1.0 Through Education 2.0 Towards Education 3.0

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Use technologies and mobile apps based on drill and grill where learners are given direction instruction via these technologies and asked to provide the correct answers via quiz questions. (I

Top 8 Advantages of an Interactive STEM Curriculum

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But now with mobile phones, tablets, and laptops being a part of school education, it is much easier to deliver STEM courses on these devices, making the courses more interactive, accessible and engaging. Related: 9 Benefits of Interactive eBooks. In many schools, AR technology is being used right from the elementary level to make learning more interesting and to explain basic concepts in an engaging and immersive manner. What is STEM?


Resources from Miami Device

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Create Multimedia eBooks in a 1 iPad Classroom by Wesley Fryer Enhanced eBooks on iPads, iPhones and iPod Touches can include audio, video, and interactive animations in addition to digital text, images and links. However, what does that look like for early elementary grades (K-3)?



CURRICULUM ASSOCIATES AQUIRES MOTION MATH ( ) & ( ) Curriculum Associates has acquired Motion Math to further help elementary students improve their math fluency and number sense in key conceptual areas.

On search agility: There’s more than one place to start


And it’s kinda in our ballpark to ensure that appropriate choices are easily available on both desktops and mobile devices. I plan to share options for elementary, portals and curation searching in upcoming posts.). It is also available as a mobile app for iOS and Android.

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To #AASL11 Minneapolis and Back: Report to Faculty

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Nicholas Carr, author of The Shallows, introductory keynote speaker Top Must-Have for Our Students: Teen Health and Wellness: Real Life, Real Answers , the mobile app for 24/7 access by our students. Intellectual privacy is a huge issue with ebooks.

Parents Look to Teachers for Help Using Educational Media at Home

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With one exception: Hispanic-Latino parents were more likely to spend time engaged with their children in mobile media use than other parents.) Children spend five minutes daily or less with educational content on mobile devices, computers, and video games, according to their parents.

Creating Products to Show and Share Learning

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Elementary School Samples Middle School Samples High School Samples I have so say that finding products made through project based learning is difficult. I maintain an infographic called Show What You Know Using Web and Mobile Apps.