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Tackling the digital divide after the pandemic


Although the digital divide was not caused by the pandemic, it was definitely exacerbated by it. Education development: learners could benefit from every online resource and app to acquire 21st-century skills and have a smooth workplace insertion. Technology has to be an equalizer and help narrow the digital divide.

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Closing the Digital Divide with an Emphasis on Learning

A Principal's Reflections

Sponsored post Bridging the digital divide is a monumental task. Verizon is not only working to increase access to close the digital divide, but they are also providing critical support to improve learning. A unique aspect provided by Digital Promise is the ability to earn micro-credentials for certain completed sessions.


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Facing a Digital Divide, Student Success Requires Connectivity and Access to Technology


The digital divide has long been a simmering problem facing millions of students that took a global pandemic to bring to a boil. Despite incremental progress made to narrow the digital divide, students’ success today hinges on having access to a connected device and high-speed internet in the classroom and at home.

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K–12 Leaders Can Work with Local Governments to Address the Digital Divide

EdTech Magazine

The digital divide is an unrelenting problem in K–12 districts across the country. While there is no easy solution to digital inequity, there is help if K–12 leaders know where to look. District administrators can and should work with government…

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The Digital Divide 2.0: Navigating Digital Equity and Health Equity in Education


More than two years ago, educators around the country began to engage in dialogue regarding the digital divide , as they recognized the reality that many students did not have access and connectivity as once believed. So a new concept has emerged: “digital equity.” What does this mean for educators and education technologists?

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Generative AI’s Potential to Inflate the Digital Divide 

Lightspeed Systems

One more conspicuous threat of generative AI is its ability to exacerbate the digital divide. The digital divide in education is the unequal access to technology and digital resources for learning. Disparities in digital access, also referred to as digital equity , remains a challenge for K-12 education.

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How Community Coalitions Are Bridging the Digital Divide

Digital Promise

Across the country, local networks known as Education Innovation Clusters (EdClusters) are bringing together partners and resources to meet urgent needs and envision a new future for teaching and learning. Tackling the Digital Divide with Device Deployment in Kansas City.